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Ten Fé ‘Hit The Light’

London-based duo Ten Fé have released their much anticipated debut album ‘Hit The Light’.Recorded in Berlin, Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan’s stunning debut is an album to get lost in. The duo effortlessly blend blissful soft rock with psychedelic electronic rock ’n’ roll creating an album where each track warrants its place and has its own identity on the album while gliding fluidly into the next track.
‘Overflow’ kicks the album off with sweet nostalgia. Moorhouse’s warm mellow baritone soothes and cushions the listener from the bittersweet sentimental drenched track. It becomes instantly obvious these guys have a  knack for irresistible melodies that lull in the back of your mind portraying perhaps harsh sombre tones but with a grace and a delicacy that is just beautiful. With longing tapping synths, lush harmonies and rich layered echo textures Ten Fé begin to introduce us to their enthralling sound that will transport you to a mind numbing journey into a swirling world of emotions.
‘Turn’ follows dripping in sonic 80’s infused soft rock, Duncan mourns a strained relationship.Its wistful with an afflicted tone but by no means doleful. Psychedelic “wah wah” on guitar ripples through the track like a wobbly warping mirage while the soft beat peps the track up adding a lively bouncy effect. Lush harmonies are what these guy do effortlessly and it adds such a rich elegance to the track especially when teamed with a mind melting melody.
Moorhouse takes on lead vocals on the dreamy ‘Elodie’. I must confess my favourite track on the album, ‘Elodie’ is the kind of track that you fall in love with. It reduces you to a liquid substance and really shows off the duos fine musicianship. The rich, daydream tone on vocals coo and lull with lavish qualities. Its heart on your sleeve raw emotion, tender and sweet yet radiating bright vibes. With yearning lyrics and lamenting “sigh-like” backing vocals, it swoons you into a bubble of nostalgic dreaminess. The rolling piano refrain creates a swan-like elegance while the steady tempo, warm feelings and heavenly melody make this track a perfect treasure.
‘Twist Your Arm’ flurries with loose floaty ecstasy featuring a propulsive strong beat and elastic bass teamed with a stinging slide guitar. The swirling electronics chilled with breezy natural tones add a psychedelic feel. The track builds into a massive full bodied chorus with hand clapping, swaying and almost Gospel- like crescendo. With smooth vocals reaching to a dynamic falsetto this track is dynamite.
‘Another Way’ is summer in a bottle. Open roads sunshine relax and chill. Limber dainty guitar adds to the bright luminous vibe while the washed-out keys flood the track with cool relaxed tones. Its mind easing bliss with falsetto vocals and rich harmonies creating the perfect backdrop to just let everything go.
‘In The Air’ jogs along again displaying Ten Fé’s knack for ear-worm indie pop. Zesty bright guitars interplay with a steady consistent beat while Moorhouse  and Duncan’s  vocal harmonies intertwine. Its effortless cool melody and vocals give the track a mellow bright free vibe.
‘Don’t Forget’ brings us a beat driven track with a darker tone. Flashes of sharp guitar add piercing scintillation to the track while soft backing vocals echo. The track becomes more electronically heavy as it progresses building to almost an 80’s rock balled classic. Its all fist pumping vibes by the shredding guitar solo.
‘Follow’ another delightful melodic banger. Smothered in uplifting vibes with nostalgic undertones and gentle vocals. With wistful synth swirls, its tear jerking stuff that still makes you feel good.
‘Make Me Better’ blast us with strings, sticky snappy beats and a The Verve vibe mixed with  Roy Orbison-esque elements. Its dark dramatic and fantastically sharp.Its a rush of blood churning with bubbling emotions and flashes of blazing synths.Epic orchestral peaks create an anthemic explosion while a calm steady bassline grounds the track adding depth. Its larger than life and immense yet majestic. You will have stuck song syndrome with that hook on strings it will be in your head all day.
‘Burst’ bops with hopeful vitality. The use of reverb changes the track that would perhaps have been more country into a fusion with psychedelic trippy electronics. Its catchy fun and lively and twangs in all the right places.
Our journey with Ten Fé comes to and end with the tender emotional ‘July Rain’. Rich percussion perfectly placed throbs and kicks with a stomping beat.Light pitter patter adds a rain like quality while a beautiful piano feature adds grace and elegance to this emotional track. This duo are not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve and its beautiful aching tracks like ‘July Rain’ that come to fruition because of this. Delicate backing vocals heighten the emotional vocals and raw lyrics. This stunning track brings the album to a heart wrenching yet satisfying end.
Ten Fé compiled a combination of impeccable songs that are a treasure. Each track flows perfectly into the next. Its an emotional journey that the band take you on with them. Giving a personal experience to every listener that makes you hold the album close to your heart. As expected Ten Fé knocked it out of the park with catchy melodies and well crafted musicianship, ‘Hit The Light’ is what we expected and more, majestic personal and larger than life.
Stream ‘Hit The Light’ below

