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Giant Rooks ‘New Estate’ EP

Hailing from Hamm in North West Germany, Giant Rooks are an art-pop five-piece who’ve been turning heads since their inception. Releasing their debut EP back in 2015, the quintet garnered fans quickly, and soon began to emerge as one of the most promising acts in their native Germany.It was this first EP release that saw the groundwork laid for the band to win the popNRW Prize for newcomers in 2016, as well as two consecutive summers of festivals, which saw the band play over 80 festival shows including Reeperbahn, Eurosonic and The Great Escape. In addition to this, the band have also supported Kraftklub and The Temper Trap, not to mention a 29-date, nine country tour with Mighty Oaks throughout November and December 2017.

‘New Estate’ is an EP bursting with luscious flavours and depths that hold a richness so pure and mature it’s majestic and powerfully melodic. From the stomping intro of opener, title track ‘New Estates’ it’s apparent this EP is infectious indie at its best. With a peppy beat bouncing through melancholic jangly guitar and darkly tinged keys, this five piece take a sombre tone to a bright indie format.Their tracks seem to strike you right in the center of your chest and make you feel every warm, tender, catchy note. With a folky hue to the tunes there is an instant soothing glow and cosy feel to even the chillier tracks such as the haunting soul – filled ‘Bright Lies ‘. The melodies are sweet and delicate ‘Chapels’ once again trickles along with a sway-like tempo and calming atmosphere. The steady beat and soaring keys create an aerial breeziness that cuts deep along with the tender lyrics. The unique vocals add dynamic passion and intensity to each track and make the sound of Giant Rooks instantly recognisable. ‘Mia & Ciara (Days To Come)’ emphasises the nostalgic tone of the EP. Its golden mellowness is just simply divine and heavenly to the ears. Glittering guitars sprinkle bright rays of scintillation throughout the track while a buoyant rhythm keeps an optimistic playful feel. ‘Slow’ closes the EP. It is soft and sweetly comforting as intricate guitar lines flood the track with warmth while the instrumentation builds to an anthemic mighty crescendo.

‘New Estate’ is a moving EP laced with emotion, deft guitar licks and swirling subtle electronics. Opulent percussion and brooding vocals create a sophisticated breath-taking collection of tracks that have a purity and refinement without overcrowding each track.

2018 will see the band embark on their second major tour, with the 23 dates taking in shows in both The Netherlands, and the UK for their first official run of English dates

Mar 20: The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Mar 21: Old Blue Last, London

Mar 22: The Lending Room, Leeds

Mar 23: The Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

Mar 24: Cafe Totem, Sheffield

Giant Rooks are also on tour throughout Europe in 2018. Please check here for more information

Stream ‘New Estate’ below

James Ghareeb ‘Do It With Luv’

Singer-songwriter James Ghareeb has announced the release of his new single ‘Do It With Luv’ from his forthcoming EP available later this year. Ghareeb first found success after becoming a social media breakout star through his Vine videos. He started making short clips covering the likes of Justin Bieber, surpassing over 6 million views along the way.  In 2015 James recorded his first EP ‘Hanging From The Stars’ which debuted at number 4 on the iTunes chart upon release. During that time, the Lebanese American, caught the attention of critically acclaimed produced Tony Ghantous (Kris Allen, Disney), who quickly began work on Ghareeb’s sophomore release.

 ‘Do It With Luv’ is a crisp fresh sun soaked tune that radiates laid back vibes and good times. Laced in tropical rhythms with rock pop elements and an infectious delicious melody it’s slick cool and oh so catchy. Sharp zests of guitar squirts between rich clap along rhythms and velvety vocals. Lush backing vocals “woo” adding colour and vibrancy. The track cruises with mellow easy-going euphoria and elastic bounce. It’s breezy sun kissed and mind numbingly dreamy all while packing some nice perky stabs of R&B and soul. Tightly wrapped in intricate sleek production and fine musicianship this track rolls in on a wave of carefree bliss. I’ll look forward to hearing more from James Ghareeb

Stream ‘Do It With Luv’ below

Just Alex and Yan Etchevary ‘Til Midnight’

Singer-songwriters Just Alex and Yan Etchevary have announced the release of their new single ‘Til Midnight’ available on major media platforms from April 28th. The single is taken from the duo’s forthcoming EP ‘GLASS’ due for release May 12th. Before launching their collaborative project, Alex and Yan both enjoyed respective successful solo careers. Canadian singer-songwriter Yan Etchevary gained international recognition with the single ‘The Way You Want Me’ with DJ Lucky Rose. The song was nominated for the Heatseeker award at the 2016 Canadian Music Week Awards and has garnered over 9 million stream on Spotify. The Canadian powerhouses have joined forces to record the single ‘Til Midnight’, a modern ballad which is sure to invoke the emotions of any listener. Recorded in Montreal, the single hosts a list of contributors who have worked with some of the world’s biggest names, including Tom Coyne (Adele, Bruno Mars) and Stephen Kaye (Ziggy Marley). Just Alex cites Sam Smith as his inspiration for the single, which was recorded with a live quartet at the songwriter’s studio.

