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Genre: Rock

Bio: Hailing from the UK, AT THE SUN are a heavy rock 5 piece blending their love of blues, metal and classic rock to create a powerful sound of big riffs, soulful vocals and ripping solos. The band have released the brand-new music video for their second single, “Walk On Over”, taken from their debut EP “Breathe”

Track: ‘Walk On Water’

Singer Harry Dale calls the track: “a story of lust, desire and temptation”

Why We Like It: It’s a scorching blistering rock track that oozes steamy swagger. Sensual bass lines.  Punchy drums provide a slick elastic foundation for this vaporous track while sizzling guitar licks wail with luring sultry lustiness. It’s a sleazy bluesy stuffy whack of swagger soaked rock.

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Watch the video for ‘Walk On Over’ below

Belle Adair

Genre: Indie

Bio: Alabama four-piece Belle Adair has unveiled ‘Neptune City’, the latest from its forthcoming record ‘Tuscumbia’. Groups in Belle Adair’s orbit include some of the most exciting acts to come out of Southern independent music in the past decade: Alabama Shakes, John Paul White, St. Paul and The Broken Bones and Dylan LeBlanc, as well as Shoals legends like Donnie Fritts and David Hood. When not working on their own music, Belle Adair serve as something of a house band for this community, just wrapping up an international tour with White and backing Fritts on his recent comeback dates. The group shares keyboardist Ben Tanner with Alabama Shakes, and their Single Lock Records is home to a majority of the artists listed above.

Track: ‘Neptune City’

Why We Like It: It’s a blissed out refreshing blend of indie pop with hints of folk stirred in for good measure. This track is effortlessly smooth laid back and easy on the ears. With a nostalgic breezy summer vibe doused in luscious melodies and rich instrumentation its instantly likable. Jangly atmospheric guitars add a spaced out vibe and refreshing zest and fizz to the deliciously soothing track. It’s mellow, insanely melodic and richly layered, an exquisite track.

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Stream ‘Neptune City’ below

The Purple Lights

Genre: Funk, Groove-Rock

Bio: London’s Most Electrifying Groove Rock Duo The Purple Lights fuse Akeba’s authentic roots reggae beats into Rob’s psychedelic gritty grooves, combining a powerful message, delivered in a bright package. Over the summer The Purple Lights performed at festivals including Glastonbury, Beacons, Latitude and Secret Garden Party instantly reaching out to fans and building a unifying and positive presence, as they draw on everything from 60s psyche to dancehall vibes and tribal drums for inspiration. ‘Not Alone’ is the title track from the much anticipated second EP.

Track: Not Alone

Why We Like It: This vibrant laid-back track oozes heartfelt warm vibes smothered in indie rock goodness. A luscious reggae beat sprinkles glorious rays of sunshine all over this track while Rob Fincham’s expressive Adam Ant- esque vocals add a touch of chic swagger. Its pop melody is so infectious while the bouncy rhythm takes you to sunshine and paradise. It’s an instant pick me up shot of groove rock.

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Stream ‘Not Alone’ below

Megan Dixon Hood

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Bio: Cheshire born singer-songwriter Megan Dixon Hood has been under the radar in the music scene for some time. A Manchester graduate in music studies she has continued to develop what she has learned during her years at university to create wonderful ethereal nu-folk, including her 2014 debut single Early Morning Riser which gained significant airplay and was praised by Terry Wogan on his BBC Radio 2 show. Last year saw her release ‘With Time’, a moving single driven by flowing pianos and stunning vocal harmonies, and since then she has carried out a busy festival schedule including gigs at Rock the Farm, Glass Butter Beach, and a headline slot at Middlewich Folk Festival. To round the year off comes new single Alias Grace, a track that precedes an upcoming EP to be released in January/February 2018.

Track: Alias Grace

When asked about the track Dixon Hood said:  “Alias Grace’ was inspired by the book of the same name by the author Margaret Atwood. The song itself takes on the perspective of Grace, suggesting the idea that she did not commit the crime, yet the rumors spread quickly and she is aware that she is seen as the ‘beast’ despite her beauty and mild manners. The tone is somewhat sarcastic, as she invites the listener to ‘step into’ her skin, to see for themselves what her life is really like and make their judgments that way.”

Why We Like It: It’s a mysterious darkly coated track that bubbles and boils with eerie secrecy. The staccato guitar riffs whip and bounce with vibrancy and a sense of urgency while the descending piano adds tension and spine chilling suspense. Dixon Hood’s crisp vocals flutter between chilling depths and sweet ethereal falsetto, its quite sublime and captivating. The track becomes more stormy and shadowy creating the perfect thrilling hair raising atmosphere. It’s a bewitching wholly enthralling track.

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Stream ‘Alias Grace’ below

Shallow Waters

Genre: Psychedelic Desert Grunge

Bio: Shallow Waters are a three-piece band hailing from the North West of England.

