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Stereo Honey ‘Where No One Knows Your Name’

Dreamy indie rock band Stereo Honey have released their new track ‘Where No One Knows Your Name’. The band consists of Peter Restrick (Vocals and Guitar), Nicky Boiardi (Guitars and Keys), Ben Edwards (Bass), and Jake Black (Drums) they have all been playing together in various bands for a few years until they started Stereo Honey about a year ago. The four piece recorded the track at Kensaltown Studios with Eduardo de la Paz.
‘Where No One Knows Your Name’ is a gripping melodically mournful track which displays a band gifted at writing melodies and creating an atmosphere that completely encapsulates the listener in their crafted melodious world. Instantly Restrick’s vocals stand out with his Matt Bellamy-esque wailing but a bit more like Conor Mason from Nothing But Thieves. With insane clear crisp falsetto Restrick is fantastic at holding and controlling these massive notes for the chorus while softening to a soft coo almost whisper for the eerie spine tingling verse.Its punchy and strong with wispy breezy synths creating a haunting dark atmosphere swirling with twisting confusion. Bubbling bass and winding keys add a grip of anxiety while the explosive crescendo creates a rush of panic.Shredding distorted guitars bring a raw energy and intensity to the track. ‘Where No One Knows Your Name’ is extremely emotive with a shadowy dark presence as the swoony high register on vocals holds the song’s forefront. Its clear that Stereo Honey are passionate about their craft, which makes for great listening. When asked about the track the band said
“Where No One Knows Your Name’ is a song about mental illness. Peter wrote the lyrics trying to get to grips with the interiority you feel when suffering with anxiety. Essentially, the song is about retreating inside of your own head when the world outside feels hostile and overwhelming. We tried to write the track in a way that emulates the rush of a panic attack, by moving from the steadiness of the verses into sudden, explosive choruses”
Stream ‘Where No One Knows Your Name’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Fontaines

The LA duo Hank Fontaine and Charlotte Fontaine have released their new single ‘Evaporate’. Sprinkling their new-wave rock with energetic funk The Fontaines glide in with swooney effortless cool grooves smothered in steamy sensual vibes. Dripping in sticky bouncy guitar riffs its a tempting bounce of sassy swagger. Charlotte’s vocals softly cruise with flirty charm and a sultry smoulder that is thrilling. The gentle drum beat teamed with elastic slap on bass gives a sensual luring sticky effect that adds to the entire sizzling sweltering humidity of the track. The lyrics narrate a “catch and release” relationship which only exists in the bedroom. The Fontaines are currently finishing up their debut full-length album which is set for release later this year.

Stream ‘Evaporate’ below

The 220 Project ‘Between Two Points of Light’

The 220 Project have recently announced the release of their futuristic nine track album ‘Between Two Points of Light’. This will be the electronic duo’s second release, after productions from their first EP, ‘The Lost Particles’, received critical acclaim from ‘Getintothis’. Hailing from Bristol and Dorset, the duo have been producing music together for a number of years. This particular album was inspired by the pairs interest in space travel and science fiction which can be heard in the futuristic and ambient sounds throughout the album.
‘Between Two Points of Light’ is nine tracks of galactic futuristic psychedelic vibes. Its calm placid spacey electronics place you in a state of daze and gentle dizzy bewilderment. Deep warm basslines add texture and grounding to the hypnotic album while soft rapid beats flash like delicate laser lights giving you a blurry narcotic trip. Using a mix of analogue and digital hardware to create a bass heavy mix of psychedelic ambient techno dub featuring 303 squelches and layered synths backed up by thudding kick drums The 220 Project take you on a journey of mind boggling science fiction.
Influenced by groups such as Leftfield and System 7, the duo describe how they developed their sound,

“We’ve developed our sound, being inspired by different artists and styles of music and making something that we wanted to listen to that combined trance, acid and dub elements.”
The album ‘Between Two Points of Light’ is set to be released on 10th March 2017 and will be available via all major media providers. More information on the group can be found on their social media pages or on their official website here





Miccoli ‘Idle Strangers’