Larkins ‘Wasted Years’

Manchester’s Larkins have release their new single ‘Wasted Years’ through Scruff of the Neck Records.The four piece started 2016 with a summer of festival appearances at the likes of Kendal Calling, as well as a sold out show at Manchester’s Club Academy. This saw the band rapidly make a name for themselves amongst both fans and critics alike, turning heads and winning admiration wherever they went. The band consists of members Josh Noble (Vocals/Guitar),Dominic Want (Guitar/Vocals), Henry Beach (Bass /Vocals) and Joe Stott (Drums & Vocals) and their new single marks a new progression in the band’s seemingly limitless creativity.
‘Wasted Years’ is vibrant punchy and instrumentally tight with intricate guitar progressions and brilliantly executed production. Its polished and fluid with enough edge to give a raw fresh sound. With elastic beat and buoyant flickers on bass this track bounces along with effortlessly cool swagger. Larkins display a confident proficient and slick style of musicianship that exudes professionalism and skill. Laced with zealous nimble guitar riffs and a shredding thrilling distorted instrumental feature, Larkins have everything in place to deliver a bright catchy hook-driven indie tune. ‘Wasted Years’ is a tasty slice of infectious indie pop with enough riveting sharp edges to pack a solid punch.
Watch the video for ‘Wasted Years’ below

The Grey Merchant ‘The Last Transmission’

Cork based recording collaborative, The Grey Merchant, have announced details of a second single release, ‘The Last Transmission’ which will be released on February 23 2017. The Grey Merchant is the collaborative recording project of Cork based Indie trio Neon Atlas’ bassist Enda O’Flaherty and a collection of friends and fellow musicians ‘The Last Transmission’ is the follow up to their debut single release ‘Spotless (The Protecting Veil’ which was released in November last year, receiving significant airplay both in Ireland and internationally, particularly in the UK, USA, France, Canada and The Mauritius.
‘The Last Transmission’ is a flaming burst of raw rock ignited with shredding guitars mighty percussion and sublime soaring synths. The track is jam packed and richly layered showcasing fine musicianship from theses guys. Perfectly placed reverb brings the track to red hot intensity as it scorches all in its path while the cool effortless yet dynamic vocals cool the track slightly. The guitars pierce through with an electrifying blood-tingling shrill. Instrumentally deep and luxurious ‘The Last Transmission’ is a rip-roaring sonic seizure blazing from start to finish swooping you into a whirlwind of high powered vivacious instrumentation and a blistering intricate production that boasts the talent and craftsmanship of The Grey Merchant.
The Grey Merchant are currently in the studio putting the final touches to their debut long-player release which is expected sometime in the late spring of 2017 so keep an eye out for that.
Stream ‘The Last Transmission’ below

Crazy Bones ‘Melting’

Toronto-based garage psych trio Crazy Bones have released their new video for the single ‘Melting’, taken off their forthcoming debut EP ‘Cosmic Drips’. ‘Melting’ is a fuzz drenched mind liquefying heavy mosh worthy track. Easing us into their sound Crazy Bones begin with a psychedelic trippy gentle verse which leads into pulverising frantic heavy rock. Hefty drums pound through your skull with weighty abolishing force while shredding crushing guitar solos shrill with earsplitting intensity. Smooth sensual raspy vocals coax throughout the mania of this  psychotic acid trip. Its foaming at the mouth bombardment that is deliriously good and thrilling to listen to.
Watch the swirling kaleidoscope colours of the video for ‘Melting’ below

