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Indie Buddie Introducing : doops

Reading based three piece doops have released their second single ‘Laika’.The band comprised of Andrew Bingham (Guitar, Vocals), Chris Crouch (Drums) & Luke Connor (Bass)  have already supported the likes of ‘Touts’, ‘King Nun’ and ‘Saint Agnes’.They have also played packed slots at Are You Listening Festival, Readipop & Oxjam along with a sold out release show for their debut single ‘GUSHROOM’ at the Monto Water Rats in Kings X.

‘Laika’ is an abrasive, raw gash of alternative rock at its most blistering, mind dissolving best. These guys whack out this hyperactive number as it travels at a brisk speed ready for a brawl and jam packed with shrilling guitar distortion and a snappy exhilarating rhythm. Coming in at a short 1 minute and 25 seconds, this song is one pure concoction, distilled to its finest dizzying dosage. The punk attitude is doused on top of raw guitar lacerations. Heavy, meaty beats push the track into your head with a thrilling, bashing force while spacey acid fizzling riffs keep everything at a dynamic high. The rapid lyrics spit through the frenzied soundscapes with an effortless ease as the track builds to a paralyzing guitar solo. These guys have a fresh penetrating sound that is sure to drive your blood pressure to the roof in the most invigorating way.

Stream ‘Laika’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : The Arthur Brothers

Tottenham based The Arthur Brothers have released their debut single ‘Ninth’. The Arthur Brothers began life as a recording project and quickly grew into an artistic alliance centered around the biological brothers Matt and Danny Arthur and the producer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist J. C. Wright. Their music is inspired by a mutual obsession for inventive song-craft and a cross-generational love of classic albums with dramatic, bold and intriguing productions. Driven by a devotion to the recording process and a passionate desire to make a record full of mystery, melody, diversity and depth – the Arthurs and Wright, along with a coterie of talented contributors have been on a long and challenging creative expedition. Their first single release, ‘Ninth’, is the opening stage of the nine part musical adventure that will eventually be unveiled as The Arthur Brothers’ debut album.

‘Ninth’ is a multi- faceted weaving prism glistening between a swirling concoction of dark chilling mystery. This richly textured number thrives on a meaty tribal drum foundation which whacks and rumbles under western- esque guitars and icy keys. Flashing soundscapes create a floaty breezy atmosphere for the eerie vocals to haunt through while twinkling chimes and desert evoking guitars lament and flood the track with a lonely tone. The melody slides between mysterious and cold to peppy and buoyant as the catchy chant-like chorus stomps its way into your brain with a relentless stamina that won’t rest until you sing along. The immaculate harmonies surge adrenaline through the song making for a completely submerging listening experience. It’s a cinematic track that will have you thumping your chest, stomping your feet and worshiping The Arthur Brothers tribal- esque indie sound blissfully.


Stream ‘Ninth’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Under Starling

Under Starling is a new musical project by brothers Danny and Tommy Dunford, along with guitarist Stephen Keating and bassist Colin Drummey. Past experience has left the group with a few notable gigs. A debut festival appearance at Indiependence 2016, support gigs to Walking on Cars, All Tvvins and Fangclub to name a few. They regularly play full house shows in Fred Zeppelins (Cork) and in venues such as Whelans Live (Dublin), Fibber Magees (Dublin) and Roisin Dubh (Galway). The band have now released their debut  single ‘Far Be It From Me’.

Far Be It From Me’ showcases this bands ability to produce and deliver a deeply rich melodic track brimming with true passion and gusto. The track progresses slowly with perfectly placed spacious moments for maximum heart gripping impact as the brooding and fermenting verses build in intensity for the explosive passionate chorus. The vocals pack oodles of emotion giving you goosebumps while ethereal guitars lament along a punchy mournful drum backbone. It’s a melancholic fiery gem that cuts deep but rests comfortably on your ears as you crave to hear more.Under Starling illustrate all the ingredients for greatness within this number with gripping instrumentation creating a chilling backdrop for the bittersweet melody to swoon over while the heartfelt vocals caress the tender outburst. It’s radio ready and immaculately crafted for an enthralling wholly consuming listening experience.

