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LOVR ‘Surf’s UP’ EP Launch in Whelan’s Dublin

Having become quite the fan of LOVR’S new EP ‘Surf’s Up’ since reviewing it earlier this month I was intrigued as to how the EP would translate through a live show as there is a lot of intricate parts weaved together to make this EP great and what better chance to find out than the EP launch on Thursday night in Whelan’s, Dublin.Forming together his 6 piece dream team, “The LOVRS” Megan Nic Ruairí on Keys/Backing vocals, Siún Ní Dhomhaill on Backing vocals, Oisin Leahy Furlong on Bass, Alan Dooley on Guitar, Rob Kennedy on Drums and Joey Gavin on Acoustic guitar, LOVR’S show was more memorable and blissfully sweet than I could have anticipated.

It takes a lot to perfect these luscious tunes but these guys put their all into this set and it paid off.The immaculate ‘Survive, Hold On, All You, Need Is, Time’ kicks off the show followed instantly and elegantly by ‘Movin’ To LA’ with heavenly harmonies sweet toned guitars and the most divine melodies coming to life through this kinetic live setting. The purity of these tracks alone will knock you for six, but when performed live they take you to a whole new heart stopping dimension of blissfulness and elated euphoria as the impeccable mellow toned guitars soothe and lament filling the room with a swayable instant rush of freeing tranquility and that is the glorious effect of LOVR’S tunes. It was a professional display as his band on the night knew their parts intimately like a well oiled machine divinely selected and hand picked to make the rich sounds more awe inspiring. The crowd bounce and sway joyously as the band allow the tunes speak for themselves. I love it when a band can perform without any fluff and have the entire audience in the palm of their hands mesmerised by the tunes and proficient musicianship and this was one of those special moments. The guitars, keys and drums were executed with gliding gentle strokes and graceful grand swoops. “Any girls in the house ? ….. Any fellas? This one is for all the girls and the fellas”  McGlynn  introduces the infectious, boppy, and clap along ready ‘Ode To The Women Of My Life’ off his first EP  ‘Girls Girls Girls’ to the crowds whoops and whistles. Without much persuasion from McGlynn the crowd push to the front for the buoyant ‘Fallin’ ‘ to dance and bounce along before becoming completely consumed by an emotional rendition of Maria Kelly’s ‘Stitches’. It is here we really understand the scope of McGlynn’s exquisite passionate vocals.Iowa City singer songwriter Elizabeth Moen is called onstage for ‘Great Escape’ to join the band for a beautiful powerful duet.  However, for me ‘Song Of The Sea’ was the pinnacle moment . Having heard and loved this track from the EP I was nervous as to how it would translate in a live setting, it would either be epic and surpass all my expectations or well ….not. This track is musically rich it has such amazing potential live and of course it was breathtaking. I’m sure it was a difficult task for each member of the band to maintain those glorious harmonies and intricate instrumental elements but it  made this performance just so special and vibrant. I had goosebumps from the moment it began and the crowd lapped up those jubilant sounds. They swayed, bopped and some almost returned to their tribal instincts- one guy was dancing moving between a sort of monkey dance to wiggling bum shake I almost expected to see him beat his chest to the infectious jungle -esque beat. The concentration on stage was intense, all their faces fully focused while still enjoying every moment hopefully as much as we were. I couldn’t be more happy with the live performance of this track I’m one of those people who get attached to a song and grip onto the hope of a pristine hair raising performance of my treasured new find. I was blown away with that energetic vivid performance.

LOVR put on an intensely satisfying show. If you get a chance to see LOVR live I would highly recommend going you won’t be disappointed. His tunes are sublime and those melodies melt into your ears like butter on hot toast. I spent the rest of the night and next day singing the title track from the EP ‘Surf’s Up’.                 


The Asteroid Shop ‘She Moves’

L.A.’s  space rock band The Asteroid Shop have released their new single ‘She Moves’. This stomping swagger steeped number strides with blistering guitar over a quivering and pulsing rhythmic backdrop. It’s a darkly hued track with ghostly vocals upon a gritty piercing wall of sound that is so chilling it could raise the dead. Slinky and strut infused the track creeps with a panache driven confidence. It’s a charming bewitchment that beckons your ears to draw nearer into its luring bedazzlement while piercing razor sharp guitars cut and melt away your mind with the most thrilling lacerations known to man. It’s kick-ass acid dripping psychedelic tinged bliss that shows the oh so slick musicianship of this band. I need to hear this live.

