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La Dharma ‘Sirens’

Birmingham based indie four piece La Dharma have released their new single  ‘Sirens’. The indie pop foursome La Dharma formed in the West Midlands in early 2017 with founding member Chris Leedham’s passion for writing slick meaningful stories embedded within 80’s pop sounds. La Dharma’s signature sound was born after further experimentation with guitarist and old friend Daniel ‘Jonah’ Jones’s indie background. However, the pair were missing the driving force behind the music and were joined by bassist Mick Madera and drummer James Morris to finish the line up with a tight funky rhythm section and after a successful first year of gigging,the band  have had success with BBC WM introducing plays for their debut single ‘Devil in a Tight Dress’ and now after having a change of singer their next single ‘Sirens’ was debuted on BBC WM introducing.

‘Sirens’ is an effortless soothing creamy delight that floods with 80’s hued nostalgia upon a glorious indie speckled backdrop. The soft vocals coo and swoon over this glorious honey drizzled melody as a zesty zing on guitar laments and stings throughout. These guitar injections add an edge and ethereal  quality to the track as they pine over the elastic bass and punchy drum foundation creating a heart gripping track with a luscious dreamy atmosphere. It’s sweet and light yet filled with rich textures and subtle intricate rhythms to make you feel every strike and woozy strum. With a catchy chorus and compact production this tune is easy to listen to and sweet like taffy.  Their is something very special about this track – La Dharma are writing tunes to make you feel each delicate moment  and that emotional attachment is something to treasure.

Stream ‘Sirens’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Eldren

Denver-based psych-rock group Eldren have returned with their new single, ‘Still Want More’ which is off upcoming album, ‘Miss Information Aged’, which is set to be released September 21 via Needlejuice Records and follows a climatic two year run for the band as they shared the stage with the likes of Gomez, Cold War Kids, The Black Angels, Imagine Dragons and Dr. Dog while also experienced the loss of their founding bassist, Steve Holloway at age 25.

‘Still Want More’ is a juicy glistening number that struts and flexes with prismatic colour and swagger dripping from every glorious note. Velvety vocals glide upon a delicious honey drizzled melody and vibrant backdrop of shimmering synths, tantalizing beats and flamboyant pizzazz. Zealous guitars inject a dash of zest and vibrancy while the glistening synths dazzle and swoon around the dreamy melody. Eldren flood the track with rich doses of swanky panache as a funky bass line weaves between the psychedelic hues and euphoric heavenly synth-pop tones while the guitars provide punchy rock jabs through this angel delight filled tune. It’s so luscious, creamy and rich with chilled vibes consuming the track in a charismatic sun soaked bubble of joy. This is a charming glistening gem that will brighten up your day and have you strutting down the street like a boss- sweet talking your way out of every situation. It’s that good.


Stream ‘Still Want More’ below

LOVR ‘Surf’s Up’ EP

LOVR is the solo project of Irish songwriter/producer Brendan McGlynn who has now released his new EP ‘Surf’s Up’. After his involvement in a number of successful Irish bands, he began this solo venture. LOVR combines rich pop melodies, 80s soft synths, layered guitars and vocal harmonies to create his sound. ‘Surf’s Up’ is the second EP from LOVR

