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The Flux Machine ‘Louder!’

The Flux Machine is Luis Accorsi and Raphael Sepulveda. They are a New York City based alternative indie rock band with an edgy hard rock sound. Their new album ‘Louder!’ was released earlier this year and it’s a tornado of hardcore rock music with some sneaky melodic pop and country aspects thrown in which make this album contagious and appealing to all.
The first track on the album is ‘Run Away’. From the start they blast you into a storm of pounding drums with a deep rooted bass that pulses through your soul. This track is full of energy with a catchy anthem like chorus that compels your body to jump and dance. With simple lyrics and “na na na” feature it’s hard to stop yourself from singing along.
‘Square Up’ follows in a grungy eerie seductive manner. The verses are full of gritty deep bewitching vocals with luring bass line and tempting drums. The track bursts into another massive energetic rock pop chorus. The contrast between the dark verses to the lighter chorus is effective and innovative.
The title track ‘Louder!’ is a manic mosh pit of frenzy. It’s rapid tempo and grinding guitar with thunderous drums makes this song the power rock track that lives up to its name. You can just imagine a live crowd going wild to this track. Turn it up and go crazy!
‘Toxic Love’ has a “The Strokes” feel. With distorted vocals and prominent strong drums. Again filled with infectious melodies and catchy easy to sing along chorus. The sweet backing vocals and slick guitar solo add a refreshing change to the tone of the track and breaks up the intense energetic vibe.
‘How It’s Gonna Be’ and ‘Mess you up’ follow with the same high powered energy with ‘Mess You Up’ becoming more grunge and intense. With heavy sound and screaming growl vocals that add an eerie quality and give a wall of death feel.
‘Believe’ is a dramatic change from the intensity of its predecessor, it lightens the mood and slows down the tone giving us a chance to calm down and slow our racing heart beats. It is a melodic softer track that is full of emotion with an airy bright feel. It completely takes you by surprise but shows a delicate side to the band. With cool sunny vocals and bouncy beats. The backing vocals add a psychedelic 70s vibe in places. It is a proper tender hazy sunshine track.
‘Love And Affection’ continues to surprise us as it is also bright and more pop infused only with a hint of country added to the mix. The light bopping beats really lift this song while the guitars give us a taste of that rock sound we are used to. The soft vocal in the chorus give a gentle feel to the song. It’s definitely a surprise but a beautiful song all the same.
‘Wheels Of Love’ eases us back into their heavier sound with a slick blues bass riff that coaxes your hips to sway and move. We welcome the heavier rock sounding drums back with gritter vocals and a scream in places. A confident filled, seductive track that exudes swagger and is extremely strut worthy.
‘Jack, Jim And Johnny’ brings us back to a blues country style. With twanging guitars and a soft bouncy beat that builds as the tempo becomes more rapid until we are presented with a country rock track. This track is full of middle finger attitude. It is a great song to get you pumped.
‘Crash Down’ brings us back to a fast tempo high energy rock track. With a call and response chorus that is infectious. It shows us a fun side to the band with stunning guitar and strong drums that bury and bend deep inside you and pound through your body making you get up and dance.
The album finishes with ‘Hate Love’ which is full of “oomph” and energy and is a fiery strong song to end on. The dynamic guitars and spirited drums make this track lively and infectious. With its humorous lyrics and aggressive spirited sound this track will leave you wanting more.
The Flux Machine have created 12, non-stop, power songs that are infectious and memorable and extremely likeable and innovative. They have something for everyone ‘Louder!’ is definitely a fantastic listen.
Stream ‘Louder!’ below

