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Fangclub at The Sound House Dublin with support from The Winter Passing

“Keep an eye out for next year cos something f**king huge is happening” Steven King declares to the crowd amid the sweaty mania and it definitely felt that way on Friday night as Dublin’s Fangclub returned home for their show in The Sound House. The band were excited about something and you could feel it in the sticky air.

Dublin indie band The Winter Passing kicked the night off with their dynamic indie punk tunes resonating through the venue filling it to its capacity with the bands delightfully catchy and powerful tracks. Guitarist and vocalist Rob Flynn jumped literally into the first song as he exuded a mammoth amount of energy throughout the set bantering with the crowd and performing every possible guitar pose. The band whack out a healthy dose of emo-flavoured tunes with a dash of dreamy indie pop sprinkled on top. Throwing in some new tracks along with tasty older tracks like the buoyant ‘Significance’ and the upbeat melodic ‘Daisy’ it was an engaging and enjoyable start to the night. Their sound is hook filled, melodic, hefty and full of gusto and Kate Flynn’s sweet airy vocals contrast the stomping, distortion and gritty background perfectly. There is something for everyone here – meaningful lyrics, a fantastic tight wall of sound brimming with punchy drums, groovy rhythms, twinkling keyboard, shredding guitar hooks and The Winter Passing tie all this together with a compelling stage presence.

The Fangclub trio along with Long Tail’s Ed Scanlan on guitar calmly take to the stage with a suspenseful wail of distortion creating that all important tension and excitement before they whirlwind into ‘Knife’. The universe’s apparent attack to disrupt them throughout their set with technical difficulties doesn’t faze the band, they whack on regardless humorously and lightheartedly joking through the stumbles. There is a glint in their eyes shimmering and blazing behind the mass of hair over their faces. Appearing more comfortable, confident and oozing that rock star quality they are evolving and maturing nicely. ‘All Fall Down’, ‘Follow’ and ‘Dreamcatcher’ from their debut album evoke a massive sing along among the crowd. Kevin Keane jumps, hops and ricochets of each bass slap and groove that he proficiently produces with ease and grandeur while Dara Coleman’s concise epic drumming keeps the crowd at a constant relentless high. Their darkly intoxicating tracks from the new EP ‘True Love’ translated superbly live, better than I could have ever anticipated. ‘Heart Is A Landmine’ in particular was spine chilling, goosebump inducing bliss – Coleman’s drum roll just resonates though your very core. Frontman Steven King oozed effortless swagger and charm throughout the set as he smiled, joked and pranced between Keane and Scanlan. High-fiving members of the audience and shaking their hands the atmosphere was friendly yet electrifying. Each track traveled with sweet brute force. Their vigorous wall of sound wrestling your ears while the smooth melodies caress and entice you into submission. Crashing guitars, distortion, and pulverizing drums create this blood thirsty sound that Fangclub do superbly and its wholly satisfying. The crowd lapped up every guitar strike, drum pound, vocal wail  and every spin executed by Keane. A cracking-ly dark rendition of Babylon Zoo’s ‘Spaceman’ sat snugly between ‘Better to Forget’ and ‘Lightning’ as the crowd moshed, danced and flapped about. New track ‘Viva Violence’ in particular is a spectacular track and one to get excited about. It’s sinister bewitching verses glide easily into the ear while the jangly guitar weaves a golden cheeky thread between the buoyant beat and groovy bass as the feverous chorus explodes with Fangclub’s manic brand of chaotic grunge. It’s well crafted, steamy with a hint of sass through the instrumental anarchy- no wonder the band were excited for next year. ‘Bad Words’ spirals the crowd into a frenzy of blissful turmoil as they prepare for final track of the night, ‘Bullet Head’. Flailing limbs, crowd surfing and beer raining down from a disheveled souls jumping hand among the mosh pit is how the set list ends. Once ‘Bullet Head’ springs into their ears the crowd erupt. ‘If anybody falls pick them up” King shouts as they bash in to a frantic instrumental which ends with King and Keane lying on the stage as a bruising mosh pit worships over them.

