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Ghostking is Dead ‘This Is Doubt’ EP

After releasing his debut – the Sweet Boy EP – and three standalone singles in 2018, as well as a packed touring schedule including the inaugural It Takes A Village festival, Matthew Corrigan’s solo project Ghostking is Dead returns with a new EP, ‘This Is Doubt’, on Hausu. Following the trajectory of his musical evolution, ‘This Is Doubt’ sees Corrigan experimenting with new forms within his songs.This EP draws from the difficulties of the year’s work so far, the physical and emotional price of the work, and the pressure of creating newer, groundbreaking work despite having a huge number of songs written by age 20.

‘This Is Doubt’ is a weaving entanglement of mind melting bliss filled with mysterious wobbling structures and electronic sounds blended between warm synths, infectious melodies and hip hop flavours. A new rendition of an earlier Bandcamp single ‘Tokyo’ which is a song about re-creating and changing identities creates the smooth cruising tone of the EP. A gentle slapping beat gloops between subtle electronics creating that immersing dark atmosphere that beautifully surrounds Corrigan’s deep vocals. The glorious melodies are presented in a lavish lounge bar manner with the ethereal electronics building in the background swirling and caressing your ears in rich textures and weaving soundscapes. There is a jazz element sprinkled along the tracks with ‘Hollow’ showcasing this most fluidly. With a hip hop feature and spoken lyrics this track brings  confidence and attitude into the spacey EP. There is rich depth and moody vibes smeared throughout however, Corrigan balances this perfectly with a touch of soul, slick smoothness and steamy grooves. ‘Burn Out’ glides and sweetly twinkles along cooing vocals and buoyant guitars. The atmosphere floats and wisps about the dreamy background and catchy melody. This melody at times swaggers with a Justin Timberlake suaveness yet maintains and drives through on the Ghostking is Dead stamp. The immense sulky brooding sultriness continues with ‘Its Over’. With vocal whines of depression and glumness between a fabulous enchanting guitar injection and glistening synths – Corrigan pines and almost howls over the steamy guitar and steady rhythms to create the perfect sobbing material. ‘How Did I Get Here?’ brings us to an emotional and fiery end to the EP. Organ chords give an erratic spookie sense of misery as the anguish filled vocals exclaim over a groove infested backdrop that verges on a slow form of reggae- like beats and striking keys which venture into a sort of ethnic style.

‘This Is Doubt’ is a unique collection of enthralling and enchanting tracks filled with rich rhythms, deep meanings and expressive vocals. There is something quite mesmerising about each track – it almost places you in a trance – entirely of Ghostking is Dead’s creation.

Stream ‘This Is Doubt’ below


Lead Coloured River ‘Uncensored’ EP

Lead Coloured River have released their new EP ‘Uncensored’. Lead Coloured River are an indie rock quartet hailing from the valleys of South Wales. Forming in February of 2017, they have been hard at work establishing a name for themselves in the Welsh music scene.

‘Uncensored’ is an impressive and compact collection of tracks that showcase Lead Coloured River’s blistering brand of indie rock. From the first track ‘Uncensored Heartache’ with its swagger soaked rock n’ roll flair, we see how this four piece take guitar rock and flesh it out with some wonderful embellishments. Slick shredding riffs pierce through the punchy drum smacks and thrilling rooted bass grooves. Lead Coloured River can whack out a catchy chorus with ease, building the atmosphere, smearing it in darkly coated hues and mysterious tones while creating a “mosh pit frenzy” ready foundation and wrapping it in a danceable blanket. The quartet wear their influences on their sleeves with ‘Deception’ and ‘Set It Out’ oozing an early Arctic Monkeys residue. Each track flows fluidly and swiftly into the next with refined ease. Gritty guitars parade slick licks while the rooted rhythm marches everything at a powerful brisk pace. ‘Set It Out’ displays just how proficient this four piece are at melody progression. The infectious chorus is sure to spark massive live sing alongs while that sublime explosive crescendo and rumble drum progression sets the track apart from its predecessors. It’s meaty, well oiled and crafted beautifully. This I need to see live. ‘Everything’s Changed’ closes the EP ensuring we fully comprehend the brisk vibrant sound of Lead Coloured River. It’s a snappy, hyper number that flails wailing guitar shards about a hefty backdrop while dynamic vocals spit the brisk melody through agile bass lines. The perfect closer to keep you wanting more.