Live Music Review of The Last Shadow Puppets and support act Blossoms


Fashion seems to be a big part of The Last Shadow Puppets act as Miles Kane and Alex Turner always show up in the most smart brightly coloured silk outfits when possible. This was true for this Thursdays show in the Olympia, Dublin. Blossoms however keep things cool and simple with their stage attire. They choose dark colours usually black with some white thrown in to contrast which adds to their appeal.
Blossoms opened their set to the eager crowd all muttering what they think Alex or Miles will do, where they will stand what tracks they will play ect. Blossoms begin with ‘At Most A Kiss’ a synth infused indie rock track. With it’s strong bass, slick guitars and rapid20160526_200932 punchy drums it’s a fantastic start to their set. Blossoms are a band that you absolutely have to see live to really appreciate their talent as we see from this instrumentally energetic track. They give you a full bursting sound that you don’t here in the recordings. They follow with their new single ‘Getaway’ which as we hoped in our review of this track earlier this year was amazing live, once again they gave us a new more voluminous sound and dimension to this smooth indie pop track giving it a edge and bite. Blossoms fly straight into ‘Across The Moor’ as the crowd enjoy it’s sleek seductive style with bouncy funky beats and flirtatious bass. It’s 20160526_200928_001irresistible keyboard melody has everyone bouncing and swaying. They slow things down with ‘My Favourite Room’ before they blast into ‘Blown Rose’ followed by the crowd favourite ‘Charlemagne’, with very little speech between tracks. Blossoms let their music do the talking, while their cool, calm persona radiates and gives them that attractive feature that draws the crowd in and makes them listen attentively. They conclude their set with the dynamic ‘Blow’ this song is full of swagger with enticing psychedelic guitars and strong alluring bass. This song performed live commands your body to dance and leaves the crowd wanting more. An excellent warm up and a strong act for The Last Shadow Puppets to follow.
The Last Shadow Puppets strut onto the stage Alex in a smart blue suit that only he can pull off and Miles in a golden yellow silk shirt that glows and shimmers with every movement. They begin with the melodic ‘Miracle Aligner’ as their adoring fans serenade them with their own lyrics. Turner struts about the stage with a 50s/ 60s style 20160526_210618 of stage performance. We see a fresh more playful side to Turner as he interacts with the crowd and his partner in crime Miles Kane. They perform some beloved songs from their first album which obviously are a big hit with the crowd as they watch Kane and Turner perform in a theatrical manner full of hip thrusts and guitar poses. Both are pros at performing and command the stage and captivate their audience as they perform. Nothing can put them off their stride not a lead coming out of a guitar while playing or a mic falling off its stand while Turner is singing. Turner simply carries on with or without them. The show is full of dynamic playful energy. They surprise us with ‘Is This What You Wanted’ a 20160526_212038Leonard Cohen cover in which Turner sings the verse while Kane’s strong vocals take on the chorus. They return for an encore of ‘Meeting Place’ ,’The Dream Synopsis’ and of course ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ The Beatles cover which gives the crowd an explosive ending as we are presented with a full heavy instrumental end of pounding drums screeching guitars and insane synth sounds. It’s definitely a show I’m glad we didn’t miss as it was a refreshing change to see such a fun light hearted show that was bursting with fantastic music from the much loved duo.

A Chat With: Gideon’s Army

With the release of Gideon’s Army’s new album  ‘King of the League’ today we decided to have a chat with Robert Bray to get to know him and his band better.

 When did you form your band?

It’s come together over time, but we started gigging in 2014. Our first gig was in March 2014 at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ.

 How did you decide what style/ Genre of music you wanted to do?

The songs come from my guitar or when I’m singing on my own or when I’m jamming with bandmates. Certain sounds will inspire me to sing, and once in a while it hits a deep nerve  and the music wants to travel. And then a song appears.

What inspired you to make music? 

The singers and songwriters of my youth that moved me in a profound way. Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Scott Weiland, Mick Jagger, Elvis, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, the Black Crowes… Those are my biggest influences , but I’ve taken inspiration from many people across all genres of music. I fell in love with the guitar sounds on those records too. 

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?

My love relationships show up again and again in my songwriting. My songs are also filled with my love of music, and my professional, artistic, social, and financial struggles. I tend to write about my most noble of emotions, my greatest joys, and my deepest pain.

Could you briefly describe you music-making process?

Most of the time my guitar playing will inspire the song. I’ll catch something that makes me want to sing. And like I mentioned before every once in a while you hit something deep, and you get possessed with a desire to express yourself. To articulate a profound sentiment in songful verse. It’s unexplainable, but once you’re possessed you have to write that song. Sometimes the song starts from something I’m singing to myself and then I go sit down with my guitar and find the groove. And sometimes it comes from singing along to something that one of my bandmates is playing when we get together to rehearse or jam. 

What has been your biggest challenge as a band and have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Thanks to the marvels of the internet we’ve been able to attract devoted fans all over the world, but it’s been a challenge to get the word out in our own home city, although it is still the city where we have the largest following. It’s been a challenge and it’s still a challenge to fill out a sizable venue. Our fans are scattered around the world and not concentrated in select cities or regions. Although we do know we have the most fans in NYC and Brazil.

What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?

That changes based on my and our mood, but In the Summertime or One Kiss are always fun to play.

 Whats your favourite venue that you have played at so far?

I’m tremendously excited about our June 1st album release show at the Cutting Room in New York City. It is one of the best sounding rooms in the city, and it’s got a real rock ‘n roll vibe. I also love playing at Mexicali Live in New Jersey. it’s not far from where I grew up and it’s close to my family and some of our biggest fans.

