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Plastic Barricades ‘Half of your Soul’

Plastic Barricades are an alt indie rock band from London. Band members Dan Kert (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Jonas Svendsen (lead guitar), Daniele Borgato (bass) and Frazer Webster (drums) have released their new single ‘Half of your Soul’ from their upcoming ‘Mechanics of Life’ album. Over the last two years the band has been nominated for “Oxjam Band of the Year 2014” and “MTV Brand New 2014”, voted #1 out of 222 bands participating in Hard Rock Cafe London Global Battle of the Bands competition, won Camden Rocks 2014 Battle of the Bands, got nominated for “Brand New Artist 2015”, landed 2nd place in Sziget Festival 2015 band competition and won Enfield Battle of the Bands 2016 and Songwall’s “Songs in the Sky”.
Their new single ‘Half of your Soul’ is bright bubbly indie pop with flashes of sharp glistening guitar. Spongy rapid rhythm teamed with the glorious bedazzlement of the bright spirited slick guitar give an instant likeability and warmth to the track. With uplifting vibes and gentle soothing vocals this track glows with rich creamy textures sprinkled with melancholic undertones that add depth and raw emotion. The luxurious melodies interweave blending longing and inspiriting tones making the track plush with blissful sounds that are heavenly to the ears and fill you with hopeful possibilities.
Stream ‘Half of your Soul’ below.

Bad Mood ‘Grungeblues’

Bad Mood is a proud Liverpool band having roots deep to the socially conscious city although none of its members are from there they consider the town their home. Singer Liam Devall previously honed his songwriting and performing on the London underground music scene and bass guitarist Tom Carrol since moving to the city has worked with both Pete Wiley and Ian Prowse. Bad Mood’s sound is difficult to categorise but clear post-punk influences can be heard in their songs. This angsty four piece have released their second single ‘Grungeblues’ today. The dark and brooding new single reflects the bands agitated melodic style.
‘Grungeblues’ is a punch of gritty grunge soaked in mysterious darkened sulky tones. Brooding vocals agonise and mope over punchy drums and riot causing strident guitars. The vocals bleed the moody lyrics for the verse while the drums bubble and boil conveying the churning emotions. The track is overflowing with intense shadowy sullen vibes. It will attract all your frustration and anguish drag them to the surface for you to wallow and slosh around in. Fantastic enraged and fierce instrumentation takes this track to a dramatic climax while still managing to maintain that gloomy atmosphere. Its definitely one for repeated listens.
Stream ‘Grungeblues’ below

Oh Malô ‘Miss You’

Boston based four-piece Oh Malô (oh muh-low) released a video for their enchanting single ‘Miss You’ taken from the band’s stunning debut album ‘As We Were’. Band members Brandon Hafetz (Vocals/Guitar), Jack McLoughlin (Guitar), Jordan Lagana (Bass) and Isaac Wang (Drums) presents a shape-shifting sound through their dynamic arrangements as delicate vocals intertwine with ambient guitars and powerful, aggressive drums. Over the past year, Oh Malô was nominated for “New Artist of the Year” at the 2015 Boston Music Awards, recorded live sessions for KEXP and Sofar Sounds New York, made showcase appearances at both CMJ and CMW and supported several nationally touring acts such as From Indian Lakes, The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Halfnoise.
‘Miss You’ is a rhythmically innovative indie track that commands attention from the first strike of the lustrous radiant guitar. Soft tender creamy vocals soothe and weave in and out of the swaying delicate luscious melody of this dreamy sweet-tempered track. Wrapped in nostalgic tones and with the subtle gut twisting shriek of longing and yearning Oh Malô fantastically present us with a happy uplifting track with darker deeper undertones. Rapid rhythm gives a bop that maintains an elastic rapid tempo as the guitar shines with sizzling zest and a razor sharp edge.
Watch the video for ‘Miss You’ below

Wolves Of Youth ‘Say Something’