‘Surf’s Up’ is a luscious, heavenly sweet collection of tracks that soothe the soul in a blanket of dreamy cosy soundscapes. Rushing with breezy freedom inducing synths and nostalgic honey drizzled melodies each track flows with a subtle adrenaline rush and blissful euphoric vibes. Pristine production and crisp textures evokes every emotion in the listener with flickering immaculate sea side images of euphoria. ‘Instructions For Surfing’ kicks all this off with McGlynn lamenting over warm keys and the calming sound of waves. His knack with delicate melodies becomes instantly apparent as he gently coos a sweet nostalgic melody with an 80’s pop undertone. The pace of this track is magnificent, it slowly burns with a glistening glow filled with soothing wholesomeness as McGlynn’s soulful vocals hit you right in the chest. The magical charming tunes continue withSurf’s Up’ as a soft spongy beat accompanies chiming keys and lush dreamy vocals. These are tunes to fall in love with, they are filled with tender tones, heavenly sugar sweet melodies and sublime dreamy soundscapes that wisp about caressing your ears with ethereal graceful bliss. ‘Song Of The Sea’ adds a hint of vibrancy to the EP. With choir like backing vocals layered over a jungle like beat, cinematic soundscapes and instant gush of adrenaline. It’s the kind of track that evokes picturesque images like it should be in a  Disney movie as the main character runs to the freedom or joy they have always craved for. This is the most gripping and vivid track on the EP. It is pretty intense and flawless.  Each track lays you on a light fluffy cloud of tranquilising soundscapes floating about soft synths and sublime harmonies over delicious pop goodness to create a unique yet consoling familiarity. The time stopping ‘Survive, Hold On, All You, Need Is, Time’ and the elegant closing track ‘Movin’ To LA’ are prime examples of this. With a glistening lamenting guitar feature gracing the latter with an angelic embellishment like a dream just out of reach pulling at your heartstrings while calming synths drift about the fragile melody -it’s the perfect sweet end to a beautiful EP.

‘Surf’s Up’ is an EP to cherish. Its bitter sweet delicacy is one to be admired as McGlynn finely blends sweet mesmerising melodies to create a wholly enthralling and exquisite listening experience.

When asked about the EP McGlynn said  “I made this EP about surfing because I don’t surf, but I wanted to. I was drawn to the lifestyle surrounding surfers, their freedom and connection with nature. So I thought if I write about it then I’d have to go experience it and learn about it, so that’s what i did. This is why making music is so powerful. You can take one thing you love and use it to enable you to experience things you never have before.It’s the perfect catalyst.”

Stream ‘Surf’s Up’ below


Changing Gears ‘Leave’

Dublin five-piece pop rock band Changing Gears are set to release their new single ‘Leave’ on 22nd June. This peppy energetic number rides in on a wave of vibrant guitar melodies and velvety vocal lines over an elastic rhythmic backdrop. It’s sun kissed irresistible melody floods the track in sweet honey soaked vibes and the guitar injections are just sublime. They playfully weave silky golden strands of bliss between the buoyant foundation and surf-like breezy atmosphere. It’s a glorious glossy number that is infectious and delightful to listen to.

In support of ‘Leave’ Changing Gears will play BelloBar on 22 June make sure to check them out

Stream ‘Leave’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From BØRNS 


BØRNS is the stage name of American singer songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Garrett Borns. Borns released his second album ‘Blue Madonna’ earlier this year and I have been obsessed with the track ‘We Don’t Care’ ever since. Joined once again by producer Tommy English, Borns takes the delicious indie synth pop from his ‘Dopamine’ debut and fleshes it out blending in some dreamy, psychedelic, electric pop flavours along with a dash of glam sprinkled rock and roll which we see in ‘We Don’t Care’.  Its walloping Bo Diddley rhythm drives the infectious groove creating a Will Young ‘Switch It On’ – esque danceable foundation while jangly guitars slide and glide upon this sublime jittery backdrop. Borns’ nectarous vocals slither between a whisper for the enticing verses and lush falsetto for the infectious chorus. The melody is juicy and sweet honey to the ears. The sugary electronics swirl and seep between the clap along beat and fuzz filled guitar spreading a candied lusciousness throughout this electrifying gem. The layering is sublime and the track slowly builds in intensity to a dynamic feverous crescendo. It’s a slick swagger soaked display that struts with smooth precision in every note making for a consuming, enthralling and enjoyable experience. ‘We Don’t Care’ is an ear-worm you won’t be able to prise out of your mind as you dance and flop around the room.