Track: Wake Up To What Is Real

Why We Like It: It’s a swagger soaked dizzying blast of desert grunge. Spiraling grooves crash against razor sharp fuzzed guitars creating a gritty rough and tumble track that assaults your senses. Laid back vocals howl over shredding guitar solos and pulverising drums. It’s a manic onslaught of instrumentation smoothed off in a sensual wave of psychedelia and doused in fiery attitude.

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Stream ‘Wake Up To What Is Real’ on bandcamp here

Vast Asteroid

Genre: Alternative rock

Bio: Hailing from Los Angeles, Vast Asteroid is a supergroup of sorts, made up of The Warlocks former bassist Mimi Star, seminal Mancunian punk-rock band Slaughter And The Dogs drummer Mark Reback and singer and guitarist James Poulos. After previously playing together in various configurations, the members coalesced around a shared love of the immersive, propulsive and passionate music of shoegaze, space rock, desert rock, art grunge, and brit pop. They also gave a name to this unique blend they together give shape to: spacegaze. Born from a brief writing and rehearsal period in and around the Highland Park neighbourhood of L.A., the band’s debut full-length album was released in November. The album also features the likes of Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) as a special guest.

Track: Poison Fang

When asked about the track vocalist and guitarist James Poulos said : “Lyrically, it’s a song with several layers of meaning. It’s about the end of things, and what turns out to come after the end. What promises become possible, or even necessary. We knew we wanted a video that didn’t give any room for uncertainty about what you were seeing, yet offered plenty of room for emotional variance and interpretation. One idea that expands to become a meditation.”

Why We Like It:  It’s a acute razor sharp swagger soaked track. With sultry laid-back vocals smothered with blistering guitars crashing against punchy drums and thrilling mind bending psychedelia. Briery guitars shred everything in their path with fuzzed riveting distortion while the track lures and entices with a darkly hued soundscape. Its melodic charming and enticing all while slapping a healthy dose of distortion and gritty sleaziness in the mix. With a sway ready bridge laced in melancholic tones and anthemic stamina it is arena ready and sing along friendly.

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Watch the video For ‘Poison Fang’ below

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Mason Summit ‘Stick It Out’

21-year-old Los Angeles Songwriter Mason Summit has finished his Homemade Fourth Album ‘Summer Cold’ which is set for release on January 19th, 2018. The lead single ‘Stick It Out’ has been released today. The album follows 2016’s acclaimed ‘Gunpowder Tracks’. In contrast with his previous efforts, which featured ensembles of some of LA’s finest musicians, Summit engineered, mixed, & performed most of Summer Cold himself at home.

‘Stick It Out’ is a light laid back track that oozes bright luminous tones. Summit’s smooth raspy vocals add warmth and a soothing quality. Golden zesty guitar lines sparkle throughout the track giving a sun kissed glow while the elastic bass injections teamed with the punchy drums add depth and flexibility. With swirling soundscapes between the melty melody and blissful instrumentation it’s a luscious slap of positivity and determination. The melody is hazy, dreamy and insanely catchy while the instrumentation floats and bounces around the striking lyrics. With 60’s psychedelic hints and a euphoric atmosphere this track is a charming little ditty that will give a boost on those tough days.

When asked about the track Summit said: “I wrote the oldest song on the record, ‘Stick It Out,’ in August of 2015, right before starting a gap year to apply to schools and finish my last album. The year off was a rough time, emotionally — I was going through a breakup and most of my friends were away at school. But it also turned out to be pretty productive from a creative standpoint.”

Summit is embarking on his first-ever tour of the California coast, along with fellow student and collaborator Irene Greene, in December you can catch him live at:

12/15 The Bistro – Hayward 12/16 Armadillo Music – Davis 12/17 Make-Out Room – San Francisco 12/18 Morro Bay Wine Seller – Morro Bay 12/19 Bang the Drum Brewery – San Luis Obispo

Stream ‘Stick It Out’ below


Accidents in the Workplace ‘Wake Up’

Accidents in the Workplace have released their new single ‘Wake Up’ along with an accompanying video. It is the second single from the Dundalk based funk / rock band and was recorded in Black Mountain Studios, Co. Louth and produced by Alex Borwick of The Young Folk. The band were formed in early 2016 and made their live debut that June at Vantastival Music Festival. A string of captivating performances at various festivals and renowned venues over the last year has earned them a reputation of being a must-see act. ‘Wake Up’ is a swanky stomp and shake of infectious funky swagger. This track flexes and struts with sass, panache and sweltering flamboyance. Brimming with a rich luscious sound from triumphant brass bursts to snazzy guitar licks this track sprinkles a vibrant shower of sparkling chicness. With powerful expressive vocals teamed with shimmy and shake ready instrumentation this track comes to life and hits you with an instant rush of vitality. The keys bounce along the bass and drums with a spring and animation that is dance around the room ready. It’s well layered and meticulously crafted to bring a sweet oh so satisfying sound that is so cool, sassy, funkadelic and instantly likeable. Accidents In The Workplace bring a track that packs some serious muscle behind it’s pizzazz soaked giddy funk swagger. It’s dripping in finesse and displays a considerable musical depth through the bands lavish attention to detail.

