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Jack Biilmann ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

One of Australia’s rising blues and roots musicians Jack Biilmann has released his new single ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. The Canberra based songwriter has established a formidable reputation for himself amongst local and national touring circles, having shared stages with the likes of Tash Sultana, Bobby Alu, Ian Moss, Bootleg Rascal and more over the last few years. A tenacious guitarist with a charming performance style to boot, Biilmann has struck a positive chord within the scene.

‘The Hills Have Eyes’ is a golden, passionate display that blends alternative indie with some warm country twangs. Biilmann nails balance in this track as it cruises in, coming across as unhurried and cool-headed with a peppy spring in each step to deflect any notion of the track succumbing to monotony.His buttery-smooth vocal delivery and velvety melody will ease your blood pressure and radiate sun kissed glows into your day. With energetic twangs, a steady beat and glorious guitar feature this track is an instant pick me up shot. The wispy background vocals trailing in the distance create an airy atmosphere to this glorious satisfying track. From the get go this song enters like a sublime sprightly breeze to refresh your cluttered mind. It’s a beautiful listen spiked with muted touches of bluesy rock, country and pop elements to make for a wholesome absorbing experience.

About the track Biilmann said : “The Hills Have Eyes is a kick in a new direction from me, I wanted to do something that had the elements with what make me who I am as an artist with a new twist. It’s sure to come as a bit of a surprise, but is still a very ‘Jack Biilmann’ sounding song. The production from Kojo Ansah has really given this song exactly what I am after and I am so excited to release it and see its response..”

Stream ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ below


Beau + Luci ‘Fire Dancer’

Hailing from the swamplands of Southern Georgia, raised on a heady blend of rock-and-roll, blues and classic country, sisters Beau + Luci have released their debut EP ‘Fire Dancer’ which along with drawing from real-life experience weaves in elements of visionary storytelling throughout. Inspired by a central character from Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart trilogy—a fire-eater named Dustfinger—the intensely charged title track ‘Fire Dancer’ explores what Luci refers to as “the idea of taking something that could be used for destruction and instead using it to give hope”.
‘Fire Dancer’ starting with almost a cappella vocal harmonies, Beau + Luci demand attention with tight sweet toned vocals backed by rumbling drums. Its instantly catchy. This track twangs in all the right places without too much country in your face. Attitude soaked and bursting with sass and swagger these girls give us earthy yet lush rich textured folk-rock that packs a punch. Smoothly fluid and sleek with immaculate captivating harmonies teamed with elements of bluesy Americana rock thrown in and of course a shredding sharp guitar solo. Its elegantly and daintily lean and mean.
Produced by Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, Aaron Shust), Beau + Luci’s debut EP finds the duo collaborating with a host of esteemed musicians, including guitarist Scott Sharrard and keyboardist Peter Levin (both members of the Gregg Allman Band) as well as keyboardist Rami Jaffee (best known for his work with Foo Fighters and the Wallflowers). Throughout the EP, Beau + Luci show a sharp sense of songcraft honed through their near-lifelong studying of legends like Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash. At the same time, the two channel pure passion into each track, instilling the EP with powerful energy.
Stream ‘Fire Dancer’ below