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Matt Portland ‘Secondary’

London singer songwriter Matt Portland has released his new single ‘Secondary’.Portland is a solo artist who writes, produces and plays every instrument on his songs, recorded in his small home studio.The new track draws inspiration from the ballads of the late 60’s and 70’s and soundtracks from that era, attempting a modern take on the Wall of Sound.

‘Secondary’ encapsulates beautifully Portland’s wholly absorbing and carefully crafted sound. With delicate finger picked guitar and lonely guitar slide intro the track croons in with tender solitary tones and a swoony sweet 60’s melody. Building the track into a passionate ballad Portland fleshes out his lonesome Spaghetti-western sound with a steady drum thud and graceful piano element. It’s a weepy delicate number that gradually builds in emotion as more instruments are introduced to fill out the track. The guitar laments behind a rich percussive foundation while elegant strings flutter around the teary fist pump passion. Each part of the track builds upon the brooding theme as the melancholic tones flicker between a powerful tear jerking chorus. The guitar solo wails and whines with a bittersweet tone while Portland’s velvety vocals coo over this timeless wishful backdrop. It’s a well crafted track that packs one heck of an emotional punch.

Stream  ‘Secondary’ below


Aaron Taos ‘Control’

Aaron Taos is a Brooklyn based indie pop artist hailing from Guilford, CT.  In June he released his sophomore EP, ‘Night Thoughts’ and spent the summer on tour opening for King Princess. He has now released his new single ‘Control’ which is the first single off his new project, ‘Birthday Boy’. 

‘Control’ glistens with warm guitar moments as Taos sings over a peppy melody and infectious clap along feature. Filled with sun soaked dreamy tones this track glides and hops along ethereal soundscapes while glorious lamenting guitar weaves a golden thread throughout the track tying it blissfully in your ears with a lasting secure hold.Tightly crafted this track holds a laid back hazy vibe while also packing in that radio friendly charm. It’s honest and entertaining with sublime melodies and a steady beat holding all the delightful component parts together.

Watch the video for ‘Control’ below

You can also stream ‘Control’ here


Magdalena Bay ‘Ghost’

The LA-based duo Magdalena Bay visit a darker side of synth pop on their latest single ‘Ghost’. The pop duo are 22-year-old Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting, vocals) and 23-year-old Matthew Lewin (songwriting, vocals, production). The lyrics to the new track are inspired by the iconic 80’s film Mr. Vampire, which Mica had just watched in a Chinese film class.Following the success of recent singles Neon and Waking Up, Magdalena Bay have an arsenal of finished music that they plan on unleashing on the world now that they’re settled in LA. Ghost is the second of these to be released, and is sure to show listeners a new side to the band who write and produce all of their music from their home studio.

‘Ghost’ is a silken, lustrous pop number tightly bound in laser precision electronics. This track wriggles and weaves its way through rich, pulsing beats slapping against shimmering synths while the glossy pop melody smooths on top with a dreamy luxurious texture that oozes class and swagger. The dazzling soundscapes flash with eerie dark stomps throughout creating a haunting atmosphere to this luscious pop number.  Magdalena Bay have created a clean, dance-able and infectious number that moves with grace and elegance while a bubbling groove steers the track to something more sinister.

“We wanted to try something new when we started writing Ghost” explains the band. “We had just finished a string of really bubblegum pop songs. Then, this spooky beat came out of nowhere. The song is darker than our previous releases– but it’s still fun and totally dancy. To us, Ghost is what would happen if Britney Spears and MGMT collaborated on a track..”

Stream ‘Ghost’ below



Vintage Bones ‘Regret and Nostalgia’

Vintage Bones is a new LA-based rock band. They have recently released their debut single ‘Regret and Nostalgia’. The band is rooted in the expression of “anthemic yearning,” influenced by musical greats like The Killers, Future Islands, and Modest Mouse. This fist pumping anthem pulses and rushes with heartfelt emotion doused in tones of longing while a bittersweet dreamy pop melody floats like a wishful cloud into your ears. Zingy guitars inject edgy elements while vibrant bass lines and dynamic vocals evoke that heart stopping drama that will grasp the hearts off all listening. It’s crisp, raw and lusciously sweet all at once while beautifully crafted lyrics drive the track home. This nostalgic number is a sublime debut from Vintage Bones.

About the track the band explains, “This song is a proclamation of love lost. The flash of remorse that happens during deep contemplative moments as the past comes rushing to the present, flooding the senses as if it were all happening again. A window through time to cherish and mourn. This is an anthem to those moments.”