Accidents In The Workplace will be supporting the amazing Jerry Fish on December 28th and have a headlining show on New Year’s Eve in The Spirit Store, Dundalk so make sure to check them out.

Watch the video for ‘Wake Up’ below

Michael Jablonka ‘I Found You’

Michael Jablonka has released his follow-up to his single ‘Peacefully’ the addictive new garage anthem ‘I Found You’. 27-year-old Jablonka has been gigging since the tender age of 14 as an in-demand guitarist for hire. Those to have enjoyed his dextrous services include Charlie Brown, Stooshe, Shakka and Delta Maid and fellow North Londoner and Brit-soul sensation Michael Kiwanuka. In addition to performing as Michael Kiwanuka’s chosen guitarist – a role that has found him touring arenas and festivals worldwide this summer – Jablonka has been fine-tuning his own powerful 21st-century take on bluesy alt-funk and soulful indie-rock.

‘I Found You’ is a breath-taking masterful display from Jablonka. That riff grips you and ignites your soul with a fiery fuzzed thrilling sound. It’s rootsy garage rock at its best with punchy drums pounding a surge of adrenaline through your body. Joblonka writes tunes that make you feel every emotion while the music melody and rhythm flood through you with an upsurge of elation.  A shredding guitar solo gushes kinetic energy while Joblonka’s raspy passionate vocals exude swagger. His falsetto stops your heart in suspense while the hair raising instrumentation spirals around with a relentless stamina. This track blisters and scorches with tempo changes seamlessly creating lush textures. It’s irresistible honey to the ears and a first rate display from Joblonka. One of my favorite finds this year.

‘I Found You’ was one of the first tunes the Londoner wrote as a solo artist, though it took a while to manifest. When asked about the track Joblonka said:  “I had writer’s block, and a chorus with nothing much else. I imagined the verses to be a constant build up and wanted the chorus to be that break-free moment.”

Stream ‘I Found You’ below


Event News

Where : The Bowery Rathmines

When : 23rd December

What’s On: Raglans with support from MUNKY and WOLFF


Dublin based indie rock band Raglans will be playing their infectious irresistible tunes for a jolly Christmas session at The Bowery Rathmines, Dublin on the 23rd December. Officially formed in 2011, they consist of Stephen Kelly, Conn O’Ruanaidh and Rhos Horan. Their self-titled debut album was released in March 2014 through IRL Records, and reached no.5 in the Irish Album Chart and no.1 in the Irish Indie Chart.They have toured extensively worldwide, as well as providing support to bands such as The Strypes, Twin Atlantic, Haim, The Courteeners, The Fray, The Libertines and Lifehouse. Raglans debut album and live shows have both received critical acclaim. In March 2016 Raglans began recording the follow-up to their 2014 debut album in Los Angeles with Chris Murguia and Jason Wade of Lifehouse. The record was released in October 2016, before they went for another tour. These guys will bring a massive high powered show to the Bowery and it’s one not to be missed and if that’s not enough the grungy-disco deity MUNKY will be supporting them along with the slick trashy blues swagger soaked WOLFF. It’s sure to be one hell of a night. You’ll regret it if you miss it.

You can get tickets here

Watch Raglans ‘Who Knows’ video below

Watch MUNKY ‘Hunter Gatherer Blues’ below

Watch WOLFF  ‘Flesh Blood Skin & Bone’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Wulfman Fury

Sheffield five-piece Wulfman Fury burst on to the scene with their debut single ‘Nightsweats’ this October, and have swiftly followed the release with another stellar new track ‘Draw The Line’ which was produced and mixed by George Moran, frontman of Wulfman Fury and an accomplished session player having toured extensively with Miles Kane and shared stages with Alex Turner and Paul Weller. ‘Draw The Line’ whizzes along at a breath-taking pace with a rush of intensity and an instant buzz of excitement. Where to start, this track exudes effortless confidence and swagger with all the component parts of a hit track. Dazzling sharp guitars whirl around an infectious vibrant melody lifting each chorus to soaring adrenaline rushing heights. Lush passionate vocals thrill with an energising stamina and power while punchy drums keep a flexible foundation for the instrumentation to rebound dynamically off. Just when you think this track can’t get any better they pelt you with a satisfying riveting riff before the swirling psychedelic tinged bridge. These guys know how to craft a relentless enthralling track to leave you craving for more. Its utterly absorbing with a crisp biting chorus and fresh breezy sound, it’s a mighty anthem. Wulfman Fury are a band to watch out for their sound is spellbinding and wholly captivating. These guys are a band to get excited about.

