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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Honey Lung


Honey Lung are an alternative band from London. They have released their debut EP ‘Kind Of Alone’. Which has already captured the interest of the likes of Radio X and BBC Introducing. We have chosen their single ‘End Of Time’ from the EP as our worth a listen track this week. ‘End Of Time’ instantly blasts you with fierce 90’s grunge. Shredding guitars rip through the track with raw razor sharp grit and relentless aggression while the drums pound and pummel giving rough and tumble grainy textures that is absolutely thrilling. Soaked in an infectious pop melody that contrasts the dark moody tone, its a sulky sweet juicy track to sink your teeth into. Monotonic, droning brooding vocals fester and wallow in the downcast tone giving a nostalgic nod to the moody bands of 90’s youth. This track bursts with energy and vibrancy in-between the gloom. The zesty riff slaps you in the face and throws you head first into their ebullient sound, leaving you craving more and more for this sun soaked vitalising unique moping sound. The track summarises youth- hood’s conflicting feelings and emotions perfectly, pouty gloomy yet epic. Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘End Of Time’ below

Hollie Joyce ‘Poster Girl’

Hollie Joyce is a singer songwriter who is becoming known for her wild, unconventional and ruthlessly blunt style of music. Currently residing in Melbourne Joyce is a songwriter completely in control of her craft. Combining fervent lyrics with distorted and at times eerie tones, Joyce has established a compelling sound that doesn’t hold back. From 70’s horror flicks and spaghetti westerns Joyce has developed a dynamic cacophony that sometimes strays into raucous rock ’n’ roll freak outs, while at other times deviating to the more alluring and melodic. Joyce has released her first single ‘Poster Girl’ off her upcoming EP which is scheduled for release early next year.
‘Poster Girl’ is a fiery garage soul track exuding scalding blistery swagger blended with sizzling sultry soulful tones that coax and sensually lure into the burning gritty garage rock. Joyce sings with strong confident attitude and sass that builds into a howl and an expression-filled scream. Coated in sway-like elastic sensuality and driven with ruckus causing rock and roll the track boils with red hot steamy attitude that is sure to burn everything in its path as it flies past leaving smoke and debris behind. With a western desert saloon cabaret vibe followed by a drunken brawl with a sweltry sting on guitar and punchy drums that leaves you black and blue, Hollie Joyce is on fire.
Stream ‘Poster Girl’ below

Varvara ‘Death Defying Tricks’


Finnish garage-rock band, Varvara have announced the release of their upcoming album ‘Death Defying Tricks’ which is set for release on 4th November. Band members Mikko Kiri (Vocals/Guitar), Tommi Muhli (Guitar), Toni Raukola (Guitar/Vocals), Simo Kuhlman (Bass) and Lauri Tattari (Drums) present us with their blusterous hefty headbanging rock.
‘Sons’ and ‘Caught’ waist no time in pelting us into Varvara’s pummelling strike of killer riffs and pounding drums. With tuneful melodies and luring Queens of the Stone Age- esque vocals Varvara  display their hardcore moshing teamed with intense melodic sways. ‘Warning Sign’ changes the tone a little the song starts with striking guitar and gentle vocals. The track builds for the gritty trashing chorus with strident crash on guitars and burly drums. However it maintains a flexibility and elasticity with the malleable sensual bass and change to a smooth bounce on drums at times. ‘Human Being’ has a massive chorus and clap along beat combined with shredding screeching guitars its a balls out energetic anthem. ‘No Reason’ gritty swagger filled rock and roll gives us a sensual side to the five piece. Slick riffs and striking guitars mixed with attitude and aggression its a punchy pulveriser .‘Arrows’ slows the mood with a sway like atmosphere to start with gentle twinkle on guitar. Sweet vocals and eerie haunting atmosphere set the tone. The track builds into body pounding chorus and sharp guitars. The thick heavy intensity of the verse is broken by a dropping head bang instrumental and a shredding guitar feature that is sure to have a live audience going crazy. ‘Since We Cant Explain’ ‘Shadow of Mistrust’ and ‘Headlights’ continues to display Varvara’s acute melodies infectious hooks and haunting vocals wrapped up in sticky gooey atmospheres with mosh worthy gritty rock thrown in. The album finishes with ‘Crossed My Mind’ which displays idiosyncratic quirky indie elements with a bizarre theatrical vocal accompanied by bright energetic tones. It closes the album on a vibrant note while ensuring that Varvara cannot be pinned down into a style or genre. They do whatever they want.
Stream ‘Caught’ below

