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Oceans Over Alderaan ‘Sevenfour’

Oceans Over Alderaan are set to release their debut single ‘Sevenfour’ on January 11th on The Recording Industry Is Dead, Records.Starting off as an instrumental band Oceans Over Alderaan gradually evolved to include vocals. The first gig they ever played was in October 2017 at Preston Guild Hall supporting The Big Moon and Porter & May. The quartet are an atmospheric doom-pop band from Blackpool UK who combine shoegaze and post-rock elements to make a wholly fresh sound. Made from former members of Goonies Never Say Die, Escape Artist, Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons the band have been together since Summer 2017 with Alice Deacon joining in February 2018

‘Sevenfour’ displays Oceans Over Alderaan’s heavy-duty sound in an atmospheric implosive manner. The verses creep and lightly flutter into your ears with sweet euphoric bursts while the meaty chorus packs the bands hefty wall of sound in your head firmly. With a dreamy melancholic melody haunting through punchy drums, jabbing bass and crashing guitar -these guys create a wholly enthralling listening experience.There is a rushing sense of urgency through the track like a doomsday gloom nagging over the whimsical flutters of majesty – adding a rich and diversely contrasting atmosphere throughout the track. Its intense moments are climactic and adrenaline-filled as they blast through with mosh frenzy while the sweet flickering moments are delicate and soft with gentle guitar glimmers and breezy soundscapes. Perfectly crafted and crisply produced ‘Sevenfour’ is a sublime debut from Oceans Over Alderaan.

Stream ‘Sevenfour’ below

doops ‘Tall Whites’

Reading based alternative three piece doops have released their new single ‘Tall Whites’.The band have already supported the likes of ‘Touts’, ‘King Nun’ & ‘Bloody Knees’ off the back of a BBC Introducing played  DIY home demo.With packed out local shows including Are You Listening Festival? & Readipop, they have built a strong following on the promising Reading scene and are starting to extend this grip through the South following a handful of out of town shows earlier last year.

‘Tall Whites’ broods and eerily spirals into a darker more deeply atmospheric side to doops. Twinkling light guitars ache and pierce through the throbbing snappy beat as the soft vocals coo through the suspenseful verses. This track wriggles, creeps and seeps into your mind and scratches at your musical membrane, awakening all the senses. With a whistling feature adding a dash of cheer into the stewing dark concoction this track is mesmerising and thrilling to the core. Flickering rhythms build the tension as the vocals slither into the kinetic chorus. doops build the track masterfully layering each element meticulously as guitars flash like lightning through the thick mesmeric soundscapes before the mind crushing crescendo. Another fascinating track from doops.

Stream ‘Tall Whites’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Pale Rivers

Pale Rivers have released their new single ‘Icefield’, ahead of their forthcoming debut EP. Produced by Owen Lewis and Steven Mullan, ‘Icefield’ was recorded at Herbert Place Studio’s, Dublin. Based out of Cork and Tipperary, Ireland, the band began playing their first shows around the country including slots at Hard Working Class Heroes, Whelans One’s To Watch and Electric Picnic, as well as some high profile supports for acts such as Teleman, British Sea Power and The Wedding Present.

‘Icefield’ is a deeply moving number bleeding haunting tones of yearning  through ethereal rushes of breezy synths over textured guitar whines and passionate heart gripping vocals. This is a special track that grips the listener with every flickering note. This band keep you on the edge of your seat – the delicate sweet and tender moments are perfect, immaculate and pristine as elegant keys twinkle and glisten between subtle synth wisps as the warm emotional vocals caress the darkly hued haunting melody. Intimacy is key to this track and this is created by those dynamic tender vocal tones which are embellished by soaring, undulating waves of guitar and weaving synths. The track builds becoming more intense and expressive carrying and elevating our hearts and emotions with it as the synths become frenzied and choppy and rush over the tumbling guitar and rippling drum/bass rumbles. This track swoons with deeply moving and atmospheric tones while a rich snappy rhythm holds all the vaporous floaty soundscapes together with a gloopy-like glue texture. It’s a sublime riveting listen and a well crafted gem to hold dear.

