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Cavey ‘About To Start’

London’s alt/rock band Cavey have released their new single ‘About To Start’ produced by Blaenavon’s Frank Wright.The four-piece consists of Luke Cave (Guitar, Vocals), Alexander Chalstrey (Piano, Organ, Rhodes), Chun-Ting “Refa” Wang (Upright Bass, Bass guitar) and Adrian Ortman (Drums). The band combines classic sounds and inventive songwriting to create their own brand of soulful, contemporary rock’n’roll.

‘About To Start’ is a bluesy, soul ballad which focuses on the unfulfilling side of life as a musician. This passionate number swoons and pines over blues drenched guitar laments, jazz jangles on piano and a staggering drowsy rhythmic backbone. There is  a vintage classic posture in this track as it glides with finesse and elegance, oozing a maturity and richness that is to be admired. Cavey have crafted this track beautifully as twinkling piano elements gracefully hop and bounce between wistful pines on guitar while Luke Cave mourns and coos passionately over this rich, vibrant and captivating backdrop. Filled with warm tones and sensual textures from the elastic bass lines this steamy, weepy track is a whisky soaked sob of emotional perfection.

Stream ‘About To Start’ below  



Leon Bridges ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ and ‘Bad Bad News’

Leon Bridges, the double Grammy Award nominated R&B artist, has announced details of his second album, ‘Good Thing’. The album will be available both digitally and physically on the 4th May. ‘Good Thing’, the follow up to Leon’s critically acclaimed, award winning, Certified Gold debut album ‘Coming Home’, was Executive Produced by Ricky Reed and Niles City Sound, and produced by Ricky Reed. Leon and his long-time collaborators and ‘Coming Home’ producers, Niles City Sound, headed out west to work with Reed with the goal of taking Leon’s music in a more modern R&B direction while staying true to his signature style. Leon has released two tracks from the album ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ and ‘Bad Bad News’.

‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ is your tender soulful slow burner. Leon’s falsetto vocals cruise and sweetly coo through this delicately passionate track. With swoony strings and twinkling piano its a candle lit romantically smooth charmer that oozes emotion. With a soft orchestral arrangement flickering around his warm vocals- it’s evening chill time bliss.

‘Bad Bad News’ is the funkier number. Its swagger soaked and peppy with a groovy bassline that is strut ready. Leon’s vocals exude sass and an effortlessly cool panache. It’s a swish fluid track that seeps swanky chicness with flickers of slick glossy guitar while holding an air of laid back flamboyance. It’s an alluring track that swoops in with charisma and a slicked back funky style.

Both tracks display Leon’s sophisticated richly passionate musicianship and deeply soulful sound with a funky twist thrown in.

When asked about the album Leon said, “I loved my experience with Coming Home. Good Thing however allows me to showcase more of my influences and artistry. I’m excited for the world to hear it and perform this diverse group of songs live.”

Stream ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’ and ‘Bad Bad News’ Below



Giant Rooks ‘New Estate’ EP

Hailing from Hamm in North West Germany, Giant Rooks are an art-pop five-piece who’ve been turning heads since their inception. Releasing their debut EP back in 2015, the quintet garnered fans quickly, and soon began to emerge as one of the most promising acts in their native Germany.It was this first EP release that saw the groundwork laid for the band to win the popNRW Prize for newcomers in 2016, as well as two consecutive summers of festivals, which saw the band play over 80 festival shows including Reeperbahn, Eurosonic and The Great Escape. In addition to this, the band have also supported Kraftklub and The Temper Trap, not to mention a 29-date, nine country tour with Mighty Oaks throughout November and December 2017.

‘New Estate’ is an EP bursting with luscious flavours and depths that hold a richness so pure and mature it’s majestic and powerfully melodic. From the stomping intro of opener, title track ‘New Estates’ it’s apparent this EP is infectious indie at its best. With a peppy beat bouncing through melancholic jangly guitar and darkly tinged keys, this five piece take a sombre tone to a bright indie format.Their tracks seem to strike you right in the center of your chest and make you feel every warm, tender, catchy note. With a folky hue to the tunes there is an instant soothing glow and cosy feel to even the chillier tracks such as the haunting soul – filled ‘Bright Lies ‘. The melodies are sweet and delicate ‘Chapels’ once again trickles along with a sway-like tempo and calming atmosphere. The steady beat and soaring keys create an aerial breeziness that cuts deep along with the tender lyrics. The unique vocals add dynamic passion and intensity to each track and make the sound of Giant Rooks instantly recognisable. ‘Mia & Ciara (Days To Come)’ emphasises the nostalgic tone of the EP. Its golden mellowness is just simply divine and heavenly to the ears. Glittering guitars sprinkle bright rays of scintillation throughout the track while a buoyant rhythm keeps an optimistic playful feel. ‘Slow’ closes the EP. It is soft and sweetly comforting as intricate guitar lines flood the track with warmth while the instrumentation builds to an anthemic mighty crescendo.