 What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were on stage?

Strings pop sometimes mid song, and you’ve got to change up your chord shapes to keep the song going and avoid sounding out of tune.

Who has been your favourite support act so far?

I’m psyched to share a bill with Marco With Love at the Cutting Room on June 1st, they’re an exciting NYC based rock ‘n roll band.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spend time with my girlfriend, close friends and family. I like to take in live music, go to the movies and the theatre, and I love to travel and discover great tastes and sights.

Any Plans to come to Ireland in the future?

I have been to Ireland, Dublin and Belfast, and I love it. I cannot wait to go back. My last name Bray, is a town in Ireland, and it’s the ancestral homeland of my father’s side of the family. Would be a dream to go back and play the great venues there.

 What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Don’t just form a group with any bunch of assholes who want to form a band. Work on your craft, work on your instrument, work on your song writing, wait until you can legitimately attract others of top quality. You can flounder for years in a project that is going nowhere. Better to take your time, have patience and then hit it hard with the best musicians in town.

Strong honest advise to end on, lets hope Gideon’s Army return to Ireland soon!


Gideon’s Army

Gideon’s Army is a southern infused Rock ‘N Roll band from New York City they have released a new album, ‘King of the League’, today. The band was formed in 2014 by Robert Bray, the frontman and guitarist of the band who wrote and recorded the first tracks as a solo project. Bray has since taken his act to some of New York’s most well‐known stages, including Pianos, Leftfield and The Bitter End, filling out the group’s line‐up with an array of guest musicians along the way.
The new album, ‘King of League’, was recorded at Virtue and Vice studio in Brooklyn by Anthony Gallo (Bon Jovi, John Legend, and Norah Jones) and is full of classic American Rock tunes. ‘Red Lips’ is a melodic whisky drowned ballad full of nostalgic longing tones. With its simple beat and twanging guitar features it gives a sombre sorrowful vibe, as Bray’s vocals have a dry mournful depressed tone. The guitar piece in the bridge gives a contrasting bright tone to the song which is refreshing to hear.
‘Devil Of Ramadi’ is a smooth track with steady beats and sweet guitar twangs throughout the track. It has a sway like quality with a catchy chorus. The vocals are deep and strong without being loud. There is a sense of emotional strength portrayed through the vocals with the sweet guitars gently lilting in the background adding an effective contrast. It has a Bruce Springsteen feel while still remaining original.
‘Don’t Mind’ is an upbeat energetic rock track with an anthem like chorus and slick guitar solos. Bray shows us a grittier more dynamic side to his voice in this track. With light bouncy drums and slick lustrous guitars this song is sure to get everyone up and dancing in no time.
The band is poised to hit the road again in support of ‘King of the League’ and will look to return to the studio for the album’s follow-up in late 2016! this guy means business!
Stream ,’Devil Of Ramadi’ , and ‘Don’t Mind’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen track this week is ‘Ride On’ from Cherryshoes

Cherryshoes is a Psycho-pop band Fronted by the mesmerising El-Jay. They portray a hypnotic blend of dark pop that is captivating. Their single ‘Ride On’ is a well crafted psychedelic rock-pop track that consumes you in a bewitching wave of psychedelia. El- Jay’s soft vocals adds an alluring hypnotic quality to the track that could lead you down a trippy garden path. The soft instrumentation has a relaxing hex effect that places you at ease and perfectly content in this spell – like enrapture. The steady beat gives an eerie seductive tone to the track this is reinforced by the echo backing vocals. It reminds me of a succubus, a highly attractive seductress or enchantressalluring but dangerous.
Cherryshoes recently performed two sets at latitude festival and are currently recording their first album. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.
Stream ‘Ride On’ below