Talking about ‘Icefield’, the band explain – “recording this song was very much a case of going with gut feeling rather than planning it out and ticking boxes. Going in to do it we just had a skeleton track and from there, it was very much a case of experimenting and improvising on different instruments, many of which we hadn’t used before. Recording this definitely felt like a journey from start to finish, and in many way’s one of the most fun/difficult but rewarding experiences we’ve had in a studio…”

You Can Catch Pale Rivers live at :

August 5th – Indiependence

August 24th – The Roundy – Cork


Stream  ‘Icefield’ below


Motions ‘The Late Night Calls’

Dublin’s alternative rock band Motions have released their new EP, ‘The Late Night Calls’ is a superb majestic EP to indulge in. Title track ‘Late Night Calls’ flows in with a beautiful melody on top of cool flicking electronics. With ethereal guitars providing a breezy sting, it’s an airy richly textured track that packs in oodles of passion into a fluttering danceable number. The snappy ‘Back & Forth’ follows. It’s a catchy track filled with buzz swirling electronics while a sputtering rhythm injects between lush backing vocals. This track is dipped in darker tones as harsher vocals exude swagger and attitude. My favourite track on the EP ‘Back & Forth’ showcases a rich depth and musical proficiency that keeps the listener hanging on to every gripping note. Its sway like tempo and jangly guitar are just the icing on this delicious cake. It’s the sublime little gem of the EP. A trickling ‘Interlude’ breaks up the sticky intensity before final track ‘Waiting To Tell You’ reintroduces their mellow fluid sound. A creamy melody glissades upon a fluctuant beat while aerial guitars twinkle around with a sweet blissful tone that holds a sense of mind relaxing freedom. Its dreamy and light yet Motions mix a bit of grit into the mix for the bridge.

Motions prove that they can create a passionate wholly satisfying collection of tracks that submerge you into a universe created completely by them. Each track is catchy, intricate and well layered while maintaining its own identity. ‘Late Night Calls’ is a sublime listen.

Stream ‘Late Night Calls’ EP below

Iron Islands ‘Contrails’

London trio Iron Islands have released their new single ‘Contrails’. Consisting of members Martin Andrew (Vocals and Piano), Al Baker (Bass) and Olly Brown (Drums), Iron Islands have made a name for themselves for their melodic compositions with the right amount of hooks, heartfelt lyrics and addictive instrumentation.
‘Contrails’ is a fine example of this with elegantly flowing piano running along an elastic bassline and a steady beat which sets the perfect busy back drop for the catchy melody. The track is instrumentally bustling and flutters rapidly while the soft yet dynamic vocals highlight the tender lyrics. The piano feature is playful and feathery light as it dances in between the flexible nimble bass creating a rich texture with a fluttering delicate and graceful quality. This track is light bright with an exquisite amount of intelligent instrumentation creating a beautiful delicate treasure of melodies weaving and playfully interacting.
Stream ‘Contrails’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘Waiting Up’

Dublins alternative rock foursome, Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘Waiting Up’. The band have played extensively all over the country and have Sunsets Festival and Guinness Amplify performances under their belt, as well as headlining shows at Dublin’s Workman’s and Whelan’s. Their track ‘City Of Wolves’ was released last year and was play listed on our national broadcaster RTE 2fm leading to a BBC Introducing slot for BBC Radio Ulster, and live sessions across stations like NOVA and 4fm. They finished last year at the Other Voices festival and have been booked for various showcases and Ones To Watch festivals this year as well as this summers Indiependence with Manic Street Preachers and SIGMA (full line up to be announced).
‘Waiting Up’ is a rush of sonic laden aerial indie. Soaring to skyscraper heights this track is sublime almost heavenly. The rapid tribal tinged beat teamed with rooted rolling bass gives the track grounding and a solid foundation to bounce off before it escapes and ascends into the elevated chorus. The sharp sting on guitar adds a breezy refreshing sensation as the track builds into a blustery thrilling crescendo. Smooth vocals coo to start with a velvety texture building and becoming more animated as the track progresses, while the lush uplifting backing vocals soar above with sweet elevated buoyancy. The superb production and breathtaking musicianship makes ‘Waiting Up’ a stunning display of Brass Phantoms compact remarkable soundscape

