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Freak Static ‘Lustless’ EP

One man alternative singer-songwriter Freak Static has released his debut EP ‘Lustless’. After an intensive two years of writing, recording and producing, this 3-track is just a preview of whats to come. After playing as part of a band in the past, Freak Static decided to experiment with a solo project. Taking inspiration from the rise of DIY artists such as Tame Impala, UMO and St Vincent, the EP is entirely self-written, self-recorded and self-produced. ‘Lustless’ was recorded throughout the night whilst juggling a full time job. As a multi-instrumentalist, Freak Static played every instrument used for each track and now aims to inspire other musicians and artists to use the technology available to achieve their dreams.
‘Lustless’ is a three track groovy psychedelic tinged braid mingled and merged with swirling bright electronics. ‘King Kong’ is our first shot of Freak Static’s funky twisted coagulated sound. Soaked in strut-like swagger and infectious beats this track bounces with jagged hops. Eccentric electronics bleep and bloop while the track flows in a reggae-like groove and cool persona. ‘Forget Her’ follows as a slower chic passionate track. Heavier drum beats with distortion on guitars add an aggressive vibe to the track. Its a shaggy spiky track smoothened off with a zesty sensual guitar solo. ‘Snooze’ is the final track on the EP beginning with a delicate twinkle and soft vocals that build and become more dynamic. It creeps in like the soundtrack to an eerie horror movie and then brightens becoming light and silky. This fuzz filled powerful track croons with sorrow filled tones that progress into vibrant peppy animation. Coated in distortion with a dub step feel it’s a mighty meaty finish to an exceptional EP.
Now that the EP is completed, Freak Static is embarking upon the process of figuring out how to take his act live whilst remaining authentic. So keep an eye out for his live shows they  are sure to be extraordinary.
Stream ‘Lustless’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: psych-rock/electro-punk

Bio: London-based dark-pop collective .imp will release their debut single Sex & Power on Friday 5th May. The topical opening track of their debut EP was inspired by the dizzying last 12 months in politics and society .imp is led by the songwriting and musical vision of frontman James Hargreaves. It began as a recording project born out of a stubborn passion for the love of music, drawing commentary from everything and anything – snatched conversations, TV, political travesty, loss or the confusion of existing in an information-soaked world.The Headscrambled EP arrives on all download stores and streaming platforms on Friday 5th May,

Track: Sex & Power

Why we Like It: Its a euphoric dizzying whirlwind of infectious psych-pop melodies alongside blasts of organ and angular stabs of guitar. This trippy jab of flexible pop weaves with bendable snappy beats between swirling psychedelic soundscapes creating a narcotic pliable spring that is insanely catchy and cool. Oozing swagger and flamboyance from ever note its a wobbly joy to listen to.
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Stream ‘Sex & Power’ below

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Mouth Breather ‘Mysteries of Nature’.

Mouth Breather have released a video to their new track ‘Mysteries of Nature’. This funky track is slippery, swanky, flamboyance smothered in sultry psychedelia and 70’s tinged grooves. Its all flares and flowers wrapped in a dreamy hypnotic haze. This track is sweet simplicity, catchy and laced in a funky bass. Wobbly trippy 70’s soundscapes flood the track in a wispy mind bending euphoria while lush nectarous vocals unwrap your mind. This dreamy light track is so catchy and free like a helium balloon it floats in the air, gravity sure isn’t telling this track what to do. Exceptionally well formed ‘Mysteries of Nature’ is a Utopian gem.
When asked about the track the band said
“Mysteries of Nature” grew out of a funky bass-line I laid down while jamming with some friends last summer. Simple, yet catchy enough that every other part of the song just seemed to naturally fall into place. There wasn’t much planning that went into the video either. The director, William Wilkinson, and I used an old TV zoom lens and a sequin curtain to capture a glossy, zoom-heavy 70s visual accompaniment”.

Watch the video for ‘Mysteries of Nature’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Cuckoos

Psych rock band The Cuckoos from Austin have recently released their self-titled debut EP. The Cuckoos are Kenneth Frost (Lead Vocals/Songwriter, Keys), Dave North (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Eric Ross (Bass) and Cole Koenning (Drums). These young guys (the oldest is just 21) create music that sounds like it’s straight from the 1960’s however with their own unique twist. The quartet recently completed a successful first-ever run at SXSW and aren’t slowing down any time soon, booking shows across their home-state and in the UK. We have chosen their track ‘Mind Breakthrough’ as our worth a listen track this week.
‘Mind Breakthrough’ is a dark grimy twisted concoction of classic rock brewed with psychedelic garage and hints of acid. Its an opaque trip into a thick hazy hallucinogenic delusion. With mesmerising eerie synths and thrilling razor sharp guitar, its a swirling dizzy opiate mirage smothered in dark dingy tones. The groovy rhythm adds a shimmy to the track, the limp kind one would do when mind boggled and dazed. Deep strong vocals command with a spellbinding possession while the track consumes you in its narcotic swirling abyss. ‘ Mind Breakthrough’ is an enchanting luring track that is riveting and smothered in nostalgic and retro vibes. It showcases the fine musicianship of these young guys. If they are writing tracks like this now imagine whats next… its going to be good. Watch out for these guys.