New Valley Wolves ‘Silver Tongue’

New Valley Wolves have released their new track ‘Silver Tongue’. Its a snarling, balls-out beast of a track bursting with the bluesy, gritty, frantic sound that the rock duo create. It’s a ferocious riff-driven wall of sound enriched with sensual elastic tones. With irate swagger infused vocals, primal drumming and a bass so skilfully wielded it lures the listener into a fuzzed haze of entrapment that could cause a frenzy-filed brawl amongst the most timid of people while still remaining tactile. Lyrically, ‘Silver Tongue’ is pure unadulterated macho rock. New Valley Wolves once again create an almighty racket as Joyce assaults the drums creating a turbulent pounding sound adding to the tracks speed driven fury.
New Valley Wolves have released a video for ‘Silver Tongue’ it captures the high intense energy and atmosphere of their live shows. Watch the video below.

Rat Ta’Mango ‘Let It Go’

Rat Ta’Mango are an Adelaide band who play a unique brand of blues rock, fusing elements of garage, psych and funk. The three piece have recently released their debut self titled EP. The 5 track Ep is bursting with a mixture of garage rock, blues and Latin-jam influences intertwining and blending together while creating a massive raw sound that packs a punch.
It was their first single ‘Let It Go’ that caught our attention. Its heavy furious fuzzed intro teases their garage rock mosh worthy sound before revealing a funky slick verse. The sensual swagger and opulent rhythmic groove and percussion-soaked bounce adds an elasticity and addictive energy to the track. The vocals are passionate and dynamic giving a steamy exhilarating strut quality and confidence. The track spirals into a shredding guitar solo and intense weighty burly headbang. ‘Let It Go’ softens to gentle vocals and light accompaniment before a final beefy robust crescendo to end. Rat Ta’Mango show us how to mix raw gritty bluesy sound with funky sensual guitar licks and fantastic brawny hooks leaving you wanting to hear more.
Stream ‘Let It Go’ below

Val Cale ‘Two People In The Dark’

val cale

Val Cale are a Garage Blues band from Leeds. The band consists of members Tom Lister (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar), Henry Smith (Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals), Shafiq Dufrene (Bass Guitar / Keys / Backing Vocals) and Sam Hamer (Drums / Backing Vocals). The band has quickly made progress through the Leeds city gig scene, and is gaining a reputation for enthralling, atmospheric and groovy live performances. They claim their music is “capable of reducing the listeners mind to the creamy texture of a head of stout” and they are absolutely right.
‘Two People In The Dark’ gives us a taste of what we can expect from their upcoming debut EP ‘Blackstuff’ which is set for release this September. Its a deep dark swirling concoction of gritty blues and rock with a dash of psychedelia. ‘Two People In The Dark’ introduces itself with a massive attention grabbing dirty blues riff. The track becomes more sensual and luring with an elastic bass that adds an enticing lustful quality and burning desire feel to the track. While Lister’s vocals are raspy and emotion filled adding to the longing tone. The drums keep a flexible tempting beat that teases the listener as we wait for the massive crescendo. The shredding guitar solo adds that touch of psychedelia as it screeches with powerful distortion and is performed with slick proficient and nimble skill.
‘Two People In The Dark’ shows Val Cale’s skillful musicianship, looking forward to their EP.
These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Two People In The Dark’ below