Watch the video for ‘Waiting Up’ below

Ocean Calling ‘Quiet Magic’

Ocean Calling aka Sophie Wilkie was formed at the end of 2013, in a little town called Bellingham in Washington State. Originally from Moseley in the UK, Sophie started making/programming music herself whilst living in the very top corner of the USA. As a musician Sophie is a competent pianist and vocalist, writing lyrics that in isolation could undoubtedly stand on their own as poetry, and as a photographer her work is represented in the USA across various platforms. Almost all of her songs are motivated by and about movement, and discuss, amongst other things, the various travels she has undertaken during the course of the past three years. Wilkie is releasing her album ‘Quiet Magic’ this week. It is bold and adventurous for her first work, soaring effortlessly within various electronic soundscapes, all while maintaining a light dreamy swirl of blissful euphoria blended with hints of dark undertones.

‘Mist and Pine’ introduces Ocean Calling’s 10 track experience. With sweet delicate vocals and aerial atmospheres it is picturesque and beautiful. With elegant piano and rapid spongy beat we instantly get an earthy image of beautiful spring and twinkling mist glistening and fragile.The backing vocals lull and blend calming the mind sweeping the listener up in Wilkies gentle delightful world.Its refreshing tones and echo vocals display fantastic imagery you can almost feel the breeze along with the poetic lyrics its like you are being whispered a secret in the form of honeyed melodies and swirling gentle instrumentation. The album continues this journey with track after track leading you deeper and deeper into a hypnosis of enchanting dreamy melodies daintily flowing and interweaving playfully together. Tracks such as ‘Silhouettes’ adapts a more electronic persona with darker tones surfacing to the top of the mixture every once and a while like subtle glimpses of shadowy tones in a swirling blend of colours. ‘Desert Sky Scarlet’ rushes the mind with a soft rapid sticky rolling beat that gives a feeling of freedom or searching for freedom. A refreshing breezy vibe teamed with bright hazy tones, its a vitalising track that leaves you feeling refreshed. ‘Quiet Magic’ gives us a slow song Ocean Calling style. It has a tender melody that is portrayed with a sensitivity that can draw a tear from your eye. Wilkie’s vocals are heavenly and gentle yet soothing and reassuring. ‘Spun Gold’ surprises with an edgy shadow soaked electronic sound. Deepened eerie vocals and a gooey beat hints trouble bubbling. The track releases tension with an expression of brighter tones like an explosion of a sparkle bomb. ‘Girl and the Road’ takes us to the end of our enchanting journey into Ocean Calling’s world of fascination and wonder. Displaying that daydream airy vibe and her beautifully poetic lyric, this track concludes the album with the sprinkling of enchanting magic and the enthralling yearning will to dream and experience the wonders of life.
Watch the video for ‘Black Sand’ below

Daisy Victoria ‘Animal Lover’

Daisy Victoria has announced her third EP ‘Animal Lover’ which was recorded with producer Dan Austin (Pixies) and is set for release 19th August this year. Daisy Victoria is a socially anxious songwriter who lives in a Suffolk wood with her six chickens and OCD. Since she released her first EP ‘Heart Full of Beef’ in 2014, Victoria’s music has been compared with artists such as P.J. Harvey, Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Patti Smith, winning her support from the likes of i-D, NME, CLASH, Line Of Best Fit, The 405 and Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Lauren Laverne has called her a “rising star” and BBC 6 Music hailed her follow up 2015 EP ‘Nobody Dies’ as “majestic”. She has played shows at The Great Escape, Latitude, Radio 1 Academy and Dot To Dot.
The EP was co-written with her brother Sam, and it articulates their shared sense of wonder at the world’s strangeness. Victoria describes herself as a “pessimistic dreamer”, perhaps going some way toward explaining some of the bizarre lyrical juxtapositions, and jarring world-views of her characters.
‘Animal Lover’ is the title track on the EP and it is song about a man whose house doubles as a menagerie. The track brings the listener on a surreal journey through the mythical landscape of Daisy Victoria’s imagination. This journey is portrayed to us  with a catchy bright melody, dynamic guitars and soft beats which contrast with Victoria’s full bodied enchanting vocal which give a haunting eerie atmosphere. Victoria’s vocals are compelling as she showcases her fantastic vocal range that resembles something like Kate Bush. Her vocals are clear, sharp and flawless and shine throughout the track. This track is energetic and has a dance effect with catchy chorus and emotional vocals that are captivating and make you want to put it on repeat.
You can catch Daisy Victoria live at
9th August – Birthdays – London,UK
23rd September – John Peel Centre, BBC Introducing Showcase – Stowmarket, UK
Stream “Animal Lover” below