Birmingham three-piece, Miccoli are set to release their new single ‘Idle Strangers’ on AFA Records on the 3rd of March. The single is taken from the sibling trio’s upcoming album due for release later this year. The band has recently featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch as well as a tour throughout Europe and US tour earlier last year. After spending most of their childhood studying and making music, twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) and Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) teamed up with their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) and decided to form the band a few years ago. Miccoli has since toured extensively throughout Europe and America, hanging out with Motley Crue along the way and have recently performed at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. Previous singles have attracted the attention of public and critics alike and have seen them feature on American, British and Asian television and pick up airplay on national and regional BBC radio as well as Internet and college stations across the board. ‘Idle Stranger’, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Silent’ EP and was self-produced and recorded at Clarion Studios in Penang off the coast of Malaysia.
‘Idle Stranger’ is a dreamy enchanting piece of infectious indie pop. Sweet luscious vocal harmonies lift the track to a heavenly euphoric bliss. Its a soft tender succulent track that oozes bright airy vibes. So delicately presented as the bands vocals blend perfectly giving a melody that is honey to the ears and irresistible. Soft guitar accompanies with light twinkling that adds a bit of zest or edge to the track while the cushioned beat rolls with a fluffy like quality making this song so easy and comforting to listen to. The track is the first indication of what to expect from the eagerly awaited debut album and is accompanied by a stunning video filmed in Venice and directed by up and coming photographer Valentio McKenzie.
Stream ‘Idle Stranger’ below

Arro Jones ‘Set My Mind Free’

Originally from Huddersfield, now based in Manchester Arro Jones has released his new single ‘Set My Mind Free’. This track glows with delicate fine flurries of blissful sun kissed radiance. Warm mellow acoustic guitar accompanies and caresses Arro’s creamy smooth vocal while the elegant sweet melody drifts you into a state of fluttering delight. Soft twinkling piano adds a tender dainty quality to the track. The instrumentation builds as the track progresses becoming more bouncy up to the zealous guitar solo which gives the cruising track a free open road letting go vibe and refreshing breezy feel. Rich in subtle textures and luminous qualities its an absolute joy to listen to. When we asked Arro about the track he said “it’s more stripped back than my usual stuff and is kind of a transition between two EP’s and two stages in my life”. Arro is working on new material at the moment including a collaboration EP called ‘Freak Show Collaborations’ which is due for release in March so keep an eye out for that.
Stream ‘Set My Mind Free’ below

Live Music Review of Fangclub Supported By Vulpynes and Long Tail at Whelan’s Dublin

Offering ear-bleeding rock, raw and unprecedented talent Fangclub descend on Whelan’s Dublin with support from Vulpynes and Long Tail.The garage rock trio assured us last time we met them that their live shows were epic and so naturally we had to check this bold claim out for ourselves.
Vulpynes kicked things off to a fiery start with ‘Sublingual’ they blast the timid crowd with bloodthirsty blustery rock. This duo take no prisoners as Kaz’s drumming ruthlessly pummels through each track while Maeve’s strong fierce vocals resounds over the ruckus like a powerhouse. The beefy depth on guitar and shattering distortion adds a dark lusty gritty texture. They roared through the set with tracks like ‘Bitches are like Waves’ and ‘Break off the Legs’ Vulpynes are not ones to be messed with. This is music for bruised, battered moshing unfortunately a lot of the audience were too timid for the mania however they warmed up as the set progressed. Belting out the single ‘Terry Said’ Vulpynes take the track to a red blooded hair flying all over the place mania. But it was new track ‘Can’t Sit Still’ that showed that this band is destined for big things and are more than capable of holding their own. The track gave me a Jack White ‘Lazaretto’ vibe with an awesome bridge change up. Its one to look out for. Finishing their set with ‘OCD’ Vulpynes rattled the bones off the bashful crowd, warming them up and filling them with dynamic maniacal energy for the acts to come.
An utterly absorbing set follows from Long Tail as they draw the crowd nearer with ‘Waiting’. Displaying a heavier sound live and some snazzy guitar changes. The bright bubbly tracks smothered in positive upbeat tones take a punchy more aggressive role instrumentally while Ed’s vocals and lyrics still flood with dreamy cool motivational vibes. Filling the crowd with go for it attitude the band are met with a comical stage invasion as a member of the crowd jumps on stage and wiggles around like a dizzy lone ranger only to fail in attempt to crowd surf but that didn’t stop him from trying again. Long Tail display a slick tight performance and exude a comfortable swagger on stage that draws the crowd in. ‘Our Star’ and ‘Better Way’ displays glossy melodious riffs with Steve’s elastic bass teamed with Ronan’s punchy drums these guys make performing look easy. The crowd reacts well to each track as Ed banters back and forth a little and seems to sweet talk the crowd into bopping along. Even Indie Buddie gets a nice shout out. Their set finished with the single ‘Your Time’ this peppy anthem sums up the radiant glow and vibrant burst of energy all the tracks on their set possess.
Fangclub take to the stage with an undeniable confidence and breakneck momentum. Swarming into tracks like ‘Psycho’ and the feverish ‘Dreamcatcher’ they leave the crowd in awe and eager to engage in neck snapping frenzy. Steven, Kevin and Dara display electrifying energy that had every one engaged jumping and moshing as they unleashed their explosive sound completed with flashing lights. The rapid pacing percussion is frenzied and boisterous as frontman Steven, croons with raspy gritty intensity giving tracks like ‘Loner’ and ‘Coma Happy’ an eerie spine chilling quality. These guys can put on a show with vigour and roaring enthusiasm getting the crowd jumping and moshing with raging mania. The entire set is professional, slick, fun and compelling to watch as distorted shrill on guitars add a thrilling deafening elation of ear splitting satisfaction. Finishing with an epic crowd surf as Steven jumps into the crowd and they lift him like a heroic champion. What a kick ass performance. Whelan’s was left  more than satisfied with the level of enthralling noise created by all three bands. Who said rock n roll is dead?