Stream ‘She Moves’ below


LIERS ‘Host’

Following their well-received debut single ‘Universal Female’, North Dublin rockers LIERS continue their 90s-influenced post-grunge crusade with their second single ‘Host’, the second single off their upcoming EP due for release later in 2018. LIERS consists of vocalist and guitar player Liz Seaver, lead guitarist Ed Scanlan, bassist Stephen Farrell and Ronan O’Hanlon on drums.Their unique edgy style and sound have attracted the likes of 2FM’s Dan Hegarty and former Kerbdog and Wilt frontman Cormac Battle as well as Radio Nova’s musical maestro Gavin Glass.The band have also been announced as one of the winners of RTE 2FM’s ‘Play The Picnic’ Competition and will take to the stage at Electric Picnic on the weekend of August 31 to September 2.

‘Host’ is another exhilarating rambunctious track from the four piece that swarms in instrumentally strong and rowdy with a slinky melody glossing the frenzied backdrop with glazed glorious sweetness. These guys have a tight sound with magnificent bass rumbles which fluidly roll through punchy drum whacks and glorious soaring guitar lines. Once again Seaver’s dynamic and passionate vocals are mesmerising and add that final  power punch that makes this track a force to be reckoned with. There are plenty of superb moments in this song from a rooted feisty instrumental bridge with perfect guitar whines over a fluctuant foundation to elastic bass grooves and nimble guitar flickers weaving tight zesty binds behind the crashing backdrop.It’s an edgy anthemic number with a mature vigorous sound that will have a live audience hopping off the walls.

Stream ‘Host’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Cassia

Macclesfield Indie band Cassia have recently released their new single ‘Get Up Tight’.The band comprised of members Rob Ellis (Guitar/vocals), Lou Cotterill  (Bass/ vocals) and Jake Leff (Drums/sings) are becoming known for their summer tunes and irresistible Calypso Afro-Rock and ‘Get Up Tight’ follows this glorious trend. The band are becoming more tight sonically as this effortless laid back number is enclosed in compactly weaving guitars knitting their way melodiously and sweetly through the glorious sun kissed melody and rich calypso beat.It’s an infectious ear worm that wiggles its way into your brain causing symptoms of uncontrollable shimmying and bopping. It’s a slick track that cruises in filled with tropical tones and warm zesty guitars lines adding a dash of vitality to the dreamy hazy soundscape. This trio have the balance perfect the track takes its time laying out each component part with a laid back attitude that makes for a juicy enthralling listen.The riffs subtly inject a vivid lush quality while the accented beats keep the song bouncing along. The vocals are unique and distinctively refreshing adding to the entire relaxed state of the track.. There is no rushing this little gem and why would you the pace and quality of this number is perfect. Pure refined indie goodness.


Stream ‘Get Up Tight’ below


Niki Kand ‘China Doll’

Iranian born synth pop artist Niki Kand has released her new single China Doll. Since moving to Liverpool in 2014, Niki has already connected locally having played at various venues and festivals including Threshold and Liverpool Sound City.

 ‘China Doll’ is a luscious sugary dream pop gem that bounces along on twinkling keys, a buoyant gloopy beat and glucose steeped soundscapes. Niki’s sweet vocals coo along an infectious melody while the feathery light synths wisp around the danceable beat. Drenched in pop elements this twinkling ditty is catchy and charming with dolly-esque keys glistening elegantly between the electronic flecks. Delicate yet groove infested ‘China Doll’ worms and wiggles its way into your mind until you are singing along mindlessly.

Stream ‘China Doll’ below


Indie Buddie Introducing : Gum Soul

Gum Soul have released their debut single ‘Sour’. Based in Bath, Gum Soul take inspiration from the likes of Drenge and Ty Segall, morphing the presence of 90s grunge into today’s indie/alternative scene. The band have only been together for five months, and have already had the pleasure of playing the Bath Festival main stage, just a few hours before the legendary Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), headlining shows in London, and plenty of other gigs in the South West area.

 ‘Sour’ is a tight indie number that soars and glides with slick ethereal guitars shredding and clashing off a hefty backdrop of punchy drums and elastic bass. The verses are chilled and effortlessly laid back as aerial guitars sting between nonchalant vocals. The chorus explodes into a grunge hued soundscape becoming more edgy and grimy while still maintaining that ethereal bliss. It’s a storm in a teacup with a compact display that is hazy and dreamy yet packs in a mammoth assault of shrilling frenzy. With some slick dexterous guitar lines weaved throughout its an impressive debut from Gum Soul.


