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Lewis Murphy ‘Caught Up With You’

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Lewis Murphy is set to release his brand new EP ‘Lighthouse’ which features his magnificent new single ‘Caught Up With You’. BBC has championed Lewis Murphy, playing him regularly on BBC Norfolk and providing masses of support throughout his career. He has already played UK tours, major festivals such as Latitude, The Great Escape and Sundown and has pushed his music into the iTunes charts. He casts an electrifying spell. Unleashing full bodied production complete with sultry harmonies and catchy drum and guitar patterns.
‘Caught Up With You’ is a blissful soft infectious melodic pop track. Its the guilty pleasure that will have you singing along and bopping to its soft beats. Its a creamy sponge like track with a bright guitar feature that adds a refreshing zest to the track with sweet delicate synths that will put a smile on you face.
‘Caught Up With You’ is a ray of sunshine that is sure to brighten your day.
Watch ‘Caught Up With You’ below

Trickster Guru ‘Problem Child’

Trickster Guru is the alternative rock and electronic project of Los Angeles singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Christopher Caplan. Trickster Guru’s debut EP ‘Problem Child’, was released earlier this year. He has also released a video for the title track ‘Problem Child’.
‘Problem Child’ is a innovative emotional track that tells us a story by beautifully fusing vintage rock and soul with the excitement and innovation of modern electronic synth. The track begins with a steady fuzzed beat that holds the foundation throughout the track. The vocals enter in a smooth tender manner. This track flows fluidly with a sway waltz -like quality. The addition of the synths and beats from alternative electronic co-producer AWAY enhances the passion and evokes the emotion of desire in the track giving an effective release of tension for the crescendo. Caplan has a deep smooth velvety vocal which is luring and seductive. With a dark mysterious atmosphere lingering in the background while the soft instrumentation and vocals attempt to ease your mind this track evokes every emotion and creates goosebumps while you are seduced by its melody and swoon like atmosphere of indulgence.

Watch ‘Problem Child’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Fangclub


Fangclub are a Garage rock band from Dublin. Band members Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their EP ‘Bullet Head’ this year and we have chosen the title track as our worth a listen track.
‘Bullet Head’ is an energetic, gritty, grunge rock track that is reminiscent of the 90’s style organic rock. The track begins with an infectious guitar riff intro that builds into a fantastic mosh with pounding drums and vigorous guitars. The verse stalls the mosh and is delivered in a shadowy, cool yet intense manner. With light instrumentation while the vocals are smooth and clear with a slight rasp giving a gritty texture to the track that is enticing. It then explodes into the chorus with dynamic and animated vocals, shredding guitar and thunderous strong rhythm. The chorus is lyrically simple and infectious and difficult not to sing along to. With its punk attitude for the chorus and intense dark verse which has a luring and captivating effect this track shows how diverse Fangclub are.
A Fantastic track which I can imagine is insane when performed live!
You can catch them live at
Jul 24 Knockanstockan Festival,Wicklow
Jul 29 Indiependence Festival Mitchelstown
4 Aug , Whelans Upstairs, Dublin
Watch ‘Bullet Head’ below

Bad Grammar ‘You’re Welcome’ EP

Bad Grammar are rock grunge duo Ben Forrester and Lucy Brown from Manchester. Their EP ‘Forced Fun’ which was released in 2014 fell into the hands of party punk king Andrew WK, who selected the band to perform as part of 2014’s Y Not Festival. The duo have already picked up coverage from XFM, 6Music and Radio 1, along with recent new music features in NME, Clash and Artrocker. They released their EP ‘You’re Welcome’ last year.
‘You’re Welcome’ is a four track frenzy filled forcefully energetic EP, that is bursting with grunge and punk attitude. The EP begins with ‘Death Stare’ a rapid neck breaking  mosh worthy track. With a massive riff, soul shaking drums and screaming vocals its not for the faint hearted. ‘Sandra’ follows in the same manner causing as much turmoil as physically possible. With a fantastic guitar feature that breaks up the track followed but rumbling drums that create anticipation for the hardcore head slamming instrumental, an epic circle of death track. ‘Killjoy’ again summons your inner tyrant as the instruments explode with turmoil.  It begins with distorted guitar that sounds like a wasp buzzing around you head. The catchy riffs and thunderous drums keep you on your toes and in a manic frenzy. ‘Tropical Dance’ finishes the EP. It oozes swagger with a sensual body moving fuzzed bass. Bad Grammar keep the rapid tempo and attitude of the previous tracks while remaining cool and smooth with the riff. They of course give you the chance to headband and go wild but not too much, they hold the turmoil back a little to leave you wanting more.
Stream ‘You’re Welcome’ below

