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Pixi Ink ‘Blue Ink’ EP

UK based Irish Singer-Songwriter/Producer Pixi Ink has released her debut EP ‘Blue Ink’ through independent label Audio Assassins Records.This darkly coated dreamy collection of tracks gloop and slop in a brooding eerie concoction of finely blended indie and trip hop. Each track slowly creeps and crawls into the next building the intense hazy atmosphere as Pixi coos lushly over noir pop melodies. Her spine tingling sultry sound chills you to your very core. ‘Leave The Door Ajar’ kicks the EP into motion. It’s menacing and thrilling as Pixi’s drowsy vocals caress the sinister lethargic melody while guitar whines and dark electronics create a mysterious backdrop. Pixi sprinkles a softer almost angelic atmosphere into the first half of ‘Old Friend’ with glistening light soundscapes between lush vocals and peppy beats before damping all the fluttering freshness for the second half of the track where sombre keys and melancholic vocals mourn. It’s a little choppy as she fluctuates between textures, sounds and atmospheres however this never seems out of place everything still flows gloriously together. ‘Paper Dreams’ is indeed dreamy and floaty as Pixi’s sultry coo’s mirror a Lana Del Rey vibe as a sticky beat, glistening keys and ethereal soundscapes float and glide around the gentle melody.It’s tranquilizing and soothing. Each track takes its time, paced perfectly creating a wholly satisfying world that consumes you entirely in Pixi’s extraordinary sound. ‘Tragic Tale’ adds a dash of edgy sass to the EP. A little 60’s-esque with the melty melody and sway like flow. This luring track is a cheeky ditty that hops along a fidgeting beat. ‘Sunrise‘ flickers and dazzles with flashing electronics, skittish beats and lush vocal lulls. Its delicate yet fierce all at once with seriously haunting tones swirling through a refreshing light atmosphere. The EP comes to a  moody close with ‘How Evergreen’. Pixi languishes in dark guitar twinkles and trip hop skips as the R&B hued melody showcases a new tonality to her beautiful vocals.

‘Blue Ink’ is a captivating collection of tracks meandering elegantly from dark sinister indie tones to light refreshing sprinkles of pop with some sublime trip hop providing that meaty backbone. Pixi Ink is one to keep an eye on.

Stream ‘Blue Ink’ below 

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Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From LOVE SICK

Julie and Shaun first met working for the same life insurance call center at an office Christmas party where Julie divulged her passion for singing. A few weeks later, the pair bumped into each other at a Glasgow train station and the rest, as they say, is history. LOVE SICK first introduced themselves in 2017 with their debut single Bullet’, which quickly captivated a global audience of almost 1 million listeners and support from the likes of BBC, KCRW, and even Sir Elton John himself.LOVE SICK announces their forthcoming “No Sleep” EP by sharing the first single ‘Fever’.

This dark pop delight swirls and ferments beneath a hypnotic groove, driven by trip hop beats. Dizzying electronics lure you into the delusions of bliss prowling in the deep enticing abyss of ‘Fever’. The infectious melody seeps into your ears whispering a sweet bewitching curse  to your soul as Julie’s sweet vocals entice and seduce over this mesmerising hypnotic track. Warping their blend of pop into a trance inducing menacing number LOVE SICK are a duo to keep an eye on. Their cool, chilled, musically rich musicianship and slick crisp production will have you dancing in a darkly hued, mind dazed trance of bliss.

Stream ‘Fever’ below

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Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Black Honey

Black Honey have released their new single ‘Dig’. Mixing dreamy hazy vibes with sharp dazzling stings and dark dangerous tones it’s the multi-dimensional banger we expect from the four piece. Sultry vocals brood over delusion inducing spaghetti Western- esque guitars and a sticky slap beat. With a wispy vaporous soundscape and breezy crisp instrumentation, it’s the cinematic spine-chiller we hoped for and more. Smooth and croony the track sways and glides in with an eerie undertone and haunting backing vocals smothered in a daydream daze. The track becomes a little heavier as it progresses with gritty guitar lines and punchy drums creating a chilling sharp sense of danger. It’s a mysterious steamy creation from Black Honey. These guys are unstoppable.