Stream ‘Sour’ below

Ten Fé ‘Not Tonight’

Ten Fé have released their new singleNot Tonight’,their second offering as a five piece. This lavish flowing number captures the blissfully melodious sound we love Ten Fé for. A majestic melody swoons over sweet toned guitar injections and dainty keys as the warm soothing vocals wrap your ears in delightful sedating bliss. It’s a soft marshmallow to submerge yourself in as the bands glorious knack for divine honey drenched melodies fill your ears with delicate passion and bitter sweet emotion. The wispy soundscapes float about the track gently adding a dreamy sun kissed atmosphere while a buoyant beat keeps a snappy foundation for the beautiful soundscapes and elegant keys to flutter around and rebound off while the exquisite guitar laments and glistens throughout. This is another glorious, heavenly summer-evening track to immerse yourself in while you nostalgically sway.


Stream ‘Not Tonight’ below

Electric Shore ‘Someone New’

Ratoath alternative band Electric Shore have released their new single ‘Someone New’. This aerial exhilarating track packs oodles of punch and adrenaline in the slinky form of ethereal breezy guitars over soaring climatic backing vocals and mighty drums. It’s a gripping display with emotion filled vocals over an invigorating backdrop as sweet toned guitars whine and lament with a glistening vibrancy that floods the track with melancholic tones. Powerful in its presentation this track is both chilled and dynamic with a luscious melody gliding upon the breathtaking instrumentation. The anthemic chorus evokes images of a large crowd sing along while that intoxicating guitar solo is stunning. ‘Someone New’ is well crafted for a wholly satisfying and enthralling listen. It is radio friendly with enough edge to add a nice kick, Electric Shore have created a goosebump inducing number that makes these guys ones to keep an eye on.


Stream ‘Someone New’ below

The Clonmel Busking Festival


I headed to The Clonmel Busking Festival last Saturday to check out the potential artists and bands who will be gracing the Irish music scene in the coming years. It’s a great opportunity for artists to practice their performing skills and for some to give them a taste of what performing is like. It is a sort of throw yourself into the deep end way of learning if you’re new to performing but what better way to get yourself out there and the prizes for the competition are another glossy attraction. There was something for everyone from singer songwriters, traditional and country to some indie and alternative bands ( not enough of these if you ask me but the genres were well represented).

It’s great to hear all the rich sounds of music on every street and I’ll admit I was excited to hear the talent. Each corner brought a new vibrant sound. The Cranberries covers were plentiful and of course some Johnny Cash renditions, some more welcome to my ears than others. However, one recognisable sound sparked my attention on Gladstone street, a familiar voice crooning over Arctic Monkeys ‘Dance Little Liar’ it was the young fresh faced two piece I had the joy of meeting at last year’s Busking festival – junior finalists from last year The Bike Mechanics comprised of duo Ramah Kinane -Kumar and Donnacha O’Dwyer. Last year was their first ever public performance and they showed up to the festival just to get some performance experience and hopefully extra additions to their band, a drummer, bassist and perhaps a singer to be precise. They sang their hearts out displaying massive growth from last year with their already proficient guitar skills more sleek and fluid and their vocals developed with rich depths and perfect croons, the falsetto of ‘Under The Bridge’ wasn’t bad either. Again, this year they are just looking to gain experience. They show their growth and persevered even through the rain. The duo adjust the tracks to suit their all guitars outfit well as they take turns with riffs and solos making each track a delight. With determination like that and slinky guitar skills I can’t wait to see the original material they produce. These guys even played Thin Lizzy’s ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ for me before I headed off.

                The Bike Mechanics(Donnacha O’Dwyer and Ramah Kinane- Kumar)

A little way down I came across Muireann McDonnell a 12-year-old singer songwriter. I arrived half way through her rendition of George Ezra’s ‘Budapest’. The maturity and control she has over her voice is magnificent, it would make a grown man cry. It’s a little raspy with warm hues and rich glorious tones. McDonnell writes her own songs as well, her original tracks are very mature and hard-hitting numbers that give goosebumps and grip your very soul.

           Muireann McDonnell 


Another singer songwriter which particularly caught my attention was Aimee O’ Brien a 20 year old singer who was gently cooing through Passenger’s ‘Holes’ when I arrived. Her sweet vocals once again packed oodles of emotion as she stood there, quite shy and timid allowing her immaculate vocals and sweet tones to mesmerise the listeners. I was quite taken aback.

Aimee O’ Brien


The second band I found completely consuming was Barefoot Magicians a Dublin band blasting out some funky rock n’ roll swagger in the middle of a crowd of people. They performed their original tunes with suave sleekness and proficiency that is to be admired, everyone standing around was captivated. The infectious bass grooves and punchy drum beats coaxed our hips to wiggle while slinky guitar licks and shredding solos blew our minds and let’s not forget those glorious harmonica blasts and warm dynamic vocals. It was a confident performance every time and each track was slick and dripping in finesse. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

Barefoot Magicians 

While walking past the alcove my ears followed the sweet sound of the very mature voice of Rua Tuohy singing Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. Another young performer with outstanding vocal composure and a passionate delivery with every note. Well-deserved winner of the junior category he purred out a beautiful emotional rendition of The Smiths ‘This Charming Man‘ , it was perfect.

