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Ten Fé ‘Coasting’

Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Coasting’ taken from their upcoming sophomore record ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’ due for release March 8th via Some Kinda Love/PIAS. This beautiful number drifts along a majestic charming melody while elegant keys flutter between a steady peppy beat and warm toned guitars. Ten Fé write music for the soul each note floods with richness and heartwarming cosiness as they blend cold fresh tones with warm glows and exquisite melodies. A little woozy, tender and dreamy -this crisp number is tight, rhythmically rich and fluid as it cruises in sweet tones and earthy flutters reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with the glorious Ten Fé stamp driving it into its most graceful and lovable state – another heavenly track from Ten Fé.

The band have just announced their biggest-yet tour of the UK, Europe & US in Spring 2019 to promote ‘Future Perfect, Present Tense’ check out the dates here

Stream ‘Coasting’ below

Little Red ‘Draw Blood’ Album

Oxford and Reading’s Indie-folk outfit, Little Red have released their new album ‘Draw Blood’.Featuring the singles ‘Siren Song’, ‘Diamond Back’ and ‘Woebegone’, Draw Blood features nine tracks, written and recorded by the band. A fuller and more realised document of their sound than 2014’s well-received ‘Sticks and Stones’, Draw Blood features eight full-band tracks and one intimate trio recording, ‘Lay’. New member Marc Challans (formerly of AMP) has made a big impact on the band’s new sound, not only by adding heavier drums and percussion to the record, but also by sharing co-producer roles with Ben Gosling and Tom Hodges (Club Soda). Three of the tracks, ‘Black Dog’, ‘Chapters’ and ‘Huntsmen’, have been re-recorded with the new live line-up, to bring listeners up-to-date with where Little Red are now. Influenced by artists such as Colter Wall, Tom Mcrae and Tom Waits, the band has embraced Folk, Southern Gothic and Americana to help create this record.

The album gravitates around a folk sound with rich rhythmic slaps and pulses bringing a grittier more punchy texture to each of the tracks. It’s easy to listen to as each track flows fluidly into one another with subtle genre shifts weaving between their indie folk outfit.Siren Song introduces their sound with eerie dark guitar strides between a trudging drum beat and sweet luscious vocals from Hayley Bell. The vocal rounds make for a truly engaging listen and the blend of male and female vocals is refreshing and sublime. I quite like the ghostly mysteries of this track as it’s crafted simply with each component piece carefully placed for maximum spine chilling effect while the soothing vocals ease your mind from the creeping guitar line.Black Dog’ and  ‘Chapters’  takes on their buoyant Americana hued style as twangy guitars bounce along the rich sprightly rhythm while the glorious vocals coo and vibrantly harmonise through the punchy tracks with the latter having a organ-like element throughout the chorus. Diamond Back’ brings us a nice clap along feature while ‘The Quiet Ones’ returns to that dark tone with a western-esque stand off at sun down lonesome vibe. These guys know how to tell a story and they portray the emotion and imagery perfectly through their music and this track and ‘The River’ is a prime example of that. ‘The Huntsmen’ follows their immaculate storytelling with the delicate instrumentation of acoustic guitar and soft drums before it bursts into a swayable blissfully folky instrumental that is perfect for old medieval grand halls and large crowds dancing with tankards of beer. ‘Lay’ is the only acoustic track on the album. Bell’s vocals sweetly coo over warm guitar twinkles. It’s a delicate number filled with emotion and tender tones.Very mellow and calming it’s the most soothing track on the album.The lusciously rhythmic ‘Woebegone’ closes the album with vibrant tones and marvelous harmonies. This track rhythmically is my favourite as it is rich rumbly and dynamically elevating. It’s one to get your blood pumping and your feet tapping.

‘Draw Blood’ is a tight album that showcase’s Little Red’s intricate musicianship and compact layering to create a satisfying hair raising collecting of tracks.


Stream ‘Draw Blood’ below

Jack Biilmann ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

One of Australia’s rising blues and roots musicians Jack Biilmann has released his new single ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. The Canberra based songwriter has established a formidable reputation for himself amongst local and national touring circles, having shared stages with the likes of Tash Sultana, Bobby Alu, Ian Moss, Bootleg Rascal and more over the last few years. A tenacious guitarist with a charming performance style to boot, Biilmann has struck a positive chord within the scene.

