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Jack Woodward ‘How Can I Fall In Love’

Jack Woodward has released his new single ‘How Can I Fall In Love’. The track was recorded at Woodward’s old university, in the studios of Headingley Campus at Leeds Beckett University.Last year he played Live at Leeds, Manchester Academy 3, supporting Rae Morris at King Tuts, The Festival of Making for BBC Introducing in Lancashire and won a national competition to perform on the X Factor Live Tour in Brighton to 4500 people.

‘How Can I Fall In Love’ is a warm wholesome track that glistens with cosy tones, delicate instrumentation and Woodward’s pure passionate musicianship. With its sway-like tempo elegant piano twinkles and tender guitar twangs cradled beautifully in a catchy heartfelt melody – it’s one for the sweet moments, warm embraces and evening chilling. The piano adds a dash of grandeur and class with a jazzy tone sprinkled upon the country hued guitar flickers while Woodward’s velvety vocals hold everything together in a delicate emotional wrapping of bliss. It’s quite the charming organic ditty.

Watch the video for ‘How Can I Fall In Love’ below

The Magic Es ‘Splinters’

Norwich-based trio The Magic Es are set to release their new single ‘Splinters’ on Friday 22nd February. It’s the first song taken from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘Dead Star’, which will come out later in 2019 on Oh Mercy! Records.

‘Splinters’ is a vibrant rock n’ roll number brimming with biting guitars, punchy drums and a swoony melancholic melody. This track is a positive toned anthem that stomps and bounces along ethereal soundscapes and a glorious vibe of freedom. The driving rhythm and glorious guitar moments make this track instantly like-able and easy on the ears. The shredding solo rushes adrenaline and a garage rock edge into this delightful tune.With a sing along ready chorus and rooted bass line The Magic Es present us with another passionate joyful ditty.

Lyrically the song is about standing united in a divided world. Lead vocalist and guitarist Pete Thompson explains : “When you listen to the news these days the world seems split by polarised views. In the UK you’ve obviously got Brexit but on a more global scale even the subject of climate change divides opinion. It’s not even slight differences, people are on completely different ends of the spectrum;it’s pretty extreme.Splinters, while not politically biased towards any agenda, is a song about a divided world and two people sticking together to stand up for what they believe in despite the onslaught of opposition”

Stream ‘Splinters’ below

Crome Yellow ‘Tastes Much Better With You’

Waterford band Crome Yellow have released their new single ‘Tastes Much Better With You’ the fourth single from their upcoming debut album ‘See Why’. This slinky, smooth number drifts blissfully into your ears stopping time in a sugar coated dreamy dimension created entirely by Crome Yellow’s prowess. There is immense depth in this track as the band allows every pulse, flicker and swoosh take its place elegantly. The pop melody melts upon soft pearly electronics, warm guitar jingles and a soothing vocal delivery to create the perfect chilled number. It’s one tranquilizing time capsule as the band present a track with sweet hallucinatory swirls, zesty guitar solo’ s and a clean production.With gentle whines hitting the lush backdrop with an alien – esque tonality this wobbly and floaty dream has everything to transport you to a sedating state of bliss. The edged guitars fill the track with a classic rock anthemic vibe showcasing Crome Yellow’s brilliantly refined musicianship.

Stream ‘Tastes Much Better With You’ below

Munky ‘You’ve Got Male’

Dublin’s Munky have returned with their new single ‘You’ve Got Male’. The band who spent 2018 touring Ireland and the UK present another effervescent psych-punk track that is sure to have you frothing from the mouth as you dance along while convulsions take over your body. On this latest effort the band lacerate the track with fizzing acid saturated guitar-lines dipped in wobbly dizzying psych while an infectious bass weaves an elastic foundation for the pulverising drums to batter off. It’s groovy, manic and bitterly harsh all while a catchy melody glissades through Zac Stephenson’s reverb laced, expressive vocals sweetening the biting delivery. With slinky guitar lines dripping swagger into each lick, stroke and solo this savage thrilling number is saturated in Munky’s kinetic boisterous and cheeky brand of dance-tinged, razor sharp delight with all the energy and raucous adrenaline their live shows explode with. These guys write catchy tracks that display their fine musicianship and proficient instrumental display. Munky sear their sound deep into your head leaving you branded… theirs.

