Bikini Trill ‘Wassup, We Good?’ EP

Los Angeles based, surf pop trio, Bikini Trill have released their new EP, ‘Wassup, We Good?’. The band combine trap / hip-hop beats, surf guitar and bass, with powerful pop vocals to create a fresh sound and feel-good vibe. This female-fronted group draw inspiration from a variety of genres including punk, reggae, and hip-hop. Formed in 2016 by vocalist Frex (Lauren Johnson), bassist Kourosh Poursalehi, and guitarist Tony Stern, Bikini Trill is a nod to the various musicians and genres from which they draw inspiration- combining the Riot Grrrl punk mentality of Bikini Kill with current urban and trap influences. Currently, the band is celebrating their second mini tour at SXSW in Austin, Texas and are gearing up to tour with Coast Modern and Mikey Mike- playing the House of Blues San Diego, The Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona, and The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

‘Wassup, We Good?’ is a blissfully melodic collection of tracks that fill your soul with golden luminosity, laid back vibes and euphoric mellowness with an underlying punchy kick to add a bit of spice. Each track fluidly flows into the next from the trippy ‘Napster and Acid (INTRO)’ right through to the seductively slinky ‘Wassup, We Good? (OUTRO)’– Bikini Trill sandwich in a sweet collection of velvety smooth raspberry ripple tunes to have your mind in a sedative state of creamy groove filled bliss. ‘Chapo Howl’ firmly envelopes you in Bikini Trill’s swirling exhilarating world as vibrant guitars meander through captivating vocals while a subtle drift of sweet psychedelic hued soundscapes wisp like a refreshing breeze over the sugary pop melody. The tracks are addictive and radiate sunny, easy going vibes ‘Smoke A Jay and Watch Yourself Dance’ adds a body moving bouncy rhythm into the mix coaxing your body to sway and bop along while ‘Need Me’ throws in a dash of gritty guitar jingles. Johnson’s vocals are simply captivating and nectarous as she floods each track with a honey steeped sprinkling of sweetness that is delicious to the ears and when teamed with the catchy mouth-watering pop melodies it’s a deadly concoction that leaves you craving more. Bikini Trill manage to balance and blend this sugar rush with some hip-hop beats and biting guitars to add a healthy dose of edge and gritty texture to the tunes. ‘KUT U UP (INTERLUDE)’ and ‘Scarlet’ stride in on a cool swagger driven reggae-esque beat and rich weaving soundscapes that add some attitude and bite while the glistening guitar moments elevate and give a vivid golden lustre to the tracks. The lyrics are honest and rugged and don’t gloss over the themes whereas the instrumental backdrop covers the lyrics with a  hazy dreamy camouflage. In ‘2:25 am’ Johnson’s vocals really hypnotise as she coos and sweetly pines through a sticky beat and lamenting soundscapes- its quite touching and beautiful and the perfect lead in to the closing track ‘Wassup, We Good? (OUTRO)’, a spaghetti western -esque ditty filled with psychedelic tones and desert like vibes.

‘Wassup, We Good?’ is an absorbing collection of tracks perfect for sweltering hot days as the sun glares and distorts your view allowing Bikini Trill to create sublime delusions with scorching guitars and gloopy beats between luscious melodies and captivating vocals.

Stream ‘Wassup, We Good?’ EP below