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Zach Leon ‘Sail Away Heart’ Album

23-year-old pop-indie singer Zach Leon has recently released his full-length album entitled ‘Sail Away Heart’. Leon is an alternative artist originally from Kansas City. He was front man for a rock band called ‘Project Zero’ in his earlier years. Leon released his first solo EP ‘The Great And Terrible’ in  2016 which lead to music videos, local recognition and a growing fan base.

‘Sail Away Heart’ devotes itself to gloriously triumphant anthems like the richly textured ‘California (Girls Don’t Sing)’ with its lush rhythm, snappy catchy melody and superb sing along chorus. ‘The Villain’ follows this pattern with a jazzy vintage piano feature introducing the track before it blasts into a fiery anthem of crashing instrumentation and mighty vocals. Leon uses every weapon in his arsenal to offer up a wide assortment of genres from heavy alternative tunes to the sweet doo wop 50’s- esque romantic elegance of ‘A + K’ and the tipsy swayable ‘Drunk Eggs’ .The first half of the album glides and flows with delicacy and warmth with ‘Sad Tonight’ acting as the acoustic little charmer which displays Leon’s ability to hold your attention with a simple arrangement, beautiful melody and captivating lyrics. The sweet little jingle of ’Sailawayheart pt. 1’ marks the end of that delicate tone as ‘Pretentious Love’ shakes up the album with an alternative rock heaviness. Shouty vocals swear and scream with attitude while guitars crash and drums pound throughout. ‘Fight Me’ smashes through with punk attitude demanding attention with its infectious mosh ready bounce. These particular tracks add a rough and tumble edge to the album making for an invigorating listen. I love the short little interludes in the album ‘Sailawayheart Pt. 2’ and closing track ‘Sailawayheart pt. 3’ are just sweet little dittys you could put on a loop, they are peppy and refreshing.

‘Sailawayheart’ is a refreshing array of beautiful romantic tunes covered in a warm glow and tenderness with some feisty rock and punk whacks thrown in. Leon blends his multi genres well slipping and sliding between genres showing the highs and lows of life and the magical glimpses between. An impressive collection from this young singer songwriter.

Stream ‘Sailawayheart’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: Alternative -rock

Bio: Alternative rock trio Dramalove, originally from Italy but now based in Canterbury have released their new single ‘Play With You’ It is the lead single off their first full-English EP titled “How To Wear A Broken Heart” and it includes 5 songs picked up from a selection of a 20 demo song package that the band managed to home-record during this first year and a half living in the U.K. It has been mastered in Ashford at the Anchor Baby Recording Company and is due to be released in early 2018, The trio have already achieved a certain level of stardom by reaching the semi-finals of the Italian version of X Factor of which the Italian version allowed bands to apply and team up with artists such Skin from Skunk Anansie and Mika. Dramalove fast gained a dedicated local following in Canterbury, and summer 2017 already saw them touring across the country with gigs in Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester and London.

Track: Play With You

Why We Like It: It’s a slick heavy dose of swagger soaked rock. This smooth criminal is sassy gritty and sensually steamy. With sticky eerie soundscapes smothered on vaporous sharp guitars lines and Matt Bellamy- esque falsetto vocals this track cruises in, in all its stuffy sizzling glory to take over your mind. It’s impressively commanding and luring.

You can follow Dramalove on Facebook here

Watch the video for ‘Play With You’ below

Bad Family

Genre: Alternative Rock

Bio: Brighton’s Bad Family formed in late 2016 and quickly released EP1 to critical acclaim. They return with EP2 and are ready to claim their place among the indie elite.

Track: ‘On Your Wall’

Frontman Dane Etteridge explains about the track: “Have you ever been with someone, it doesn’t work out and they start sleeping with someone new way too soon after the breakup? Well, thats what ‘On your Wall’ is about, the horrible anxiety and hatred it causes towards the person that you once cared so deeply about, The idea that you shadow is the last thing to leave a room, and your former lover is with their next one before your shadow has had the chance to get out.” 

Why We Like It: It’s a stinging knife edged rock track blistering with fiery sharp guitars crashing against punchy drums which creates a thrilling wall of sound. With a catchy chorus and delicious melody this track is instantly likable and fiery. Swirling guitar whines teamed with rumbling drums and a dark chanting bridge create a wholly unique eerie spiky experience. It’s an attitude drenched anthem.