Stream ‘Mind Breakthrough’ below

Ivory Wave ‘Separate Beat’

Birmingham’s Ivory Wave have released their new single ‘Separate Beat’. The new track which the band have been debuting live at gigs across the midlands, is produced by Matt Terry and recorded at Warwickshire’s Vada Studios.

‘Separate Beat’ is a psychedelic trip swirling with narcotic dizzying soundscapes. Sparkling zealous guitars  and mind expanding synths swirl with euphoric bliss while lush lulling backing vocals take the track to a hazy dreamy state. The commanding vocals and heavy beat becomes the steady anchor to hold on to while the track attempts to sweep you up into its woozy hypnotic  electronics. Its a track for relentless dancing.

You can catch Ivory Wave live at

May 20th The Sunflower Lounge (single Launch) The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

June 9th Record Junkee, Sheffield

June 10th Verve Bar, Leeds

Stream ‘ Separate Beat’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Factory

Rock and Roll four piece Factory have released their new single ‘Step A Little Closer’. The band consists of members James Shelley (Lead vocals/Guitar), Karl Richardson (Vocals/Lead Guitar, Tony Dainteth (Vocals/Bass Guitar) and Benjamin Worrall (Drums/Percussion). They have played countless gigs and festivals up and down the country at venues like the Queens Hall and The Cavern as well as packing out venues in their home town. The band are no strangers to big stages, playing academies and theatres such as the Epstein Theatre and the Brindley. They were also chosen by Alan McGee (Creation Records) to open up at the British Sound Project for Primal Scream at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.
‘Step A Little Closer’ is a swagger soaked rock and roll doozy, infusing swinging 60’s blues with the razor sharp edge of modern rock. Dripping in panache with slick splintery guitar and shimmying percussion its an infectious blistering triumph. This high energy track builds in intensity right up to the sultry steamy bridge which slows the tone to a hip swaying sensual psychedelic trip. Punchy drums and dynamic powerful vocals give the track a rugged texture and a Jagger strut vibe. These guys have crafted a staggeringly good hair raising track that is definitely worth a listen.
Stream ‘Step A Little Closer’ below



Indie Buddie Introducing : Mind Redux

Mind Redux is the alter ego of 25 year old songwriter/producer Harry Blackman from Farnham, Surrey.  He has released his debut EP ‘Colour Of Dreams’ on which he self composed and produced over the winter of 2016/17 in a shed at the top of his garden huddled around an electric heater to stay warm.

‘Colour Of Dreams’ is a 5 track EP that perhaps personifies Blackmans desire for warmth in that shed. Glowing with laid back sunny vibes and laced in subtle sweet hooks its perfect to transport you to a hazy sunny daydream. ‘Divide’ kicks off the EP with peppy beats, swirling soundscapes and lo- fi vocals. Drowning in blissful psychedelia this track sweeps you up into the unique dreamy world of Mind Redux.’ Love Luck’ brings us sharp zesty guitar riffs against sweet melodies and trippy vibes. It’s a refreshing tutti frutti on a sweltering hot day. Smothered in easy going laid back vibes backed by slick instrumentation its euphoric bliss. ‘Moving To The City’ bounces and floats with jubilant elation. Bright guitar riffs and soft beats teamed with wispy breezy soundscapes create a cushion of summer sun to rest your head on. Blackman really knows how to set your mind at ease and place you happily in a content stupor of euphoria. ‘Coincide’ darkens the tone a little with hints of mystery and eerie qualities.The track perhaps acts as the unexpected cloud that covers the sun momentarily . Strong strides on guitar interweave the sticky beats as they swirl in a gentle opaque whirlpool. Final track ‘This Trap’ is a bubble of snappy catchy indie. Again featuring zealous bursts of honey-toned guitar teamed with a delicious melody and heavenly soundscapes. The sing along friendly chorus dripping in wistful tones creates a luscious track that is almost angelic and too sweet for our human ears. Blackman shows real talent with this EP. Looking forward to hearing more from Mind Redux.

When we asked Harry Blackman what were his plans for the future he said:

This project started just as a pastime for something to do after work and soon developed into a collection of songs I thought I should probably release rather than letting them collect dust. I decided to go under a name which could manifest itself into a band for a live setup. I have never wanted to do a solo project and would always rather be in a band setup but not knowing many musicians makes it slightly difficult. Also not having to consult fellow band members about a track works well with me.  I do hope to meet musicians in the near future that would be willing to play the songs as a live setup. I’m very much looking forward to getting back into the shed to start another EP or even a full length album.


