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New Valley Wolves ‘Silver Tongue’

New Valley Wolves have released their new track ‘Silver Tongue’. Its a snarling, balls-out beast of a track bursting with the bluesy, gritty, frantic sound that the rock duo create. It’s a ferocious riff-driven wall of sound enriched with sensual elastic tones. With irate swagger infused vocals, primal drumming and a bass so skilfully wielded it lures the listener into a fuzzed haze of entrapment that could cause a frenzy-filed brawl amongst the most timid of people while still remaining tactile. Lyrically, ‘Silver Tongue’ is pure unadulterated macho rock. New Valley Wolves once again create an almighty racket as Joyce assaults the drums creating a turbulent pounding sound adding to the tracks speed driven fury.
New Valley Wolves have released a video for ‘Silver Tongue’ it captures the high intense energy and atmosphere of their live shows. Watch the video below.

Swords ‘Betty Machete’

Dublin’s Alternative band Swords released their new single ‘Betty Machete’ in July. Diane Anglim (vocals & piano), Jarlath Canning (bass, guitars & synth) and Ian Frawley (drums) have created a catchy beaming track that glows with bright textures and an upbeat snappy ball of elastic rhythm. The golden hook pulls you into a marshmallow of sweet lush melody. Anglim’s honeyed vocals are delicate and captivating while the fuzzed bass and guitars add a kick and psychedelic buzz to the track. The rapid soft slap beat drives the song and gives a playful quality and an infectious clap-along feature. ‘Betty Machete’ is instantly likeable and with an ear worm sing along chorus you will want to put it on repeat and enjoy its feel good vibe.
Stream ‘Betty Machete’ below

Heez ‘Dancing’


Born in Mexico City, 22 year old Heez grew up in Dallas, Texas and now resides in Downtown Los Angeles. The first story he wants to tell is about codependency and having such a strong connection with someone that both identities begin to blur into one. He achieves this through his debut single ‘Dancing’. Heez embarked on this musical journey from his Los Angeles dorm room while studying music industry at the University of Southern California, finding inspiration from his past heartbreaks.
 ‘Dancing’ was released earlier this year. Its a catchy flex wave track with a snappy beat interweaving electronics glazed in shadowy melancholy tones. The heavy hearted vocals add emotion to the track while the rap adds rhythm and gives an edge. The track is richly textured and portrays Heez’ lyrics poetically while holding a grit and darkened atmosphere. The quick synth stabs give the track an elastic bendable quality while providing a strong sharp whack beat that has a trance effect. ‘Dancing’ presents us with an airy hazy vibe you can loose yourself in while maintaining a bite and grit that gives this track substance and attitude.
Stream ‘Dancing’ below

Fauna Twin ‘Water on Mars’

Fauna Twin are Parisian singer-songwriter Claire Jacquemard Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts) and North Wales’ Owain Ginsberg (We Are Animal). The duo have recently signed to Crammed Discs Records and they released their new single ‘Water on Mars’ taken from their debut ‘The HYDRA EP’, which will be released in October followed by a string of shows around Europe.
‘Water on Mars’ is a dark intoxicating swirling concoction of alternative synth pop. The track lures you into its bewitching atmosphere from the very start with meandering instrumentation that draws you into a psychedelic labyrinth of complexity and confusion while enticing and coaxing you into its rich interweaving textures. Jacquemard’s vocals are haunting and gently coo and soothe the listener while giving a mysterious eerie tone to the track. The guitar adds grit and gives that final pull, drawing the listener in and trapping them in an enthralling brooding atmosphere. The track is coated in mesmerising rhythm and shadowy hints of tribal beats that give this track a fantastic bounce and multi texture.
Put ‘Water on Mars’ on repeat and let yourself become consumed and enraptured by this fantastic dark enchanting track.
Watch ‘Water on Mars’ below

Atlantic Fire ‘Running Out’

Atlantic Fire are a Synth heavy pop/rock band from Guildford. The band consists of members Gary Nicks (vocals & guitar) Ryan Nicks (Drums, synths & backing vocals) Will Gray (lead guitar,synths & backing vocals) Ian Cooke (bass & synths).They have released their debut single ‘Running Out’ and have recently finished their debut album which will be released later this year.
‘Running Out’ is a tightly compact melodic indie track, featuring soft dynamic synths and a flexible spongy beat. The sharp sting of the guitar adds an edge to the track while soaring backing vocals raises the track and gives an aerial feel. The song is coated in a melancholy nostalgic tone which is highlighted perfectly by the synths and wistful vocals. The track flows fluidly and consistently with bright tones acting as a ray of sunlight provided by the zealous guitars illuminating and raising the song up. The synths add a contrasting eerie and mysterious tone to the track at times which disperses for the vitalising and energising crescendo.
A strong debut from Atlantic Fire
Stream ‘Running Out’ below

Rat Ta’Mango ‘Let It Go’

Rat Ta’Mango are an Adelaide band who play a unique brand of blues rock, fusing elements of garage, psych and funk. The three piece have recently released their debut self titled EP. The 5 track Ep is bursting with a mixture of garage rock, blues and Latin-jam influences intertwining and blending together while creating a massive raw sound that packs a punch.
It was their first single ‘Let It Go’ that caught our attention. Its heavy furious fuzzed intro teases their garage rock mosh worthy sound before revealing a funky slick verse. The sensual swagger and opulent rhythmic groove and percussion-soaked bounce adds an elasticity and addictive energy to the track. The vocals are passionate and dynamic giving a steamy exhilarating strut quality and confidence. The track spirals into a shredding guitar solo and intense weighty burly headbang. ‘Let It Go’ softens to gentle vocals and light accompaniment before a final beefy robust crescendo to end. Rat Ta’Mango show us how to mix raw gritty bluesy sound with funky sensual guitar licks and fantastic brawny hooks leaving you wanting to hear more.
Stream ‘Let It Go’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘End Of An Era’