Stream ‘Far Be It From Me’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Gum Soul

Gum Soul have released their debut single ‘Sour’. Based in Bath, Gum Soul take inspiration from the likes of Drenge and Ty Segall, morphing the presence of 90s grunge into today’s indie/alternative scene. The band have only been together for five months, and have already had the pleasure of playing the Bath Festival main stage, just a few hours before the legendary Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), headlining shows in London, and plenty of other gigs in the South West area.

 ‘Sour’ is a tight indie number that soars and glides with slick ethereal guitars shredding and clashing off a hefty backdrop of punchy drums and elastic bass. The verses are chilled and effortlessly laid back as aerial guitars sting between nonchalant vocals. The chorus explodes into a grunge hued soundscape becoming more edgy and grimy while still maintaining that ethereal bliss. It’s a storm in a teacup with a compact display that is hazy and dreamy yet packs in a mammoth assault of shrilling frenzy. With some slick dexterous guitar lines weaved throughout its an impressive debut from Gum Soul.


Stream ‘Sour’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : LEONTAS

London based rock duo LEONTAS have released their new single ‘Rhythm  + Blues’ alongside co-single ‘Here Today’. The band revolves around singer and guitarist Alex Munteanu and drummer Scott Collier who met at an audition for a separate band in Camden. After the two bonded, realising their musical styles fitted perfectly together LEONTAS was born in Camden’s Creation Studios.

‘Rhythm + Blues’ is your foot stomping bluesy rock and roll banger. Drenched in strutting swagger this track slides in, cool and sassy with a raw punchy sound. Edgy guitar riffs shred through mighty drums and a sing along ready chorus. Filled with a prance inducing confidence and a smooth melody this charming number strides in on an infectious groove and sublime steamy guitar licks, oozing a bold prancing swankiness that is compelling.

‘Here Today’ takes a more chilled approach with a thumping beat setting the sturdy clap along camp fire back drop for the sprightly acoustic guitar strides and raspy vocals. Cruising on a feel good summer vibe this track glides along flooding with warmth and infectiousness. Its shaky rhythm and subtle groove infested approach will warm the cockles of your heart filling you with youthful nostalgia and chill mellow vibes. This track oozes emotion and passion in a laid back easy going manner that makes it instantly like-able and fun.

This duo have a tight sound that is brimming with swagger -their laid back approach adds a sublime relaxed vibe to the tracks while their refined musicianship and dash of sass makes for a captivating and enthralling listen.

Stream ‘Rhythm + Blues’ and ‘Here Today’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Shrink Like Alice

Up and coming Irish band Shrink Like Alice have released their new single ‘Beside The Last Thing You Think’. It was recorded in Orphan Studios by Graham Byrne. Shrink like Alice are a four piece band based out of Navan, Co.Meath, Ireland. Formed by frontman Gary Clerkin and bassist Greg Halford in late 2014, the band has since been joined by lead guitarist Liam Sheridan and drummer Miles Ronayne. In 2015 the band released their first single ‘Loser’. Followed by their debut EP ‘Square Eyed Boy’ in 2016 which featured songs such as ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Loo la’.

Their latest single ‘Beside The Last Thing You Think’ is the bands first professionally recorded release and showcases their razor sharp sound in all its explosive glory. Crashing riffs erupt with riotous stamina throughout while the pummelling drums and rugged bass create a sublime combustive backdrop. The sulky melody chills this blistering assault with sleek smothered sultry verses before the fiery chorus kicks in. The scorching guitars blast through the brawny  backdrop adding some hefty shredding might while the raspy aggressive vocals and fierce rhythm pounds your skull with a thrilling assault of mosh ready ferocity. Shrink Like Alice have crafted a kinetic beast while also showcasing some refined musicianship doused in slick swagger – oozing rough and ready coolness. It’s an impressive effort from a band who I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of.

