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Fauna Twin ‘Edge Of The Coin’

Fauna Twin are Parisian singer-songwriter Claire Jacquemard Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts) and North Wales’ Owain Ginsberg (We Are Animal). They have released their single ‘Edge Of The Coin’ which is taken from their debut ‘The Hydra’ EP. Beginning with a dramatic chilling and eerie hair raisingly thrilling vibe, the track grabs your attention. It develops into a lightening strike of groovy beats and bouncy spirited synths. Swirling sonic waves interweave between playful melodies and rapid weighty textures on percussion creating a twirling euphoric surge of energy and blissful psychedelia. Jacquemard’s smooth soothing vocals lull you into a hypnotic stupor. The track coils and curls building to a dynamic crescendo with soaring vocals and bursting with energy. ‘Edge Of The Coin’ is infectiously catchy you will want to put it on repeat, dance and sway to its luring seductively rich sound and dynamic bounce and energy.
Steam ‘Edge Of The Coin’ below

We Are Animal ‘Capoeira’


Welsh alternative band We Are Animal have released their new single ‘Capoeira’. Its a gritty dark edgy track smothered in murky fuzz and eerie tones. Elastic depth on bass and rooted beat gives the track a sensual luring quality and repetitive psychedelic feel. Haunting raspy vocals add a spooky hair raising quality while enticing and drawing the listener into the shadowy gravelly depths of the track. Shredding guitar brings the track to its crescendo adding intensity and ferocity. The sweet catchy melody is hypnotising and seeps into your mind leaving you like a willing zombie mindlessly singing along. Distorted instrumental feature is hair-raisingly chilling and scratchy, it reminds me of a nervous person uncontrollably scratching an itch that doesn’t exist. ‘Capoeira’ is a mind numbing piece of well crafted alternative rock blended with psychedelia.
Stream ‘Capoeira’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Temples

Psychedelic indie rock band Temples have made their triumphant return with their new single ‘Certainty’. This is their first new music since 2014’s Sun Structures. The single was produced by frontman James Bagshaw and is taken from their much anticipated second album ‘Volcano’ which will be released on Friday 3rd March, 2017. ‘Certainty’ features a floaty “castles in the air” dreamlike vibe smothered in a playful feathery light harmonious melody. Sweet honeyed vocals soothe and coax you down a path of dancing toys and joyous shimmering synths. With darkened eerie and unsettling undertones, Temples give you that candy coated flighty euphoria with a darkened twist. Fuzzed guitar lines and thumping bass adds a bite and edge to this syrupy trip. The infectious melody and elevated sugar rush keeps you craving more and more of this fantastically composed track.
Watch the video for ‘Certainty’ below

The Grey Merchant ‘Spotless’


The Grey Merchant are an alternative indie band from Cork. Their debut single ‘Spotless’ is set for release via Demeanour Records on November 8th. The Grey Merchant introduce us to their swirling concoction of psychedelic experimental rock that will blow your mind. Its a labyrinth of pulsating bass and distorted guitars swirling in an intoxicating brew of hallucinatory narcotic rock. This thick ecstasy of eye- popping exhilarating psychedelia resounds and winds around a vocal line sampled from Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’. With rapid punch and repetitive striking drums ‘Spotless’ lures you into a darkened  hair- raisingly thrilling atmosphere where there is no returning. Once you let yourself succumb to the crisp edgy sting and moody undertone you become swallowed and consumed in the tireless relentless onslaught of the meandering entwining coil of The Grey Merchant’s unique and fantastic masterpiece. These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Spotless’ below