Watch the video for ‘We Don’t Care’ below

Galants ‘In Vain’

Dublin shoegaze band, Galants have released their new single ‘In Vain’ via Zen Ten Records . The track is the first to be taken from forthcoming EP ‘Follow’, set for release in the Autumn. It was partly self-recorded in an attic on the northside of Dublin City and subsequently produced by Dan Doherty of Darklands Audio. The song takes a sonic cue from Ride and The Jesus & Mary Chain and is informed by themes of social contradiction, disparity and introspection, musing on the importance of remembering what really matters; family, friends and the people we love.

‘In Vain’ is a refreshing whoosh of hazy laid back indie dream pop. Ethereal guitars soar and stride with sublime distortion above a pulsing beat and elastic bass backdrop. The lush melody disperses on the enthralling soundscapes adding a sweet delicacy while David Kennedy ‘s reverb laden vocals coo with tender emotion. It’s a breezy aerial number that builds into a subtly explosive crescendo. This song is a dreamy, euphoric and uncluttered track that oozes oodles of energy and gusto but within an elegant delightfully mellow setting. The distortion and guitar lines make for a biting razor sharp sting throughout the track and adds some rawness and edge that hits you like a youthful shot of adrenaline while the steady rhythm and easygoing vocals smoothen and soothe the track creating a pocket of mind melting bliss. ‘In Vain’ is a sublime new single from Galants filled with pure untarnished shoegaze and marshmallow softness.

You can catch Galants live at:
29 June 2018 – The Underground, Dublin
21 July 2018 – Metalman Bar, Waterford

Stream ‘In Vain’ below

The Helters ‘Afghani Super Smack’ EP

Five piece alt/indie band from Wellington Somerset, The Helters have released their new EP ‘Afghani Super Smack’. The band comprised of members Mark Owen (vocals), Davey Roberts (guitar) , Charlie last (drums), Conor Dolan (bass) and Alex Canham (guitar) have been together for two years and have already been featured on BBC Introducing as well as selling out local venues and getting regular plays on local stations over the country.

‘Afghani Super Smack’ is a euphoric collection of tracks that flood with that youthful hazy longing and adrenaline of the Pixies. The Helters’ sun kissed dreamy indie becomes apparent from the twinkling intro of ‘Salt’. They don’t dwell in this delirious haze for long when the track kicks in, it’s edgy and raw as dizzying guitars whirr around punchy drums and attitude driven vocals. The band slap on a breezy biting atmosphere to accompany the pop drizzled melty melody adding bite to the smooth sun-kissed atmosphere. Each track displays new fragments to their melodic guitar elements which at times soars to ethereal heights in tracks such as the blissful exhilarating ‘Four Aces’. The bass in ‘Afterglow’ provides a muscular foundation for the golden guitar moments and showcases the meticulous layering and polished production of the tracks as it contrasts perfectly yet, alone, holds its own captivating elements. The melodies are just sublime as they surge with sugar sprinkled longing and melancholy with an adrenaline heart gripping rush driving it through. ‘Killing Joke’ is another example of the superb bass work as shrilling guitars and rumble on bass create a tense start to the song. It’s catchy and filled with a touch more attitude than its predecessors. This soaring, anthemic, edgy number is the perfect way to end the EP as it is biting, thrilling and dreamy all at once.

‘Afghani Super Smack’ is a fresh breezy effort from The Helters. It’s sweetly melodic, euphoric and anthemic with a crashing blustery instrumental backdrop that is heart pumping and balmy while their surf-rock elements are tight and simply sublime. All the component parts are filled with the classic 90’s era indie that will make you sweetly nostalgic. A majestic EP for sure and one for those lazy summer days.