Wolves of Youth are an indie rock band from Donegal, the band consists of members Garry Doherty (Lead vocals/Guitar), Stephen Shelly (Lead Guitar), Ciaran O’Reilly (Bass/Vocals) and Daniel McGettigan (Drums). Their fantastically lively and energetic performances as well as catchy tunes have already garnered them a lot of attention, in spite of the fact the band only formed in 2014. The four piece have been extensively playing gigs in venues all around Ireland with festivals slots including Electric Picnic, Sea Sessions and Indiependence. They have been going from strength to strength with 2017 set to be even bigger and better for the Wolves.
They have released their new single this week ‘Say Something’ which was produced and mixed by Philip Magee. Its a brisk energetic rubber ball of melodic bliss. Wolves Of Youth are quick to the draw with fun bouncy indie rock that is embroidered with glimpses of soulful tones and smothered in anthem-like qualities. Raspy emotion filled vocals add a warm cosy texture with a slight grit. The track bursts with energy and bright uplifting tones. Blazing guitars bring an edge and glow of passion to the track while the slap on bass and elastic flexible beat rolls the track fluidly with dynamic bounce. ‘Say Something’ is instantly likeable and radio worthy as Wolves Of Youth display their ability to manufacture and deliver a deeply rich melodic song, with true passion and commitment.

Wolves Of Youth are supporting The Academic on the last date of their upcoming Irish tour in Galway on December 17th so make sure to check that out.
Stream ‘Say Something’ Below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Temples

Psychedelic indie rock band Temples have made their triumphant return with their new single ‘Certainty’. This is their first new music since 2014’s Sun Structures. The single was produced by frontman James Bagshaw and is taken from their much anticipated second album ‘Volcano’ which will be released on Friday 3rd March, 2017. ‘Certainty’ features a floaty “castles in the air” dreamlike vibe smothered in a playful feathery light harmonious melody. Sweet honeyed vocals soothe and coax you down a path of dancing toys and joyous shimmering synths. With darkened eerie and unsettling undertones, Temples give you that candy coated flighty euphoria with a darkened twist. Fuzzed guitar lines and thumping bass adds a bite and edge to this syrupy trip. The infectious melody and elevated sugar rush keeps you craving more and more of this fantastically composed track.
Watch the video for ‘Certainty’ below

This Party ‘Money’


This Party are an indie rock band comprised of members Matt MacNeill, Hal Cleverdon, Marcus Gilham and Tom Hodgson. The Brighton four piece have become known for their fusion of sharp basslines with an instant melody to produce their own brand of drenched guitar-fuelled pop. Produced by Junk Scientist (The Rakes, Larrikin Love), their debut single ‘Movie Nights’ received a fantastic response being picked up by BBC Introducing and featured by Steve Lamacq, on his BBC 6 Music show throughout Autumn 2015. This Party have since set up their own label Moscow Lets Go, which will launch the single ‘Money’ this November.
‘Money’ is the perfect slice of infectious indie pop glowing with a bright deliciously smooth ear worm melody, soft spongy beat and coated in velvety vocals like a dollop of whipped cream this track goes down a treat. The driving sting of the zealous zesty guitar riff gives this track a bite and spirited atmosphere. The anthem- like chorus and the rubber ball rebounding bounce keeps the track light, peppy and travelling with a spring in its step. With melancholy undertones adding depth to the track and passionate dynamic vocals ‘Money’ proves to be a rousing showcase of This Party’s talents.
‘Money’ is out 14 November and you can catch This Party live at
12 November- Borderline, London
13 December – Green Door Store, Brighton
Watch the video for ‘Money’ below

The Grey Merchant ‘Spotless’


The Grey Merchant are an alternative indie band from Cork. Their debut single ‘Spotless’ is set for release via Demeanour Records on November 8th. The Grey Merchant introduce us to their swirling concoction of psychedelic experimental rock that will blow your mind. Its a labyrinth of pulsating bass and distorted guitars swirling in an intoxicating brew of hallucinatory narcotic rock. This thick ecstasy of eye- popping exhilarating psychedelia resounds and winds around a vocal line sampled from Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’. With rapid punch and repetitive striking drums ‘Spotless’ lures you into a darkened  hair- raisingly thrilling atmosphere where there is no returning. Once you let yourself succumb to the crisp edgy sting and moody undertone you become swallowed and consumed in the tireless relentless onslaught of the meandering entwining coil of The Grey Merchant’s unique and fantastic masterpiece. These guys are ones to watch.
Stream ‘Spotless’ below