‘Til Midnight’ is a twinkling delight packed with soul and tender emotion, its light dimming mood setting smoothness that flows with an effortless sway. Feathery light elegant strings caress the track and sweep it into a romantic flurry. Creamy vocals and light piano feature glide  through the track with passion and delicacy. ‘Til Midnight’ is a swoony dreamy pop track that oozes romance from its core

Stream ‘Til Midnight’ below

Jetty Rae ‘Take Me to the Mountain’

Jetty Rae is a singer-songwriter based out of Northern Michigan she recently released her new album ‘Can’t Curse the Free’. Jetty is known for the power and restraint in her voice and her ability to pull at your heart strings delicately. However she also possesses the power to awaken a passion, a fight in all of us when she really belts it. Her hopes are to eventually start a label for independent artists like herself, that will empower artists to start where they are. She is hoping to give them the tools, studio time, experience, and resources they need to succeed in making great art. Her single ‘Take Me to the Mountain’ is the perfect example of Jetty’s magnificent voice and powerful song writing.
‘Take Me to the Mountain’, echoes with haunting goosebump inducing soul fused with indie rock and laced with speckles of pop. Its sensually smooth with gentle instrumentation letting Jetty’s sultry vocals take the limelight. Warm deep guitar glimmers throughout the track while the soft percussion and melodic sway -like character creates a steamy sweltering track that oozes soul and emotion. The sharp guitar stabs in the chorus add edge and sting to the enticing velvety track. Its enchantingly luring and seductively intense as Jetty coos with a gentle yet assertive alluring quality.’Take Me to the Mountain’ is a strong addition to an album which is filled with raw emotion soulful passionate vocals and fine musicianship.
Stream ‘Take Me to the Mountain’ below

Stream ‘Can’t Curse the Free’ album below


Bad Sounds ‘Wages’

Bad Sounds are a five piece indie band from Bath. They have recently released their new song ‘Wages’ which follows on from their previous single, ‘Avalanche. ‘Wages’ was debuted as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World and the band recently supported Rat Boy on his UK Tour as well as turning heads at a variety of festivals during the summer. Despite the lyric of the song complaining about working hard but not being paid enough, there’s a feel good sound and groove to the track. This colourful vibrant track splashes exuberant instrumentals against dreary vocals creating a simple yet effective contrast. The sweep of lavish percussion and rich textures give the track a strutting prance and flamboyance that is infectious. Brimming with triumphal trumpet features, spring-like bouncing rhythms and even a bit of country twang,this soul-infused anthem is a joyous mixed delight of blissful euphoria. Bad Sounds lift our spirits as they give us a tune to strut down the street to when things are glum and you feel moody. So don’t sulk, groove to this infectious swagger laden deliriously happy track.
Watch the video for ‘Wages’ below


Alpines ‘Another River’

London duo Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson who form the band Alpines have returned with their new album ‘Another River’. Released via Metropolis Recordings the album is one of the most crafty and emotive R&B records of the year. Teased earlier this year with the slick intimacy of Completely, Alpines’ sophomore LP ‘Another River’ pares down the sound of their 2014 debut ‘Oasis’. This new effort is not so much the sound of a duo finding their feet, as it is an utterly standout performance from a couple of intrepid sonic experimenters subtly refining their craft. Their futurist brand of production renders Catherine Pockson’s R&B melodies into dazzling soundscapes, each thrumming with a life of its own. The duo’s application has fuelled various collaborations in the fashion world, including the likes of All Saints, Paul Smith and Urban Outfitters. The album is preceded by the release of ‘Heaven’, an anthem with towering vocal harmonies and a sly bass groove. The duo are masters in creating cerebral and inventive music without compromising on the simple unabashed joy of melody.
‘Another River’ is an emotive outpouring on love and life that will resonate with people everywhere. Starting with title track ‘Another River’ Alpines display an emotional pulling track that draws you into every word. With a delicate piano feature that builds into an explosive breezy electronic break. The sticky slap beat keeps the track elastic and malleable adding a wobbly sensual vibe. ‘Completely’ continues with their brand of classy soul-pop balanced on a knife edge with darkened tones and a retro vibe behind the sweet yearning coo on vocals. ‘ Stay’ follows with ease as does each track on the album coated in sensual tones and a hint of R&B. Its tightly layered and drenched in late-night sounds that add contemporaneity to the retro soul infused track. ‘Heaven’ brings us a rapid more prominent almost tribal beat without compromising the cool dreamy tone of the album. The track provides a subtle shift that you can groove to. ‘Mutual’ takes us back to the tempered and classic-sound of the other tracks with an itchy beat and shadows with a melody that is wistful and tastefully sweet. ‘How It Hurts’ is a piano dominated ballad packed with emotion filled soulful vocals that display a strength and depth through raw emotion and heartbreak. Its displays the power and courage through pain. Building into a dynamic crescendo that isn’t overpowering but empowering and beautiful. ‘Under The Sun’ closes the album with brighter tones and simple accompaniment to start that builds into sticky intricate soundscapes that weave in and out highlighting the immaculate and powerful soulful vocals that exude attitude and sass while still maintaining that subtle soft sweetness.
‘Another River’ is a smooth and unobtrusive, utterly emotionally convincing album while remaining refined and sophisticated.
You can catch Alpines Live at
Feb 14th – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
Feb 15th – Leeds, Headrow House
Feb 16th – Glasgow, King Tuts
Feb 17th – Manchester, Soup Kitchen
Feb 20th – Bristol, The Louisana
Feb 21st – Oxford, The Cellar
Feb 22nd – Brighton, The Prince Albert
Watch the video for  ‘Heaven’ below

