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NGOD ‘Blue’

NGOD are an alternative indie band from Bradford. Band members Samuel Augustine (Lead Vocals & Guitar),Luke Fielding (Guitar),Lewis Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Bass) and Alex Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Drums) first made a name for themselves with their debut ‘Are You Satisfied’ followed by a bunch of live dates around the U.K.
Their new single ‘Blue’ is a slap in the face of feel good indie rock that is electrifying. It is upbeat and dynamic with ornate guitar that drives the track in a rush of buzz fuelled frenzy. The elastic bass adds a flexible texture to this energetic track while the punchy drums tops things off with a brawn and power giving us that supercharged bolt of alt-rock. The vocals are animated but simple making every word clear until the irresistible sing a long chorus kicks in. The track builds to a fantastic, dramatic sound blasting crescendo.
A must listen.
You can catch NGOD live at
JUL 30 Y Not Festival, Pikehall, Matlock
AUG 20 Glass Butter Beach , Abersoch Beach
SEP 1, Festival No.6 – Portmeirion
SEP 24 Underground Festival ,Gloucester
Watch the video for ‘Blue’ below


James George ‘Make You Mine’

Yorkshire singer-songwriter James George has released his debut single ‘Make You Mine’. The track is a storming two minutes of classic indie rock n’roll showcasing brooding guitars, infectious melodies and shimmering synths. It has already picked up over 10,000 streams online and James George is developing a steady growing fan base.
‘Make You Mine’ is a short blast of garage rock that is sprinkled with enough inventiveness to make it a success. The production of this track is bang on as we are swallowed up in a concoction of shadowy misty synths, steady thumping beats and intoxicating psychedelic guitar. The song creates a dark daydream atmosphere with longing crooning vocals that remain cool and almost detached while the yearning tone on guitar almost wails in pain expressing his longing. ‘Make You Mine’ is full of mysterious tones with an eerie atmosphere. This is a track that will leave you craving for more.
Stream ‘Make You Mine’ below

King Harvest & The Weight release debut album Maps in-store and online today


King Harvest & The Weight are Ben Adey ( Bassist and main songsmith), Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals). They have released their debut album ‘Maps’ today which is a collection of upbeat catchy rock tracks bursting with great vibes and embroidered with dynamic bass, mighty drums and spirited guitar. The album flows fluidly with each track bursting with infectious luscious melodies and fantastic musicianship that will attract repeated listens.
If you are in Dublin on the Sunday August 21st head down to Howth and check out King Harvest & The Weight’s next performance for the birthday celebrations of late Thin Lizzy legend Phil Lynott, at the personal request of his mother, Philomena. A third single release and video for When it Stops will accompany the album launch. Trust me your going to want to see these guys live.

Check out the Press release below

Maps, the debut long-player from West Yorkshire three-piece King Harvest & The Weight gets its eagerly anticipated in-store release today, also becoming available to download from all major online music outlets. Greeted with universal praise from publications and peers throughout the industry, the album’s 14-tracks have been hailed for their infectious blend of pop sensibility, garage-rock intent and AOR sophistication –bolstered by a recent whistle-stop tour of the UK and Ireland
Described as “the greatest lost mixtape –a dashboard discovery for a hot summer’s day”, Maps comes hot on the heels of frenetic lead single Unstuck, and the introspective follow-up Bloodsport, which –alongside a video from up-and-coming filmmaker Jordan Greenwood –explores the effects of depression on relationships.
Opening with Howl –a spoken-word intro from Stooges/Minutemen bassist Mike Watt –Maps features contributions from a diverse host of musical luminaries, including Peter Gabriel vocalist Rosie Doonan, and Ren Harvieu keys-man Andy Bruce. Frontman, bassist and main songsmith Ben Adey is joined by Justin Edley (drums) and Olly Smith(guitar/vocals) to complete the band’s core lineup.
Watch ‘Unstuck’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Mellor