Fangclub’s set was mind blowing and majestic. Their live shows exude swagger and fun while the tracks hook you firmly into their tasty  brand of garage rock leaving you craving for more. I’m looking forward to what this three piece have in store for us next year. 

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Michael Jablonka

London’s Michael Jablonka has released his new single ‘Papier-mâché’.Born and bred in the capital, Jablonka has been gigging since the tender age of 14 as an in-demand guitarist for hire, including, over the past couple of years, touring arenas and festivals worldwide with fellow North Londoner and Brit-soul sensation Michael Kiwanuka. During this period, Jablonka decided it was time to blaze his own trail as a bandleader and songwriter, collating a set of intense yet universal rock’n’soul tunes.

‘Papier-mâché’ is another kinetic treasure from Jablonka. Filled with his high powered intensity, passion and prowess for songwriting- this track exudes effortless swagger with tenderness and emotion exploding from every note. With a snappy meaty rhythm driving and pulsing through the track like adrenaline in your veins Jablonka builds the tension slowly adding a new thrilling dimension with each verse as it ferments and broods into the dynamic chorus. Just when you think this molten sweltering gem couldn’t  get any better Jablonka bursts into the most riveting spine tingling guitar solo. This solo shreds through your skull with shivering distortion, sublime nimbleness and spiraling grandeur ensuring his masterful guitar skills are firmly imprinted into your brain until you are attempting air guitar while kneeling on the floor dramatically. With an infectious chorus doused in a sweet melody and warm vocals this is another outstanding track from Michael Jablonka.   

Lyrically, ‘Papier-mâché’ is something of a metaphor for an intangible idea, a thought that flounders on uncertainty. Michael explains: “Sometimes unconsciously an idea might snowball into an emotion that you’re afraid to confront. And ‘Papier-mâché’ for me is that structural object you can’t quite figure out, it’s fragile and easily falls apart if not taken care of.”

Stream  ‘Papier-mâché’ below

Vernon Jane ‘Push Me’

Dublin’s Vernon Jane have returned with their feverish video for the new single ‘Push Me’ which is the final single from their 2018 EP ‘The Dark Place’. Developing on their all consuming sound Vernon Jane slither and brood into the depths of this spine chilling number. Its intense as the track sneaks in to start, teasing and crawling before plunging into the mighty chorus and explosive crescendo. The guitars weave, lurk and scrabble through the slinky rhythm and dizzying distortion. Warm horns mellow out the background sublimely contrasting Emily Jane’s screaming vocals. These guys masterfully create the suspenseful atmosphere as they walk the tightrope before pummeling right into the mind blowing havoc Vernon Jane do so well. Its controlled anarchy portrayed in the most tightly crafted and admirable manner possible.Precise bass groves weave the sultry path through the steamy guitars while jazzy hues and psychedelic turbulence are subtly blended into the brew making for one gigantic expressive number that drags you kicking and screaming through a hosts of emotions.

The striking visuals of the accompanying music video is directed by DOCK check it out below

Kohla ‘S/he’

Edinburgh Electronic/Alt. R&B artist Rachel Johnson has released her debut single  ‘S/he’ under the moniker Kohla . A fine arts graduate Kohla was writing rock music until last year where she suffered a vocal injury and in turn listened to a lot of hip hop, alt R&B and rap while she was recovering. ‘Kohla’ is a debut of alternative R&B, influenced by Banks, FKA Twigs and James Blake among others, with ‘S/he’ being thematically about jealously, disdain and pride. The artwork was also drawn by Kohla.

‘S/he’ is a molten R&B hued number laced with tension as Kohla unfolds her carefully crafted fierce yet vulnerable sound over a gripping backdrop. Her gentle voice coos through the soft melody with her warm lower range or sweet frail and breathy falsetto creating a delicate easy on the ears seduction . The steady sticky beat is constant through the fluid haunting backing vocals and all round eerie dreamy atmosphere. It’s elegant, sassy and filled with refined class as Kohla announces herself with this steamy darkly coated track.