White Crosses ‘Dead Souls’

White Crosses Band 1

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) alternative punk band White Crosses, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums) have released a video for their single ‘Dead Souls’. The quartet produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release ‘Native Handshakes’ in 2015. They have recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records and ‘Dead Souls’ is a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP ‘Anchorless’.
‘Dead Souls’ is a hefty steady alternative pop punk track with strident guitars that drive the track forward. The punchy drums and exuberant bass give a strong foundation to the track. The heavy drum kicks for the verse giving the track a punch and weighty feel while the vocals are simple yet effective for the verse and become more animated for the chorus as they portray the honest lyrics with passion and emotion. I can imagine this song is massive live as it is set up for all the dramatic guitar poses and spins with dramatic breaks and attitude.
Watch ‘Dead Souls’ below

Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’

Daisy Victoria has announced her third EP ‘Animal Lover’ which was recorded with producer Dan Austin (Pixies) and is set for release 19th August this year. Daisy Victoria is a socially anxious songwriter who lives in a Suffolk wood with her six chickens and OCD. Since she released her first EP ‘Heart Full of Beef’ in 2014, Victoria’s music has been compared with artists such as P.J. Harvey, Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Patti Smith, winning her support from the likes of i-D, NME, CLASH, Line Of Best Fit, The 405 and Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Lauren Laverne has called her a “rising star” and BBC 6 Music hailed her follow up 2015 EP ‘Nobody Dies’ as “majestic”. She has played shows at The Great Escape, Latitude, Radio 1 Academy and Dot To Dot.
The EP was co-written with her brother Sam, and it articulates their shared sense of wonder at the world’s strangeness. Victoria describes herself as a “pessimistic dreamer”, perhaps going some way toward explaining some of the bizarre lyrical juxtapositions, and jarring world-views of her characters.
‘Animal Lover’ is the title track on the EP and it is song about a man whose house doubles as a menagerie. The track brings the listener on a surreal journey through the mythical landscape of Daisy Victoria’s imagination. This journey is portrayed to us  with a catchy bright melody, dynamic guitars and soft beats which contrast with Victoria’s full bodied enchanting vocal which give a haunting eerie atmosphere. Victoria’s vocals are compelling as she showcases her fantastic vocal range that resembles something like Kate Bush. Her vocals are clear, sharp and flawless and shine throughout the track. This track is energetic and has a dance effect with catchy chorus and emotional vocals that are captivating and make you want to put it on repeat.
You can catch Daisy Victoria live at
9th August – Birthdays – London,UK
23rd September – John Peel Centre, BBC Introducing Showcase – Stowmarket, UK
Stream “Animal Lover” below

Hide&Seek ‘Ready Or Not Pt1’