We are big fans of the New York City band Public Access T.V. here at Indie Buddie. They just keep belting out quality tunes. Earlier this year they released ‘Sudden Emotion’ which gave us a taste of what is to come from their debut album ‘ Never Enough’ which is set for release on 30th September. Now band members John Eatherly (lead vocals, guitar), Xan Aird (lead guitar, vocals), Max Peebles (bass, vocals) and Pete Star (drums, vocals) have released ‘End Of An Era’ to ease the anticipated wait for ‘ Never Enough’.
‘End Of An Era’ lives up to the hype of its predecessors. It glows with infectious rock and roll qualities and a Thin Lizzy vibe. Its a strut-like, swagger infused track that exudes flaming confidence. With slick zesty biting guitar that adds an old school feel and a blazing riff that is red hot giving the track a razor sharp edge. It is enthusiastic and bold with a high spirited peppy elastic bass and sprightly beat that is contagious which will have you bopping along in no time. With cool smooth vocals and catchy lyrics these guys know how to write  a good track and have you hooked from the first note.
‘End Of An Era’ is setting the bar high.
Stream ‘End Of An Era’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Ten Fé

London band Ten Fé consist of duo of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan. We did a feature on their dreamy 80s inspired love song ‘Elodie’ earlier this year. Both their tracks ‘Elodie’ and ‘In The Air’ reached No. 2 in Hype Machine’s most popular chart and accumulated 4 million Spotify streams, whilst their debut single ‘Make Me Better’ was remixed by electronic music legend UNKLE. Ten Fé have just released their new single ‘Turn’ and we have chosen it as our worth a listen track this week. The duo weave and infuse a blissful blend of lazy mellow Americana with mists of delicate psychedelia. With sweeping compelling electronics that add a hazy opaque melancholy atmosphere to the track. The velvety smooth vocals add a tender softness to the track with lush supple harmonies that are oh so sweet and creamy adding a dainty elegance. The psychedelic guitar adds subtle sharpness and gives a sorrowful daydream effect. Ten Fé showcase their ability to show raw emotion in a gentle and compassionate manner. Another fantastic track from the duo, look forward to more and hopefully an Irish show soon.
Stream ‘Turn’ below

40 Shillings On The Drum ‘Brighton Belle’

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Brighton’s Folk/Punk/Rock band 40 Shillings On The Drum are Daniel Scully (Vocals), Steven Cobley (Guitar), Seb Cole (Keyboard/Backing Vocal), Barry Bloye (Bass/Backing Vocal), Sue Buckler (Fiddle) and Danny Woodford (Drums). After over a year’s preparation, 40 Shillings On The Drum launched online in July 2016 and performed their first gig on Wednesday 27th July as part of Churchill Square’s Busk Stop event in Brighton. Attracting the largest turnout of all the acts to perform.
The six piece gave us a sneak peak of their single ‘Brighton Belle’ and its a guzzler. Its a fantastic fusion of Gaelic folk and rock. Bursting with brawl-like attitude and drenched in beer and whiskey, this track will pull in the masses for a tankard-clashing hearty anthem. Embroidered with bright sweet guitar and a delicate tender tear jerking melody on fiddle that will bring a proud tear to any strong mans eye. With its rapid tempo and nimble keys its difficult to sit still, its a crowd-pleaser and will have everyone up and jumping. Soaked in cheeky swagger its a ruckus causing high energy infectious back-slapping cheerful song. You just wont be able to stop yourself singing along.
40 Shillings On The Drum are “armed to the teeth with an array of songs about life, love, friendship, and getting smashed out of your brain, and are ready to take on the world, one town at time”.
Their as-yet, untitled debut album is due for release in 2017.

Here’s a link to a live, acoustic video version of  ‘Brighton Belle’

40 Shillings On The Drum are releasing the song worldwide as a single on Friday 30th September so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Chalky Seas ‘CAVALIER’


Chalky Seas are a laid back, indie folk band from East Anglia. The line up is made up of like-minded musicians that all met within the local music scene throughout the years. With their ‘gypsy-esque’ style strumming patterns and their ‘rootsy-true’ lyrics comes a very easily listenable ‘Chalky Seas’, appealing to all . They released their debut EP ‘CAVALIER’ earlier this year.  Their success from their early release of the first single ‘Plastic Friends’ has gained them an ever growing following and fan-base.
‘CAVALIER’ is an EP packed with good wholesome tracks that flow smoothly and grab your attention with soul touching rich melodies and warm tones. ‘Riverbend’ and ‘Home’ are bright lustrous tracks with soft beats and gleaming guitars that are relaxing and easing to the mind. They are cosy and comforting tracks with the guitar adding a bite and freshness which acts as a ray of sunlight on your face. ‘Cavalier’ is a simple quite track that stills everything in the room and draws you into every word and emotion. With light accompaniment to start which builds to a pulse like beat in percussion adding depth to the track. It has a stilling effect on the mind and a tender tone. The track builds in tempo and becomes uplifting and vibrant. ‘Plastic Friends’ is a beautifully presented track that is aglow with golden glistening tones. With a melancholy tone that will bring a tear to your eye yet holds a strength and courage that is character building. Chalky Seas manage to take the listener on a journey of emotional discovery while they provide comfort from these emotions through a warm smooth blanket of beautiful tunes.
Stream ‘Plastic Friends’ and ‘Riverbend’ below