Stream S/he’ below

A Chat With :Ryan Lindsey from Broncho

Photo Credit : Pooneh Ghana

We had a chat with Broncho’s Ryan Lindsey to talk about their new album ‘Bad Behavior’. We got into some of the intricacy and juicy elements of this luscious album while also discussing a petition for an Irish show, what they learned from their touring with Queens of The Stone Age and brief mention of Hanes boxer briefs and high dollar tequila.

You have released your new album Bad Behavior tell us about the concept behind the album?

We did our usual plan of not making any plans except to show up without a plan until things make sense. It’s my favorite plan

There are so many sublime tracks on this album each one bringing its own infectious slinky charisma and flirtation to the table. Talk us through the music writing process for this album? Was it any different to Can’t Get Past the Lips, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman and Double Vanity?

Very similar to our previous records in certain ways. Each record has been a mix of writing styles. It’s really up to each individual song. Some songs had been cruising around our minds for a while and some we came up with while recording.

I love how delicious the melodies are in this album, you never disappoint when it comes to melodies but these 10 tracks are deliriously mouthwatering. How do you come up with these melodies?

Well, first of all, let me say, thank you very much! you’re making me blush.  We always want things to taste good. I would hope that we are that healthy junk food, made with real sugar, to help you feel less guilty about the whole thing

It feels like, as a band, you guys are pretty tight – each instrument gels and weaves perfectly together. There are some slinky guitar moments with rich rhythms and groovy bass lines how do you guys combine your innovative elements together?

Touring tightens up the whole thing. And anything that don’t get tightened up on the road, gets tightened up in the editing bay. I like a healthy amount of loose, and a comfortable amount of tight. I guess we value comfort. And flexibility. And stability. Which is why I wear Hanes boxer briefs.

Ryan you sing with a mischievous twinkle in your voice, peppering the verses with suggestive uh-ohs and ahhs and at times barely pushing out your words to the point of whispering. What sparks these cheeky vocal moments which have now become such important characteristics to the songs?

Sometimes it feels good to get soft. It also feels good to push. It all starts with the diaphragm. Vocal control comes from the diaphragm. But above all things it feels good to be cheeky. Being cheeky also starts with the diaphragm. It takes a lot of breath.

There are a lot of bands and artists talking about the world events through their music lately however you guys depict the Bad Behavior in the world through a non-biased danceable, fun, sometimes dark and sleazy medium. Was this your attempt to take this discussion and perhaps put another less doom and gloom spin on it?

We’re taking a non biased reporters stance on the current times. Just reporting on what we observe and adding “facts” to support “our” “theories”. Doom and gloom ain’t fun. Unless it is! Depends on what party you’re looking for. We are that party where you can relax, because we all know what’s going on and nobody needs to talk about it. Unless you do!

The album version of ‘Get In My Car’ sounds a little different to the single version released last year did you re record it for the album and what did you choose to do differently?

We added slap to the vocals and ran it through a different tape machine and maybe some other itsy bitsy changes.  but you got a good ear because the changes were subtle.

You have seen your songs featured on influential TV and radio and have toured the U.S. and Europe, including arenas with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Growlers, Portugal The Man, and Cage The Elephant – that must have felt amazing, is there anything in particular you took away or learned from those experiences?

There’s multiple ways to do this whole thing. Everyone you mentioned does there own thing and does it at an elite level. It’s all about doing what you do, and then doing it well. They all teach through example. The way they take care of their biz. None of those bands ever tried to tell us what to do, they just let us watch what they do, and that’s what I love and learned from all of them. That and also Josh Homme told me the easiest way to the other side is to go all the way through. And I love him for that and a lot of other things.

Did you get any advice or words of wisdom off any of those bands?

Queens introduced us to high dollar tequila

I saw you guys support Queens of The Stone Age in Dublin last year. Your performance was very suave and energetic evoking an effortless sense of awe in the audience. How have you worked on your live shows to make them so enjoyable?