Gold Complex ‘Backbone’

Toronto-based Soul/Pop band Gold Complex have released a video for their single ‘Backbone’alongside a deluxe edition of their debut, self-titled EP. Gold Complex fuse classic soul with pop and R&B into a fresh sound that is all their own. This dynamic octet has built a strong fanbase in Canada, headlining renowned venues such as Lee’s Palace, The Rivoli, Mod Club and the Horseshoe Tavern. Their debut self-titled EP was released in April last year and their first two singles ‘Tread On Me’ and ‘Backbone’ received regular rotation on radio nationwide and were featured on the Nickelodeon television series, Open Heart, now on Netflix.
‘Backbone’ is a smooth sensual, funky tune about the conviction of “saying what you mean and meaning what you say, especially when it comes to a relationship”. Velvety warm vocals kicks off the track in a soulful passionate manner. With steamy jazzy brass and gentle supple beat teamed with flexible coaxing bass this track lays the smooth talk on thick. Its agile easy -moving sleekness can sweep you into a stupor as you are sweet talked and wooed by the suave vocals and nifty slick piano. This track is a saucy cheeky track exuding sass with classy swagger.
Gold Complex are currently in the studio recording their debut full length album “New Soul”, set for release in April 2017.
Watch the video for ‘Backbone’ below

The Chris Paterno Band

The Chris Paterno Band are a seven -piece indie-pop-soul band from New York. They are releasing their self titled EP on 30th September and we were lucky enough to have a listen to it. The EP begins with ‘Unfaithful’ a peppy track with bouncy percussion and groovy beat that is sure to have you bopping along. The Chris Paterno Band waste no time in introducing their golden horn feature which lifts the track adding a refreshing and zesty texture. The raspy soulful vocals add warm tones to the track and a balmy feel. ‘Morning Light’ is a sweet delicate track with a creamy supple melody. Its an elegant ray of sunshine, fragile yet warm and soft. With tender vocals to start this track is relaxing with a sway-like catchy chorus, its perfect for sunny evenings. The horns are subtle and the beat has a tribal feel with the guitar taking strength and presenting us with a beautifully graceful accompaniment. The track builds becoming a little more intense vocally while still holding that dainty atmosphere. ‘Pressure’ follows with its groovy strut worthy sound. We reviewed this track earlier this year. Its swanky persona and swagger filled chorus makes this track a cool sassy example of the diversity of The Chris Paterno Band. ‘Lover, When You Gonna Come?’ presents itself with an air of country twang upon the honeyed lilt of harmonica from the start and throughout. The instrumentation paints a fantastic picture as they sound like a train chugging gently with the horns appearing as the toot toot. This track once again is aglow with bright tones and hopeful vibes. ‘Farther (…we grow)’ is a sensitive track with vocals filled with raw emotion and melancholy tones. The guitar features dramatic sombre strums with a light twinkle on piano. Its a tear- jerker that evokes feelings of sorrow and despair and self reflection. ‘Sweet Thing’ finishes this EP on a sweep of lavish percussion and rich textures with experimentation of auto tune on vocals and their signature luxurious horns. Its infectiously swayable and catchy, watch out for that deep bass vocal at the end.

This EP is a unique venture as The Chris Paterno Band present us with a rich lacquer of satisfying melodies and textures in their own unique style.
You can pre-order the EP at and the iTunes Store. 20% of sales will be donated to Project HOME and The Episcopal Academy’s Kennith R Balsley Memorial Fund.
Stream ‘Morning Light’ below


The Chris Paterno Band ‘Pressure’

The Chris Paterno Band are a seven -piece indie-pop-soul band from New York. The band pull together elements of rock, soul, blues, and folk music to create their unique sound. They have released their new single, ‘Pressure’ which is the third release from their debut, self-titled EP due for release in late 2016.

‘Pressure’ is a groovy strut worthy track that exudes a stylish swanky persona while maintaining a cool smooth sensual tone that is captivating. The velvety vocals are coaxing for the verse then become more dynamic and soulful for the chorus. This track has a classy flamboyance to it with glimpses of cheeky sass. The horns add a rich luxurious texture to the track and give us a big band feel while the groovy rhythm adds a flexible quality. The guitar is soft and mellow and warms up the track adding a subtle glow of passion and spirit. ‘Pressure’ is a juicy multi textural track to sink your teeth into.
Stream ‘Pressure’ below