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Otherkin ‘Tombstone’

Dublin rockers Otherkin have returned with their new single ‘Tombstone’ – the first taste of new material since the 2017 release of their debut album ‘OK’. The track was co-produced by the band and Steve Dub (The Chemical Brothers) and mixed by Jolyon Vaughan Thomas (Royal Blood, Slaves)

‘Tombstone’ is a fermenting sonically driven track that leads you down a dizzying rabbit hole to Otherkin’s beat heavy sound. Flashing soundscapes bewilder around the thumping drums and irritable guitar whines. Catchy as hell and doused in acid licked guitar lines these guys have presented a rave ready delusion inducing number set to run riot in your head for days. With skittish rhythms, slick persona and hyper energy pounding this infectious track into your brain Otherkin are becoming one exhilarating knock out band. Its raw, sharp and intense as Luke Reilly’s vocals rasp and lure you into the psychedelic depths of this exhilarating whirling track. Abrasive, addictive and utterly thrilling put it on repeat and dance…. You won’t be able to resist. One of my favourite tracks this year so far.

Watch ‘Tombstone’ below

Dead Vibrations ‘On A Sunday Morning’

Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in 2015 and have been flying the flag high for Scandinavian shoegaze ever since. Their dark and gloomy noise pop channelling a mix of visceral Mary Chain-esque guitars, droning psychedelia a la Spacemen 3 and even Seattle grunge at times – resulting in a reverb-drenched sound that manages to sound both unapologetically indebted to its influences yet completely modern. Having spent the last couple of years touring Europe, bringing their blistering live show to venues and psych fests across the mainland, and releasing just two releases – their debut 12″ EP ‘Reflections’ and 2017s 7″ single ‘Swirl/Sleeping In Silver Garden’ – Dead Vibrations have signed to London imprint Fuzz Club Records for the release of their self-titled debut album, due for release January 26th. To kick-start 2018 the band have released their crushing second single from the album, ‘On A Sunday Morning’.

‘On A Sunday Morning’ is a thunderous assault of dizzying noise pop concealed among a swirling intoxicating blur of shoegaze guitars and blinding psychedelia. Razor sharp guitars pierce through the track drenched in stinging acid as they scorch and blaze between pulverising drums. Its hazy delusional psychedelic soundscapes swivel and swirl like a hypnotic dazed invasion on your senses while lo-fi vocals echo throughout soothing the dazzling soundscapes. Using a sublime amount of shrilling distortion the band create a trippy relentlessly biting track wrapped in a frenzy coating of buzz fuelled darkness. With a gloomy moody tone propelling the track and forming its thick sulky fuzz tainted foundation it’s still surprisingly light and zesty. Dead Vibrations have found the perfect blend of dynamized, shrilling psychedelia and smooth hazy pop to create an invigorating kinetic track.

Stream ‘On A Sunday Morning’ below


Odd Couple ‘Flügge’

German duo Odd Couple Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft, have released their new single ‘Flügge’ which is the title track off their album.This dirty scuzzy riff loaded track is as dark and thrilling as they come. Smothered in psychedelic vibes, its a dizzying trip that blisters and spits gritty rock. This grunge-laden track is a steady beefy jittery wallop, highly strung and intense – its headbanging-ly good. The raspy rough vocals will make your blood tingle while the punchy drums and melody assaults your ears with the most mind blowing electrifying sound your ears will probably ever experience. Its blissfully obscure, mighty and overpowering. The track finishes with an odd acoustic bit which is pretty random but I love it.
Stream ‘Flügge’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Cuckoos

