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The Revellions ‘False Hope’

The Revellions are a six piece band of misfits based in Dublin city that play a mixed sound of Garage Surf Rock with a side order of psychedelic music. Band members James Lister (Lead Vocals & Guitar) . Sean Adderley (Guitar). Edward Ãspel (Guitar & Backing Vocals). Juan Castilla ( Bass Guitar). Anna Mulhbach (Keys & Backing Vocals) and Mick Smith (Drums) have been taking their sound to the next level following their two well known albums “The Revellions” and “Give it Time”, being promoted by several successful tours in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Norway and Spain. The band is currently working on the final stages of their forthcoming 3rd album. Courtesy of Mersol Music Label The Revellions are also releasing a New Single for Record Store Day on April 22nd 2017 and will be having a launch party for that in the Grand Social. The Single is called ‘False Hope’ and will be released on 7″ vinyl in a textured card sleeve with superb artwork done by Blanca Fons. We had a listen to the track along with its b side ‘Carrie Ann’ to get a taste of what’s to come from the third album.
‘False Hope’ is a trippy moment into luscious floaty soundscapes with almost triumphant little bursts throughout. Its a groove-based shimmy flooded with an overwhelming exhalation of cool sensual swagger and euphoric bliss. Its mind numbing psychedelia which crashes over you in waves of sound, pulling back and pushing forward, becoming stronger as the track progresses. Wobbly guitars create a prism of thrilling distortion while punchy drums and elastic bass lure you into the inner depths of the track. Peppy and full of sultry tones its a steamy boogie that is insanely catchy and compelling while intense raspy vocals add grit and fight to the swirling enigma. The track builds to an intense dizzying crescendo bursting with life and energy before the final mighty chorus. ‘False Hope’ is tightly bound and well crafted creating a trippy bubble and a staggeringly good display from The Revellions.
‘Carrie Ann’ is a vibrant swagger filled strut of joy. Its a confidence-building ball of fire. Nimble slick guitar adds elation and oomph while the rapid spring of percussion lifts the track into a state of buzz filled exhilaration. Raspy vocals give us a rough and tumble quality while exceptional keys bring us depth and rich textures. Its an all round pleaser. ‘Carrie Ann’ is superbly layered and soaked in panache with a strut- like prance, its a blistering charmer. Soft lull of backing vocals adds an elevated feel to the track while instrumentally the track explodes with an illustrious blase.
The Revellions new album will see the light at the end of 2017 as the band has already started to showcase the new songs across the core venues of garage rock music in Dublin city and a tour over in Spain. These guys are ones to keep and eye out for.
You can catch them live at The Grand Social, Dublin 22nd April we’ll be there and it promises to be one hell of a show.
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Odd Couple ‘Gone Solid’

German rockers Odd Couple have released their new single ‘Gone Solid’ ahead of their second album ‘Flügge’ (meaning “independent” or “to spread one’s wings” in German) which is set for release April 21st. Odd Couple duo Tammo Dehn and Jascha Kreft’s modern approach to recording sound takes influence from hip hop and the kosmische musik experimentation of West Germany in the seventies.
‘Gone Solid’ is a blissfully brutal attack on the senses with a hybridisation of garage rock pummelling with ferocity and chilled with swagger filled vocals and waves of electronic psychedelia. With a beat that straddles the line between motorik rhythms and hip hop its a strut and display of effortless cool panache within the constraints and solid structure of the track. Infectious gritty chunky guitar riffs add brawn and a beefy punch. This track oozes attitude and slick swanky flamboyance all while packing a serious dose of heavy mosh worthy frenzy. The quality is on point ,richly layered and multi textured, you hear a new impressive feature of the song each time you listen. These guys are musical wizards. Its eccentric and retro while remaining fresh and original. ‘Gone Solid’ is the epiphanies and freakouts of decades past with hints of soul, garage rock, psychedelia and funk . You feel sure you recognise something to pin it down to a genre, but you don’t quite, hence mind blowing.
Stream ‘Gone Solid’ below

Future Lover ‘Dead Soul Dagger’

