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Johnny Yuma ‘Rest In Peace’ EP

Minneapolis, Minnesota rock trio Johnny Yuma have recently released their EP ‘Rest In Peace’. The band comprised of members Elliot Heerman on Bass and Lead Vocals, Patrick Irwin on Guitar and Jane “Damage” Halldorson on Drums have created their own brand of Dusty, Dirty, Rock’n Roll that makes for an engaging electrifying listen. From the get-go these guys blast straight into their no-nonsense raw neck snapping bluesy rock. ‘Alabama Woman’ sets the brisk tempo as crashing guitars and punchy drums whirlwind through a stop start pace while raspy vocals expel swagger soaked fiery attitude. It’s one for dizzying confusion of the sweaty mosh pits. The riff driven ‘Knock Knock’ brings us further into their blistering rock and roll as guitars jaggedly saw through pummeling drums while an elastic rumble on bass keeps the track running along. A scorching guitar solo shreds with a shrilling desert hot western vibe while the punchy rhythm trudges along keeping the rapid tempo. These guys exude a don’t mess with me attitude with slick swagger thrown on top. ‘Cellophane’ continues the relentless stamina of its predecessors while smudging a catchy 60’s- esque melody over their rambunctiously ruffled frenzy inducing garage backdrop. Razor sharp guitars once again blister and pierce throughout the track however in this track they have a slinky liquidity to their acidic sting. ’Mother’s And Sailors’ gives us a much needed breather from the heavy assault. This light county twanged ditty gives us another glimpse at Johnny Yuma’s talents. Still energetic this number is more buoyant, sweetly toned and infectiously peppy. Who can resist a cheeky little whistle along feature especially when it’s this catchy. Barn dance anyone?… don’t mind if I do. ‘Whisper’ brings us to a scuzzy end to the EP. It’s fuzzed up, lean and mean, ready for bar brawl rock and roll. It’s grungy rough and tumble with gritty guitars pulverising drums and sneering vocals that will make your blood coil and boil forcing you to mosh and jump about. Fueled by bad ass adrenaline from the deep dark depths of Minnesota these guys whack out one heck of a tune that will slap you in the face at lightning speeds.

‘Rest In Peace’ is an EP for blasting into your ears at worrying volumes while you headbang, dance and attempt air guitar like a boss. It’s a solid, swagger drenched, meaty display from the trio that will rattle your bones.

Stream ‘Rest In Peace’ below

Willie Breeding ‘Ride On’

Nashville based newcomer Willie Breeding has released his new single ‘Ride On’ with his debut album ‘Big Sky’ set for release later this summer. This lonesomely haunting western- esque track is immersed in rich wavy melodies seeped between gritty guitars that churn and coil around Breeding’s deep country baritone. The ghostly yet sweet backing vocals provided by Emily Hagihara create a chilling atmosphere as they wisp about the track while the Americana- esque sound fills it with a head strong lone ranger vibe. The guitar riff instantly grabs attention as it builds into a shrilling cinematic tremble on guitar before the guns and holster showdown. It’s nostalgically sweet yet dangerously gripping and dramatic while the melty melancholic melody flurries along-lighthearted and carefree. Perfectly crafted this track is both picturesque and musically exciting. Willie Breeding is one to keep an eye out for, his style is magnificently unique and utterly thrilling.

When asked about the track Breeding explains “It’s a song making fun of myself, When I first moved to Nashville, I used to go out and often when I would walk into the bar, I would walk straight through it and out the back door. It wasn’t a conscious thing, I almost wouldn’t even remember being in the bar. Then I would have no idea where to go or what to do. Living in New York, I always loved going out by myself. Did it for years. Nashville seemed very different. So I wanted the music to sound huge, and I had this big riff. Seemed appropriate for a song making fun of myself.”

Stream ‘Ride On’ below

Worth A listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Black Honey

Black Honey have released their new single ‘Dig’. Mixing dreamy hazy vibes with sharp dazzling stings and dark dangerous tones it’s the multi-dimensional banger we expect from the four piece. Sultry vocals brood over delusion inducing spaghetti Western- esque guitars and a sticky slap beat. With a wispy vaporous soundscape and breezy crisp instrumentation, it’s the cinematic spine-chiller we hoped for and more. Smooth and croony the track sways and glides in with an eerie undertone and haunting backing vocals smothered in a daydream daze. The track becomes a little heavier as it progresses with gritty guitar lines and punchy drums creating a chilling sharp sense of danger. It’s a mysterious steamy creation from Black Honey. These guys are unstoppable.

Watch the video for ‘Dig’ below

Civil Villains Double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum


Civil Villains are London trio Mark Hudson (Bass), James King (Guitar & Vocals) and Toby Warren (Drums & Vocals). These long time friends have created a sound that is hard to pin down. Walking the tightrope between mathy alt-rock and desert riffage. Having played in all manner of London venues, Civil Villains have recently returned from a North American tour, where they performed headline shows in Toronto and Cambridge, played Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, and Mondo. NYC Festival in New York. Recently they were main support for Listener at The Borderline, played with Tides from Nebula and Polymath at The Boston Music Room (London), and Wild Throne at The Old Blue Last (London). They are now set to release their forthcoming double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum on December 2nd via Milky Bomb Records, which was recorded at Brighton Electric with Josh Harrison (Royal Blood, Tigercub, British Sea Power).
Civil Villains present us with two uniquely creative and complex tracks.

