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Cassia ‘100 Times Over’

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Macclesfield indie trio Cassia have released their new single ‘100 Times Over’. Band members Rob (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Lou (Bass, Vocals) and Leff (Drums, Vocals) have become known for their sun-soaked grooves and combining their trademark tropical pop with raw guitar melodies. The trio have already support a plethora of up and coming acts, including Lisbon and Girl Friend. These shows have resulted in the band appearing at festivals such as Brownstock, Folk On the Lawn, as well as Y-Not Festival for two years running, their first appearance going down so well they were asked back again this year. These festival appearances, coupled with the strength of the band’s first single ‘Moana’ afforded Cassia their first taste of real industry interest, with major labels getting in touch soon after.
‘100 Times Over’ is a lavish cocktail of indie pop with sun-drenched tropical melodies and a slice of lush rich golden guitar that adds a lime zest and bite, with a rhythmic bounce that will have you in your shorts and sunglasses dancing in no time. This track vibrates and exudes warm sunshine with each pick and strum you can feel the glow of the sun and sweltering heat. Delicate smooth vocals and tight harmonies make this track infectiously charming. Its a cheeky little dance and shuffle that displays someones hidden explosion of joy.
Close your eyes on this winters day and let ‘100 Times Over’ take you on a blissful tropical holiday.
You can catch Cassia live at:
Sat 19/11/16 | The Live Room, Manchester
Mon 21/11/16 | Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle
Tue 22/10/16 | The Polar Bear, Hull
Wed 23/11/16 | The Rocking Chair, Sheffield
Thu 24/11/16 | Bleach, Brighton
Fri 25/11/16 | The Victoria, London
Stream ‘100 Times Over’ below


Palmas ‘Flowers’.


Philadelphia’s surf/soul band Palmas have released their new single ‘Flowers’. Band members Eric Camarota ( guitarist) , Matthew Young (guitarist) , Adam Cantiello ( guitarist), Pat Degan (drummer) and Kurt Cain (vocalist) present us with their perfect blend of delicious sweet swirling melodies and experimental array of instrumentation. This Beatles – esque track bursts with luscious psychedelic features adding a euphoric dreamland vibe interweaving with blissful honeyed vocals and lush heavenly harmonies. Its a succulent beautifully delicate track that blossoms and flourishes as Palmas add a complex orchestral arrangement. The twirling trippy 60’s vibe consumes you in a gentle flurry of delightful intoxication as you are wrapped up in a colourful floral blanket of warm cosy tones and rich textures. With aptly placed percussion and the balmy mellow depth of the strings, it is an absolute joy and satisfactory listen. Palmas are budding into a fantastic band these guys deserve to do well.
Stream ‘Flowers’ below


I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness ‘There’s Always Another Summer’


I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness are a melodic, melancholy driven band from Blackpool formed in January 2015 by ex members of post-rock band Goonies Never Say Die. Band members Barry Parkinson, Dan Kerr, Warren Brown and Joel Winters have released their the first song ‘There’s Always Another Summer’ from their forthcoming album ‘élan vital’. The album is currently being mixed by James Routh of Sonic Boom Six and though there’s no release date yet, this first song is taken from a charity compilation CD album called ‘Streetlive’ for the Street Life charity, helping homeless youths in Blackpool.
‘There’s Always Another Summer’ is a refreshing track with a bright peppy guitar riff that seeps into your brain and rests in a chirpy bubble of fun. The track develops with moody raspy vocals and a melancholy tone. The interchanging between chirpy guitar and bubbly beat to sulky gloomy vocals adds a fresh and unique contrast that makes this track captivating. The guitar solo adds a twinkle of charm and charisma before the song rests finally on a heavier gritty rock almost mosh worthy crescendo. The drums become more hefty and the vocals more dynamic and rusty. A fantastic debut from I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness looking forward to hearing the album.
Stream ‘There’s Always Another Summer’