Watch the video for ‘Draw The Line’ below


Palava ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’

Manchester four piece Palava have released their new single ‘Sometimes (I Wonder)’.It’s a blistery biting indie rock track displaying a laid back frosty sound that grooves sways and cuts deep all at once. A dreamy hazy melody melts upon crashing sharp guitar stings and punchy drums creating the perfect enthralling contrast. With velvety smooth vocals and breezy aerial soundscapes it’s a refreshing nose cutting display. The piercing guitars cut through the track with a bitter jagged scintillation while the bouncy rhythm adds a vibrancy and light flutter to this atmospheric airy track. These guys have a tight sound and each track they wallop out confirms they are ones to keep an eye on.

Stream Sometimes (I Wonder)’ below

Population 7 ‘Lowlight’

Population 7 are a nine piece alternative UK hip-hop and neo-soul band from the West-Midlands.The band have released their video for their new single ‘Lowlight’. This chilled effortless cool track exudes soulful breezy swagger and placid grooves.So laid back with velvety vocals lush harmonies which is blended with vocal rapping these guys present a smokey fluid track that evaporates, glides and cruises with ease. A soft beat encases the track in a buoyant blanket while gentle piano floats with fine elegance adding a cold classy chicness. It’s soaked in a subtle panache with a fiery attitude displayed through the rapping but still holds a delicate finesse and soulful passion.

Watch the video for ‘Lowlight’ below

Pretty Lightning ‘This Machine Is Running’

Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas are two lifelong friends from Saarbrucken, Germany who back in 2007 formed the band Pretty Lightning. The duo tick off a long list of influences from 60s psych and delta blues through to krautrock and drone and the end-product is a heavy dose of raw, twisted psychedelic-blues.The two-piece have two highly-praised LPs behind them and have now released their new album ‘The Rhythm Of Ooze on Fuzz Club Records. ‘This Machine Is Running’ is the perfect example of what this duo have to offer.This relentlessly dizzying track is a constant assault to the senses of bewildering hallucinogenic soundscapes that melt your mind in a blissful woozy staggeringly striking blast of psychedelia.  An entrapping stomping rhythm pumps adrenaline through your veins while fuzzed out guitars add a disoriented daze and thrilling labyrinth to wander through, its lushly mesmerising yet darkly eerie. Reverb vocals echo throughout creating a hazy soothing effect to the rushing surge of instrumentation. The perplexing invasion of your mind only slows down in pace to submerge you in a swirling whirlpool of deranged meandering keys. It’s an enthralling stupefying heavy dose of psychedelic rock. A trip you won’t return from quite the same again.

Stream ‘This Machine Is Running’ below

Voyages ‘New Year’s Day’

Bath family of five, Voyages have released their new single ‘New Year’s Day’. Voyages is the creation of singer/songwriter, Will Walter whose work began in Spring 2017 in his home studio in the West Country. Enriched by psychedelic sounds, Walter’s journey started to create a modern alternative production and a new sound from everything he loved about his record collection before adding a band of brothers together for the ride. The band, who now perform and record as a 5-piece, are twins, Will and Tim Walter on vocals/keys, their brother Ollie Walter on guitar, alongside another set of twins in James and Lewis Woods who take care of the rhythm section on bass and drums. Their live show has become a huge part of what they do and they plan to be on the festival circuit for summer 2018. The quintet are about to release their debut EP with five fledgling tracks under the guise of ‘New Year’s Day’.

‘New Year’s Day’ is a mouth-watering luscious guzzle of infectious 60’s drizzled pop with a snappy peppy beat rebounding and vibrantly springing off a melty dreamy melody. With heavenly nectarious harmonies and a golden sun soaked radiance this track is a majestic little ear worm destined to brighten any day. Perfectly placed clap along percussion teamed with laid-back cruising guitars which wind in and out playfully between the melody create a snappy humdinger. Well layered and perfectly crafted you hear a new little jingle with every play. It’s mellow, immensely melodic and Beatles- esque with The Beach Boy’s vibes sprinkled on top. Voyages are ones to watch out for. This track is superb.

“The New Year’s Day EP is based around the mistakes made over the last year and the notion that if you didn’t make any you probably didn’t take enough chances, ” explains Will Walter, who wrote lead single, New Year’s Day originally as a poem, on New Year’s Day. “It was ultimately a stream of consciousness brought on by a goddamn awful year and catastrophic New Year’s Eve party which resulted in loss of phone, wallet and mind.”

The EP is available on all digital platforms as well as pre-orders for vinyl copies which include instant digital download. Visit for all info.

Stream ‘New Year’s Day’ below