‘Heathens and Cream’ is a spine tingling hair raisingly chilling track coated in a darkened eerie atmosphere with thick slimy guitar licks and flexible sensual luring bass. Deep enthralling vocals give a haunting yet seductively captivating creepy quality to the verse. It tempts you and draws you into the track, while the howl like screech and growl for the chorus adds aggression and a frightening realisation of danger. Featuring atypical rhythmic structures ‘Heathens and Cream’ leaves you wondering what you have just experienced yet yearning to hear more.
‘Haunted Hokum’ is my favourite of the two its rapid slap bounce beat and Queens Of The Stone Age – esque vocals once again hook and lure you into the quicksand of infectiously sweet sensual entrapment of the melody. Steamy sultry desert hot guitars sting and burn with striking chords and scorching licks. The enticing driving bass lulls and coaxes its prey into a spellbinding comma fully submissive to this enchanting beguiling track.
Civil Villains display fantastic musicianship with their double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum. Its a bubbling concoction of moody erratic indie blended with gritty rock with a whole load of steamy sensual haunting confusion thrown in, add a dash of the sweet comfort of nectarous tones on guitar and your hooked.
Watch the video for  ‘Heathens and Cream’  below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Alexandra Savior

Portland, Oregon’s mysterious bewitching singer songwriter Alexandra Savior is captivating audiences with her laid back desert rock and sultry crooning vocals. We did a feature on her single ‘Shades’ earlier in the summer and she is back with another addictive dose. ‘M.T.M.E.’ floods us with dark intoxicating tones, smouldering sultry vocals that lull and coax the listener with the sharp sting of guitar adding a sizzling and scorching sun effect. The bubbling beat consumes the listener in a muggy yet comfortable hypnotic enclosure. The added scream gives a shock to the system and adds danger to the shadowy tone. The scorching guitar solo teamed with menacing keys to finish adds a frightening eerie end.
Put it on repeat and become engrossed by this enthralling mesmerising track.
Stream ‘M.T.M.E.’ below

Kinky Rhino


Kinky Rhino are a Garage Rock/Grunge Rock/Desert Rock band that was founded by members of The Blue Man Group band while touring Central and South America. Multi instrumentalist Jeff Wright contacted Orlando-based producer Justin Beckler to help demo a few of his original songs on which Wright wrote, sang and played every instrument. These songs were Kinky Rhino’s self-titled 5 track début EP.  For the live shows Wright brings in fellow Blue Man Group touring musicians Jordan Wesolek (guitar), Chris Reiss (guitar), Terry Tungjungyatham (bass) and Anthony Riscica (drums) while Wright himself sings lead vocals and plays guitar.
The EP begins with the powerful riff based ‘Garage Roque’. This track is full of strident guitars with heavy rowdy bass lines and pounding drums. The strong bass line pulses throughout the track combining with the steady drums giving a rock solid foundation for a grunge rock sound. Wrights vocals are strong and honest with the added scream vocal for the chorus that adds a rawness to the track. The repetitive bridge with suspended screeching guitars adds tension before the huge vigorous mosh to end the track. This is a great song to begin the EP as it shows us the monstrous sound these guys can produce. I can imagine its epic live!
‘Nom Nom Nom’ follows with a cooler slower tone to give us a break from the high energy. The track begins with soft sleek guitar and groovy beat and smooth vocal for the verse. Its has a sensual tone and sway-like feel with seductive guitar licks and steady beats. The chorus kicks into a heavier grunge sound that you can’t help but head bang to as it fades to another alluring verse, followed by an almost psychedelic bridge that breaks into an anthem like vocal. A lot happens in this song as it takes you on a journey of slipping in and out of styles with such ease showing the fantastic musicianship here.
‘Eclipse’ lightens the mood with a bouncy beat and almost pop feel with “do do do” backing vocals. This song gives a bright vibrant atmosphere. With running bass line and light guitars to start. The lush harmonies in the backing vocals adds an angelic feel to this track which is a huge contrast to the other tracks we have heard so far. The song builds as the guitars become more prominent and a heavier sound begins to seep in. The vocals intensify a little as we hear a heavier sound instrumentality and wicked sharp guitar solo. The vocals become more gritty here also and give a frustrated tone, before it breaks again to the lighter pop sound we heard earlier however the instruments stay with their rock sound ending on a high both instrumentally and vocally.
‘Desiree’ gives a melancholy tone full of frustration and despair. It begins soft with a strong bass line and thumping drums. The soft vocals give us a sense of hopelessness but the pounding pulse of the bass conveys a feeling of emotions turning and bubbling ready to burst. We see this explosion of emotions as they break into an anthem chorus. The Pounding drums and slick guitars add a mosh effect to the song as it ends on a heavy rock vibe.
The EP finishes with ‘All-American Slam’ an energetic robust rock track with thunderous drums, strident guitars and a weighty bass line. This track is full of energy and headbangingly good.This is an excellent track to finish the album as its got all the best parts of all the other songs put into one gigantic heavy rock track.
A really strong first EP look forward to hearing more from these guys
Stream ‘Kinky Rhino’ EP below