Marsicans ‘The Absence’ EP


Leeds indie band Marsicans are James Newbigging (lead vocals and guitar), Oliver Jameson (guitar and vocals), Rob Brander (bass, keyboards and lead vocals) and Matthew ‘Cale’ McHale (drums and vocals). They have released their new EP ‘The Absence’ this month. The EP is the culmination of Marsicans’ 2016 releases and features the four tracks which have had national airplay in the UK via Radio 1 and Radio X over the course of the year. Three of the EP’s four featured tracks were given BBC Radio 1 support, including Huw Stephens’ premiere of the title track which also made Apple Music’s Best Of The Week playlist, whilst ‘Far Away’ a track we previously did a feature on was featured Spotify UK’s New Music Friday playlist.
‘The Absence’ presents us with Marsicans fantastic harmony-laden upbeat tropical sound that is raw and fresh yet polished in all the right places. Title track ‘Absence’ kicks off the EP and sprinkles with the four piece’s signature glowing infectious melody with lush harmonies and richly textured arrangements. Zealous guitar and vibrant synths keep this track uplifting while the soft spongy beat adds bounce and elasticity. The vocals are simple to start and become more dynamic as the track progresses. This track glows with bright vibes and is a gem glistening in the sun. ‘Arms of Another’ gives us a groovy springy sound. With an elevating high energy and catchy melody that will have you bopping and dancing from the first note. This track has an edgier sound with sharp distorted guitar that acts as the lime zest to your tropical cocktail. The rapid malleable beat maintains the tracks agile and spirited tempo. ‘Swimming’ is a blissful treasure with an ear worm melody and the perfect blend of luxurious harmonies and soaring vocals. The slick deluxe guitar riff is infectious and the glistening synths provide an elegant sweet quality throughout the track. With a slightly heavier sound towards the end, Marsicans confirms they can diversify their sound while still remaining bright and bubbly. ‘Far Away (Saudade)’ is the final track on the EP. This was the first track that caught our attention back in July. The track is ablaze with striking addictive hooks and quirky lyrics teamed with a honed melody and slashing guitar. This track is a fantastic listen. The lively animated rhythm gives the song an upbeat indie pop feel.
Marsicans ‘The Absence’ is a collection of upbeat infectious indie pop perfectly blended with sugar coated luxurious melodies, soaring vocals with bursts of zealous guitar and flexible spirited rhythm. Marsicans take their tropical mouth watering hard edged sound to another infectiously delicious level keeping you wanting more.
Marsicans have embarked on a 17-date UK tour starting earlier this month.You can still catch them live at
01 Oct – Manchester, Aatma
04 Oct – Hull, The Polar Bear
08 Oct – Middlesbrough, Twisterella Festival
10 Oct – Sunderland, 7even
14 Oct – Banbury, Also Known As
19 Oct – Basingstoke, The Sanctuary Live
20 Oct – Brighton, Bleach
21 Oct – London, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
23 Oct – Matlock, Twenty Ten
28 Oct – Liverpool, The Magnet
04 Nov – Chester, Telford’s Warehouse
10 Nov – Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
11 Nov – Glasgow, Old Hairdresser’s
12 Nov – Edinburgh, La Belle Angele
Stream ‘The Absence’ below

Scarlet ‘Your Control’


Scarlet are the cloaked dark horse who have been working relentlessly over the past few years to make a name for themselves. Since launching in 2014 the band have worked with producers Jon Withnall, (Coldplay’s Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and X&Y) Michael Johnson (Joy Division, Pink Floyd, New Order, Stone Roses). They have secured places supporting Neon Waltz, Pulled Apart By Horses, a set at Liverpools Concert For Gaza, and a slot supporting The Struts. In 2015 the four piece secured slots playing DIY’s ‘breaking out’ night at Liverpool music week festival, supported Swervedriver, Black Honey, Kagoule and released their debut single ‘Anyway’ and now are currently working with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, CAST) on their debut album ‘Effigy’ which is to be released in the UK and Japan in October.
The female fronted band have just released their new single ‘Your Control’. Its a juicy jangle pop anthem multi textured with sharp on-point guitars and a soft spongy beat. The syrupy vocals are delicate and silky. Its darkened tones and reverb give the track rich textures and a shadowy atmosphere while still remaining light and airy. This catchy power pop track exudes fighting spirit while remaining elegant until the massive mosh worthy crescendo. ‘Your Control’ shows Scarlet’s skilled musicianship as they have created a track that is dreamy and easy to listen to but maintains a rawness that adds an edge that keeps this band fresh and dynamic. Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘Your Control’ below

Divine Youth ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’

Divine Youth comprise of members Dan Sheldon (Guitar/Vocals), Michael Sheldon (Bass/Vocals) and Liam Kaye (Drums) from Stoke-on-Trent. They released their track ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ a few months ago. The indie trio caught our eye as they produce a unique sound with vibes reminiscent of Pulp and the early noughties guitar bands. ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ is an energetic spirited track that is muted or somewhat subdued while still remaining lively. The track is coated in nostalgic tones with Sheldon’s raspy whispered vocals adding a haunting inviting quality. The vocals manage to be soft yet ooze passion with a sort of scream- like dampened yell or howl. Divine Youth draw the listener in with a mysterious alluring quality and captivating magnetism. With driving enchanting euphoric guitars and elastic springy rhythm that add a dreamy calming effect that is soothing yet sorrowful.
Divine Youth are an innovate unique band that have a bright future ahead.
Stream ‘Please Pour Away Those Petrol Eyes’ below