Stream ‘You’ve Got Male’ below

Worth A listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Rezner

New indie / alternative rock four piece The Rezner are set to release their debut single ‘Micky’ on March 29th through AWAL on JamX Recordings.Formed at Truro College in 2016, Sam Stone (vocals and guitar), Redley Flowerdew (guitar and vocals), Liam Palmer (bass) and Ze Barradas (drums) have rapidly garnered a sterling reputation for their high energy performances impressing the likes of Sarah Gosling at BBC Introducing Devon and Cornwall as well as Lee Trewhela from Cornwall Live.The Rezner have played the likes of Leopallooza, Looe Music Festival and were on the BBC Introducing Stage of Boardmasters in 2017, and also grabbed themselves main stage slots at Boardmasters and The Great Estate festival the following year.

‘Micky’ was produced by Ben Woods and Julian Able who produced The Velvet Hands debut album and mastered by John Cornfield.This abrasive track is a raw battering of indie garage rock flourishing in a rock n’roll swagger-filled persona. It’s vibrant, catchy and brimming with adrenaline fueled instrumentation to create a wholly satisfying listening experience. The sharp guitars shred, soar and scorch through the crashing assault that is the chorus while flurrying delightfully through the verses. Punchy drums and a fantastic bass groove lays down the irresistible hyper foundation to the track while the expressive vocals whack a touch of punk flavoured aggro into the mix.There are intense screamy vocal moments where the instrumental chaos is at its most thrilling however, this band blend and refine their melodies and instrumental refrains perfectly creating pockets of release through the ferocity. The Renzer melded together their garage-rock roots with pop smacked melodies and propulsive rhythms making this an exciting debut. Keep an eye on these guys.

The Rezner will be playing a gig at the monarch in Camden for The Zine and musicians against homelessness on the 26th of march so make sure to catch them there.

Stream ‘Micky’ below

We Three Kings ‘Give it to me, GO!’

Manchester three piece We Three Kings have released their new single ‘Give it to me, GO!’. This stomping wild fuzz-filled anthem is a brisk, all powerful assault of the blues tinged rock this trio do so well. Pulverising drums batter and punch through the track with an elastic, relentless rebound that keeps the song travelling at an intense speed. The jagged raging guitar riffs slice and dice throughout adding an edgy thrilling rawness and slick swagger to the track while the rumble on bass shakes your very soul with its rich groove infested depths and nimbility . It’s an adrenaline shot to the veins of hyperactive rock ready to cause anarchy in the mosh pit and have you punching and kicking the air wholly consumed in the utter thrill and mania of this infectious, fierce number.

Stream ‘Give it to me, GO!’’ below

Pompadour ‘Violet’

Three-piece rock band Pompadour are set to release their debut single, ‘Violet’ on Thursday, 14th February.‘Violet’ was recorded, produced and mixed at J&J Studios in Bristol. Comprised of trio Tamsin Sayers (vocals, bass), Kearney Day (guitar) and Toby Holbrook (drums), Pompadour have played gigs around Bristol, playing venues such as The Fleece, The Louisiana and The Lanes. In the summer of 2018, the band played on the Discovery Stage at Bristol Harbour Festival and had their first out-of-town show at Nambucca, London as well as worked with renowned promotion company, This Feeling, with whom they supported The Seamonsters on their UK tour.

‘Violet’ is a jaunty darkly smudged number that coasts along with jangly guitar hops, gritty bass lines and punchy drums. The melody is catchy with a lively swing to it and delicate sweetness that sits comfortably in your brain while Sayers’s moody deep vocals add a darkness to the track, almost shadowing its vibrancy in an eerie smoky mist. This develops sublimely throughout the song as the buoyant instrumentation builds becoming a little more aggressive and abrupt. With a delightful skip in its step, the song progresses gradually from a zealous perky bop brimming with rich oomph-filled instrumentation to a sulky stomping tantrum without becoming overpowering. This trio build their shift in tonality subtly to create a delightfully dark little twist in the song.

