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BaYat ‘Adrenaline’

BaYat have released their new single ‘Adrenaline’. The song which was produced in Positive Studios is a classic rock song inspired by the social issues that many of us face everyday. Money, power, greed and drug abuse all form part of the themes represented in this song, each of which resonate in some way to the listener. BaYat wanted to use the song to portray the message that you do not need to abuse yourself in order to feel good.

‘Adrenaline’ is a gritty classic rock banger that displays BaYat’s dynamic powerful musicianship. Crashing guitars soar and shred over punchy drums creating an anthemic wall of sound that surges through you with fist pumping might and kinetic energy. It’s catchy, vibrant and filled with meaty brawn and vitality. Jagged riffs saw their way through the track as the guitars shrill and ripple through the beefy rhythmic foundation while the raspy vocals bellow out the infectious melody. It’s straight cut, burly rock filled with high powered goodness.

Stream ‘Adrenaline’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bad Hombres

Glasgow classic rock band Bad Hombres have released their new single ‘Manuel!’. Bad Hombres formed in April 2017 and consist of Jack Conlon, Paul Duff and Innes McGarry. The band mix a blend of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, and are firm favourites for fans of Kasabian and The Libertines. Having made their debut at the world-famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in August, 2017 proved to be a great introductory year for the band with the release of their first demo ‘Icarus’ being received greatly.

‘Manuel!’ is an exhilarating darkly smeared punchy track which displays that though Bad Hombres are a fresh young band they can flesh out a mature, confident sound with a chunky foundation. From angst riddled vocals to sharp strident guitars and a rooted relentless bass it’s a searing smack in the mouth of smog smothered classic rock. This track is swagger soaked and crisp, without being too slick, retaining enough of a raw edge to keep its classic rock n’ roll spirit intact. The stomping bridge shift is sublime and is a thrilling chant-able crowd ready feature that is sure to be epic live. Keep an eye out for these guys. I’m looking forward to what these guys do next.

Stream ‘Manuel!’ below

The Coffis Brothers ‘You Ain’t Got the Heart’

Santa Cruz based five-piece, The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men have released their new single ‘You Ain’t Got the Heart’. The single is off the band’s upcoming EP, due for release later this year. The Coffis Brothers have been writing rootsy Americana songs and gigging around the Bay Area since 2010. They have opened for both Jackie Greene and the Brothers Comatose. They are back with a rootsy rock n roll track that exudes swagger and fiery attitude.
‘You Ain’t Got the Heart’ is a strutting prance and flaunty stride of rock and roll that is infectious and sleek. Bouncy drums and slick sharp guitars scream attitude and panache. The glistening zesty guitar solo will have you on your knees doing air guitar while vocal screams and catchy melody oozes flamboyance and swanky style. It’s a sweat and leather sun soaked classic rock track that shreds everything in its path.

Stream ‘You Ain’t Got the Heart’ below

Paradox ‘All Life Matters’

Corks Alternative Rock band Paradox have released their new single ‘All Life Matters’. It is the eagerly awaited follow up single to their last album ‘Chapters’. Paradox have released 4 studio albums to date. Their debut album ‘Circle of Growth’ was recorded in Los Angeles in 2000 and released on a US label. Their second album ‘Sacred’ was recorded and released in 2004, ‘Corporate Pollution’ was released in 2011 and their latest album ‘Chapters’ released in 2015. They have toured both Europe and the US as well as playing support to the likes of Therapy?, Kerbdog and Shonen Knife. 2014 saw Paradox back in the studio recording their 4th album to date at Wavefield Recording Studios in Bantry, West Cork with multi tasking musician and engineer Brian Casey on the desk.
‘All Life Matters’ flows like a rock ballad brimming with emotion but packing a mighty punch.Starting melodic with soft drum beats and warm acoustic guitar the track glides with a sway-like comforting quality.The raspy vocals soothe with a melancholic melody dowsed in tender tones.The track builds becoming more grunge infused breaking into a proper hard hitting almost fist pumping fury filled classic rock anthem.With a shredding shrilling guitar feature that rips gripping emotion while the drums become more punchy and mighty. The lyrics criticise the current media climate creating a gloomy and dismal almost heartbreaking tone. However Paradox tell it how it is while strongly knocking us back to our senses relaying how it should be “All Life Matters Whatever race or colour All Life Matters”. There is depth behind this band and it really come across in this track.
Stream ‘All Life Matters’ below

High Wire Brigade ‘115’

High Wire Brigade are a garage rock band from the Hertfordshire countryside consisting of Kaj (Guitar/Vox), Mark (Guitar/Vox), Jon (Bass) and Alex (drums). With tastes encompassing many different genres, the band are proud to wear their garage, blues and rock influences firmly on their sleeve. Having worked with Rich Wilkinson (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Kaiser Chiefs) at KONK studio, the band have released five singles in the past 12 months and are gearing up to release their new single, ‘Hibernate’, along with debut video in March. All singles are available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google etc. They recently released their track ‘115′ and its a warm punchy whisky soaked track that grasps at your soul and makes you feel every note. With smooth textures against a hard hitting classic rock canvas its a strong example of the emotion- filled heavy tracks these guys craft. Huge raspy vocals are gentle to start and become more animated and powerful as the track progresses. With stomping bassline and mighty drums teamed with a slick nimble catchy guitar its instantly likeable. Exuding fiery passion and leading fluidly into a shredding kick ass guitar solo, ‘115’ has everything a rock classic needs. Its rich and well-heeled without trying too hard. Soaked in a sticky hot late night american desert vibe High Wire Brigade warms your soul with satisfying rooted rock.
High Wire Brigade are currently booking gigs and are currently confirmed for Camden Assembly (Feb 23), Alfie Jackson’s ‘Pigeon Tree’ at The Monarch and a support slot for Tankus The Henge in St Albans.Make sure to check these guys out.
Stream ‘115’ below