Stream ‘Regret and Nostalgia’ below

Brass Phantoms ‘In Sight’

Dublin’s indie rock band Brass Phantoms have released their new single ‘In Sight’. Their single ‘Waiting Up’ garnered widespread airplay across Irish Radio on RTE 2FM, 98FM, SPIN, Today FM, and Radio Nova, as well as prestigious international features on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq and Spotify-curated playlists. The five piece consisting of  Ryan Cashell (vocals & bass), Greg Whelan (guitar & backing vocals), James Geraghty (guitar), Adam McCabe (drums & backing vocals), and Colleen Heavey (keys & backing vocals) have headlined shows all over Dublin, performed at major festivals including Other Voices and Indiependence Festival, and were the main support for Delorentos on their sold-out tour. The group has toured through the UK and have performed twice at MONDO Festival in New York, having been listed as one of the festival’s top acts to see.This year has seen Brass Phantoms sign a worldwide distribution deal with Believe Digital. Their single ‘City Of Wolves’ was used to promote television coverage of the UEFA Champions League this year, as well as being added to Spotify’s editorial Hot New Bands playlist .The band follow this success with their brand spanking new slice of indie rock ‘In Sight’.

‘In Sight’ has all the meaty enticing components true Brass Phantoms tracks possess. The ethereal glorious guitars reach piercing thrilling heights as they playfully soar, weave and sparkle over the punchy groove and weighty rhythmic foundation. The guitars in this track are particularly mesmerising as the sweet biting tones slice and sting over the aerial atmosphere with a superb finesse and grandeur that is awe inspiring. This cutting track strides along cool as a cucumber as Ryan Cashell passionately sings over the smooth melody while shimmering icy keys and elastic bass build the track to its massive intense crescendo. These guys create emotive tracks that pack oodles of gusto and rich instrumentation. Each track adds a new and exciting dimension to their sound and ‘In Sight’ is the perfect shiny new addition to their crisp refreshing collection.

About the track, frontman Ryan Cashell says: “In Sight delves into overcoming personal battles and letting go of bitterness. It’s how you treat yourself and deal with these obstacles that will make you stronger.”

Stream ‘In Sight’ below


The Rupees ‘Terror Lover’

Bristol garage rock band The Rupees have released their new single ‘Terror Lover’. Ryan Tucker (Vocals, Guitar) ,Seamus Daley Dee (Drums),  Jacob Chambers (Synths) and Tom Phillips (Bass) make up the four piece and their music has already been showcased on BBC Radio 1 (Huw Stephens), BBC Radio 6 (Steve Lamacq), and Sky TV and have played Reading Festival, supporting bands such as Blossoms and The Growlers and selling out their own headline shows.

‘Terror Lover’ displays The Rupees blustery synth driven sound at its dazzling grizzly best. With distortion galore and a punchy backdrop immersed in searing guitars this track is mighty and mesmerising. The all encompassing light flashy synths weave their mind dissolving soundscapes around this animated number. Its catchy and dance floor ready as disco vibes swarm the track in glistening bedazzlement while snarling vocals snap out the infectious lyrics. Brimming in intense rock energy these guys blend their blinding synth rock meticulously to have you compelled to dance mindlessly to its thundering upbeat thrill.

Stream ‘Terror Lover’ below


Earhart ‘An Incubator To Grow My Head In’

London’s Earhart have returned with their infectious ‘An Incubator To Grow My Head In’.  Garnering acclaim throughout the online tastemaker community with their first few releases, the band’s alt-rock influences immediately come to the fore in this newest effort with a series of moody riffs and gritty vocals drawing comparisons to the likes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

‘An Incubator To Grow My Head In’ is a tightly crafted piece of laid back delight. This track splodges through like a stoner indie number. It’s stripped back and refined to a potent dosage as acoustic guitar strums accompany a moody melody while Joe Tennant coolly coos and whispers the verses with a raspy toned nonchalant persona. The track builds becoming more chaotic for the chorus as the sharp guitars whine their way through punchy drums and grungy soundscapes. It’s easy going, sun glimmered sulkiness vibe is infectious as this four piece flesh out one impressive, rich, intense and explosively restrained number. I for one am really enjoying watching this band blossom, each track produces a new proficient and mature aspect to their glorious sound.

Discussing  their latest  release, frontman  Joe Tennant stated:  “It  had been  growing in  the back of  my mind for about  a year before it really  surfaced. Like persistent theme  music it was always there. So getting  it out was a hugely cathartic process. Putting  those thoughts and ideas into song form was the  only way to confess them. They say ‘art’ should be  vulnerable, and this one is close to the bone, but I  hope people can see the humour in it. If it doesn’t make  parents sad you must be doing something wrong. Right”?