‘The Hills Have Eyes’ is a golden, passionate display that blends alternative indie with some warm country twangs. Biilmann nails balance in this track as it cruises in, coming across as unhurried and cool-headed with a peppy spring in each step to deflect any notion of the track succumbing to monotony.His buttery-smooth vocal delivery and velvety melody will ease your blood pressure and radiate sun kissed glows into your day. With energetic twangs, a steady beat and glorious guitar feature this track is an instant pick me up shot. The wispy background vocals trailing in the distance create an airy atmosphere to this glorious satisfying track. From the get go this song enters like a sublime sprightly breeze to refresh your cluttered mind. It’s a beautiful listen spiked with muted touches of bluesy rock, country and pop elements to make for a wholesome absorbing experience.

About the track Biilmann said : “The Hills Have Eyes is a kick in a new direction from me, I wanted to do something that had the elements with what make me who I am as an artist with a new twist. It’s sure to come as a bit of a surprise, but is still a very ‘Jack Biilmann’ sounding song. The production from Kojo Ansah has really given this song exactly what I am after and I am so excited to release it and see its response..”

Stream ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ below


Bane Riff ‘Less Than Enough’

Pop rock artist Bane Riff has released his debut single ‘Less Than Enough’, a catchy rock track written to inspire his listeners to pursue those unforgettable moments that we sometimes forget about in the madness of every day life. Fairly new to the industry, Bane Riff came from a background in finance industry. Although running his own successful insurance business, Riff realised that he wasn’t happy and felt that something was missing in his life, from then he decided to act quickly and pursue his true passion. ‘Less Than Enough’ was written over a couple of hours by Riff himself, and recorded in studio with producer Martin Daus, guitarist in several popular Danish pop rock bands. Inspired by a hilarious moment experienced in a restaurant with the restaurant owner and his wife, the track reminds us that life comes down to the moments that you won’t forget. For him, the song is an awakening.

‘Less Than Enough’ is a swagger soaked country drizzled rock track. Riff’s raspy vocals flood warmth into the song while a punchy drum beat, and golden guitar lines add a whack of rock and roll strutting grit. It’s a charming number with a sing along ready Bon Jovi- esque chorus that will have a live crowd bellowing from the top of their lungs. This bright peppy tune will fill you with that get up and go stamina as it exudes good heart warming vibes while packing in some mighty brawn to have you tapping your foot and dancing carelessly in no time. With an irresistible melody and tight production it’s infectious for sure.

Stream ‘Less Than Enough’ below

Vickers Vimy ‘Mermaid Of Luna Park’

Vickers Vimy have released their new single ‘Mermaid Of Luna Park’, the second single off ‘Atlas Of Hearts’ album and follows hot on the heels of RTE Radio 1 playlisted single ‘Keep Your Eye On The Road’. Hailing from Mayo, Vickers Vimy craft songs that dwell on the borders of folk and Americana. Rich eclectic sounds anchor lyrical themes of scratched vinyl nights and hazy Sunday mornings. Vickers Vimy have collaborated with Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames & Swell Season) and had the pleasure of recording in the studio of Nick Seymour (Crowded House). They had the amazing fortune to support the late John Martyn and have also supported the Hothouse Flowers, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Mundy. They have shared the RTE Music Train with Christy Moore, Paul Brady, Kodaline, Lisa O’Neill and Jack L.

‘Mermaid Of Luna Park’ sweeps in with golden warm tones and delightful melodies. It’s a wholesome little ditty – pure, honest and true with luscious pop elements richly blended into Americana-esque hues. The buoyant rhythm bounces along at a sprightly peppy pace while bright saxophone blasts and organ jingles fill the track with a warm-hearted goodness that is just sublime. Vickers Vimy swirl some psych-ish features in there too,  as winding keys add a dash of obscurity between the opulent twangs and Celtic glimmers. These guys flesh out their sound beautifully with a meticulously crafted layering of each melody, instrument and genre-  taking their time, building it sweetly and delicately to create the most beautiful honey drizzled balmy number. The smooth vocals glide upon the catchy sway-able melody elegantly. It’s a laid back vibrant gem that holds a steady positive pace which is so infectious you almost crave to hear the song again. The jazz feel is the icing on the cake and really displays the subtle splendour of this band. It’s a charming track that warms and nourishes your soul.