Future Lover has released a new single ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ Colin Lime is Future Lover, He writes, records, and produces all the music, with occasional contributions from far-out friends. Originally hailing from Indianapolis, and having spent more than a decade touring the country and living in New York, the sound of Future Lover reflects that journey. It evokes a psychedelic trip through inner and outer space, lighting up the darkness and rocketing out into the universe. He calls his sound “Psych-Wave”. ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is taken from ‘Reverb Tales’, the forthcoming LP out May 2017 on Crystal Cave Records.
‘Dead Soul Dagger’ is a fuzzed kaleidoscopic prism of psychedelic rock swirling with trippy confusion. Opiate vocals sooth with a narcotic numbing effect while weaving electronics act as a wobbly wave like mirage causing a blissful daydream head trip. Razor sharp fuzzed guitar becomes the constant, keeping you from dangerously slipping into the enticing enigma. The shredding guitar riff is gritty and hypnotic with steamy flashes of disorientation. Strong punchy drums give the track a heavy sound that will cause your glazed head to mosh messily and uncontrollably while you become consumed in the dark bewitchment of this fascinating track. Haunting falsetto vocals echo in the background while the track swirls and weaves with liquid blurred fluidity. Let Future Lover dissolve your brain in trippy ecstasy.
Stream ‘Dead Soul Dagger’ below

MUX ‘Can you see who?’ EP

MUX, a brand new electro-stoner band from London is to release at the end of March their EP entitled ‘Can you see who?’. MUX blend elements of electronica, stoner, trip-hop and punk leaving you in a twisted knot of thrilling euphoric disorientation. Comprised of members Tiz, Paul, and Jonas, MUX present  an EP that is a gripping electrifying enigma fuzzed and gritty and smothered in obscure darkness. The band officially started in the summer of 2016 when Tiz and Paul (drums) met in Brighton, while shopping for souvenirs. They started fighting over a seashell ashtray and ended talking about Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. A couple of months later, the pair met Jonas (Guitar) at a Mac DeMarco concert in Camden. Jonas was headbanging harder than everyone else.
‘MDMA’ kicks off the EP with a creepy sinister shadowy tone. Raspy whisper-like vocals are hair-raisingly chilling while the gritty distorted guitar adds a rough round the edges sharpness. Its like a psychedelic trip that’s freaked you out but still feels good. A rapid elastic rhythm gives a sticky gooey glooping effect. The track becomes more dynamic as it progress with the intense electronics becoming more frantic while the shredding guitar pierces with shrilling ferocity. The electronic woodblock-like feature is a recurring element in the EP’s tracks and it adds a plump texture and unusual refreshing contrast to the dark psychedelic swirling surround. It acts like a conscious anchor keeping your mind from becoming completely engulfed by the musical whirlwind.
‘Gold and Prozac’ follows with shivering fuzzed guitar against a tapping rhythm. The track oozes lurid  gloppy liquid- like electronics that seep throughout the track, broken only by hypnotic trance inducing psychedelia. Eerie dark vocals are ghostly with a theatrical tint of evil. Epic basslines travel through each track providing a weighty beefy foundation to sink your teeth into.
‘Teenage Father’ begins with the sweet request “Kill Me” building into a thunderous mighty headbanger. This frenzy causing hysteria is sticky mosh pit neck-breaking head banging ready. Snapping bass is teamed with a fantastic driving guitar that shrills with blissful ear-piercing capability. Its a blood pumping smashing monster of a track that is convulsion causing derangement but so good.
‘Stray’ finishes the EP with a sensual riveting all absorbing guitar feature, lusty crescendo and  pounding rhythm mixed with electronic blurring perplexity, all bashed out and liquored up leaving you in a glazed mind boggled mush. Blending heavy turmoil with sensual steamy red hot piercing guitar and luring vocals, this track penetrates your skull with relentless soundscapes and acute powerful momentum.
Each track flows fluidly into the next as MUX  take you on a riveting complex journey through their proficient composition and exquisite craftsmanship. Its dark, its gritty and fuzzed with narcotic effects. ‘Can you see who?’ is a swirling invasion into your mind showing you a shadowy kaleidoscope of abstruseness.
Watch a snippet of what you can expect below