According to the band : “Violet is written about a guy who is in love with a girl called Violet. Violet does not reciprocate the affection shown by this guy and politely declines his advances. The boy is confused as to why Violet doesn’t like him, as he believes that everybody else loves him. As the song goes on, he starts to get quite bitter and starts insulting her instead, saying that nobody really cares about her, despite his earlier feelings. The song reflects on childhood and adolescent romances, where this kind of reaction to rejection is Prevalent.”

For more you can follow Pompadour on Facebook here

Mellor ‘Helsinki’

Mellor are set to release their first new material of the year, single ‘Helsinki’ on March 22 via AWAL. After a reshuffle of members the new line-up has settled on: Gary Kingham , Sam Igoe , Kristian Bell and Josh Woodward.  Mellor have been featured on the Spotify Indie list, Transistor and Hot New bands playlists, Apple Music’s Breaking Bands playlist, had national and local radio support from Tom Robinson, John Kennedy, Frank Skinner and most recently Abbie McCarthy on BBC Radio 1 and have also played at festivals such as HURL Fest, Butefest, Truck Festival, Tex Fest, Are You Listening, Tramlines and Camden Rocks.

‘Helsinki’ is another absorbing indie mammoth from Mellor. Traveling on blistering guitars and a relentless bass groove this track is set to high voltage from the start. Swagger drenched guitars wail, soar and majestically intensify the song while a punchy drum and elastic bass rumble keep that snappy foot tapping foundation that is sure to have a live audience going wild. With a surge of adrenaline through every pulse, beat and guitar tickle this song is one electrifying thrill. The track is tight, as Mellor create an exhilarating wall of sound that crashes into every fiber of your being- filling you with instant energy. Gary Kingham’s warm raspy vocals lace the song in passion and expression as he effortlessly and powerfully holds his own over the mighty instrumental hop and dynamic soundscape. It’s one whirling rush of fantastic indie. Make sure to check ‘Helsinki’ out when its released on March 22nd.

About the track the band said :” ‘Helsinki’ is about someone who has been lead on and given false hope for so long, that they eventually have that realisation, where they should just cut that controlling, self-indulgent person off completely.”

You can follow Mellor of Facebook here

Alex Abbuehl ‘Black Coffee’

Italian-born,singer/songwriter Alex Abbuehl has released his debut single ‘Black Coffee’.This vaporous number swivels ever so sleekly between 70’s rock chic and laid back west coast jazz as Alex coos and passionately broods over lonesome elegant keys and a steady beat. It’s delicate and soulful as the lyrics tell a heart wrenching story while a passionate sultry backdrop pines and weeps behind his warm vocals. The piano maintains a strong position throughout the track as it intricately weaves and wonders about playfully and delicately before becoming more precise and anguish-stricken for the expressive crescendo. Soft backing vocals coo through the chorus adding a dash of chicness and refinement. It’s classy, emotional and beautifully crafted for a hair raising listening experience as Alex presents a sophisticated number filled with warm jazzy elements and a pristine, glossy melody holding it all together.

Stream ‘Black Coffee’ below

Giorgio De Palo ‘Vivid Dream’ Premiere

Driven by the peacefulness arising from the seashore where he grew up, Giorgio De Palo discloses himself through his songs, fully embracing his feelings and thoughts.Born in Rome, raised internationally and currently based in Berlin, he decided to pour himself into music striving to find his voice on small stages as a solo artist and his own sound in his bedroom.The majority of his upcoming EP ‘First Waves’, which will be released in the coming months has been created in his small home studio.

Vivid Dream’ is a dainty gem that flows elegantly as Giorgio’s sweet warm vocals caress the mellow melody delicately. This gentle melody drapes carefully around soft guitar strums and a steady drum tap. It’s a dreamy intimate folk hued ballad as the track wistfully and beautifully floats upon a laid back atmosphere and peaceful tone. Sublimely sweet and soothing every strum and note coos and calms you into a tranquilizing state of bliss. With golden rays of gentle sun glimmering through bright guitar jangles and a soulful guitar solo the track is enchanting, uplifting and brimming with glorious tones and oodles of passion.

About the track Giorgio explains : “Vivid Dream describes the search for a deeper truth and awareness in our ephemeral existence. It’s about being conscious of what hides beyond the surface, finding answers in the pure and majestic force of nature.”

Stream ‘Vivid Dream’ below