Lead Coloured River have presented us with a slick, vivacious four track EP that tantalizes the senses and promises this four piece are ones to keep an eye on. They are finding their sound and at the moment that sound glides on swagger steeped melodies, high-octane riffs, distorted bass and hefty drums.

Stream ‘Uncensored’ below

Mini Mansions ‘Works Every Time’ EP

Mini Mansions have released their highly anticipated EP ‘Works Every Time’. Singer/guitarist Michael Shuman, singer/keyboardist Tyler Parkford, and bassist Zach Dawes are the glorious trinity of Mini Mansions, a band who push boundaries and overwhelm our minds with psychedelic encryption and delicious tunes. The band have played in some of the world’s biggest rock bands, Queens of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets these guys have been flourishing right at the roots of the rock genre readying themselves and fermenting their sound.This new release arrives three years after their second record, ‘The Great Pretenders’, which received critical praise and featured guest appearances from Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and ‘Flashbacks’ a collection  of B-side tracks which was released in 2016. Mini Mansions sound is unique and stirring all at once and places them firmly on par if not above their comrades in intricate obscurity and just plain genius. ‘Works Every Time’ is only a glimpse of what these guys are capable of.

‘Works Every Time’ is a concise, flavoursome collection of juicy tracks to re-introduce us to the mouth watering home cooking of Mini Mansions. Title track ‘Works Every Time’ reels us in with a soft beat bouncing off a swoon worthy melody and glistening keys.Filled with wistful tones Parkford takes the vocals on this track, his sweet falsetto cooing over the breathtaking soundscapes as this song floats around a dreamy ethereal atmosphere while the zesty sting on guitars give a lamenting bite and sharpness to the track. ‘Midnight in Tokyo’ rumbles through with Dawes’ elastic bass line teamed with the sticky slapping beats setting the groove infested foundation as the track spirals into a sleazy swagger smacked number. With Prince like Bowie -esque hued verses and a triumphant catchy chorus this track struts in, slicked back, funk fueled and glossy. Shuman’s vocals take the lime light here drenched in panache and gritty rough flamboyance as flashing disco hued electronics dazzle the background while Parkford provides lush tight harmonies. The rich meaty sound is filled gloriously with zingy guitars weaving their way, flickering little bursts of spice throughout. Parkford takes vocals once again on ’This Bullet’ a psychedelic whirl of utter mind melting mania. He ventures to his ominous lower range while Dawes’ throbbing bass and meandering soundscapes rush you with a sinister sense of danger. This track has a residue of Mister Goodnite’s ‘One Against Five’ with a little more darkness and obscurity smeared on top as alien- esque electronics wail about eerie tones and snappy driving beats. There is something magnetic and hypnotic about this track as Mini Mansions distort and dissolve your entire grip of reality with one catchy dizzying tune. It’s dark and creepy especially when Parkford orders take off your vest“ however it’s difficult to prise yourself away from its chilling charm. Of course the band offer up another stirring cover for us to devour. Having previously embellished our ears with Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ and Sparks ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Mini Mansions dissect and dismember a thrillingly dark rendition of Edwyn Collins‘ ‘A Girl Like You’, dousing it in the gritty sleazy and intoxicating tones we love from this trio. It’s dark as Shuman howls, screams and deeply haunts over whining guitars and flashing electronics. Filled with infectious shimmy grooves this track will make your skin crawl and tantalize all your senses while creeping into your mind where it will firmly reside for days. They did a cover the only way Mini Mansions can … better than the original.

The talent of this band is immense. Each track was meticulously cultivated – simmering and ripening slowly in Mini Mansions pressure cooker until the band were ready to delight and shatter our ears all at once. It’s exciting to see what each release will bring. They never compromise their sound yet push boundaries and provide an enthralling full bodied sound with every release. There is no one else like Mini Mansions out there at the moment. We need this trio to keep music fresh.