You can catch Vickers Vimy live at:

June 2nd House Concert, Limerick
July 6th Roisin Dubh, Galway
July 13th McCarthys, Dingle

Watch the video for ‘Mermaid Of Luna Park’ below

Little Blue Thula ‘River and a Creek’

Hull band Little Blue Thula have released their new single ‘River and a Creek’. The single is taken from the duo’s (Niall Tennison -Vocals, Guitar and Toby Needler -Guitar) upcoming debut album ‘Things You Hear Down the Road’ which will be released on the 8th June. ‘River and a Creek’ is a passionate twanging number with wholesome melodies doused in warm Americana elements. The sweet toned guitar twinkles and whines longingly throughout the bluesy hued melancholic melody while Tennison broods and pines flooding the track with emotion. The lush backing vocals provided by Sarah Shiels add a heavenly sweetness to the track while the tapping beat provides a steady foundation for the mournful guitar to weave between. This track holds a purity that is quite gripping as light instrumentation glides and wisps about building in intensity to the the passionate fist pumping your chest crescendo. A solid new single for this duo.

Stream ‘River and a Creek’ below

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir ‘Stop Shakin’

Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir have released their new single ‘Stop Shakin’. Blake Brown is an American singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. After participating in many collaborative projects, he started Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir in 2013. The idea was to have the flexibility of playing solo, but to also include a revolving cast of musician friends when they were able to join him. Part of the cast includes close friends and musicians of groups, The Fray, The Films, and Tennis. After 3 EP’s, countless shows, and a debut full length, ‘Long Way Home’, to be released in March 2018, Brown has found mainstay players. His wife, Tiffany Brown and long time friends Jason Legler, Adam Blake and Trent Nelson make up The American Dust Choir, creating a blend of indie-rock and Americana. Brown’s music is rooted in acoustic sounds, and characterized by his seemingly simple, yet complex melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Stop Shakin’ displays their meticulously created indie Americana simply and sweetly portrayed as a infectious tune. This foot tapping gloriously twangy little ditty is a radiant ball of vitality. Sharp golden guitars illuminate the track with an instant shot of pizzazz and stinging zest while a buoyant beat and raspy warm vocals create a laid-back fun danceable vibe. This track radiates sun kissed tones and easy-going attitude. It’s definitely one to get you up shimmying and shaking. It is well layered with each intricate guitar melody adding a fantastic new dimension and sparkling facet to the track while the rich rhythm livens up the song adding a meaty groovy texture. The luscious honey drizzled melody in so catchy and vibrant it’s a joy to listen to and will be stuck in your head all day.

Stream ‘Stop Shakin’ below


Climbing Trees ‘Amber’

South Wales four-piece Climbing Trees consists of members Matthew Frederick (Piano, Guitar, Vocals), Colenso Jones (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Martin Webb (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and James Bennetts (Drums, Percussion, Vocals). They describe their sound as Cymrucana (mixture of folk, country and Americana). The band formed in 2011 and came to the attention of BBC Introducing with the distinctive sound of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Hebron’, which was recorded in isolation in the woods of Carmarthenshire, the band were announced as one of twelve artists to take part in the inaugural year of the BBC and Arts Council of Wales’ Horizons project in the Spring of 2014. They have had appearances at Green Man Festival, Festival No.6 and The Hay Festival and have also performed at the Dylan Thomas Centenary celebrations in Laugharne Castle. With a live session at London’s legendary Maida Vale Studios , a television appearance alongside the BBC National Orchestra of Wales as well as soundtracking the BBC’s Real Valleys season and featuring in American documentary Fade To Winter, Climbing Trees have  had a busy few years and gained an ever growing following.
The band have finished their eagerly-awaited and much anticipated second album ‘Borders’ which has been shortlisted for this year’s Welsh Music Prize. This month they released their new single ‘Amber’ which is the third to be taken from the album. The track is flush with bright warm tones and richly entwined with lush melodies and glowing textures. The addition of the string quartet adds a delicate sweet elegance and sway to the track lifting it up and giving it flight and motion. The piano is also gentle and tender and compliments the track perfectly adding a beautiful graceful quality. The vocals are warm and soothing with smooth soft country tones. The guitars glitter and glisten while also adding depth to the elevating song. Climbing Trees continue to progress and perfect their unique sound and give us a track that is feathery light yet dense with warm golden textures.
Stream ‘Amber’below