Watch the video for ‘Dig’ below

Arro Jones ‘Middle of the Night’ EP

Originally from Huddersfield, now based in Manchester Arro Jones has released his debut EP ‘Middle of the Night’. After playing countless gigs in a duo for a couple of years Arro decided to write and produce some solo stuff at the start of 2016 and this EP is the start, with a lot more promised to come at the start of next year.
‘Middle of the Night’ is a mellow EP that captures the darkened shadowy atmosphere eerie tones and sensual quality that night time can inflict. Lit with flickering candle light this EP can be romantic and passionate however lying underneath are glimpses or flickers with darker haunting undertones. The sensually smooth ‘Fever’ kicks things off with a luring sway and steamy groove. Arro’s velvety vocals glide through the track with a boneless elegance that screams charm and be-witchery. Cushion bounce on percussion keeps the track light and fluffy while the zesty sting of guitar adds a refreshing breeze to the sticky clammy wispy track. Careful this track will swallow you up in its dark mesmerising spell of allurement. Title track ‘Middle Of The Night’ presents itself with an R&B feel, spoken vocals add attitude while the instrumentation swirls around with a misty opaque vibe keeping the vocals as the main attention and highlighting the lyrics. The whack beat gives a solid to focus on while the track sweeps and swirls in a hypnotic mind easing manner leaving you feeling relaxed and nonchalant. ‘Great Northern Street’ brightens the atmosphere a little. Its like cruising down a street with the soft illumination of the street lights flickering into the car as you pass each one. Soft backing vocals lull and sooth while Arro’s main vocals are whispery- smooth for the chorus and rap-like for the verse. The addition of warm sweet toned guitar gives the track a cosy feel which takes the chill out of the night time vibe. ‘One’ is a tender romantic dewy track. Soft whisper on dreamy vocals caress and sigh with a sombre yet hopeful hushed tone. Delicate instrumentation compliments and highlights the dainty track. Building into an echo-like uplifting atmosphere its delivery is more redolent of midnight-hour longing and emotional pain and wistfulness. ‘Give’ closes the EP with a positive vibe smothered in a dark sticky atmosphere. Thick gluey beat drips and drizzles with airy breezy instrumentation teamed with breathy haunting reverb vocals and catchy melody. Each track runs fluidly into one another while still maintaining their own identity and summing up the middle of the night perfectly.
Arrow Jones plans on a follow up called ‘Twilight’ which is currently in the making, and promises to be a slightly different vibe. So look out for that.
Stream ‘Middle of the Night’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen This Week is Mini Mansions ‘Flashbacks’ 