Stream ‘Works Every Time’ below


The Word UK ‘Fish In The Sea’ EP


The Word UK have released their new EP ‘Fish In The Sea’. The Word (UK) are a Pop Rock band from Medway, Kent. They first got together in 2017 due to their mutual love for The Beatles (the name was taken from a Beatles song), which sums up the band well – these four lads aspire to write and perform music to the same standard as the biggest bands around, past and present.In search of the ‘old-school sound’ of their idols from the 1960s and 70s, the band headed to Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, famed locally for its analogue equipment and back-to-basics approach to recording. Most of what you hear was laid down live in a single room, with the band playing all at once – and all without a computer in sight. The result? A group of songs that capture a snapshot of the energy of their live performances, and a nod to the classic way of doing things.’Fish In The Sea’ is the band’s first EP. It’s a cluster of five tracks showcasing some of the original tunes the band have been pumping out live all over the UK for the last year; in pubs, clubs and even busking on the streets.

Swirled in luscious 60’s -esque melodies with a tight wall of sound driving this peppy collection of tracks ‘Fish In The Sea’ is a wholly satisfying  uplifting EP. Glorious honey drenched melodies caressed by warm sweet harmonies are the pinnacle point of this EP. Brother,Brother’ and title track ‘Fish In The Sea’ swoon with these delicious melodies, shredding guitar licks and a driving rhythm section that evokes images of surf waves and good times. With a shimmy ready lightness and compact Beatles – esque approach the track glides into your ears with effortless sun kissed charm. Intricate guitars weave and wander their way through each track with a golden, glorious toned thread of delight. The tongue twister ‘Lemonella Citronella’ is a darling little gem that sits comfortably in the middle of the EP. The enchanting guitar once again entwines and illuminates this balmy gem. The Word UK shake things up a little with the Bo Diddley rhythmic intro of  ‘Captain Pine’ teamed with a rooted bass rumble. This track brings a slightly darker tone to the EP as the guitars whine over the stormy instrumentation. The melody however, remains peppy and bright. These are catchy tunes that will put a smile on your face and have you singing along and clapping in no time. Closing track ‘The Hillbilly Song’ is the perfect example of this, bringing a 60’s swing into the mix that is sure to have a live audience dancing and bopping along.With a shredding guitar solo and harmonica injection this vibrant track is a blistering highly energetic number to bring the EP to an end.

‘Fish In The Sea’ is a playful charming collection of tracks that exude swagger and easy going fun to keep your hearts light and joyful. These guys have showcased their proficient musicianship through some highly enjoyable tunes.

Stream ‘Fish In The sea’ below




The Empire Police ‘Modern Obsession’ EP

Preston four piece The Empire Police have released their new EP ‘Modern Obsession’, the follow up to last years self titled EP. The indie rock quartet formed in 2015 and quickly became an accomplished “live” act with a growing, energetic fan base across northern cities including Preston, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. Having had several of their songs played on BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music the band continues to develop their live shows and their own unique sound.

‘Modern Obsession’ is a power-rock pumping station ready to burst with huge choruses and shredding instrumentation. The arena sing along ready title track ‘Modern Obsession’ introduces the EP with a fine sense of subtle grandeur. The catchy chorus, twinkling guitars and punchy drum stomp create a gripping atmosphere for the song. This Imagine dragons -esque ditty, swoons and soars over heartfelt melodies and crowd friendly motifs while steamy guitar solos inject a healthy dose of classic rock grit into this anthemic number.‘Fine Lines’ andAm I To Know’ thrusts some punk fire into the mix. These guys prove they can whack some gritty mosh ready heaviness into their sound seamlessly while also flickering into some funky guitar bridges and infectious smooth melodies between the crashing mania. Slick riffage is another glorious feature running riot throughout this EP, it is at its most thrilling display in ‘Vibrant Hideaway’. Gritty jagged and razor sharp, the guitar riffs slice and dice their way through this track. The Empire Police continue their blistering rock intensity with By The Scenes’ and closing track ‘Any Greater Wisdom’ as they glide a delicious melody over the vigorous instrumental. There is a residue of The Killers ‘Sams Town’ era floating about ‘By The Scenes’ as it pulses through on a gripping lamenting melody with an anthemic soaring backing of scorching guitars and pummeling drums. However The Empire Police create their own cinematic enthralling display throughout this tune.

The Empire Police have created a hook filled collection of tracks to get the heart racing and fill the soul with that adrenaline fueled sense of urgency only a solid anthemic indie rock EP can induce.