Fossils ‘Lo-Fi’


Fossils are an alternative band from Liverpool. The band consists of members Jonathan Gibson (Lead vocals, guitar), Jay Denham (bass, backing vocals), Ryan Culshaw (Guitar) and Jack Robertson (Drums). Their debut single ‘Lo-Fi’ has been played on BBC Introducing Liverpool and they have supported Martha Ffion who’s on Jake Bugg’s label.
‘Lo-Fi’ is a refreshing aerial track with echo vocals and soft beats. The use of reverb gives this track a breezy flying vibe and teamed with the delicate bubbling drums you get the feeling you are running to your freedom as you feel the refreshing wind on your face cleansing you of whatever you are running from. The guitar is bright and sharp and adds an effective contrast to the smooth drums adding an edge to the track and giving that breezy vibe.
This track shows Fossils great musicianship and potential . Look forward to hearing more from them.
You can catch Fossils at soundstation Liverpool in St Michaels station on the 24th July.
Stream ‘Lo-Fi’ below

Forbear ‘Delroy Lindo’

Forbear is a Future rock, Cinematic dirt band from Los Angeles. Composed of some of LA’s most prolific musicians, Scott Goldbaum (formerly of Wise Cub) leads the band with beautiful vocals and melodic guitar, while classically trained Molly Rogers’ viola adds a layer that is truly captivating. Mike Mussleman (drums) and Nick Chamian (bass) round out the four piece with one of the most impressive, and methodical rhythm sections in indie rock today. Individually the band members have worked with artists/bands including Feist, Bastille, Kamasi Washington, Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Kimbra among others. They met in 2014 and quickly caught the attention of famed producer/engineer Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, Atlas Genius) who produced their upcoming release ‘Good God’ and recorded it at the famed London Bridge Studios in Seattle. ‘Good God’ begins with the commanding single ‘Delroy Lindo’
‘Delroy Lindo’ is a fantastic piece of musicianship, it flawlessly weaves together cinematic rock with a truly unique voice and spectacular harmonies. It almost feels classically written with a beautiful elegant viola melody interweaving between the vocals in a sort of call and response style. Both the dynamic sweet vocals and viola seem to have a conversation which the listener is witnessing. The addition of vibrato on the viola adds a sort of agitation to this tender conversation. The drums are light and come in and out in places during the verse and then hold a soft steady foundation behind the chorus adding a depth to the track. The lush graceful harmonies add to the angelic blissful music and sombre heartbreaking tone. The bass is smooth and supple and blends perfectly with the overall experience.
‘Delroy Lindo’ is “about two people who moved to the West Coast to be together, only to have the illusion of what they thought waited for them be eaten alive by their false romanticism” and Forbear portray this image to us perfectly. They use their spectacular talents to convey a tender emotional theme in such a beautiful unique way. It is an honest, true, raw and heartbreaking yet elegant, fascinating and graceful surreal experience. Forebear put into words and music the feelings that are always so difficult for us to express ourselves and that is truly skillful.
A must listen!
Good God is set for release August 26 and if ‘Delroy Lindo’ is anything to go by its going to be amazing.
Stream ‘Delroy Lindo’ below