Crazy Bones ‘Melting’

Toronto-based garage psych trio Crazy Bones have released their new video for the single ‘Melting’, taken off their forthcoming debut EP ‘Cosmic Drips’. ‘Melting’ is a fuzz drenched mind liquefying heavy mosh worthy track. Easing us into their sound Crazy Bones begin with a psychedelic trippy gentle verse which leads into pulverising frantic heavy rock. Hefty drums pound through your skull with weighty abolishing force while shredding crushing guitar solos shrill with earsplitting intensity. Smooth sensual raspy vocals coax throughout the mania of this  psychotic acid trip. Its foaming at the mouth bombardment that is deliriously good and thrilling to listen to.
Watch the swirling kaleidoscope colours of the video for ‘Melting’ below

Flashes ‘The Upset’

Hailing from the deepest darkest Cornwall, UK band Flashes have released their new single ‘The Upset’. Consisting of members Jim (vocals/guitar), Peasy (guitar/laptop), Dan (guitar) and Graham (bass), Flashes have released 2 albums (Latency and Flashes) and a handful of one-off singles, receiving coverage from Consequence of Sound, Thought Catalog, Amazing Radio and BBC Radio 1.
New single ‘The Upset’ is a hypnotic psyched-out tale of perceived reality recorded in a run-down 19th century chapel where some of the band live. Its woozy dark pop at its best with a thick sticky beat the track oozes and glops surrounded by hazy dizzy psychedelia. Saturated in eerie shadowy tones teamed with haunting whispered vocals the track lures you into a wispy swirling dark abyss. The elastic luring bass adds a sensual quality to the trippy opaque track. The guitar glistens with sharp sparkles through the murky exterior of the track as it churns and sways around revealing light little melodic guitar glimmers. ‘The Upset’ is spine chilling and hair raisingly superb, a must listen.
Stream ‘The Upset’ below

The Good Water ‘Mansaid’

Birmingham-based garage-psych-rockers The Good Water have released their new single ‘Mansaid’. The track comes hot on the heels of their previous single ‘See Your Light’ which received airplay with Steve Lamacq, Mary-Anne Hobbes and Shaun Keaveny at BBC 6Music as well as tastemakers at Amazing Radio and influential LA stations KROQ and Indie 1031). Since forming in early 2015, The Good Water have been busy. The boys quickly picked up loyal support from Brum Radio with their drone-rock debut single ‘Everything Is’,  They have gained new fans at raucous shows around the Midlands and blew away audiences supporting Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals and Bill Ryder-Jones at Lunar Festival. The duo’s brand of psychedelic rock grooves, obscure lyrics and nimble riffs is streamlined into tight garage-pop frameworks and press has been quick to spot their talents, with rave reviews from Soundsphere Magazine, Ear To The Ground Music, Slap Magazine, Diamond Deposits, Born Music Online and Mytacism Music amongst many others.
‘Mansaid’ is red hot fiery garage rock smothered in a gritty fuzzed mind trip of psych-pop. Its a strutting frantic rush of effortless cool puzzlement that exudes swagger and blistering slick flamboyance. Blazing riffs give the track a scorching intensity while the psychedelic pop harmonies soothe and cool the track down before it kicks into the shredding frenzied mosh worthy chorus. With verses that glide in with liquid fluidity backed by feverish flaming guitar riffs and a driving punch on drums its insanely addictive. These guys are ones to watch.

