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Tribal Dance ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ Video Premier

Dublin-based experimental/post-punk band Tribal Dance are set to release their video for ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ tomorrow December 5th. Tribal Dance consists of bassist and vocalist Adam Smyth, guitarist Stephen Dowling and percussionist Leo Clarke. Their debut single “Flongo” released in August 2017, sent out waves of excitement and received extremely positive reviews from music blogs and nationwide newspapers as well as national and international radio play, which contributed to a sold out single release show. The band have been showcased in Whelan’s Ones to Watch along with headlining a special Nialler9 showcase The Button Factory as well an unforgettable performance to a packed tent at KnockanStockan 2018.The band’s sophomore release ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ is set to be the first release on Bad Soup Records in December 2018, accompanied with an intense and dramatic music video, a limited edition physical release.

‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ is Tribal Dance’s fierce way of dissolving your mind in their thick murky concoction of math punk with sweet little bubbles of psychedelic rock gasping beneath this suffocating brew. The tense atmosphere builds right from the start as these guys unfold each segment gently with eerie soundscapes twinkling through distorted guitars and punchy drum attacks. This acid saturated gem lures and entices with soft lulling vocals, sweet little guitar injections and a meaty rhythmic foundation. Just as the track seeps into its dreamiest delusional state Tribal Dance electrocute you back to life with a pulverising heavy finale. The fluctuation between Math mania and soothing psychedelia is masterful as Adam Smyth switches from animated screams to soft coos seamlessly while wobbly desert guitar whines between a deep groove and laid back melody. Well crafted this track consumes you entirely in the dizzying world of Tribal Dance and with musicianship this refined and messy all at once – these guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Watch the video for ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ below

Snail Collectors ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’

Snail Collectors is a project setup by Glasgow musician Nick Scroggie. His sound infuses elements of Experimental/rock and prog with cinematic visions in mind. He has released his new track ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ taken from his four track EP of the same name which is all written, performed and recorded at home by Nick Scroggie. ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ is an edgy dark brew of thick sticky beats slapping off murky fuzzed guitars and swirling opaque synths. The track pulses and crawls with an eerie haunting quality that is chilling and bewitching. Emotive vocals yearn and simmer with a smokey hazy smoulder. While the track bubbles and boils gaining momentum until it bursts with a blistering shrilling guitar solo. Insanely catchy and luring this track is riveting with irresistible haunting tones wriggling and twisting in a dark murky turpentine-like mixture.

You can buy the ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ EP here

Stream ‘All Kinds Of Wrong’ below