Stream ‘Afghani Super Smack’ below

The RPMs ‘Let Things Happen’

The RPMs are set to release their new single ‘Let Things Happen’ via Xtra Mile Recordings on June 29 across all digital formats. The band was formed in Dorset by childhood friends Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar) and Callum James, (drums and backing vocals). Following a move to Brighton they were joined by Miguel Cosme on bass and gained early momentum in 2016 for their debut EP, ‘Digital Disobedience, followed by their second EP in 2017, ‘Agents of Change’ released via Xtra Mile Recordings. Inspired by the support of singles ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Things I Forgot To Do’, The RPM’s expanded to a five piece, adding in Chris Bowden on keyboards and Ollie Summer on lead guitar to create a larger live sound and carve out a more ambitious sonic direction.The RPMs are set to tour extensively throughout Spring and Summer in support of ‘Let Things Happen’ and their upcoming third single for 2018, ‘Gotta Let Go’ is set for release in September via Xtra Mile Recordings.

‘Let Things Happen’ raises the bar for The RPMs to glorious new heights. This catchy track is the skittles packet of indie tunes, it’s brimming with sweet luscious melodies and juicy little glimmers on guitar to create a colourful vibrant indie track. Delicate keys flutter about the song adding shimmers of scintillation while a buoyant beat keeps the song hopping along with a joyous spring and bounce that is sublime and infectious. It’s sun kissed and chilled as the chiming guitars weave between the keys playfully- adding a chipper lustrous atmosphere. Well crafted the layers are tight and heavenly giving a rich, melodic, dreamy rush of sugar coated indie pop that is perfect for your summer playlists.

Speaking of the new single, singer Jack Valero said, “It’s written about how sometimes in life you just have to sit back and go with the flow and is very much based on where we are as a band right now. You face many difficult obstacles in life especially when you’re in a band and it’s all about how you overcome them and carry on, just like it says in the chorus ‘Pick up and start again’. It’s a positive message to not allow yourself to be defeated and also to remember sometimes to let go and live in the moment instead of trying to control it.”

You can catch The RPMs live at :

MAY 12 – Southend Chinnerys ‘Lost Minutes’ w. Sean McGowan and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly pre ‘Lost Evenings’
MAY 14 – Frank Turner Lost Evenings Festival Xtra Mile Label Night, The Roundhouse
MAY 19 – Brighton Shortts Bar – Alternative Escape – Roger Kent for Kick Out The Jams
MAY 27 – Bearded Theory Festival
JUNE 22 – Isle of Wight Festival
JULY 22 – Stockport Blackthorn Fest
AUGUST 3 – Kent, Edenbridge – LeeFest Neverworld
AUGUST 4 – Kent Edenbridge – LeeFest BBC Intro Kent Stage (Abbie McCarthy and Casey Heyburn)
AUGUST 10 – Peterborough – Green Meadows Festival
AUGUST 12 – Cornwall Boardmasters
AUGUST 26 – Warwickshire Camper Calling

Stream ‘Let Things Happen’ below

Moon Loves Honey ‘You Drift Away From Me’

Danish  dreamy  alt.  rock/pop  band  Moon Loves Honey have released their highly anticipated  debut album ‘You  Drift  Away  From  Me’. The album takes  the  listener  on  a  colourful  journey  through  uncertainty,  loneliness  and  finally  hope  via  nine  finely  crafted  songs  –  three  of which  have  been  released  as  singles  and  enjoyed  radio  airplay  and  acclaim  from  media  across  the  globe.  Moon Loves Honey functions  as  a  band  in  concert,  but  in  the  studio,  its  Jeppe  Dengsø  as  a  one-man-band.  The album was  in  the  making  for  a  year  and  a  half  and  took  huge  dedication  to  complete  because  of  Jeppe͛s  growing  obsessive  attention  to  detail.  In May  2016  –  shortly  after  the  release  of  the  band’s  debut  EP  ‘Apart’  –  Jeppe  started  recording  songs  in  Aarhus  with  friend  and  mix engineer  William  Brinch.  The initial plan  was  merely  to  record  a  couple  of  single-ideas,  but  the  plan  of  creating  an  entire  album  slowly  manifested  itself.  Over the  next  year,  the  entire  album  was  finished