Live Music Review of Anna-Liese supported by Beautiful Corruption


We headed down to Brewery Corner Kilkenny, a lovely vintage style pub in Parliament Street, Kilkenny. The outside of this little blue building will be forever imprinted in my mind as we spent a good half hour going round and round passing the venue each time, trying to find parking as its a little scarce when its raining. Once inside this charming pub we found lovely helpful staff amazing pizza and fantastic music! Also they have the best range of craft beers and ciders on draught in Ireland, as well as a huge selection of international craft beers and whiskeys, and specially selected wines, or so I’m told. But that is not why we are here, its Anna – Liese’s  EP launch.
Support came from Beautiful Corruption which is a band Indie Buddie is no stranger to. We have written features on their live shows before and this one didn’t disappoint. Even though the boys had done a show the previous night they were a bit tired but still bursting with energy. Showcasing their signature style of infectious riffs and mosh worthy tracks. They gave us a sneak peak of some new tracks which were amazing live. Finishing with ‘Snakes and Ladders’ as frontman Oisín Wolfe descends into the crowd for the 20160521_224651massive final track. As usual a strong performance from Beautiful Corruption.
After a short intermission filled with tuning and setting up while the crowd topped up their drinks Anna- Liese take the stage. Beginning with the massive fast tempo ‘Break The Chain’ with its heavy guitar riff it gets the crowd moving, followed by ‘Pyscho Mask’ an upbeat funky beat that is infectious and sounds amazing and fresh live. Watching these guys play you really get a sense of their musical talent, all members of the band have a strong understanding of their instruments and a tight relationship on stage. They take us through some melodic tunes which have the crowd swaying along to  tracks like ‘Storm’ with its smooth airy drive time vibe. Finishing with two dynamic rock tracks.’Green’ which is a crowd favourite, its a proper mosh pit tune20160521_232111 with slick guitars and pounding drums followed finally by ‘Chasing and Fading’ the EP’s title track which is a riff based track that is infectious and trance like. They build to a heavy end with a strong final note, that leaves the crowd wanting more. After a little persuasion Anna – Liese play two more songs before finishing as the crowd begin a frenzy of dancing moshing and pushing. A strong way to end a brilliant gig.

A Chat With : 5 Dollar Shakes

5 Dollar Shakes are an alternative rock band from Gorey, Co. Wexford. The band consists of Jack McEvoy (Vocals), Colin Doran (Lead guitar), Caleb Dowdall (Rhythm guitar), Richard Deering (Bass guitar) and Ciaran O’Doherty (Drums). They have released their new single ‘Auxiliary Love’ ‘from their recently released second EP ‘Come and See Enough To Stay’ . We did a feature on ‘Auxillary love’ earlier this month and caught up with the band to get to know them a little better.

When did you form your band?
We formed the band in 2012, after auditioning for a school talent show. A few members came and left during that first year but by 2013 we had the line up that we were happy with! We’ve remained the same since!

How did you decide what Style/ Genre of music you wanted to do?
We have a quite a diverse approach to our music. We all have different musical interests and try to incorporate as many different influences into our songs as possible. As such, we’re a bit of a Jack of all trades type of band! If you had to label us under a genre though, it would probably be indie rock.

What inspired you to make music?
We’re inspired to make our music as it is a unique outlet for expressing ourselves. We’re musicians and we love what we do, and playing in a group as opposed to on your own is an incredible way to tell our stories.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
We’re all still very young, so our songs tend to convey a coming of age of sorts. We make mistakes, and have regrets, and these usually translate into great themes for our songs.

Could you briefly describe your music-making process?
It’s loose. Our creative process is a bit of a chaotic mish mash. We like to just get together and start jamming until the bones of a song starts to develop. Then Jack will take the music and throw a draft of lyrics on top. We spend a while refining the song after that until it becomes something we’re happy with. We never try force it though, if a song isn’t working we scrap it.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Financial issues have been our biggest challenge. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of money in the industry for young, independent bands. As a result, there have been gigs that we’d love to do that we simply couldn’t, due to not being able to take time of work and such. A lot of money also goes into making a record, between paying for the studio time, artwork ect. It can be tough but we’re getting to a stage now where we’re starting to see a return on our investment. The goal is to make a full time living from doing what we love, so fingers crossed we’ll make it there.

What is your Favourite song to perform live and why?
Our favourite song to preform live is definitely ‘Arthouse’. It’s a bit of a crowd favourite, and there’s no better feeling than seeing a crowd chant back lyrics that you’ve written. It’s very humbling and it justifies all the sacrifices and dedication we’ve put into our music.

So far what are your favourite and least favourite venues that you have played ?
Our favourite venue is the RDS. We played the BT Young Scientist Exhibition there and playing in such a large room to so many people was simply incredible. Our least favourite is a tough one, we enjoy all our gigs! But we did play at the Golden Shears Sheep Shearing competition and got shut down for being too loud! So I suppose that would probably be our least favourite.

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen while you were on stage?
We were playing a festival last year but had to stop after only 5 minutes as a storm started to literally take the stage apart! It was a shame as it was a gig we were really looking forward to, but these things happen!

Who has been your favourite support act so far?
We got the fantastic Sam Ali to support us for our EP launch in the Opium Rooms. He’s been our favourite. He’s incredible and you should definitely check him out.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Drinking, FIFA, chicken wings.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Our advice would be don’t do it. There’s enough bands out there for us to be competing against…. Only kidding, yeah if you want to start a band make sure it’s with people you really enjoy playing with. If it’s not fun there’s not much point and you’ll more than likely break up very quickly.

Whats Next for 5 Dollar Shakes?
We’d love to start playing outside of Ireland, so we’re hoping to play some gigs in and around Europe during the coming year! Other than that, we’re gonna keep writing and playing, getting our name out there as much as possible!
No doubt 5 Dollar Shakes will be playing festivals and shows all round Europe soon if their EP ‘Come and See Enough to stay’ is anything to go by. If you haven’t heard the EP stream it below, trust me you are going to want to hear it!

Kinky Rhino


Kinky Rhino are a Garage Rock/Grunge Rock/Desert Rock band that was founded by members of The Blue Man Group band while touring Central and South America. Multi instrumentalist Jeff Wright contacted Orlando-based producer Justin Beckler to help demo a few of his original songs on which Wright wrote, sang and played every instrument. These songs were Kinky Rhino’s self-titled 5 track début EP.  For the live shows Wright brings in fellow Blue Man Group touring musicians Jordan Wesolek (guitar), Chris Reiss (guitar), Terry Tungjungyatham (bass) and Anthony Riscica (drums) while Wright himself sings lead vocals and plays guitar.
The EP begins with the powerful riff based ‘Garage Roque’. This track is full of strident guitars with heavy rowdy bass lines and pounding drums. The strong bass line pulses throughout the track combining with the steady drums giving a rock solid foundation for a grunge rock sound. Wrights vocals are strong and honest with the added scream vocal for the chorus that adds a rawness to the track. The repetitive bridge with suspended screeching guitars adds tension before the huge vigorous mosh to end the track. This is a great song to begin the EP as it shows us the monstrous sound these guys can produce. I can imagine its epic live!
‘Nom Nom Nom’ follows with a cooler slower tone to give us a break from the high energy. The track begins with soft sleek guitar and groovy beat and smooth vocal for the verse. Its has a sensual tone and sway-like feel with seductive guitar licks and steady beats. The chorus kicks into a heavier grunge sound that you can’t help but head bang to as it fades to another alluring verse, followed by an almost psychedelic bridge that breaks into an anthem like vocal. A lot happens in this song as it takes you on a journey of slipping in and out of styles with such ease showing the fantastic musicianship here.
‘Eclipse’ lightens the mood with a bouncy beat and almost pop feel with “do do do” backing vocals. This song gives a bright vibrant atmosphere. With running bass line and light guitars to start. The lush harmonies in the backing vocals adds an angelic feel to this track which is a huge contrast to the other tracks we have heard so far. The song builds as the guitars become more prominent and a heavier sound begins to seep in. The vocals intensify a little as we hear a heavier sound instrumentality and wicked sharp guitar solo. The vocals become more gritty here also and give a frustrated tone, before it breaks again to the lighter pop sound we heard earlier however the instruments stay with their rock sound ending on a high both instrumentally and vocally.
‘Desiree’ gives a melancholy tone full of frustration and despair. It begins soft with a strong bass line and thumping drums. The soft vocals give us a sense of hopelessness but the pounding pulse of the bass conveys a feeling of emotions turning and bubbling ready to burst. We see this explosion of emotions as they break into an anthem chorus. The Pounding drums and slick guitars add a mosh effect to the song as it ends on a heavy rock vibe.
The EP finishes with ‘All-American Slam’ an energetic robust rock track with thunderous drums, strident guitars and a weighty bass line. This track is full of energy and headbangingly good.This is an excellent track to finish the album as its got all the best parts of all the other songs put into one gigantic heavy rock track.
A really strong first EP look forward to hearing more from these guys
Stream ‘Kinky Rhino’ EP below

Step Rockets ‘West Coast’

Step Rockets are an Indie/Alternative band from Minneapolis, United States. The band consist of Anthony Schulz ,Brady Lillie , Johnny Syn and Joshua Schmidt (aka Josh Von Mink). They have released their new song ‘West Coast’ from their new EP ‘Future Nature’. ‘West Coast’ is a melodic indie pop track with an almost tribal twist. This song is bursting with energy and full of amazing experimental synth sounds which add different dimensions to the track. With a catchy melody and infectious bouncy beat this song definitely deserves radio play. The heavier rock chorus adds depth to the track and is a great contrast to the more pop sounding verses. This song has a dance quality and anthem effect with a big sing along chorus and bright vibe.
A fantastic track that shows off the band’s signature blend of pop rock. Looking forward to more from these guys.
Stream ‘West Coast’ below