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Mellor are a self proclaimed “Pop Smack” band from Reading. Formed in 2011 the quartet are making a name for themselves and gaining high praise and interest from fans and the media. They have already scored themselves support slots with bands such as The Milk, Carl Barat, and The Kooks. Their new EP ‘Damage/Joy’ is packed with infectious energetic melodic songs and the first song on that EP ‘Win Me Over’ is our worth a listen track.
‘Win Me Over’ bursts into a storm of punchy drums and striking vigorous guitars. Mellor waist no time in introducing us to their infectious sun drenched vibes and blissfully catchy melody. This track is full of  suave with witty lyrics performed in a cool laid back “Californian sun” manner. The slick shredding guitar solo radiates sunshine and teamed with the upbeat energetic atmosphere of the track keeps this song uplifting and glowing. The slight grit in the vocals at times gives a bite and attitude to the track. ‘Win Me Over’ will reel you in and have you hooked in seconds as you dance around the room to its strut like swagger and uncontrollable magnetism. Put it on repeat and enjoy.
Stream ‘Win Me Over’ below

Endless Peaks ‘Staircase’

Endless Peaks

Endless Peaks are a 4-piece band that create Indie Rock music with a psychedelic twist.The band are based on the South Coast of England in Bournemouth and are here to make waves with their emphatic and uplifting music. Endless Peaks consists of 2 brothers Lloyd Allen (Vocals/Lead Guitar) and Luis Allen (Bass Guitar) from Buckinghamshire . Soon after the brothers moved south they teamed up with Chanelle Smith (drums) and Connor Dean (keyboard). Their debut single ‘Staircase’ is the first of 3 tracks to be released this year from the band.
‘Staircase’ is a track that will transport you to a world of exhilarating bright indie rock sprinkled with blissful psychedelia. It is bursting with a swoony dreamy vibe coated in energetic overtones. The keyboard gives us a smooth and uplifting atmosphere which adds an airy fresh tone while the zealous guitar riff is sharp and ripe giving a fantastic variety in texture to the song. The drums are steady and fluid adding strength and grounding depth to the track which is otherwise aerial and otherworldly. The vocals are confident adding swagger and attitude to the track.
A great debut track from Endless Peaks look forward to hearing more.

Stream ‘Staircase’ below

Colour ‘Kerosene’

Colour are an alternative rock band from Liverpool. Band members Tidd, Scott, Downey and Connor have released their track ‘Kerosene’ from their self-produced 4-track EP which came out at the end of last month.
‘Kerosene’ is a perfect treasure of luscious bright melodies, luminous guitars and shimmering synths with its sunny vibes and smooth dynamic vocals that are blissful and easy to listen to. This track is creamy and bouncy and has a magnetic effect that will have you wanting to hear more. It is  embroidered with glittering synth effects and zesty guitars that keeps the track fresh and radiates sunny vibes.  Even though the lyrics contrast the blazing golden atmosphere they bring a meaningful darker tone to the track which makes this song more intriguing.
‘Kerosene’ is a track that must be added to your summer playlist!
You cant catch Colour live at:
JUL 31 Kendall Calling festival.United Kingdom
SEP 16 Square ONE – Crewe, United Kingdom
Stream ‘Kerosene’ below

The Jackobins ‘Hasty’


The Jackobins are a 5-piece alternative rock band from Liverpool. They have taken Liverpool’s and the U.K’s music scene by storm, headlining and selling out prestigious venues such as Liverpool’s O2 Academy, EVAC, Magnet and Camden’s Barfly alongside smaller dates in Leeds, Manchester, Leicester, Sunderland, Stoke and Grimsby. They have also scored themselves support slots with The Enemy, Reverend and The Makers and The Riffles while also appearing on Tramlines, Strawberry Fields, Northbound, X & Y, Party In The Pines, Liverpool Calling, Boondock, Blackthorn, FesEvol and events such as Soccer Six and Football Rocks. We previously featured their track ‘One More Chance’ as our Worth A Listen track earlier this year and they are back with another infectious track ‘Hasty’.
‘Hasty’ is an anthem-like richly textured track with a melody that seeps into your brain and compels you to put on repeat. The track begins with a toe-tappingly good riff and attention grabbing beat. The tease of psychedelic guitars for the verse gives you a taste of whats to come and adds a hypnotic mesmerising texture to the track. Its an upbeat track with dark undertones. The contrast between the bobbing rhythm and dynamic vocals with the intoxicating trance like guitar is effective and shows the diversity of The Jackobins. The vocals exude swagger and emotion and have a strut quality. The bridge softens with a more hypnotic, intense and euphoric vibe with softer vocals and repeated lyrics. The bass is elastic and malleable yet subtle giving a enticing feel that is light but enough to be effective and luring. The track builds again for an energetic and charismatic end.
Another fantastic track from The Jackobins!
The Jackobins are playing a number of festival shows and headline dates this summer you can catch them at:
Jul 22 Tramlines, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Jul 23 Blackthron Festival, Castlehead, United Kingdom
Jul 29 Y Not Festival,Pikehall, United Kingdom
Jul 30 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, United Kingdom
Aug 06 Sunflower Fest Hillsborough, United Kingdom
Aug 20 Glass Butter Beach, Abersoch, United Kingdom
Sep 02 The Plug, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Nov 26 Kazoopa, Leeds, United Kingdom
Stream ‘Hasty’ below