Stream below ‘Modern Obsession’ below


Skipper ‘North’ EP

Infrared image of evening light falling on Icelandic mountain range

Folk rock artist Skipper has released his new EP ‘North’. Skipper released his latest Folk Rock EP, North, back in March and is ready to share it to new listeners once again. For Skipper, this record is his first self produced project, having worked on it all by himself. The vocals and the majority of the instrumentals are all his own work that he recorded in ‘Anchor Point’ in Melbourne, Australia.  With the help of contributors such as mixer, Brian McTear, who has worked with Sharon Van Etten and War on Drugs drummer Patrick Berkery, Skipper puts a spin on classic folk music.

‘North’ is a collection of gripping emotionally charged tracks that take you on a breezy journey of discovery. Written by Skipper about the complexity of life itself each track highlights a different aspect of life. ‘Past The Night’ speaks about death, following personal processes of letting go of true love. Brimming with wispy haunting soundscapes and deep eerie vocals this track builds from mournfully chilling to a crashing crescendo of shrilling guitars with wail and screech over punchy drums. The melodies in this EP are rich and full of meaningful heart gripping moments that make each track hit home with the listener. ‘Take What’s Yours’  is Skipper’s take on an ode to our consumer culture. Warm jingly guitar weaves its slinky way between a steady buoyant beat and rich percussion as Skippers vocals coo, soothe and almost drone between this lush exotic backdrop. ‘Northern Light’ is full of twinkling mystery. Delicate guitars glisten between a throbbing beat while echoed vocals haunt over the pulsing backdrop as bells chime an ominous jingle throughout. The sweet angelic ‘Hey There’ closes the EP. Soft guitar jingles teamed with lush harmonies add an ethereal lift to this gentle number ending the EP with soft chimes and celestial tones of hope. A charming tender way to close an EP which travels through a roller-coaster of emotions in the most soothing tranquilising manner.

Stream ‘North’ below


Hozier ‘Nina Cried Power’ EP

Multi-Platinum selling, Grammy nominated artist Hozier has released his new EP, titled ‘Nina Cried Power’. Consisting of four brand new tracks written and performed by Hozier, the EP’s lead single and title track features legendary soul/gospel singer Mavis Staples, with iconic musician Booker T Jones on organ.The EP release follows a trio of intimate live shows in Dublin’s Academy Theatre this week. Billed as live rehearsals with all proceeds going to three charities (Safe Ireland, One In Four, The Peter McVerry Trust), the shows are the first Irish headline performances from Hozier since late 2015. Further UK, Ireland & European dates are due to be announced on 17th September.

‘Nina Cried Power’ follows all the glorious traits we love from Hozier. It’s a bracing, wholly gripping and thoroughly satisfying collection of tracks that pack some emotional and powerful punches. Title track ‘Nina Cried Power’ surges with raw spirit and energy with a deluge of soul flooding from every note and clap. It’s a powerful and compelling track about political protest where Hozier name checks several iconic artists, activists and proponents of the civil rights movement whose messages, activism and artistry contributed to change through protest. Those mentioned in the track’s lyrics include (among others) Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, James Brown, the song’s namesake Nina Simone, and Mavis Staples. Mavis Staples’ outstanding faultless vocals feature rushing urgency and might into this goosebump inducing number. Hozier’s knack for melodies once again shines throughout this EP as he pours a bittersweet melody over the mesmerising mighty elements of soul and the lush quality of a choir. The title track alone can move mountains but Hozier has more in store for us. NFWMB’ sees the return of the acoustic tenderness with subtle sweet glimmers between the warm flickers of guitar as this track softly glows like a cosy fire flickering through a cold harsh night providing comfort and soothing tones. Hozier’s vocals coo delicately over a soft stomping beat creating that tranquilizing peace only he can produce while holding every ounce of your attention. ‘Moment’s Silence (Common Tongue)’ takes on the role of showcasing the Wicklow songster’s bluesy side. Filled with passion he broods and soars  over a finger clicking feature while slinky guitar swaggers with a buoyant gritty sense of urgency. It’s catchy and energetic with perfectly placed darkened tones dispersed throughout. ‘Shrike’ demonstrates the earthy delicate tones we experienced in Hozier’s debut album with ‘In The Woods Somewhere’. His falsetto gracefully contrasting his warm lower range which quietly almost whispers the verses. There is a wood like vibe to this track with a traditional Irish tone floating about the subtle piano and ethereal atmosphere.

‘Nina Cried Power’ EP blends the bitter sweet, the delicate and powerful perfectly to create a satisfying unique experience that is Hozier’s sound. What makes his songs so special is his ability to tell a story through not only lyrics but his instruments- each guitar stroke, piano twinkle and drum stride dance through the harsh or beautiful themes with elegance and poise. They present or take the form of a different character making the tunes beautifully vivid and compelling. You can feel each emotion due to the passionate and adept placing of each instrument and percussion element.

Of the title single, Hozier says: The song was written sometime last year, my aim was to credit the actuality of hope, solidarity and love found in the human spirit at a time when their opposites were being given a mainstream platform 24/7. The song started as a tongue-in-cheek inquiry into modern popular language regarding political awareness and grew from there. In many ways the song is a thank you note to the legacy of artists from the 20th Century whose work still inspires us, and whose well we draw from in times of uncertainty. Mavis Staples is one such artist. Getting to work with her on this song was a joy, and nothing short of a dream come true.”

Stream  ‘Nina Cried Power’ EP below

SISTERAY ‘Sisteray Said’ EP

Following a thrilling 18 months in which they’ve lit up festival stages, sold out delirious venues, released their debut ’15 Minutes’ EP, and delighted tastemakers and fans alike, SISTERAY are now set to release their new EP ‘Sisteray Said’ on 7th September, ahead of a UK tour that includes a headline show at London’s 100 Club.

‘Sisteray Said’ displays this four piece’s gut buckling punk rock in all its glorious, rawness and swaggering dripping finesse. Calum Landau’s drumming maintains a lovable fluctuant foundation for each track – thumping swift elastic fierceness into each song with relentless stamina. The killer intro to Wannabes’ shows just how tight these guys have become. Each stomp strides with surety and determination. Dan Connolly maneuvers and weaves slick crashing guitar lines between the hefty rhythms – from rooted grumbles to utterly supreme wails and whines he soars and dives between them with utter brilliance. It’s a groove infested meaty number brimming with adrenaline and blistering intensity while whacking out a crowd friendly sing along chorus. Sisteray know what works well on the live circuit and these tunes are crafted for maximum live show enjoyment. Rumour Mill’ kicks off with another sublime drum rumble while Mick Hanrahan’s resilient bass groove rebounds like rubber creating a dark rolling undertone in the song. This sublime track explodes into a fuzz filled distorted whirring crescendo before speed-balling into the neck snapping ‘Algorithm Prison’. Niall Rowan’s vocals ooze attitude throughout each number with aggression and dynamic expression. He almost shouts and chants at us filling you with hyperactive energy while blending seamlessly and complementing the instrumental assault perfectly. The brisk pace of the tracks surge huge electronic volts through your veins as the infectious melodies and vigorous backdrops ensure a wholly thrilling listening experience. Title track Sisteray Said’ closes the EP fuming with kinetic energy, as slick guitars lacerate and whine over a frenzy inducing onslaught of punchy drums and nimble bass slaps mangled together to create an exhilarating groovy foundation.

‘Sisteray Said’ is an impressive riotous collection of tracks perfectly layered and crafted for that get up and dance, mosh and jump feeling of euphoria. These guys are witty and have a knack for weaving in little filigrees of guitar or bass to inject some slickness and a hint of elegance into their unruly swagger driven sound. Within a blink the tracks range from pure aggression to pure beauty with such refinement its graceful yet barbaric. There is some serious talent here.