That was easy because we were opening for Queens in Dublin! That show automatically gave us the motivation we needed. I also love doing what I do and that makes it easier to be enjoyable because I’m legitimately having fun. I also stretch from time to time, and occasionally work on my core

From watching that show and some youtube videos it appears like you have developed your own floppy signature dance, everytime I hear a Broncho track I can just see you bopping with your arm in the air can you remember when that dance began?

Sometimes you gotta move and there ain’t nothin you can do about it. Unless there is! But when there ain’t nothing you can do about it, you just gotta let that arm get up there, and let your leg get out there.

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen to you while you were on tour or onstage?

A gentleman in Tempe Arizona asked if he could sit in on didgeridoo and of course we obliged. And would love for it to happen again

You released a joint 12 minute video for Sandman/Boys Got To Go. Talk us through the concept for the video and who came up with it?

Pooneh Ghana came up with the whole idea. She had been in Tulsa with us and met our friend Mark. Over the next couple of years she started talking about wanting to do something with him. When we played Sandman for her she started writing out the whole thing. We just did some more filming with her on this tour and will have more things to come from her semi shortly.

Can we look forward to anymore videos from this album?

We have two more videos done and we got more to shoot. Lots of work left to be done!

Have you any plans to come to Ireland for a show?

Not currently, but I strongly suggest a petition to be made for us to return. That way all party’s involved will have a legal obligation to bring us back!

Do you have any advice for anyone starting a band ?

Work on your diaphragm

What’s next for Broncho?

We are finishing touring the eastern half of the U.S.. we tour the west coast in February and then play the UK end of February. And if the petition gets pushed through swiftly, we will be playing Ireland!

You can catch Broncho live at :

27 Feb – Glasgow, UK @ The Blue Arrow
28 Feb – Manchester, UK @ Yes
1 Mar – London, UK @ Moth Club
1 Mar – Brighton, UK @ Patterns

Watch  the video for ‘Sandman’/’Boys Got To Go’ below 

Juniper Nights ‘Future Spring’

Oxford four piece rock band Juniper Nights have released their new single ‘Future Spring’. The band consisting of James Gallagher (Vocals/Guitar), Zach Wilmott (Guitar), Marty Melvin (Bass), and Tom Lindsay (Drums) create contrasting atmospheric soundscapes with aggressive guitar-rock.

‘Future Spring’ is a tasty melodic number that bounces along a jagged guitar hook, buoyant rhythmic section and ethereal soundscape. The laid back melody tips away at the verses building steadily into the mighty chorus and dynamic crescendo. It’s easy going with glorious little bass grooves that weave a sublime meaty yet elastic foundation while the sparkling and thrilling guitar lines glisten over this gripping backdrop before shredding through the chorus. Juniper Nights ability to blend the easy-going sweet and razor-sharp bitterness seamlessly is powerful and pretty impressive adding vibrancy and rich depth to the track. Future Spring is well crafted with melodies that tickle the ear, swell the heart, moisten the tear ducts all while filling you with that ” fist-pump might” to have you swaying and singing powerfully along. The refined production reveals sublime new facets upon each listen as meticulous guitar injections, slithering licks and vivid strikes create the ultimate tasty backing for this mellow potent number.

Stream ‘Future Spring’ below

Farebrother ‘I’d Be the Worst’

Bath-born alternative rock outfit Farebrother have released their new single  ‘I’d Be the Worst’.After releasing roaring singles ‘A Little Late’ and ‘Rewind’ in 2017, which have a collective 140,000+ streams on Spotify, Farebrother have been developing their sound at legendary Rockfield Studios and ‘I’d Be the Worst’ is the glorious result.

This swagger steeped delight announces Farebrother’s triumphant return with slicked back confidence and a dazzlingly infectious glossy pop exterior. With punchy drums, jangly guitar and strut ready panache this track swarms in – animated, catchy and filled with charm and charisma. Those jagged riffs slicing through the funk flavoured bass grooves and danceable beat takes this bands sound to another glistening suave level. Blending the rugged raw rock with silky disco hues, steamy guitar licks and lustrous indie elements Farebrother pull another doozy out of the bag.

Stream ‘I’d Be the Worst’ below

Last One Home ‘Give You The World’

Pop Rock trio Last One Home have released their new single ‘Give You The World’. The band consists of singer-songwriter Tom Westlake, bassist Harry Lowndes and drummer Phil Horler. ‘Give You The World’ was written by frontman Tom Westlake. Last One Home released their self-titled EP, from which the single ‘Bring Down The Storm’ won the band the ‘Music Expo’ prize at the ‘Glastonbury FM Songwriting Competition 2018. Their most recent single ‘Land of Immortality’ made it to the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting contest. They have supported internationally famous bands such as ‘Crazy Town’, ‘Courage My Love’ and ‘Halflives’ at shows on their UK tours.

Last One Home blast out their melodic pop rock with oodles of energy against a rugged backdrop with ‘Give You The World’. Blistering guitars weave between punchy drums and elastic bass grooves creating a satisfying layered foundation. The smooth melody glides over the blustery wall of sound with effortless grandeur as Westlake slips seamless up to his falsetto range. Its catchy vibrant with just enough grit and edginess to have you jumping and moshing along. The guitars venture between a crashing vigorous assault and sweet jangles fluently, filling the track with rich textures and enough gusto to ignite a live audience. It’s a cracking pop rock number.

You can catch Last One Home live when they play The King Arthur – Glastonbury, Somerset on 22nd December 2018.

Stream ‘Give You The World’ below

Waste ‘Run’

Stevenage, UK four-piece Waste have released their new single ‘Run’. The single is the first new material from the quartet since the release of last years track ‘Bullet’.Prior to this release the boys had already created an organic buzz online with a five track EP produced by Brit Nominated producer Tom Dalgety and a demo for the track ‘Blow’ amassing 25,000+ plays across SoundCloud & Spotify, Selling out Camden’s ‘The Fiddler’s Elbow’ (200 cap) at their EP launch, and being named as one of Subba Cultcha’s ‘Bands of the Weekend’ at Standon Calling Festival. Apart from sharing the stage on the festival circuit with bands such as Idles, The Horrors, and Slaves they have also supported Childhood and Frankie & The Heartstrings, Gold Key and losers combined with other high profile slots alongside acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mallory Knox, The Fratellis and The Amazons.

This fuzz-fueled slick leviathan swarms in with all its rock battering regalia as Waste mercilessly leave their stamp all over your brain. It’s a swagger soaked slithering belter as pulverizing drums, crashing guitars and sleek bass create a powerful wall of sound while the catchy melody glissades and weaves around the mammoth backdrop. It’s a heavy assault that will have a live audience headbanging until they bleed while maintaining a crisp polished exterior that is radio friendly and easy on the ears. These guys have blended the ferocity of rock with their creeping suaveness seamlessly creating a thrilling invigorating listening experience. Its meaty riffs teamed with blustery drums and precise production makes ‘Run’ one riveting tune.

Stream ‘Run’ below

Color Palette ‘Dark Days’

Washington Electro Rock/Synth Pop band Color Palette have released their new single ‘Dark Days’. Expanding into the darker facet of their musical prism Color Palette dive deep into electronic rock to create a gripping cinematic number. Flickering electronics flutter and rush about a steady beat while the smooth vocals hold all the instrumental bluster together with its chilled effortless grasp. The bitter guitars sting and soar over the gritty electronic riff creating that ethereal vibe this band do superbly however the winding keys and sinister atmosphere pull the track into its darker shades maintaining an ominous tone. Filled with dramatic bursts the track drives through keeping climactic paced momentum throughout. Each element is perfectly paced from blistering guitar moments to flashes of dazzling electronics and meaty drums creating intense highs in the track with Jay Nemeyes velvety vocals contrasting this whirlwind with his sweet coos and gentle laid back tone. Doused in dreamy bleak vibes it’s a hair raising gem.  Exuding a gripping sense of adrenaline this is a captivating track from Color Palette.

Stream ‘Dark Days’ below