Hide&Seek are an Indie band from London. Niall, Sam, Bant Ant and James have been creating a name for themselves with their energetic live shows that come alive and will have you laughing and dancing. They have supported acts such as the Amazons, Declan McKenna and Lisbon. They have already started playing some of London’s best live venues and gigs including the Barfly, Sofar Sessions and the Bloomsbury Bowl as well as getting various bookings with Mama Group.
They have just released their debut EP ‘Ready Or Not Pt1’ which is full of warm indie pop rock tracks that are just blissful. The EP kicks things off with ‘Saturday Night’ its light rumbling drums and bright guitars to start sets the track off strong for the verses they then hit the chorus with a heavier sound with a rock and roll dance vibe. The sharp refreshing perky guitar feature and mosh like instrumental towards the end of the track adds a light sunny feel and also gives us that rock element to sink our teeth into. ‘Drugs’ begins with a zesty guitar riff that radiates sunny vibes and with  soft bouncy beats this track is ablaze with sunshine. Its a beaming indie pop/rock track that is bursting with feel good vibes. ‘Darling’ closes the EP with a more sombre tone. This melodic track is sweet and catchy with gentle instrumentation accompaniment that runs smoothly with lush harmonies in backing vocals for the chorus which lifts the track and gives it a sing along effect.
‘Ready Or Not Pt1’ is a strong debut EP which shows Hide&Seek’s style and talent. Each track has its own identity while blending well with the other tracks and showcasing their musicianship. Look forward to hearing more from Hide&Seek.
Stream ‘Ready Or Not Pt1’ below.

A Chat With : Fable Cry

We caught up with Zach Ferrin from Fable Cry after our feature on their fantastic track ‘Dead or Alive (For Now) and the release of their album  ‘We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are’ to get to know Fable Cry a bit better and have a glimpse into their amazing theatrical world.

How Did Fable Cry come about?

I wanted to do something that would be an outlet for all things that I enjoy – music, writing, performance, theatre, film, fun.  So far, we’ve definitely been able to incorporate all of this and more into this little rock band.

Your style is very theatrical and cabaret- like why did you decide on that style?
I’ve always loved musicals and theatre.  “Cabaret” is one of my favourite musicals, so it’s no surprise you catch some of that in what we do!  It really wasn’t a decision to play or write a specific style, though.  I wanted to start a band, and this is the type of music and songs that I like to play and write most.
You create very picturesque music and tell a story so well through your music is that something that comes naturally to you?
Oh, well thank you!  It’s how I like to write and feel the most natural.  I’m ever trying to grow, so I appreciate the compliment!
Your songs have spooky videos to match them, when you are writing the songs does the idea for the video play out in your head while you are writing the lyrics?
100% yes!
The songs are so intricate with different interludes etc. does it take a long time to plan all of that out before the finished product is ready?
Typically, yes.  Some of the songs come together perfectly and practically write themselves. But mostly, there is a lot of cutting and pasting and experimenting with what sounds best.  Until a song is recorded, it’s always going through small changes in the arrangement.
For the videos the sets and costumes are so detailed was it fun planning it all and filming it?
Oh absolutely!  I’m an extremely visual and tactile person, so any time I can create something new and get my hands dirty, I’m having a blast.  It’s also extremely enjoyable finding costumes that I, being a scarecrow of a man, normally couldn’t wear but that fit the other members of the band.
Can you tell us how you decided on the cover art for ‘ We’ll Show You Where The Monsters Are’ album?
The repeating theme throughout the album all circles around the dichotomy of the self.  That we’re all made up of multiple parts, and ultimately we have to accept that.  The image of us in the front, with our own monsters just lurking in the shadows behind us, represents that.  Master your fears.  Master your monsters!
 From the video and songs each member of the band seem to have a strong character as if each of you are some elemental or larger than life character from a book, is this just a persona you put on for Fable Cry or is it a reflection of your real selves?
Every song and video is different, but usually we can’t help but put a bit (or a lot) of ourselves into the mix.  For instance, Jo Cleary (Violin, Vocals), is terribly afraid of spiders.  So in “Dead or Alive (For Now)” it was only natural that that would be what her character would be running from!
What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
Ugh, making me choose my favourite baby!  The first and last songs in the set are often my favourites.  The first is where you break the ice and either reunite with previous fans, and/or introduce yourself to new ones.  You’re putting yourself out there saying “look at me – whattaya think??” By the last song, hopefully everyone is dancing and well acquainted, so it is often the most bombastic.
 What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were on stage?
We were playing a show in Johnson City, TN and I was in mid-monologue between songs when this giant of a man came thundering in through the door.  He looked extremely angry, and the whole room sort of turned, and I paused.  Like a flip of a coin his face changed from anger to pure joy, as he exclaimed “who wants a hug??”  I promptly set down my guitar and invited him on stage, acquiring the closest thing to a real life bear hug that I’ll ever experience.
Which of your songs are you most proud of and why?
Making me pick favies again!  Lyrically, probably “The Good Doctor”.  It draws the parallels between being an artist and being Victor Frankenstein.  You dig up these “parts” of yourself from memories, experiences, and relationships, and you slap them all together to create something and, until you’ve released it into the world, you don’t really know how the world is going to react to it.  I love that Mary Shelley was essentially drawing those parallels the whole time when she wrote the story.  The song says a lot about what we deal with as musicians and artists, and was somewhat therapeutic for me to write.
Whats the best advise you have been given?
“If you want to hide the evidence, always make sure you have an even amount of socks when laundry day comes.” -big brother
Any Plans to come to Ireland in the future?
We have never been, but always wanted to.  I’m taking this as an invitation – so yes please!
What advice do you have for people who want to form their own band?
Be confident, but realistic.  Enjoy what you do, and find people who you enjoy being around.  I think the biggest flaw I’ve seen in others’ mentality is having a “once we’re big” outlook.  Understand that the second you name your band and decide to put your work out there, you’ve begun.  It doesn’t start when you’ve reached a certain abstract goal like “making it.”  Work NOW like it’s your job, enjoy every second of it, and enjoy the results as they come in.  Hope for the best, but don’t expect unrealistic results to happen immediately, because you will most likely be disappointed.  Be creative.  Take risks.  And don’t ever forget that you love music.
 What is next for Fable Cry?
We have some really great local/regional shows throughout the Summer/Fall, while we dabble in creating some new material… Hopefully some of that will be surfacing in the Fall/Winter… Stay tuned!
Great ill put the kettle on! see you guys soon!
You can follow Fable Cry on