‘New Estate’ is a moving EP laced with emotion, deft guitar licks and swirling subtle electronics. Opulent percussion and brooding vocals create a sophisticated breath-taking collection of tracks that have a purity and refinement without overcrowding each track.

2018 will see the band embark on their second major tour, with the 23 dates taking in shows in both The Netherlands, and the UK for their first official run of English dates

Mar 20: The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Mar 21: Old Blue Last, London

Mar 22: The Lending Room, Leeds

Mar 23: The Night & Day Cafe, Manchester

Mar 24: Cafe Totem, Sheffield

Giant Rooks are also on tour throughout Europe in 2018. Please check here for more information

Stream ‘New Estate’ below

Population 7 ‘Lowlight’

Population 7 are a nine piece alternative UK hip-hop and neo-soul band from the West-Midlands.The band have released their video for their new single ‘Lowlight’. This chilled effortless cool track exudes soulful breezy swagger and placid grooves.So laid back with velvety vocals lush harmonies which is blended with vocal rapping these guys present a smokey fluid track that evaporates, glides and cruises with ease. A soft beat encases the track in a buoyant blanket while gentle piano floats with fine elegance adding a cold classy chicness. It’s soaked in a subtle panache with a fiery attitude displayed through the rapping but still holds a delicate finesse and soulful passion.

Watch the video for ‘Lowlight’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Michael Jablonka

Michael Jablonka is a musician from London. In addition to performing as Michael Kiwanuka’s chosen guitarist Jablonka has been fine-tuning his own powerful 21st-century take on bluesy alt-funk and soulful indie-rock. The 27-year-old has been gigging since the tender age of 14 as an in-demand guitarist for hire. Those who have enjoyed his dextrous services include Charlie Brown, Stooshe, Shakka and Delta Maid. Jablonka’s intense yet universal alt-rock’n’soul tunes scream for wider appreciation and ‘Peacefully’ is the first of a dynamite double-A to be released by Jablonka on Lost In The Manor Records.

‘Peacefully’ erupts with a blistering guitar riff that sizzles and scorches into a whip crack slapping rhythm. Jablonka’s vocals, raspy and soul infused bleed over the melty infectious melody. It’s so satisfyingly heavy and fuzzed with sharp enthralling guitar exuding red hot fiery swagger. Jablonka is cool and majestic while the massive anthemic chorus explodes with a combustible rawness. Edgy and refined it’s an electric soul belter that will leave you gobsmacked. This guy has so much talent it seeps from every note, every lyric, glowing like divinity, it’s a track to gather the masses and consume them in its celestial sound. It’s a slap in the face announcing a true musician in all his glory. Put it on repeat ‘Peacefully’ is your doorway to escapism, consume and absorb this divine track. Keep an eye out for this guy.

“Peacefully is about separating yourself from a rough situation,” says Jablonka of the track produced by Ben ‘BJ’ Jackson at NXNE Studios in London. “Everyone is constantly in need of escapism.”

Stream ‘Peacefully’ below

James Ghareeb ‘Do It With Luv’

Singer-songwriter James Ghareeb has announced the release of his new single ‘Do It With Luv’ from his forthcoming EP available later this year. Ghareeb first found success after becoming a social media breakout star through his Vine videos. He started making short clips covering the likes of Justin Bieber, surpassing over 6 million views along the way.  In 2015 James recorded his first EP ‘Hanging From The Stars’ which debuted at number 4 on the iTunes chart upon release. During that time, the Lebanese American, caught the attention of critically acclaimed produced Tony Ghantous (Kris Allen, Disney), who quickly began work on Ghareeb’s sophomore release.

 ‘Do It With Luv’ is a crisp fresh sun soaked tune that radiates laid back vibes and good times. Laced in tropical rhythms with rock pop elements and an infectious delicious melody it’s slick cool and oh so catchy. Sharp zests of guitar squirts between rich clap along rhythms and velvety vocals. Lush backing vocals “woo” adding colour and vibrancy. The track cruises with mellow easy-going euphoria and elastic bounce. It’s breezy sun kissed and mind numbingly dreamy all while packing some nice perky stabs of R&B and soul. Tightly wrapped in intricate sleek production and fine musicianship this track rolls in on a wave of carefree bliss. I’ll look forward to hearing more from James Ghareeb

Stream ‘Do It With Luv’ below

ScttWlkr ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’

Alaska based singer-songwriter ScttWlkr has recently released his newest single ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’. As an artist, ScttWlkr is notorious for his use of soulful lyrics and his powerful raspy voice and although he’s experimented with different instruments, as every good artist does, he’s built a following around his bare bones acoustic music, allowing the focus to remain on the lyrics that he pours his soul into.

‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’ is a warm melodic treasure packed with passionate soulful vocals depicting heartfelt emotional lyrics. Sweet guitar twangs as ScttWlkr’s soothing raspy tone creates a beautiful tender scene and candle lit delicacy. With soft acoustic guitar strums throughout it’s cosy and intensely moving and captivating. With a stunning gentle melody and toasty mellow exterior wrapped in nostalgic tones its wholesome and pure. It’s simply presented but extremely effective.