Rua Tuohy


I also happened upon the beautifully melodious Switches Be Trippin’ a band of four siblings playing guitars and signing with lush angelic harmonies. Their clean crisp presentation of each track was immaculate and a joy to the ears. Winners of the seniors category this four piece blew everyone away especially with their final track. Hozier’s  ‘Work Song’. A cheery four piece that were entertaining to watch with a vocal delivery that is simply mesmerising.

Switches Be Trippin’

Within each category it was difficult to choose a clear winner. Each artist brought something special to the table. It was a trying task for the judges. Personally I enjoy the Busking festival as we have some extremely talented artists in Ireland who just need some experience and encouragement and this is a great opportunity for them while they figure out what works for them and gain some experience but it is also great to see well-oiled suave bands and artists do their thing with rich sounds, fine musicianship and slick instrumental displays. I would love to see some more indie, alternative and rock representation to add some edgy vigour into this fantastic festival but I enjoyed it anyway. I have found some amazing artists to keep an eye out for.

See below pictures of some of the other amazing acts at the festival




Miles Kane ‘Coup De Grace’ Album

Finally Miles Kane has released his highly anticipated Coup De Grace’ album to enrich our ears with his new found sophistication and maturity seamlessly blended among his rock and roll swagger. Appearing more cultured and thought-out this album surpasses 2013’s ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ in both refinement and grandeur. It’s a  glam, psych and pop- faceted prism of beauty that packs in some groovy elements and punk wallops along the way.  Kane has huddled together a team of collaborators for his third album, which includes seven co-writes with Jamie T while Lana Del Rey co-writes on ‘Loaded’ and John Congleton produces.

‘Too Little Too Late’ sets the fiery brisk pace of the album with punk slaps weaving through Kane’s rock n’ roll backbone. The glam rock stomper ‘Cry On My Guitar’, laid back pop sprinkled strutter ‘Loaded’ and snappy glossy ‘Cold Light of the Day’ follow suit adding a new dash of spice with each track as Kane builds his repertoire delicately blending a new genre dimension into his own panache driven branding. Slick, thrilling guitar wails, solos and licks are plentiful and the sultry bass grooves and clap along anthemic choruses exceed all expectations. Kane has found his dynamite team creating an enthralling album with each track cruising into the next with masterful fluidity and fantastic musicianship that makes every song lovable. The dreamy brooding ‘Killing the Joke’ cools the intensity a little as Kane belts out a hard hitting emotional performance to a sway worthy background. The synth element adds a delicate ethereal quality to this tender number as lamenting guitars wander about pining behind an emotional vocal delivery and steady drum thuds. Kane’s knack for melodies has always been apparent and this album is no different- he slides those glorious honey drizzled melodies into our ears leaving us craving for more as they seep into our brains sweetly caressing and soothing their way inside our minds. ‘Killing the Joke’ displays the sweet tender lovable melody while the funky flex that is title track ‘Coup De Grace’ fleshes out his swanky, chic melody. This 70’s – esque Disco Stu jam returns the albums pace to high voltage fun. With slinky guitars and an elastic bass line driving the track into a strutting frenzy – this hook filled gem is timeless and magnetising. The album speed balls into the shouty attitude driven ‘Silverscreen’ before another delicious high powered melodic number, ‘The Wrong Side of Life’ erupts where Kane exclaims over a jagged drum and guitar combination. It’s passionate and quite expressive vocally while the keys wisp and float around a striking backdrop. ‘Something to Rely On’ draws on the raw vigor of the beginning tracks with shredding sharp guitars stinging between punchy drums and an anthemic chorus. ‘Shavambacu’ closes the album with a finger clicking sleekness that creeps in from somewhere dark in the 60’s lurking between chilling and romantic. The chorus breaks up the eerie vibe with a bopping beat and vibrant sweet melody over delicious little flickers on guitar. It’s honest with a ballroom Foxtrot- esque spring in its step, over a sing along simple melody to have you doing a little shuffle to yourself as Kane sings out the album.

Coup De Grace’ glosses and polishes over the cheeky rock n’ roll bravado we know Kane for, with some refined sophisticated flurries sprinkled over a raw and edgy foundation. He packs in a healthy dose of wonderful melodies, sweet and tender moments with some good old fashioned fun and danceable numbers which he swirls into his delectable brew.


Stream  Coup De Grace’ below