‘You Drift Away From Me’ displays huge emotional and musical  variety with every song  differing from the next,  while the album  still has a unique  sonic character  throughout. There is a lot of blissful juicy sounds packed into this album yet it doesn’t seem over the top each track cruises along blending together becoming a sweet glorious component of the mellow and euphoric entity that is the ‘You Drift Away From Me’ album. From the electronic and chill wave-tinged  pop of opening track ‘To Be Without You’, Moon Loves Honey completely consume you in a luscious dreamy state of soft delicate melodies wrapped in a fluffy cloud of euphoria. The delicate vocals soothe while subtle flickering soundscapes lure you deeper into a trippy sweet state of psychedelia. The tracks that follow lead you down a glistening path of discovery as delicious melodies snappy soft beats and swirling electronics radiate sun kissed vibes. ‘Lonely Day’ and ‘Before I Crash’ provide images of summer sun, chill vibes and azure blue sky’s. It’s easy going yet brimming with silky intricate instrumentation to provide a satisfying listen. It’s almost like these guys create a little world within this album to loose yourself and just recline into as it soaks away all your problems in soothing tunes. Title track ‘You Drift Away From Me’ adds a perky little bounce and swirling adrenaline to the album while the atmospheric ballad ‘I’m Falling Out Of Love With You Baby’ glides along with a honey drizzled melody and lo fi vocals. ‘Blå’ acts as the wispy electronic intermission before the shoegazey  rock- esque ‘Is It Just A Dream?’ and ‘Should Have Waited’ spiral in a hazy whirl with subtle anthemic bursts over subdued crashing instrumentation. Moon Loves Honey bring us to the end of this glorious album with the twinkling ‘Replaced’. Flickering electronics sparkle glimmers of scintillation through a melty emotional melody while lush vocals coo over the melancholic tones.

‘You Drift Away From Me’ blends sun kissed chilled dream pop with shoegazey rock and atmospheric electronics effortlessly to create a wholly mesmerising dreamy listen that relaxes, soothes and tranquilises while throwing in some groovy bops and sublime textures on top. It’s magnificently crafted and leaves you refreshed and vitalised.

Stream ‘You Drift Away From Me’ below

Submariner ‘Ghosts’

Submariner have released their new single ‘Ghosts’. After a strong 2017 where they sold out headline slots on the South Coast, made their major festival debuts at Common People and Victorious festivals, released their debut music video for “Closer” and gained attention from BBC introducing and The Line of Best Fit; Submariner are primed and ready to mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another as 2018 promises tours, a debut EP and further festival appearances.

‘Ghosts’ is a catchy feathery light dash of indie pop that is dreamy, luscious and bright yet holds a deeper foundation. The political lyrics shows the bands maturity and awareness without dragging the track down while vibrant ethereal guitars jangle about swirling synths and a snappy steady beat. The delicate sombre toned melody laments over the heavenly aerial soundscapes with a heart warming sweetness that carries both hopeful tones and melancholic nostalgia. The velvety smooth vocals caress the melody with a gentle tenderness and emotional power while the twinkling guitars flicker glimpses of bright scintillation throughout, creating an optimistic vibe. This track is subtly anthemic and ambient as lush harmonies and breezy effortless cool tones mixed with burning emotion rush through the song filling you with adrenaline and passion to keep pushing through. A sublime track that both glistens and shimmers with sun kissed aerial instrumentation combined with catchy golden melodies and heartbroken realism.

When asked about the track the band said: “The song is spiritually inspired by last year’s general election. The narrative involves a woman who gives her life to fight for other people, the oppressed and the broken. She is haunted by the ghosts of those she and the system failed to save. The chorus addresses her opponents and details the flaw in greed, especially the lines ‘reap the seeds, there’s no where for them’ & ‘I’ll be dead, long before you live’ indicating that the oppressor seeks wealth only in financial sense, but without compassion and kindness, has no real quality to life. In the fictional sense, the story ends on a note of hope, with the ghosts of the failed haunting the consciousness of the heroines enemy, leaving you with the line ‘In the dark, you’ll remember me’ and in turn, spurring the person into action.”

Stream ‘Ghosts’ below