Mini Mansions ‘Fiona’

Los Angeles band Mini Mansions will be releasing a collection of B-Side tracks entitled ‘Flashbacks’ in September. The trio (vocals and drummer Michael Shuman, vocals and keyboardist Tyler Parkford, bassist and multi instrumentalist Zachary Dawes) released their critically acclaimed second album ‘The Great Pretenders’ in 2015. While eager fans await their return with their third album, Mini Mansions have decided to ease their withdrawal symptoms a little and let them indulge on some unreleased/unheard B-Sides.
‘Fiona’ is one of the tracks on the lineup for ‘Flashbacks’ and it gives us a nostalgic glimpse of the Mini Mansions we heard on their 2010 self titled debut. ‘Fiona’ has a dreamy swoon like tone, drenched in psychedelia with dark undertones. The diversity between Parkford’s sweet falsetto and Shuman’s warm deep vocals is refreshing. Their vocals intertwine and switch ranges all while harmonising, blending and swirling in a lush melody. Dawes’ elastic bass gives a smooth seductive tone to the track while the drums provide a staggering swagger. The track reels you in from the start and seems to coax you with its luxurious irresistible melody. It builds to a massive crescendo with distorted bass and climatic instrumentation before slowing the tone to a soft gentle echo finish.
‘Fiona’ is another fantastic example of Mini Mansions superior musicianship.Their music is a work of art, refined yet dynamic. Lyrically and instrumentally they are setting the bar high for other musicians. It is clear this trio are getting bigger and better.
You can pre-order ‘flashbacks’ here:

Watch ‘Fiona’ below



Strange Bones ‘God Save The Teen’

Strange Bones are a trio from Blackpool, consisting of two brothers Bob and Will Bentham and a childhood friend Stuart Newburn. Their track ‘Sick Of It All (SOIA)’, which was mixed by Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, Mallory Knox, Don Broco) has gained them attention at Kerrang! Radio and BBC Radio 1. They released earlier this year an untameable three-track punk rock EP called ‘God Save The Teen’
‘God Save The Teen’ is the title track from this EP.  Its a raw fierce argumentative track with an infectious slick hook and soul pounding thunderous drums. The vocals are shouty at times with a howl like tone and of course a throat tearing scream texture. This track though it has an aggressive appearance at first is underlined with a slick sensual swagger that is captivating and makes you want to keep listening. With its anthem like energetic chorus teamed with a fuzzed rumble rebellious sound this track is raw and real, there is no illusion, its fantastically gritty and razor sharp .
Watch ‘God Save The Teen Below’

Motions ‘Back To Where I Begun’


Motions are an alternative rock band based in Dublin formed by Tom Daly and Dave Nulty. They have released their debut single ‘Back To Where I Begun’ which was produced by Philip Magee. The track deals with the theme of contemplating starting over when you’re close to the point of no return.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ starts with a strong raspy vocal with very light accompaniment that builds slightly for the first chorus with dramatic chord strides and pulsating beats. The track slowly builds tension for the second verse with an added dance synth quality and bendable beat. The return of the chorus brings us a brief instrumental blast with dynamic strident guitars. The track reaches its crescendo with an aerial yet strong instrumental with shredding guitars and pounding drums while still holding an atmospheric breezy vibe.
‘Back To Where I Begun’ is a strong debut single with an impressive rhythm that drives the track forward and gives a bendable quality to the track. The vocals are solid and emotion filled while the guitars are sharp and refreshing. A great start for Motions look forward to hearing more.
Watch Motions we recently released a video for ‘Back To Where I Begun’ with Crooked Gentlemen below