You can catch Sisteray live at

3 Oct – BRIGHTON – Hope and Ruin

05 Oct – BRISTOL – Mothers Ruin

06 Oct – OXFORD – The Cellar

08 Oct – SOUTHAMPTON – The Joiners

10 Oct – LEEDS – The Lending Room

11 Oct – SHEFFIELD – Cafe Totem

12 Oct – LIVERPOOL – Jacaranda

13 Oct – READING – Oxjam

17 Oct – LONDON – 100 Club

18 Oct – ST ALBANS – The Horn

Stream Wannabes’ below



Midnight Embargo ’00:00′ EP

London  electro/alt rock trio Midnight Embargo have released their second EP ’00:00′ which was recorded with Nottingham producer Guy Elderfield. The scorching four track EP swarms in with catchy rock n’ roll whisked in dark funky flavoured disco vibes – perfect for frenzied live shows. Jangly guitars and buoyant strut ready rhythms glissade through the effervescent HRTBRK’ and ‘Burn Your Fires’ These stomping disco bangers are brimming with panache as swagger soaked guitars prance through the punchy drums and sparkling synth glam. These guys whir through their infectious tunes with a slickness that is enthralling while a rowdy backdrop makes every pulse beat and stride compel your body to groove. The shredding rawness of ‘Borderline (Won’t Let Up)’ keeps the relentless stamina alive as edgy guitar riffs splinter and lacerate through the punchy drums and elastic bass rumbles. With a sing along fiery chorus perfect for live crowd interaction this track whips up a dark smothered blustery rock n’ roll frenzy. ‘Battle Rhythm’ closes the EP continuing the kinetic energy of the previous tracks with a little more aggression burning throughout the ethereal breezy soundscapes. Sharp guitars sting between the dynamic vocals and thumping drums as the synths weave a smoky haunting braid of mystery throughout.

Midnight Embargo have created a sublime dancable EP laced in infectious disco vibes with a magnificent blend of swagger soaked rock ‘n’ roll and 80s-infused rock. The slick, steamy, scalding guitar lines teamed with catchy melodies and driving rhythms make for one groovy wholly satisfying EP that is sure to make for a crazy live show.

Stream  ’00:00′ below

Sandra’s Wedding ‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’ EP

Indie four piece Sandra’s Wedding have released their new EP ‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’. The Goole based four piece comprised of members Joe Hodgson (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano), Jonny Hughes (Electric guitar, Mandolin), Tom Hill (Bass Guitar), Luke Harrison (Drums, Percussion) released their debut album “Northern Powerhouse” in February 2017, which was well received by reviewers with the band subsequently invited to perform a BBC Introducing live session on the show. The sepia tinged songs on the album address love, loss and life in industrial towns across the North of England, with guitarist Jonny Hughes telling one newspaper that the group and lyricist Joe Hodgson try to write songs with lyrics that people can identify with, telling stories about residing and experiencing life in Northern, working class areas.’Good Morning, Bad Blood’ deals with similar themes to its’ predecessor with love, the complexities of relationships and the mundane side of romance all running strongly through the four tracks. The album was produced by Dan Foster at Hull’s Element Studios and mastered by Pete Maher.

‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’ is a charming warm collection of tracks that travel at an easy pace unfolding tales of heartbreak and love in a cosy wholesome manner. All four tracks hold a similar thread that confirms Sandra’s Wedding’s Smiths- esque brand however each track maintains its own identity and beautiful hold on your ears. The delicately chiming guitars throughout title track Good Morning, Bad Blood’ teamed with a delicious soothing melody and punchy drums makes for an enthralling opening to the EP. Instantly you are relaxed and settled into the cosy sound of this quartet. Hodgson’s vocals are easy to listen to as his sweet and comforting voice caresses the melody while the jangly guitar laments with warm yet sorrowful tones. Even through the mournfulTitanic’ Hodgson’s vocals hold a firm grip on your emotions as the elegant piano adds a graceful classy tone to the sweet tune. Saturday Night Television’ brings a foot tapping cheery quality to the lamenting feel of the EP. The trumpet and cello are a sublime addition to the instrumentation, they fill the track with a tender warmth while weaving through a doleful bitter sweet melody that could bring a tear to your eye. ‘Run, Rabbit, Run’ is the most vibrant track on the EP as lively trumpet blasts set a mysterious Mexican Mariachi vibe over buoyant drums and lively guitar strides. It’s a refreshing and striking end to the EP.

‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’ is a collection of four songs that are brimming with sleek guitars weaving their way meticulously through sublime melodies and immaculate moments making for a richly satisfying listen. Each track is so rhythmically appealing  and touching that the persistent listener is likely to find themself won over almost,without warning, by its pure honesty and wholesomeness.


Stream  ‘Good Morning, Bad Blood’ below