Los Angeles’ finest Mini Mansions have released a collection of unreleased/unheard B-Side tracks entitled ‘Flashbacks’. This follows their critically acclaimed second album ‘The Great Pretenders’ which was released in 2015. The trio , vocals and drummer Michael Shuman, vocals and keyboardist Tyler Parkford, bassist and multi instrumentalist Zachary Dawes have compiled a collection of nine ravishing tracks that smash all boundaries. We couldn’t choose just one track for our worth a listen but then, why would you choose one when their are nine spine tingling beauties.
‘Flashbacks’ kicks things off with ‘Drive’ a snappy quick step luscious track with Dawes’ fuzzed bass giving an ecstatic bounce. Parkford’s sweet delicate vocals introduces the nectarous melody with Shuman’s backing vocals adding a lush heavenly texture. The fluidity of this track makes it so easy on the ears and soothing with sugar coated sparkle. Building into heavier fuzzed rock instrumentation Mini Mansions introduce us to their gritty glam rock sprinkled with a smooth mouthwatering sweet 60s texture. With the sudden change to deep bass vocals by Shuman a warm mellow tone is added to the rich mix. ‘Drive’ knocks it out of the park and hooks you into the trio’s unique dreamy world of psychedelia and rock.‘Bored To Death’ coos and lulls into a gentle slow dance. With raspy vocals and tender lyrics teamed with elegant keys and dexterous chord progression creating a catchy soothing track that stops time, stilling everything around except for the beautiful melody. Lush harmony and gently sorrowful tones add purity and elegance. The track builds in intensity as a heartbroken tone takes over with heavy rhythm. The sweetened sting on guitar with soft piano and a light beat plays the track out with echoing gingerly soft repetitive vocals.
‘Ticket For One’ illuminates with a bright melody and multi-textures. The infectious slap whack beat combined with nimble keys and Dawes’ sharp elastic bass giving the track a rubber ball rebound effect. The call and response vocals between soft Parkford and deep Shuman as they interact with syrupy smooth melodies that will give you “stuck song syndrome”. Leading effortlessly and perfectly into ‘Ticket For Two’ a witty bouncy track with the catchy and almost “dollish” twinkle piano effect. Adding a catchy “clap clap” effect and steady striking bass ‘Ticket for two’ is a “tour de force” as it pulls similarities from ‘Ticket For One’ while developing a distinctive sound. Of course there is no great genius without a mixture of madness especially where Mini Mansions are concerned as they lead us into a frenzy of heavy manical moshing to end this fantastic track.
‘Fiona’ which we previously featured on Indie Buddie has a darkened dreamy tone and swoon-like atmosphere coated in hazy psychedelia. Once again Parkford and Shuman share vocals as they weave and intertwine melodies with warm seductive textures. The drums exude an oomph and panache to start and then seduce and coax when teamed with the smooth velvety vocals. They build into a sweep and bluster for the intense massive crescendo before the tone slows to a soft gentle echo finish.
‘Shape Recorder‘ has a spooky Halloween party track feeling to start with the peppy organ. The track maintains a sneaky eerie tone with psychedelic fuzz and heavy daunting instrumentation. Its a swirling confusion of blurry haunting fun and dangerous shady obscurity. The intensity of the track fades to a sweet soft vocal with lush harmonies before a final burst of instrumentation.
‘Valet’ is our taste of sensual reggae with Hendrix- esque guitar to start. This body grooving track is effortlessly cool and sleek and shows Mini Mansions in a new light. Its a sit back and bop to the music feel good tasteful track. Shuman’s warm deep vocals contrasting with Parkford’s candied falsetto towards the end adds a charming multi dimension. Exuding fiery strutting swagger with a captivating stride and flaunt this track is magnetic and tantalising.
‘Little Al Capone’ begins with a strong “digging” labour intensive beat and bass vocals adding grounding and depth. The track builds into a theatrical quick passed track with rapid beat and sprightly piano. Tight harmony on vocals and a vibrant dynamism and oomph instrumentation add passion and slappy elasticity. The track sounds like it could have been taken from a scene from a musical where the actors are hard at work, slogging through the daily grindstone.
‘Shadow’ completes our musical journey with the mysterious Mini Mansions in a sombre nostalgic tone. Its labyrinth of interweaving textures meandering through a delicate tender melody and heavenly sweet lavish vocals give this track opulent textures and diversity. The dreamy Utopian wistfulness and visionary fantasy set to swirling rapid beat and whine on guitars in a sway – like motion gives this track an abstracted feeling, like it was all a dream.
Mini Mansions are like a fine wine maturing and coming into their own. ‘Flashbacks’ could have been an album as each track opens your mind to their unique classy musicianship as they guide you into a journey of fantasy and rich textures unwinding your mind and unravelling your senses.

You can buy ‘Flashbacks’ and other Mini Mansions goodies here

Watch the video for Fiona below

They Called Him Zone ‘Sunset Beach’

Bradford’s Mik Davis has created an Atmospheric, Dark-wave, experimental psychedelic sound in his solo project They Called Him Zone. They Called Him Zone’s new EP ‘Miami’ gives you a glimpse at the underground music scene by Incorporating elements of Dark-Wave, Electronica and Goth Rock. The new video and final single from the ‘Miami’ EP is the eerie and sinister ‘Sunset Beach’. The track is a trippy psychedelic journey that is both twisted and claustrophobic. The video is produced and edited by They Called Him Zone creator Mik Davis’ with the dance performance accredited to UK poet/writer – Joolz Denby.
‘Sunset Beach’ is a dark mysterious track that is full of sinister tones that make your hair stand up and your skin crawl. With whisper like breathy vocals that fill you with fear and make you look around you in case you are being watched or followed like in a horror movie. Contrary to what you might expect from the title of this track it has no sunny vibes instead its consumed with a concoction of shadowy haze and chilling psychedelia. With is techno and hypnotic tones it has a trance effect and is almost bewitching. Its dark hypnotic electronic sounds seem to almost lure you down a dangerous road where horror awaits and their is no escaping. The steady beat adds to the entrapment as it is soft and gives a constant feature that your mind almost subconsciously holds on to.
This track is a psychedelic electro Pop/ Rock nightmare- like concoction that is dark and luring  yet a fantastic piece of musicianship and is perfect for the underground music scene.
Watch They Called Him Zone’s eerie and sinister ‘Sunset Beach’ video below