Five Mile Smile ‘Beg Borrow or Steal’

Five Mile Smile are a two piece rock band from Belfast. Their recent single ‘Beg Borrow or Steal’ is a stroke-causing heavy boisterous shot of rock. Its a brawny gritty slug of whiskey immersed in a rowdy brawl with pounding drums and beefy riffs. Screaming swagger infused vocals exude attitude and fire. Slick slide on guitar and shredding solo slaps you in the face with potent lusty gutsy rock that is energetic and mighty. Its a classic nuts and bolts sturdy rock track.
Stream ‘Beg Borrow or Steal’ below

Glass Caves ‘Do You Have A Name’


Pontefract four-piece Glass Caves have released their new single ‘Do You Have a Name’. Consisting of band members Matthew Hallas, Elliott Fletcher, Will Groves and Connor Thorpe, Glass Caves have created a name for themselves from their tireless work ethic and seemingly limitless ambition teamed with carefully honed craftsmanship. This has seen them support Augustines, headline London’s Koko, and play a myriad of festivals including Isle of Wight and Reading/Leeds. Their self-funded debut album ‘Alive’ made Record Store Day’s Top 40 when it was released in 2014 and now the band are back with their new single ‘Do You Have A Name’.
‘Do You Have A Name’ displays Glass Caves knack for emotive atmospheric indie rock. Coated in nostalgic tones and smashing the rock anthem vibe this track is hard hitting heartfelt and effortlessly smooth. Creamy raspy vocals soothe and coo with sentimental yearning. Twinkling sting on guitars bring vibrancy to the track and teamed with the animated spring on drums build and lift into the elevated dynamic crescendo. Its got classic rock written all over it, polished and smoothed down to create a tender wistful driving track that has “open roads, heart on your sleeve, wind in your hair” goodness. The track has a wholesome full sound that is perfectly crafted leaving you feeling nourished and refreshed. With rich textures and cool tones this track gets better with each listen.
Watch the video for ‘Do You Have A Name’ below

BaDow ‘Hot Headed Machine’

BaDow are a Blues/Rock band from the South Coast of England. Fronted by Jodie Amos (Drums & Vocals) with Sam Morris on Guitar & Vocals and Bradley McGinty on Bass & Vocals. BaDow bring us the release of their second EP ‘Hot Headed Machine’. Title track ‘Hot Headed Machine’ kicks the EP off with a sizzling slick bluesy swagger. The fuzzed scuzzy bass and blazing guitar add a sensual elastic quality to the track while Amos’ vocal are clear cut with attitude and sass. This track is smooth and saucy with grit and brawn brought in by the punchy drums and vigorous guitars. ‘Poor Young Man ‘ gives us a heavier rock mosh worthy sound to start. It becomes more sensual and groovy for the elastic verse with a hip swaying dirty bass. The track becomes more energetic for the explosive chorus. The melody is infectious as the repetitive bridge holds tension until the dynamic crescendo. This track exudes steamy swagger and strut quality. ‘Wasted On Me’ pounds a steady beat to start, with a light guitar feature and lush backing vocals. Amos’ vocals for this track take a gentle emotional approach. The chorus once again builds up BaDow’s rock sound as they give us a burst of robust instrumentation which subsides for the verses. This track features a fantastic shredding guitar solo and really gives the guitar time to shine as it smashes it in an insane lengthy display of polished slick lustrous licks. The sleek ‘Freedom Of The Night’ finishes the EP with smooth sensual bluesy rock. The zesty guitar riff and flexible sultry bass teamed with powerful drums and a catchy melody makes this track a strong ending for the EP.
BaDow ‘Hot Headed Machine’ gives us their rendition of smooth, steamy, gritty classic blues rock and sizzling melodies.
Stream ‘Hot Headed Machine’ below

Ripcord_64 ‘Coattails’

Ripcord_64 Loftus Hall copy

Ripcord_64 are a Rock/Pop band from Wexford. Ollie Dempsey (Vocals/Guitars),Steve Tierney (Bass/Vocals) and Bryan Barnes (Drums/Vocals) are three songwriters who have spent their lives playing music in all types of bands, everything from Jazz to Metal, including plenty of rock and the occasional Surf band. Their debut album ‘Interloper’ was released without any fanfare in early 2014, featuring 10 songs written and perfected in the two previous years. The band were happy to sell out all copies of this debut within  weeks of its appearance. Since then Ripcord_64 have remained pretty quiet as they took time to write their second album, which is yet to be released. While we wait they have given us ‘Coattails’ as a taste of whats to come.
‘Coattails’ is a “raucous swipe at their musical peers who desperately self promote themselves as the “next” Hozier KOL or god forbid Mumford and Sons”. Ripcord_64  give us a smooth catchy melody set to a classic rock background. The bass and drums are the flexible foundation of the track. The strong steady beat adds brawn and muscle to the track without being forceful, its commanding. The compelling guitar solo adds warmth to the track while the attention grabbing riff is infectious. The vocals are soft to start and become slightly dynamic as the track progresses adding a glow and passion to the track. ‘Coattails’ is released today so head out and get a copy.
You can bye ‘Coattails’ here
Watch  ‘Coattails’ below