Bear Trap are a Punk Rock band from Manchester. Band members Callum (Guitar/Vocals), Matt (Bass/Vocals), Sam (Guitar), Dean (Drums) have released their first track ‘LENA, YOU’RE A MIRACLE’ which i’m told is “inspired by every shitty love movie that ever left you slightly feeling something”. Riding the wave of punchy punk Bear Trap explode with strident guitars pounding drums and animated chorus. Its vigorous yet melodic and bright all while belting out frenzy causing chaos. Its fast pace, to-the-point, and catchy sound certainly gets your foot tapping, puts a smile on your face, and echoes in your head. A good start for a fresh faced new band.
Bear Trap will start playing live shows from 25th March with a support slot at Zanzibar in Liverpool, followed shortly after with a spot at Lennons Bar in Liverpool. They are set to play Fab Cafe in Manchester on the 25th June.
You can follow Bear Trap on Facebook here

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week comes From Artificial Pleasure

London-based Artificial Pleasure have released their new single ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’. The trio Phil McDonnell, Dom Brennan and Lee Jordan give us a track that fills your entire body with an overwhelming desire to dance. This irresistible track is brimming with funky grooves and swanky guitar flicks that give a contagious itch to move and shuffle. With twinkles of Bowie -like elements ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ is a peppy strut of genius. Effortless cool vocals slide and strut with a charm and charisma that makes you think “god their cool”. Ablaze with feverish swagger and panache teamed with a mighty bassline it gives you a flamboyant punch in the face with blissful pop punk. Exploding with vibes of loosing control its a hit that leaves you craving more . This sweet track is an ear worm that will have you on your feet in no time bellowing “Let me out! I really wanna dance!”
Stream ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’ below.

Snail Collectors ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’

Snail Collectors is a project setup by Glasgow musician Nick Scroggie. His sound infuses elements of Experimental/rock and prog with cinematic visions in mind. He has released his new track ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ taken from his four track EP of the same name which is all written, performed and recorded at home by Nick Scroggie. ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ is an edgy dark brew of thick sticky beats slapping off murky fuzzed guitars and swirling opaque synths. The track pulses and crawls with an eerie haunting quality that is chilling and bewitching. Emotive vocals yearn and simmer with a smokey hazy smoulder. While the track bubbles and boils gaining momentum until it bursts with a blistering shrilling guitar solo. Insanely catchy and luring this track is riveting with irresistible haunting tones wriggling and twisting in a dark murky turpentine-like mixture.

You can buy the ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ EP here

Stream ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ below