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Cascadia Fault Line ‘Grace’

Cascadia Fault Line are an indie three piece located in Liverpool.The band have recently released their debut album ‘Told A Thousand Times’ along with the release of their latest single ‘Grace’. This smooth gentle number glistens with delicate guitar and soothing vocals to start before building into a vibrant bursting chorus. It’s a heartwarming listen that has a golden hue like a sunflower flowing in a summers breeze.The tapping beat unfolds into a punchy dynamic bounce and the guitars become more aggressive and sharp as the track progresses. Rachael Dunn’s vocals remain sweet and graceful throughout as this dreamy floaty number evolves becoming more hefty and edgy instrumentally. It’s a dainty little ditty that packs in a heavy dose of emotion. This subtle yet hard hitting, sun speckled number will have you in a haze of sweet melancholic nostalgia.

Stream ‘Grace’ below

The Elephant Room ‘Blue Horrors’

The Elephant Room are a three piece band from Wexford, Cork and Louth based in Dublin and have been purveyors of their own genre Alco-Pop since early 2017. As a band they haven’t forgotten about the importance of having a hook. They inject their melodies with lyrics that switch between either abstract word painting or touch on the more dark and honest aspects of human nature. In late 2017 the band recorded an eight track EP in a Studio in Bray and in May 2018 released it across all platforms independently. The band recorded live with very few overdubs attempting to capture the authenticity of the three piece playing together in a room. What little overdubs that were used plays to the bands love of using subtle studio experimentation such as using analog organs and playing autoharp through Lesley speakers. Since their inception they have been regularly gigging the indie scene playing nights such as The New Love & Terror Cult in The Sin É, Gigonometry in the Workmans and The Midnight Hour in Whelans. The band have now released a video for their single ‘Blue Horrors’ which is taken from their ‘Music On The Bones’ EP.

With its hazy dreamy atmosphere creating a euphoric backdrop for the sweet calming melody ‘Blue Horrors’ is a tranquillising creation from The Elephant Room. Light shaky percussion rattles and bounces off a steady beat and psychedelic hued instrumentation while lush backing vocals coo behind creating a little world of soothing bliss. The velvety vocals caress the luscious melody while warm guitars gently stride and playfully weave between the rich percussion. It’s a laid back number that sways and glides with a gentle little spring in its step creating a delightful easy going atmosphere which consumes you in a bubble of euphoric bliss. It’s a sedating soothing gem which develops steadily becoming a little more intense as striking symbols and strong guitar strides increase for the psychedelic- esque crescendo. This compact track is brimming with infectious grooves that are subtle enough to add luscious flavours without becoming overpowering. They maintain a heavenly, floaty vibe with a touch of sweet monotony that is just captivating- leaving you craving more.

Watch the video for ‘Blue Horrors’ below

Cal Raasay ‘Over Blue’

Cal Raasay has released ‘Over Blue’, the lead single from his ‘Still’ EP. The ‘Still’ EP is the follow up to last year’s double A side single ‘(still the) Horizon’ / ‘Afore (sun)’ and features four brand new tracks including the lead single ‘Over Blue’. Taking his surname from an Island off the West Coast of Scotland where he spent his childhood holidays, Cal Raasay is the moniker of songwriter, composer and producer Callum Lawson. He released his debut five track EP ’57 – 6′ in April last year which was the result of twelve months spent building a studio in his hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Acclaimed by local press and featured on a number of playlists, the EP was also picked up by radio and was played by Nick Roberts at BBC Introducing North East and BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq. A quick follow up, the aforementioned ‘(still the) Horizon’ / ‘Afore (sun)’ single, arrived just a month later and the sparser and more reflective sound of the two songs saw him compared to artists such as Nils Frahm and Bon Iver.

‘Over Blue’ is a beautiful elegant piece of work that twinkles and glides with a grandeur and finesse that is mesmerising. Inspired by the recent purchase of his first piano from a lady in Scarborough, the music here attempts to capture Raasay’s deep exploration of the sounds and differing textures from said keyed instrument. The piano glistens and drifts in a floaty dreamy manner oozing depth and warmth while the flickering sweet trills add a fairy-like magical quality to the piece as the melody twists between melancholy and menace to great effect. It’s an entrancing majestic piece that feels wholesome and pure with rich depths and sweet tones.

To coincide with the release of his new EP, Newcastle based producer, Cal Raasay will play a special live date on Saturday the 19th of May 2018. He will perform three half hour solo piano performances from 7pm at Bamburgh House Arts Centre as part of ‘The Late Shows’ culture crawl in Newcastle over the weekend of 18th – 19th May for more see here

Stream ‘Over Blue’ below


Motions ‘The Late Night Calls’

Dublin’s alternative rock band Motions have released their new EP, ‘The Late Night Calls’ is a superb majestic EP to indulge in. Title track ‘Late Night Calls’ flows in with a beautiful melody on top of cool flicking electronics. With ethereal guitars providing a breezy sting, it’s an airy richly textured track that packs in oodles of passion into a fluttering danceable number. The snappy ‘Back & Forth’ follows. It’s a catchy track filled with buzz swirling electronics while a sputtering rhythm injects between lush backing vocals. This track is dipped in darker tones as harsher vocals exude swagger and attitude. My favourite track on the EP ‘Back & Forth’ showcases a rich depth and musical proficiency that keeps the listener hanging on to every gripping note. Its sway like tempo and jangly guitar are just the icing on this delicious cake. It’s the sublime little gem of the EP. A trickling ‘Interlude’ breaks up the sticky intensity before final track ‘Waiting To Tell You’ reintroduces their mellow fluid sound. A creamy melody glissades upon a fluctuant beat while aerial guitars twinkle around with a sweet blissful tone that holds a sense of mind relaxing freedom. Its dreamy and light yet Motions mix a bit of grit into the mix for the bridge.

Motions prove that they can create a passionate wholly satisfying collection of tracks that submerge you into a universe created completely by them. Each track is catchy, intricate and well layered while maintaining its own identity. ‘Late Night Calls’ is a sublime listen.

Stream ‘Late Night Calls’ EP below

Tiny Eyes ‘Falling’

Tiny Eyes is a one-man band from Leicester, a singer and producer who’s reared himself on the understated elegance of lovelorn balladeers from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. After cutting his teeth as the frontman of an angst-rock band for a few years, Tiny Eyes auteur Joel Evans met his partner (singer/songwriter Martha Bean) and found himself mellowing out. Feeling disconnected from the angst-ridden world of thrashing guitars his band drifted apart. It was around that time that he’d acquired an upright piano from the 1920’s.He quickly found a new musical voice and tonality that harmonised with his maturing tastes. He is a narrative songwriter in the classic sense, employing clever turns of phrase and vivid imagery to weave imaginatively and provocative yarns into his music. He has now released his new single ‘Falling’ taken from the ‘Tiny Eyes’ EP which is due out May 19th.
‘Falling’ is a soft flurry of feather-like bliss. A luscious heartfelt melody glides with a romantic sway-like grandeur. Its short sweet arrangement displays his sophisticated mindful approach. A beautiful elegant piano feature wanders through the subtle passionately dainty vocal melody. This track flows in a wave of dreamy calm tranquillity. Its the Shangri-la of mind numbing elation. With a crisp sound and gentle approach Evans creates the perfect little pocket in this crazy world to take time to  breath and let go. Tiny Eyes is a brilliant and unique new sound that you can fall in love with.
The accompanying video is exemplary of the DIY ethos Tiny Eyes employs in every aspect of his artistry. Comprised of two layers superimposed on each other and shot almost wholly on an iPhone (half the footage through rave glasses), it’s a homemade psychedelic visual accompaniment to the lo-fi retro pop universe that Tiny Eyes creates through his expansive songwriting.
Watch the video for ‘Falling’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘Waiting Up’

Dublins alternative rock foursome, Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘Waiting Up’. The band have played extensively all over the country and have Sunsets Festival and Guinness Amplify performances under their belt, as well as headlining shows at Dublin’s Workman’s and Whelan’s. Their track ‘City Of Wolves’ was released last year and was play listed on our national broadcaster RTE 2fm leading to a BBC Introducing slot for BBC Radio Ulster, and live sessions across stations like NOVA and 4fm. They finished last year at the Other Voices festival and have been booked for various showcases and Ones To Watch festivals this year as well as this summers Indiependence with Manic Street Preachers and SIGMA (full line up to be announced).
‘Waiting Up’ is a rush of sonic laden aerial indie. Soaring to skyscraper heights this track is sublime almost heavenly. The rapid tribal tinged beat teamed with rooted rolling bass gives the track grounding and a solid foundation to bounce off before it escapes and ascends into the elevated chorus. The sharp sting on guitar adds a breezy refreshing sensation as the track builds into a blustery thrilling crescendo. Smooth vocals coo to start with a velvety texture building and becoming more animated as the track progresses, while the lush uplifting backing vocals soar above with sweet elevated buoyancy. The superb production and breathtaking musicianship makes ‘Waiting Up’ a stunning display of Brass Phantoms compact remarkable soundscape

Watch the video for ‘Waiting Up’ below

Ziegler Co. ‘Clarity’

Ziegler Co. are an alt-Indie-Pop four piece based in London. Band members Adam J. Morgan, Daniel Priddle, Fraser Rieley and Michael Benöhr have released three EPs and six singles through Foof Records in the last two years.They have gigged extensively over the UK and have played at festivals including Green Man, Secret Garden Party and Glastonbury. They have also supported, amongst others, the Penguin Café Orchestra. Their latest EP ‘Soap & Water’ was recorded at an ex-girlfriend’s house during a long rainy summer weekend, and indulges the band’s reflective song-writing side and captures a softer sound not heard in their previous release.
‘Clarity’ is the first track on the EP and showcases a sophisticated immersed sound complete with an elegance and delicate charm that is mind easing. Graceful piano twinkles and sparkles like shimmering water while the warm cooing vocals soothe and wash over you with an almost purifying presence. The simplistic beat anchors the track letting the glistening mellow guitar and piano almost dance together as their melodies sway and glide with grandeur. Beautifully crafted, this track fills you with a feeling of piece and tranquillity. The song builds to a stronger more instrumentally intense crescendo with eerie haunting backing vocals where you realise the melancholy darker undertone. Ziegler Co. have produced a tightly wrapped track that lets the listener unwind with a lyrical depth and profoundness that leaves an imprint on your soul. The video for Clarity was directed by Anna Patarakina who is a great friend of the band and directs/DPs almost all of Clean Bandit’s videos.
Ziegler Co. are currently sitting on another four tracks which they recorded last year so hopefully they will be released soon.Looking forward to that.
Watch the video for ‘Clarity’ below

Temples of Youth ‘Divide’

Temples of Youth are an upcoming electronic duo from Winchester, UK. Paul Gumma and Jo Carson began working on their live set in December 2015, with the desire to bring their music to the stage with a limited number of hands, Jo on percussion and Paul on guitar, utilising samplers and effects to recreate their sound. Their ever growing emotive body of work has attracted the attention of BBC Introducing, and the pair were invited in for live sessions for BBC Introducing South and BBC Introducing Solent. Their first track ‘Enso’, was selected by Steve Lamacq for airplay on his BBC6 Radio Show and their third track, ‘Dunes’, was played by Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1. The duo were named ‘Ones to Watch in 2016’ by the Selector Radio Show – part of the British Music Council and were also nominated for a Best of British Unsigned award.
Temples of Youth have just released their new single ‘Divide’ which displays some truly compelling stuff. Its majestic and beautifully magical with a twinkling of ambient synth and sparkling shimmering guitar this track sets a wonderfully mysterious and enchanting scene with glittering instrumentation like morning due. Delicately presented Temples of Youth effortlessly ease you into their elegant soundscape. Dark undertones give depth and mystery to the track like ‘Divide’ appears to hold a treasure within its core, unveiling secrets as the track progresses into glimmering perfection. The warm powerful vocals take the limelight with soothing depth and strength as the melody flows with grace and fluidity highlighting and enhancing the vocals.
Stream ‘Divide’ below

Luna Tides ‘Open Woods’ EP

Wales four-piece Folk/Rock band Luna Tides are set to release their debut EP ‘Open Woods’ next week.
‘Open Woods’ is an EP soaked in satisfying rich melodies that glow like a chest of hidden treasure and fill the soul with joy.
Title track ‘Open Woods’ kicks off the EP with sweet mellow twinkle of guitar. Gentle delicate vocals lull and soothe with lush harmony in backing vocals. The soft beat gives the track a cushion bounce. The track builds to an almost tribal repetitive uplifting anthem that would provide courage and endurance to the listener. ‘Last Night’ introduces itself with a strong beat and bright inspiriting vibes. This track weaves luxurious melodies on guitar with sweet infectious vocal melodies creating rich textures that is honey to the ears. ‘Luna’ follows taking a darker tone and giving a night time moon light vibe. A deeper almost rumble on drums and shadowed rhythm gives a magical mysterious vibe. With eerier strums on guitar and wail in the background a sense of danger and peril threatens from the unknown. Deep vocals warn of something menacing while the backing vocals add a haunting quality. ‘Luna’ changes the tone of the EP and gives us a refreshing darker side to Luna Tide’s story telling. ‘What Comes Around’ a track we previously featured on Indie Buddie closes the EP. Its bright warm cosy texture comforts and shields us from the dark tones that we previously heard. However subtly showing its own melancholic undertones with sombre lyrics. The overall bouncy track builds to an infectious sing along chorus with lustrous guitar and elastic rubbery beat that will have you bopping in no time.
Luna Tides ‘Open Woods’ will put a smile on any sour face with their upbeat lively tracks and heart warming soul enriching music.
You can pre order the EP here
Watch the video for ‘What Comes Around’ below

Luna Tides ‘What Comes Around’


Luna Tides are a four-piece Folk/Rock band from Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Originally under the name Thomas Seddon, they announced the new band name on the 24th January 2016 at the Free For All Festival, Cardiff. Their songs are inspired by growing up surrounded by the raw and inviting Welsh coastlines. Their first single ‘Over the Cliffs’ was praised by the likes of BBC Radio Wales’ Bethan Eflyn & Adam Walton, as well as being featured on 6 Music’s Tom Robinson ‘FOTN’ Mixtape. Over the past 7 months, Luna Tides have supported the likes of Top Loader and Into the Ark on tour, and have graced the stages of festivals; The Big Cwtch and DimSwn. Luna Tides have now released a video for the newest single ‘What Comes Around’.
‘What Comes Around’ glows with bright warm cosy textures. Its cushy bouncy beat and velvety vocals gives the track a smooth quality and likeability. It’s a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hands on a cold day. Sharp zest on guitar acts as a ray of sunshine illuminating and warming all in its path.The track builds for the chorus with harmony on backing vocals creating a sing along effect. The guitar and beat seem to dance in the verse like flames of a fire again enforcing the warm cosy feeling the song portrays which softens the blow of the matter of fact lyrics “I don’t love you any more”.
Luna Tides are set to release their debut EP ‘ Open Woods’ on the 24th November 2016, with a launch party that same night at Cardiff’s infamous Clwb Ifor Bach, in conjunction with The Forte Project and the Young Promoter’s Network.

When asked about the concept for the video frontman Thomas Seddon said:

“The music video for What Comes Around was sort of winged! It shouldn’t have been but time and the weather were against us. Id spotted an old advert in a magazine, where they’d layered a very pretty girls face with other images, but rather than using Photoshop I think they had used a projector to create the image, or perhaps double exposure. We had tried something similar ourselves the year before but not with the projector focused on just faces. When we came to filming it, we were delighted by this beautiful concept! It’ll be really interesting to see people’s reactions.”
Watch the video for ‘What Comes Around’ below