You can catch Earhart live at :

05  Dec –  Dalston Victoria,  London


Stream  ‘An Incubator To Grow My Head In’ below

The Misty ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’

London based multi-instrumentalist ‘The Misty’ has released his new single ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’.  The track was recorded in his own home, as well as enlisting the help of La Frette Studios in Paris, the same studio chosen by rock band Arctic Monkeys for their latest LP release. Alongside the single release The Misty produced a music video, with the help of China Town Studios, featuring a French model to help put together the visual.

‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’ is a fluctuating flutter of delight as The Misty croons over a dreamy melody while vaporous guitars whine and sting between ethereal soundscapes. Filled with a rich and intense depth this track grooves and sensually sways with psychedelic hues through a delicate melodic flow. The swirling bubble of electronics set the romantic tone as the brooding vocals and sultry guitar injections add a stirring quality and meaty grit. Perfectly crafted this luscious tantalizing track transports you to a soothing dreamy state that captivates with a 70’s psychedelic rock vibe softened by whirls of jazz flickering through a pop lush melody. It’s soft and aerial with a vibrant mouth watering backdrop to tease all the senses.

Watch the video for  ‘The Lovely Dead Girl at Table Six’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Kingdom Of Reptiles

Kingdom Of Reptiles are a Georgian and Greek Alternative/Grunge duo based in London.The band have released their debut single ‘Blue Magic Gin’ a gritty sweat and leather rock n’ roll track doused in catchy guitar riffs punchy drums and an edgy raw persona. This energetic number strides on the slapping red rawness of the slick guitar lines as it ventures cheekily between its deep grungy range and higher steamy tone effortlessly. The melody prowls over the feisty backdrop with swagger and attitude as this explosive track batters and sensually entices your ears into submission. With a shredding instrumental bridge reminiscent of The Black Keys and sleazy creepy verses weaving their way into your brain, this rock grunge infested gem is infectious, sing along ready and snappy. Keep an eye out for this duo.

Watch the video for ‘Blue Magic Gin’ below

DARMA ‘Gloom’ EP

The Manchester-based trio DARMA, have released their new EP ‘Gloom’. The band comprised of Harry Corbett (vocals), Lloyd Whitehead (bass), and Issac Whitehead (drums), give a new meaning to the term garage rock. The band themselves have coined the phrase “loudquietheavypop” to more accurately describe their sonic sound. Singled out by Louder Than War as one of the most energetic young bands around, DARMA have supported the likes of Primal Scream, Dinosaur Pile Up, and fellow Mancunians The 1975 and Ist Ist, DARMA have had a busy 2018, playing shows at Sound City (Liverpool), Tramlines (Sheffield) and the Manchester Apollo for Radio X. 

‘Gloom’ is a searing torpedo ready to demolish your ears in feisty dark grunge, glorious melodies and alternative rock mania. The rich blend of tracks is first rate as they slither between blissfully melodic and frenzy effortlessly to pack in something for everyone. From the first gritty strike in ‘Miasma’ something clicks. A thrilling notion that this band have something special sparks a fire in your belly as crashing guitars throttle through punchy drum whacks and raspy attitude driven vocals. Dark melodies melt with a bubbling texture into your ears as this trio surge kinetic adrenaline into each and every track.The bombarding assault of  ‘Procrasturbator’ follows. These tracks are perfect for that mosh pit frenzy as Corbett screams over a hyperactive backdrop filled with lacerating sharp guitars, rumbling bass and bombarding drums. This is one heck of a track. ‘Hey, You’ cools the tone of the EP with a melancholic sweet melody which glides mournfully over a hypnotic drum and bass rhythm while raw guitar-strikes thud throughout. Anthemic choruses are what this trio do well and this track in particular was designed for the mass sing-along live show display. Their muscular rock keeps the tracks from becoming soppy and maintains a stomp and edge to their melodic swoon. Its all blistering frenzy until ‘Interlude’ brings a chilled dreamy “breather” to the EP as twinkling guitars accompany soft vocal coos. Even during this little rest DARMA entwine some distortion at the end to keep us all alert for the ground shaking final track ‘You’re Always Right’. The moody melody lures you into the dark menacing abyss of the track until you are hooked craving for one more listen. Catchy, creepy and enticing the final track on the EP ripples with grit as guitars crunch and smash their way through a mosh ready rhythm while the endearing vocals soar and escalate as the track progresses.

Each track within ‘Gloom’ burrow’s deep into your veins with a satisfying thrilling sense of ecstasy that leaves you frothing at the mouth for more. These guys are just so good, what a debut EP. I need to see them live.

You can catch DARMA live at:

30-Nov-2018 – Jacaranda Records Phase One w/ Rival Bones + Vulture Cult

Stream ‘Gloom’ below