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Ethan & The Reformation

Manchester’s Psychedelic Rock/Pop band Ethan & The Reformation have decided to release their track ‘Hollandia’ as it is going to be used on a TV advert. As I’m sure you know by now we at Indie Buddie are becoming big fans of Ethan & The Reformation as they have constantly impressed us with every tune they have been throwing at us. So naturally we decided to make ‘Hollandia’ our Worth A Listen Track this week.
‘Hollandia’ is a Psychedelic gritty blues rock track with a slick dirty bass riff that sticks in your head. The steady bendable beat gives a hypnotic effect that lures you into the track. While the zesty psychedelic guitar plays a light melody that swirls in your head giving an intoxicated effect. The vocals are raspy and gritty which adds a brawny quality to the verse. The chorus is lyrically simple and repetitive and sung in the higher range of vocals, this adds to the hypnotic effect and makes this track unforgettable.
Another fantastic track form Ethan & The Reformation you can buy ‘Hollandia’ now on iTunes via their own label, Bohemian Sex Club.
Stream ‘Hollandia’ below

Fossils ‘Lo-Fi’


Fossils are an alternative band from Liverpool. The band consists of members Jonathan Gibson (Lead vocals, guitar), Jay Denham (bass, backing vocals), Ryan Culshaw (Guitar) and Jack Robertson (Drums). Their debut single ‘Lo-Fi’ has been played on BBC Introducing Liverpool and they have supported Martha Ffion who’s on Jake Bugg’s label.
‘Lo-Fi’ is a refreshing aerial track with echo vocals and soft beats. The use of reverb gives this track a breezy flying vibe and teamed with the delicate bubbling drums you get the feeling you are running to your freedom as you feel the refreshing wind on your face cleansing you of whatever you are running from. The guitar is bright and sharp and adds an effective contrast to the smooth drums adding an edge to the track and giving that breezy vibe.
This track shows Fossils great musicianship and potential . Look forward to hearing more from them.
You can catch Fossils at soundstation Liverpool in St Michaels station on the 24th July.
Stream ‘Lo-Fi’ below