Luna Tides ‘What Comes Around’


Luna Tides are a four-piece Folk/Rock band from Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Originally under the name Thomas Seddon, they announced the new band name on the 24th January 2016 at the Free For All Festival, Cardiff. Their songs are inspired by growing up surrounded by the raw and inviting Welsh coastlines. Their first single ‘Over the Cliffs’ was praised by the likes of BBC Radio Wales’ Bethan Eflyn & Adam Walton, as well as being featured on 6 Music’s Tom Robinson ‘FOTN’ Mixtape. Over the past 7 months, Luna Tides have supported the likes of Top Loader and Into the Ark on tour, and have graced the stages of festivals; The Big Cwtch and DimSwn. Luna Tides have now released a video for the newest single ‘What Comes Around’.
‘What Comes Around’ glows with bright warm cosy textures. Its cushy bouncy beat and velvety vocals gives the track a smooth quality and likeability. It’s a hot cup of tea or coffee in your hands on a cold day. Sharp zest on guitar acts as a ray of sunshine illuminating and warming all in its path.The track builds for the chorus with harmony on backing vocals creating a sing along effect. The guitar and beat seem to dance in the verse like flames of a fire again enforcing the warm cosy feeling the song portrays which softens the blow of the matter of fact lyrics “I don’t love you any more”.
Luna Tides are set to release their debut EP ‘ Open Woods’ on the 24th November 2016, with a launch party that same night at Cardiff’s infamous Clwb Ifor Bach, in conjunction with The Forte Project and the Young Promoter’s Network.

When asked about the concept for the video frontman Thomas Seddon said:

“The music video for What Comes Around was sort of winged! It shouldn’t have been but time and the weather were against us. Id spotted an old advert in a magazine, where they’d layered a very pretty girls face with other images, but rather than using Photoshop I think they had used a projector to create the image, or perhaps double exposure. We had tried something similar ourselves the year before but not with the projector focused on just faces. When we came to filming it, we were delighted by this beautiful concept! It’ll be really interesting to see people’s reactions.”
Watch the video for ‘What Comes Around’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Rollin’ Empire

Rollin’ Empire are a modern Irish rock and roll trio. The group consists of members Stephen McGurrin (songwriter, vocals and guitar), Callum Condron (songwriter, bass guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Thomas Campbell (percussion, vocals). Their mission is to lead their fans on a compelling journey where rock reigns supreme. Their energetic and passionate live performances are both lively and infectious, leaving fans demanding more and more.
Rollin’ Empire have released their new single ‘Nothing to Lose’ which is the third single from their debut album ‘Nowhere to Run’ which was released last November. The song, which is about taking a gamble and never giving up no matter what the odds, gives you all the dirty bluesy grit that you would expect with the added sprinkle of shimmying keyboards. This riff- heavy relentless track erupts with a fierce buzz filled riff and pounding rapid beat and bass that displays a slinky sensual flexibility giving the track smooth cool swagger. Strutting through the rubbery bounce of the verse with gritty brawny vocal attitude and hair raising panache, The synth infused chorus takes us to their brand of catchy rock fused with a pop element. Harmonised vocals freshens the track up giving a breather before the infectious burly beefy  riff re enters.
Stream ‘Nothing to Lose’ below

Misfires ‘Coming Home’


Misfires are a Swindon quartet band that produce “some kind of mad, ambient and spacey noise, that’ll make you wanna have a party”. Band members Matt (guitar / vocal), Mert (guitar), Jake (bass) and James (drums) have released their new single ‘Coming Home’. Its an edgy punk- flecked indie track. With strident driving guitars, punchy drums and energising chorus Misfires have written a catchy aerial track with darkened moody undertones that bubble in the background until the mosh worthy release of the instrumental. The expressive dynamic grit on vocals teamed with ace guitar work and casual attitude is specked with suppressed aggression. These guys emit a cool indifferent swagger. This easy to sing along to cracking track shows great promise in the Swindon four piece.

Stream ‘Coming Home’ below