King Harvest & The Weight release debut album Maps in-store and online today


King Harvest & The Weight are Ben Adey ( Bassist and main songsmith), Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals). They have released their debut album ‘Maps’ today which is a collection of upbeat catchy rock tracks bursting with great vibes and embroidered with dynamic bass, mighty drums and spirited guitar. The album flows fluidly with each track bursting with infectious luscious melodies and fantastic musicianship that will attract repeated listens.
If you are in Dublin on the Sunday August 21st head down to Howth and check out King Harvest & The Weight’s next performance for the birthday celebrations of late Thin Lizzy legend Phil Lynott, at the personal request of his mother, Philomena. A third single release and video for When it Stops will accompany the album launch. Trust me your going to want to see these guys live.

Check out the Press release below

Maps, the debut long-player from West Yorkshire three-piece King Harvest & The Weight gets its eagerly anticipated in-store release today, also becoming available to download from all major online music outlets. Greeted with universal praise from publications and peers throughout the industry, the album’s 14-tracks have been hailed for their infectious blend of pop sensibility, garage-rock intent and AOR sophistication –bolstered by a recent whistle-stop tour of the UK and Ireland
Described as “the greatest lost mixtape –a dashboard discovery for a hot summer’s day”, Maps comes hot on the heels of frenetic lead single Unstuck, and the introspective follow-up Bloodsport, which –alongside a video from up-and-coming filmmaker Jordan Greenwood –explores the effects of depression on relationships.
Opening with Howl –a spoken-word intro from Stooges/Minutemen bassist Mike Watt –Maps features contributions from a diverse host of musical luminaries, including Peter Gabriel vocalist Rosie Doonan, and Ren Harvieu keys-man Andy Bruce. Frontman, bassist and main songsmith Ben Adey is joined by Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals) to complete the band’s core lineup.
Watch ‘Unstuck’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Fangclub


Fangclub are a Garage rock band from Dublin. Band members Steven King, Kevin Keane and Dara Coleman released their EP ‘Bullet Head’ this year and we have chosen the title track as our worth a listen track.
‘Bullet Head’ is an energetic, gritty, grunge rock track that is reminiscent of the 90’s style organic rock. The track begins with an infectious guitar riff intro that builds into a fantastic mosh with pounding drums and vigorous guitars. The verse stalls the mosh and is delivered in a shadowy, cool yet intense manner. With light instrumentation while the vocals are smooth and clear with a slight rasp giving a gritty texture to the track that is enticing. It then explodes into the chorus with dynamic and animated vocals, shredding guitar and thunderous strong rhythm. The chorus is lyrically simple and infectious and difficult not to sing along to. With its punk attitude for the chorus and intense dark verse which has a luring and captivating effect this track shows how diverse Fangclub are.
A Fantastic track which I can imagine is insane when performed live!
You can catch them live at
Jul 24 Knockanstockan Festival,Wicklow
Jul 29 Indiependence Festival Mitchelstown
4 Aug , Whelans Upstairs, Dublin
Watch ‘Bullet Head’ below

The Chessmen ‘Gonzo’

The Chessmen are a 60’s inspired garage rock n roll band from Leeds. The band consists of Luke Holdsworth (Lead Guitar/Vocals ), Ryan Walker (Bass Guitar ) and Scott Parker (Drums). They formed in early 2016 and are already making their mark in the underground unsigned music scene landing themselves an endorsement from Hofner guitars. They are stamping out their authority on the touring circuit with dates booked across the UK.
Their new track ‘Gonzo’ is a modern yet retro track packed with 60s swagger. It takes you back in time to enjoy a much loved genre of music in a fresh way. With crunchy beat-stops which reference the mod generation combined with psychedelic guitars give a playful British Austin Powers vibe while showing some serious skilful musicianship. The vocals exude confidence and give a strut quality to the track. The song is a massive musical rush and frenzy throughout as the verses build to a rapid catchy chorus and end on a vocal howl leaving the listener exhausted from this energetic storm, however willing to press replay and listen to it again.
‘Gonzo’ is a fantastic burst of mania and frenzy and an absolute must listen!
You Can catch The Chessmen live at
Fri, Jun 10 Percy’s Coffee & Curios, Watergate Street, Shropshire
Fri, Jun 17 The Victoria, 48 John Bright Street, Birmingham
Sat, Jun 18 Salford Arms, Chapel Street, Manchester
Sat, Jun 25 Apollo Festival – Rick Witter’s Premier Stage, York
Sat, Jul 2 @ 8:00 PM Belgrave Music Hall, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds

Stream ‘Gonzo’ below

Kinky Rhino


Kinky Rhino are a Garage Rock/Grunge Rock/Desert Rock band that was founded by members of The Blue Man Group band while touring Central and South America. Multi instrumentalist Jeff Wright contacted Orlando-based producer Justin Beckler to help demo a few of his original songs on which Wright wrote, sang and played every instrument. These songs were Kinky Rhino’s self-titled 5 track début EP.  For the live shows Wright brings in fellow Blue Man Group touring musicians Jordan Wesolek (guitar), Chris Reiss (guitar), Terry Tungjungyatham (bass) and Anthony Riscica (drums) while Wright himself sings lead vocals and plays guitar.
The EP begins with the powerful riff based ‘Garage Roque’. This track is full of strident guitars with heavy rowdy bass lines and pounding drums. The strong bass line pulses throughout the track combining with the steady drums giving a rock solid foundation for a grunge rock sound. Wrights vocals are strong and honest with the added scream vocal for the chorus that adds a rawness to the track. The repetitive bridge with suspended screeching guitars adds tension before the huge vigorous mosh to end the track. This is a great song to begin the EP as it shows us the monstrous sound these guys can produce. I can imagine its epic live!
‘Nom Nom Nom’ follows with a cooler slower tone to give us a break from the high energy. The track begins with soft sleek guitar and groovy beat and smooth vocal for the verse. Its has a sensual tone and sway-like feel with seductive guitar licks and steady beats. The chorus kicks into a heavier grunge sound that you can’t help but head bang to as it fades to another alluring verse, followed by an almost psychedelic bridge that breaks into an anthem like vocal. A lot happens in this song as it takes you on a journey of slipping in and out of styles with such ease showing the fantastic musicianship here.
‘Eclipse’ lightens the mood with a bouncy beat and almost pop feel with “do do do” backing vocals. This song gives a bright vibrant atmosphere. With running bass line and light guitars to start. The lush harmonies in the backing vocals adds an angelic feel to this track which is a huge contrast to the other tracks we have heard so far. The song builds as the guitars become more prominent and a heavier sound begins to seep in. The vocals intensify a little as we hear a heavier sound instrumentality and wicked sharp guitar solo. The vocals become more gritty here also and give a frustrated tone, before it breaks again to the lighter pop sound we heard earlier however the instruments stay with their rock sound ending on a high both instrumentally and vocally.
‘Desiree’ gives a melancholy tone full of frustration and despair. It begins soft with a strong bass line and thumping drums. The soft vocals give us a sense of hopelessness but the pounding pulse of the bass conveys a feeling of emotions turning and bubbling ready to burst. We see this explosion of emotions as they break into an anthem chorus. The Pounding drums and slick guitars add a mosh effect to the song as it ends on a heavy rock vibe.
The EP finishes with ‘All-American Slam’ an energetic robust rock track with thunderous drums, strident guitars and a weighty bass line. This track is full of energy and headbangingly good.This is an excellent track to finish the album as its got all the best parts of all the other songs put into one gigantic heavy rock track.
A really strong first EP look forward to hearing more from these guys
Stream ‘Kinky Rhino’ EP below