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Stream ‘On Your Wall’ below

 Zach Leon

Genre: Singer songwriter

Bio: Zach Leon is an alternative artist based out of Nashville, Tennessee and originally from Kansas City. He was front man for a rock band called ‘Project Zero’ in his earlier years and is now currently pursuing a solo career.

Track: A + K from his ‘Sailawayheart’ album

Why We Like It: It’s a luscious sweet ditty. Creamy smooth and sugar coated this track is melty, heart shaped candied romance. A soft delicate acoustic guitar twinkles along a boppy doo-wop beat while sing along friendly backing vocals and clap along joyous chorus creates a light heart-warming dreamy blissful atmosphere. This track will put a smile on your face and have you swaying happily in no time. With velvety passionate vocals and feathery light skip along rhythm this track is the perfect pick me up.

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Stream ‘A + K’ below


Genre: Indie

Bio: Reading Indie four-piece Mellor have had a whole host of national and regional media support from the likes of Absolute Radio, BBC6 Music, BBC Berkshire, BBC London, and BBC Introducing. Labelled by Alt Reading as “one of Reading’s most exciting acts”, they bring a live show packed with high energy, raucous vocals, big guitar riffs, and pounding drums. The bands dedicated following is steadily on the rise thanks to shows up and down the UK sharing stages with the likes of The Kooks, Frankie & The Heartstrings, Carl Barat & The Jackals, Flyte, and The Milk.

Track: You Were Right

Why We Like It: It’s a vibrant track stamped with Mellor’s signature infectious blistering indie- so irrepressible and effervescent it bubbles and boils intense adrenaline through your veins. Sharp guitars sting and wail with a brazen zest teasing then gushing through you leaving you craving almost gagging for more. Punchy drums and dynamic vocals bring the track to anthemic heights. It’s one for large crowds bellowing out at the top of their lungs.

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Stream ‘You Were Right Below’

The Fontaines

Genre: new wave rock

Bio: The Fontaines are a new wave rock duo based in Los Angeles, California comprised of siblings Charlotte Fontaine (vocals) and Hank Fontaine (guitar). They are backed by Xrys Kaplan (drums) and Daniel Zuker (bass) both live and in the studio.They have released a series of singles and EPs while performing across the United States – including a sold-out headlining performance at legendary venue The Troubadour. It was recently announced that The Fontaines will be returning to SXSW in 2018 in support of their new EP ‘Playboys’ which was recorded at Big Bad Sound LA (Rancid) and mixed by Xrys Kaplan and legendary producer Patrick Leonard (Madonna).

Track: ‘Playboys’, the title track from The Fontaines new EP

Why We Like It: It’s blusterous, sassy, attitude driven rock. With a snappy beat and rowdy guitars blazing through a twist ready shimmy and shake groove. This track oozes enough energy to whip you into a frenzy of dancing. It’s raw and gritty with a timeless doo- wop-ness that has been distorted and corrupted adding an edgy aggressive coating. Charlotte’s vocals seamlessly flicker from a soft coo to powerful bellow as the track becomes more dynamic. It’s a razor sharp jubilant frenzy causing number and catchy as hell.

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Watch the video for ‘Playboys’ below

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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Fontaines

Los Angeles based The Fontaines have released their video for their new track ‘Two Bodies’ due for release on 9th June. Continuing the rich lush sound of their previous releases this year ‘Vacant’ and ‘Evaporate’, ‘Two Bodies’ is a sultry silky track that glides with effortless smooth swagger. The silky melody is melty and creamy while Charlotte Fontaine’s vocals coo with a soft soul tinged entrapment. Smothered in a hazy dreamy vibe, it’s a sticky muggy bubble. The fuzzed sharp guitar injections add a zesty sting and almost tropical flavour to this sensual indulgent track. The elastic spring on bass and soft beat gives the track a limber pliable texture. It glides with a steamy heavenly grace that is simply splendid. The Fontaines never disappoint, their sound is so refined and sublime they really are first rate musicians.

Watch the video for ‘Two Bodies’ below