Stream ‘Mansaid’ below

Eugene Twist ‘Stuntman’

Scottish artist, Eugene Twist is back with his newest single ‘Stuntman’ from his highly-anticipated album of the same name. With a lyrical arena that boasts whistleblowers, extraterrestrials and self-consuming psychonauts, Scotland’s Eugene Twist is not your everyday songwriter. After two years in the musical wilderness, his second album ‘The Stuntman’ has arrived on the back of one mission, to let the storyteller run riot inside the song. Taking time to build a makeshift studio and learning how to record and mix allowed Eugene time to breathe with his arrangements.
‘Stuntman’ is a trippy funky flex of cool swagger teamed with dark bewilderment. With a slippery sway of greasy fluidity this track exudes panache with a hit of sleazy thrown in. The charming spoken vocals add a punk vibe to the verse as they flicker with shards of detest while they become velvety smooth for the chorus adding a luring melty quality. The slick shredding guitar adds a glossy enticing allurement before it builds into a distortion of psychedelic wobbly opiate perplexity. The deep elastic bass adds a tone of seduction and bewitchment that gives the track a fluid abstruse structure. ‘Stuntman’ is a shimmy and a sway of fun cloaked in darkened eerie danger that creeps with chilling mystery.
Watch the video for ‘Stuntman’ below

Carnivals ‘City of Skulls’.

Carnivals are a four-piece psychedelic band from South East London. Band members Joe Hannen (Lead Guitar & Synth), Harry Wood (Drums), Cal Green (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and George Brimble (Bass/Backing Vocals) have developed a sound that embraces the odd psychedelia of the unknown, whilst keeping themselves tightly gripped to their roots of indie-pop. 2016 saw them release the single ‘Shadows’ which was recorded at Liverpool’s legendary Parr Street Studios, gain Radio play from the likes of Radio X whilst recruiting a budding fanbase on the road playing UK festival slots including Isle Of Wight Festival.
The Psych-Pop quartet have released their latest demo ‘City of Skulls’. This kaleidoscopic of darkened gritty hallucinogenic rock shows the band delving further into the realm of 60’s Psychedelia. The mind bending guitar glitters and flashes with narcotic effects that shimmer like glass facets catching your eye. The track races through at a frantic pace taking time out for the slick shredding kick ass guitar solo. Punchy drums drives the track into this rapid pace adding a heavy manic mosh effect that is perfect for the pit at a live show. Flexible sensual bass slaps with a malleable elastic texture adding an enticing luring quality to the track. The Joy Division- esque vocals exude swagger and charisma. ‘City of Skulls’ takes you on the most thrilling opiate trip of 60s psychedelia mixed with gritty frenzied rock that I can imagine is insane live. When asked about the track the band said “our intentions were to channel a frantic pace with an insight into the live experience, with the lyrics we tried to release the strain of the daily grind”.
Can’t wait to hear more from these guys keep an eye out for Carnivals in 2017.
If you want to catch the lads live you can see them at
January 27th- The Rocksteady, London (Independent venue week)
February 4th- Paper Dress Vintage, London
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Stream ‘City of Skulls’ below

Ten Fé ‘Twist Your Arm’

London-based duo Ten Fé have released their new single ‘Twist Your Arm’ which was produced by Ewan Pearson (Jagwar Ma, M83, The Rapture). It is a taste of whats to come from their upcoming debut album ‘Hit The Light’ which is due out February 3rd. Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan have already given us the acclaimed singles ‘Make Me Better’, ‘In The Air’, ‘Elodie’ and ‘Turn’ which accumulated over 6 million streams on Spotify. ‘Twist Your Arm’ is a relaxed bouncy pop track with trippy swirling electronics chilled with breezy natural tones and soaked in effortlessly cool funky swagger. Your heart skips a beat in time with the pulsating punchy beat as the melody sweeps you up into a fluffy cloud of psychedelic bliss. This deeply yearning track twirls with loose floaty ecstasy while pulling you into its depths with the propulsive strong beat and elastic bass. The funky guitar adds an infectious groove and energetic refreshing lift to the track while the velvety smooth vocals soothe and coo with hair raisingly creamy richness and lush falsetto in the chorus. The track builds to a massive Gospel like crescendo that compels you to sing along and sway back and forth clapping along.
Each track Ten Fé have released brings something new to the table displaying fine musicianship and diversity. Their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ is going to be one satisfying feast of juicy tunes that will brighten up 2017.
Stream ‘Twist Your Arm’ below