Explaining the inspiration behind the release, ScttWlkr said,

“I wanted to capture the feeling of sadness, and write a song that could be felt and related to by anyone who has ever been through a rough patch in relationships. Whether it be family, friends or significant others.” 

The track was released in late June and is available to stream or purchase via all major media providers. For more information about ScttWlkr, his future releases and any upcoming live shows, follow him on his social media pages here

Stream ‘Sleep Cycle Cyanide’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The Dull Blue Lights

The Dull Blue Lights are a band in between. Drawing from influences as varied as Motown soul, Nuggets psychedelia and Jamaican rocksteady, the Philadelphia-based group’s definitive blend of cascading harmonies, screaming guitars and relentlessly grooving rhythms lives somewhere between each one. The band calls this in-between sound Basement Soul. Their new single ‘Press Play’ is the latest single from The Dull Blue Lights’ upcoming self-titled debut album, due out July 13th which was produced by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Benjamin Booker, Clear Plastic Masks).
‘Press Play’ is a juicy fruity blend of slick rock and roll. Sharp nimble guitar teamed with relentlessly shimmying rhythms, this track is a massive explosion of feel good bright rock and roll. It’s cool with smooth vocals and a swagger infused cruising glide that creates an impulsive strut and prance. Exuding flamboyance and panache this track is the slick back charmer that will have girls swooning from the first note. It’s a track reminiscent of 50’s rock and roll mania. Once that rich rhythm section kicks in you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing. With quirky organ chords thrown in and a melty infectious melody, it’s a swanky stride of explosive energy and slick musicianship. Oozing soul and passion this track is vintage cool and sublime while also remaining current. A must listen.

Stream ‘Press Play’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : Harry Strange

London based singer-songwriter, Harry Strange has released his debut single ‘Back Around’.Its gripping and intensely emotional pulling at your soul with every subtle beat. Gentle and delicate piano adds a beautiful elegant glide and sway while Harry’s soulful vocals packs a tender passionate punch. Chill smooth electronics create a breezy ethereal atmosphere that is just sublime. Expressing raw fragile emotions in such a sweet touching way, Harry delivers a pure and flawless performance for his debut single. Its simple yet striking with crisp clean production, almost immaculate.
Stream ‘Back Around’ below

Aja Volkman ‘Sandy’ Album Review

Aja Volkman, the former female front for the LA rock-trio Nico Vega, has announced her long awaited solo debut with the release of her debut album ‘Sandy’. Featuring the lead single ‘My Man’, the album will be available to download on all major media providers from May 19th. Born and raised in Oregon, Aja Volkman began her musical career at a young age and it quickly progressed into a prodigious talent. Volkman’s musical career opened up after she joined forces with War Paint front woman Emily Kohal and for the first time in the public sphere, she unleashed a provocative vocal that would soon define her career. Her foray into the music world continued in 2004 when she forged the successful LA rock trio Nico Vega. After teaming up with Linda Perry (Gwen Stefani, Pink, Christina Aguilera), Nico Vega released their first full-length album in 2009, which received critical acclaim. In 2015 Nico Vega continued to gain popularity after landing an opening slot for Imagine Dragons and now after a short hiatus, Aja Volkman announces her return to music with her debut solo album ‘Sandy’.
‘Sandy’ is a cosy intimate album immersed in beautiful heartfelt delicate tones with country twangs drizzled on top to add a speckle of fun and vibrancy to the album. Dripping in vintage bluesy soul the album displays a sophisticated sound with rich depth and satisfying textures. ‘My Man’ kicks off the album setting a 50’s or 60’s romantic sway-like scene. Elegant and graceful it glides like a fairy tale waltz. The soft instrumentation and sweet lulling backing “sha la la” vocals create a dreamy swoony affectionate flow and glide to this beautiful track. Volkman’s honey soaked vocals coo the luscious melody creating the perfect soothing fanciful scene to blissfully loose yourself  in. This track is irresistibly smooth and velvety as it oozes and seeps idyllic romance. Volkman follows this with track after track featuring  sweet gentle lusciously rich textures. ‘Bother Me’ brings warm country twangs to the candied delicious sound. While ‘Nobody’ adds a bounce and vibrancy with a sassy attitude. The album is speckled with jazzy piano elements in tracks such as ‘Deep Love’ and mysterious steamy tones in ‘Skeletons’ all while maintaining an exquisite knack for ear worm melodies. ‘Sandy’ winds down to a graceful, tender almost peaceful end with ‘Cracked’. Volkman has created a collection of heartfelt eloquent tracks that display her classy elegant and affluent musicianship.
Aja Volkman recorded the album with singer-songwriter Joshua James in Utah and it has taken over a year to put together. ‘Sandy’ is out May 19th and you can get her brand new single ‘My Man’ as an instant download when you pre-order the album from April 28th.
Stream ‘My Man’ below