Psych rock band The Cuckoos from Austin have recently released their self-titled debut EP. The Cuckoos are Kenneth Frost (Lead Vocals/Songwriter, Keys), Dave North (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Eric Ross (Bass) and Cole Koenning (Drums). These young guys (the oldest is just 21) create music that sounds like it’s straight from the 1960’s however with their own unique twist. The quartet recently completed a successful first-ever run at SXSW and aren’t slowing down any time soon, booking shows across their home-state and in the UK. We have chosen their track ‘Mind Breakthrough’ as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Mind Breakthrough’ is a dark grimy twisted concoction of classic rock brewed with psychedelic garage and hints of acid. Its an opaque trip into a thick hazy hallucinogenic delusion. With mesmerising eerie synths and thrilling razor sharp guitar, its a swirling dizzy opiate mirage smothered in dark dingy tones. The groovy rhythm adds a shimmy to the track, the limp kind one would do when mind boggled and dazed. Deep strong vocals command with a spellbinding possession while the track consumes you in its narcotic swirling abyss. ‘ Mind Breakthrough’ is an enchanting luring track that is riveting and smothered in nostalgic and retro vibes. It showcases the fine musicianship of these young guys. If they are writing tracks like this now imagine whats next… its going to be good. Watch out for these guys.

Stream ‘Mind Breakthrough’ below

Fighting Caravans ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’

Leeds alternative rock band Fighting Caravans have released their new single ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ by cult label, Clue Records. After sets at Leeds and Reading Festival in 2016, band members Daniel Clark (Lead Vocals), Roff James (Guitar), Cinnamon Lees (Bass), Ali Fletcher (Guitar) and Joshua Hagzenberg (Drums) have gained a reputation as an explosive live band which is exemplified by the accompanying music video made up of clips from their most recent headline tour of Europe in October. The band have recently completed a stint recording at the renowned, The Nave, and plans are in place for an even bigger 2017 having already announced appearances at a number of Festivals, including Outlines and Blue Dot.
‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ is a venomous attack cloaked in smooth eerie tones and a slick glossy flow. This psychedelic acid trip wails with shrilling distorted guitar and a bitter fierce lyrical sting. Soft lush backing vocals add a ghostly haunting quality while that razor sharp  guitar shines with spine chilling flare and animation right into the kick ass riveting solo. The stirring malleable bass is shiver inducing-ly sinister. The track sweeps with their melodic yet vicious creepy territory with nods towards Nick Cave, The Walker Brothers and The Last Shadow Puppets. The track is lush and sublimely layered with dark tones and grippingly intense instrumentation. A chilling and thrilling must listen from Fighting Caravans. Watch out for theses guys.
Watch the video for ‘It’s A Nice Ride (To Be Fair)’ below

Crazy Bones ‘Melting’

Toronto-based garage psych trio Crazy Bones have released their new video for the single ‘Melting’, taken off their forthcoming debut EP ‘Cosmic Drips’. ‘Melting’ is a fuzz drenched mind liquefying heavy mosh worthy track. Easing us into their sound Crazy Bones begin with a psychedelic trippy gentle verse which leads into pulverising frantic heavy rock. Hefty drums pound through your skull with weighty abolishing force while shredding crushing guitar solos shrill with earsplitting intensity. Smooth sensual raspy vocals coax throughout the mania of this  psychotic acid trip. Its foaming at the mouth bombardment that is deliriously good and thrilling to listen to.
Watch the swirling kaleidoscope colours of the video for ‘Melting’ below

The Only Ocean ‘CUL-DE-SAC’

Lompoc, California born four-piece, The Only Ocean, bring a fresh new edge to indie rock. Band members Wesley Hill (Vocals, Guitar), Dustin Whalen (Guitar), Alex Burdess (Bass) and Shae Kakos-(Drums) are childhood friends who have pulled together a wide range of sub-genres from Psych-Pop and Post-Punk to Acid Rock to create their unique sound.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is the first single off  their soon to be released EP, ‘TOO’ which was produced by Graham Ginsburg and Rick Mabery of The Barn Music Studio, and Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes, Antemasque). The track begins with a dark aggressive tone blasting us with heavy flashing vigorous guitars and a psychedelic delirious vibe. The verse cools things down with light beats and cool sedated vocals. The track is drenched in reverb adding to the psychedelic vibe. With swirling melodies that hypnotise and pull you into the intensity of the track teamed with cynical snarky lyrics that adequately portray that this track is an “anthem for anyone who has ever tasted the sweet angst in desolation”. The churning surge of instrumentation is enticing and leads the listener into the acid trip explosive crescendo.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is a well written and crafted track full of dark tones and confusing mystery that is perfectly conveyed through a blend of Psych/Acid Rock.
Stream ‘CUL-DE-SAC’ below