Stream ‘Beside The Last Thing You Think’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : The Masons

Manchester’s The Masons are set to release their new single ‘Bed’. Formed in October 2017, the band is made up of Aiden (guitar/vocals), Connor (drums), Kyle (guitar) and Mathew (bass). ‘Bed’ is a slick, compact display from this four piece. Sharp melodic guitar floods the track with a golden vibrancy while punchy drums and groove infested bass lines keep a movable sleek foundation. The melody is sublime as it cruises upon this glorious laid back backdrop with ease and a fluidity while the raspy vocals whack on a touch of grit and swagger. The guitar is just magnificent as it ventures from sweetly warm and euphoric to sharp, blistering and steamy all while maintaining a cool mellow dreaminess that is just superb. It’s a very proficient, tightly bound track with some slinky ornamentation embroidered within to add vivid flecks of colour. This is a cool swagger soaked number blending gritty edgy rock with a dash of smooth indie pop to make it infectious and delicious. These guys are ones to watch.

You can check out the track on their Facebook here

You can catch the band at their next live show at Jimmy’s 12 Newton Street, Manchester, United Kingdom on 24th June supporting The Capital.

Indie Buddie Introducing : Jump Stone

Essex based indie-funk band Jump Stone have released their new single ‘Won’t Last A Minute’. Comprised of members Harry Cash (Vocals and guitar), Harrison Palmer (Bass) and Dan Rawley (Drums) this trio provide fresh upbeat indie rock with a tinge of funk. ‘Won’t Last A Minute’ is a tight snappy number that showcases this band are on to something good. Filled with a buoyancy that is masterful, the rhythm hops along with a rubber ball rebound effect while the funky elastic bass rumbles along maintaining that rippling foundation. The melody is infectious and sleek as Cash’s vocals melt upon it like butter on toast. The vibrant guitars jangle and bounce with a zesty vitality that will have you up and dancing in no time as the song steadily builds making for a wholly satisfying listen. This trio display their danceable infectious fun sound with effortless charm. It’s an ear worm that just keeps on giving- compact and filled with youthful adrenaline and oomph this dazzling gem marks Jump Stone as ones to keep an eye out for.

Watch the video for ‘Won’t Last A Minute’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Provocateurs

Provocateurs are an up and coming Indie Rock/Pop outfit hailing from both North and South Manchester who draw on early 00’s influences with aggressive riffs and anthemic melodies, Provocateurs formed in August 2015, Duffy and Fitch formed the band on a night out in Manchester. After building their own rehearsal room, along came James Allen and Marco on lead guitar and Bass. Provocateurs have been gigging around Manchester and the North and have recently released their latest track ‘Fall for You’.

‘Fall for You’ is adrenaline rushing, blistering indie that swooshes, soars and punches with sublime instrumentation. It’s snappy and infectiously melodic with a sing along friendly chorus smothered in shredding sharp guitars that shrill with gripping urgency and intensity while punchy drums and elastic bass wallop a thumping groove and buoyant rhythm to make those feet jump and hop. This track is brimming with youthful stamina and indie spirit as vibrant vocals belt out the catchy luscious melody while breezy ethereal soundscapes escalate creating a breathtaking rush that will have you craving to put this track on repeat.

Watch the video for ‘Fall for You’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Kios

Kios is an indie rock band based in Nashville, TN. The three piece is made up of Cole Suddarth (vocals/guitar), Aaron Krak (drums), and Mitch Wollenberg (bass). Cole and Aaron met through a previous band that formed at Belmont University – Aaron and Mitch grew up together in Newark, Ohio; all three moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue music. They have now released their debut single ‘Be Loved’ with an EP planed for the end of the summer.

‘Be Loved’ is a sugar rush of sweet luscious indie pop filled with infectious melodies glazed on top of vibrant sparkling instrumentation. Smooth laid back vocals glide upon the melty melody while a snappy clap along feature and buoyant drums add a peppy lift and energetic urgency to the track. Ethereal guitars swirl around flashing bright scintillation throughout the dreamy candied soundscapes. The bassline rumbles and slaps creating a fluctuant foundation to this wispy joyous tune while providing a hint of edgy grit. It’s a sublime refreshing, chilled, fruity cocktail on a hot day that is summer ready and an absolute joy to listen to.

Stream ‘Be Loved’ below