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Stream the ‘Colour Of Dreams’ EP here



The Revellions ‘False Hope’

The Revellions are a six piece band of misfits based in Dublin city that play a mixed sound of Garage Surf Rock with a side order of psychedelic music. Band members James Lister (Lead Vocals & Guitar) . Sean Adderley (Guitar). Edward Ãspel (Guitar & Backing Vocals). Juan Castilla ( Bass Guitar). Anna Mulhbach (Keys & Backing Vocals) and Mick Smith (Drums) have been taking their sound to the next level following their two well known albums “The Revellions” and “Give it Time”, being promoted by several successful tours in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway and Spain. The band is currently working on the final stages of their forthcoming 3rd album. Courtesy of Mersol Music Label The Revellions are also releasing a New Single for Record Store Day on April 22nd 2017 and will be having a launch party for that in the Grand Social. The Single is called ‘False Hope’ and will be released on 7″ vinyl in a textured card sleeve with superb artwork done by Blanca Fons. We had a listen to the track along with its b side ‘Carrie Ann’ to get a taste of what’s to come from the third album.
‘False Hope’ is a trippy moment into luscious floaty soundscapes with almost triumphant little bursts throughout. Its a groove-based shimmy flooded with an overwhelming exhalation of cool sensual swagger and euphoric bliss. Its mind numbing psychedelia which crashes over you in waves of sound, pulling back and pushing forward, becoming stronger as the track progresses. Wobbly guitars create a prism of thrilling distortion while punchy drums and elastic bass lure you into the inner depths of the track. Peppy and full of sultry tones its a steamy boogie that is insanely catchy and compelling while intense raspy vocals add grit and fight to the swirling enigma. The track builds to an intense dizzying crescendo bursting with life and energy before the final mighty chorus. ‘False Hope’ is tightly bound and well crafted creating a trippy bubble and a staggeringly good display from The Revellions.
‘Carrie Ann’ is a vibrant swagger filled strut of joy. Its a confidence-building ball of fire. Nimble slick guitar adds elation and oomph while the rapid spring of percussion lifts the track into a state of buzz filled exhilaration. Raspy vocals give us a rough and tumble quality while exceptional keys bring us depth and rich textures. Its an all round pleaser. ‘Carrie Ann’ is superbly layered and soaked in panache with a strut- like prance, its a blistering charmer. Soft lull of backing vocals adds an elevated feel to the track while instrumentally the track explodes with an illustrious blase.
The Revellions new album will see the light at the end of 2017 as the band has already started to showcase the new songs across the core venues of garage rock music in Dublin city and a tour over in Spain. These guys are ones to keep and eye out for.
You can catch them live at The Grand Social, Dublin 22nd April we’ll be there and it promises to be one hell of a show.
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Odd Couple ‘Gone Solid’

German rockers Odd Couple have released their new single ‘Gone Solid’ ahead of their second album ‘Flügge’ (meaning “independent” or “to spread one’s wings” in German) which is set for release April 21st. Odd Couple duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft’s modern approach to recording sound takes influence from hip hop and the kosmische musik experimentation of West Germany in the seventies.
‘Gone Solid’ is a blissfully brutal attack on the senses with a hybridisation of garage rock pummelling with ferocity and chilled with swagger filled vocals and waves of electronic psychedelia. With a beat that straddles the line between motorik rhythms and hip hop its a strut and display of effortless cool panache within the constraints and solid structure of the track. Infectious gritty chunky guitar riffs add brawn and a beefy punch. This track oozes attitude and slick swanky flamboyance all while packing a serious dose of heavy mosh worthy frenzy. The quality is on point ,richly layered and multi textured, you hear a new impressive feature of the song each time you listen. These guys are musical wizards. Its eccentric and retro while remaining fresh and original. ‘Gone Solid’ is the epiphanies and freakouts of decades past with hints of soul, garage rock, psychedelia and funk . You feel sure you recognise something to pin it down to a genre, but you don’t quite, hence mind blowing.
Stream ‘Gone Solid’ below

Future Lover ‘Dead Soul Dagger’

Future Lover has released a new single ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ Colin Lime is Future Lover, He writes, records, and produces all the music, with occasional contributions from far-out friends. Originally hailing from Indianapolis, and having spent more than a decade touring the country and living in New York, the sound of Future Lover reflects that journey. It evokes a psychedelic trip through inner and outer space, lighting up the darkness and rocketing out into the universe. He calls his sound “Psych-Wave”. ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is taken from ‘Reverb Tales’, the forthcoming LP out May 2017 on Crystal Cave Records.
‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is a fuzzed kaleidoscopic prism of psychedelic rock swirling with trippy confusion. Opiate vocals sooth with a narcotic numbing effect while weaving electronics act as a wobbly wave like mirage causing a blissful daydream head trip. Razor sharp fuzzed guitar becomes the constant, keeping you from dangerously slipping into the enticing enigma. The shredding guitar riff is gritty and hypnotic with steamy flashes of disorientation. Strong punchy drums give the track a heavy sound that will cause your glazed head to mosh messily and uncontrollably while you become consumed in the dark bewitchment of this fascinating track. Haunting falsetto vocals echo in the background while the track swirls and weaves with liquid blurred fluidity. Let Future Lover dissolve your brain in trippy ecstasy.
Stream ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ below