Bad Cop ‘Dreamer Man’

Nashville’s Indie rock act, Bad Cop have released ‘Dreamer Man’ from their upcoming album, ‘Hello, Mr. Sunshine’ which was produced by Chris Grainger (Wilco, Cadillac Three) and is due out Spring 2017. ‘Dreamer Man’ presents us with an instantly infectious rock tune with musicianship as tight as leather pants. The slick smooth and sensual riff pulls you in and shakes you to your rock core making you want to groove and dance. Catchy bouncing melody drives full speed unapologetically bursting with free spirit careless rock and roll. Singer Adam Moult exudes swagger with full throttle wailing vocals coated in lavish flaunting charm. With punchy drums and a shredding air guitar worthy solo Bad Cop get down and dirty with this nimble lusciously textured rock track that is gritty, raw and wild.
Stream ‘Dreamer Man’ below