The Lemon Twigs ‘These Words’

The Lemon Twigs are brothers Brian (19 years old) and Michael (17) D’Addario. The duo present us with their unique style of baroque rock through their new single ‘These Words’. On my first listen of this track ill admit i was dumbfounded, first thoughts were “wow how do i describe this” followed by “I need to hear more”. The Lemon Twigs blend mystical music with blissful melodic pop all while adding sprinkles of jazz and a snazzy solo on keys.This track is ridiculously catchy with a velvety slick ear worm chorus and rich lush uplifting harmony. The soft tender vocals for the verse are delicate and creamy and have a hazy daydream effect.  ‘These Words’ will transport you to a skewed 1960s era of euphoric melodies with a 21st century twist. This track is tightly bound together with such precision and skill that shows fantastic musicianship from the these young brothers. The Lemon Twigs’ debut album ‘Do Hollywood’ will be released October 14 and boy it looks promising.
Watch the video for ‘These Words’ below

Harbouring Oceans ‘Enso’

Harbouring Oceans are an alternative Pop, Art Rock band from Kilkenny. The band consist of Dan Pearson (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Geoff Warner-Clayton (Keys/Vocals), Benedict Warner-Clayton (Drums), Ken Farrell (Bass) and Thomas Donoghue (Lead Guitar). The five-piece released their debut single, ‘Enso’ in May this year. It is the first release from a band who’s members have been playing together in different projects for over a decade and finally after years of experimenting with their sound across Ireland in some of the country’s biggest venues and festivals, Harbouring Oceans was born in December 2015.
‘Enso’ is a tender emotive track tightly packed in a soulful stirring melody and bound with deep rhythmic grooves. Pearson’s vocals are clear and exude raw passionate emotion with lush close harmony in backing vocals that adds a delicate and dainty quality to the track. ‘Enso’ begins in a soft ambient manner that builds as the song progresses. The light piano feature adds  grace and elegance to this beautiful track. The guitars interweave through the music and teamed with the groove of the bass give elasticity to track which adds a flexible sway -like quality. Harbouring Oceans have found a blend of soulful, sensual, raw emotional music that evokes your senses and touches your soul.
Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘Enso’ below

Blossoms ‘Honey Sweet’

Stockports five piece Blossoms have released their new single ‘Honey Sweet’ taken from their self titled debut album which is due for release next week. Blossoms are Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BV’s.), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BV’s). The band have become one of the hottest live bands on the circuit, performing at festivals including SXSW, The Great Escape, T in the Park, Latitude, Reading & Leeds and are creating quite a hype around their highly anticipated album.
‘Honey Sweet’ is our first taste of what is to come from their album and as the name suggests its a sugar coated toothache-sweet track. Its soft spongy beats and syrupy shimmering synths keep the track light and creamy smooth. Ogden’s vocals remain tender and gentle with a lull-like tone that is easing to the mind. The guitar which is sharp and vibrant freshens things up and adds a bright and refreshing edge to the track. ‘Honey Sweet’ holds a nostalgic tone throughout, set to a beautiful melody that is catchy and comforting for the mind.
‘Honey Sweet’ is a candied track saturated in luscious synths and supple beats with velvety vocals, silky bass and zesty guitar. Its a great appetiser for the album, well maybe its the desert.

Stream ‘Honey Sweet’ below

Four ‘Take Something’


Four are Annabel Allum (vocals, guitar), Jake Edwards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Oli Edwards (bass, backing vocals) and Alex Andrews (drums) from Bristol. Two members of the band Jake and Oli Edwards, were previously with The Jacques and  they have used their experience with The Jacques to mould the musical relationship between Four. Their debut single ‘Take Something’ was released earlier this year and it without a doubt moves all others aside as it creates a pocket for their raw indie rock alt-pop sound.
‘Take Something’ is an edgy indie rock track that has all you want and more. It is bursting with vigorous driven guitars for the chorus and pounding drums which all ease for the verses where Allum’s luring and coaxing vocals take the limelight. The vocals become powerful and dynamic for the chorus as the track builds to an impressive mighty brief mosh effect. The added sharp guitar squeal after the chorus is thrilling and adds a distinctive edge to the track. ‘Take Something’ oozes energy while remaining cool, holding back for the intense verses and leaving you craving the full bodied chorus while you wait in anticipation for the explosive sound. Four know exactly how to reel you in and keep you wanting more.
Keep and eye out for these guys.
Stream ‘Take Something’ below