Della Lupa ‘Goodnight’

Brighton based female fronted alternative pop act Della Lupa have released their new single ‘Goodnight’ which was written in and about Las Vegas. The single release is from their successfully crowd funded EP ‘Lost for the Longterm’. The EP will be released online and available on all online retailers March 2nd and will be marked with a physical release show in Brighton, with support from Common Tongues. The band consists of members Steph Brown (Lead Vocals/Keys), Pete Maccourt (bass), Mike Hawkins (Guitar), Chris Gwilt (Drums) and Sally Garozzo, Beccy Blaker (Backing Vocals).
‘Goodnight’ shimmers and glitters with a bright melodic pop vibe. Jingly keys add a twinkling magical sparkle while the groovy bass and guitar give a warm dance like quality and depth to the track. The snappy beat keeps the track bouncing along in a peppy manner while also adding punch and definition in parts. Sweet backing vocals echo adding a lush harmony and multi texture. The honeyed melody on keys give an uplifting and perky vibe as they playfully dance around the other instruments with a feathery light bounce.
Following the release Della Lupa will embark on a 10 date UK tour check out the dates on their facebook page here

Watch the video for ‘Goodnight’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bright Young People

North Wales guitar band Bright Young People have released their new single ‘Suppress Happiness’. The Rhyl 3-piece made such an overwhelming first impression on Gary Powell of The Libertines that he signed them up to his label 25 Hour Convenience Store on the spot after witnessing their near-riotous show at London’s Shacklewell Arms last year. Despite only forming a couple of years ago, rock and roll royalty such as Iggy Pop, Duff McKagan and Glen Matlock have already been singing the band’s praises. Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch loved the band so much he produced and even played on the band’s debut single ‘Liberties’. Bright Young People have also had Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Radio X’s John Kennedy all playing multiple tracks from the band’s most recent release ‘Sunshine Town EP’. They’ve also previously shared a stage with the likes of The Libertines, The OffSpring and Catfish and the Bottlemen.
This new single ‘Suppress Happiness‘ was recorded and produced by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier. Its full throttle rock introduced by the thrilling shrill of distorted guitars. Darkened steamy verses bleed along a woozy hazy rumbling bass. As the brooding vocals add a chilling spine-tingling eerie effect. The seductive guitar lines lure you with a brazen sultry sway-like wispy quality. The track blasts into a ruckus causing frenzied chorus that screams for heavy moshing in a sticky mosh pit. ‘Suppress Happiness’ is a powerful catchy moody explosion of passion and intense emotion with a Nirvana- esque vibe. Its dirty gritty rock that will have a live audience going wild.
You can catch Bright Young People live here
18th February 2017 – Night & Day, Manchester
24th February 2017 – Zanzibar, Liverpool
16th March 2017 – The Monarch, London
Watch the video for ‘Suppress Happiness’ below

DYLYN ‘Mimosa’

Toronto-based pop artist DYLYN has released her new single ‘Mimosa’. This adrenaline-charged infectious track glides with effortlessly cool sleek fluidity while packing contagious dance vibes. With quirky synths that have a panpipe effect teamed with a thrilling overflow of snappy sick beats that rebound with intense elasticity its a rubber ball of electronic paradise. DYLYN’s velvety vocals whisper with melty smooth textures while exuding sass and attitude.The verse jogs steadily to the electrifying catchy chorus. ‘Mimosa’ is a confidence boosting luring electro pop smasher drizzled with cool swoony tones.
When asked about the track DYLYN said
“Mimosa” is exactly that – both musically and thematically. Many of us experience some sort of anxiety throughout our lives. The song captivates that inner struggle we go through in our heads, that battle to either drown in it or to fight it. The world can feel like it’s crashing down on you and everything in your life can seem like it’s coming to an end. “Mimosa” is a way of saying sometimes you need to just take a deep breath and let things happen. Sometimes knowing you dwell in the dark with others is surprisingly comforting.”

Stream ‘Mimosa’ below

Neon Atlas ‘The Afterglow’

Cork based Indie band Neon Atlas have returned with a new single ‘The Afterglow’ which goes on general release March 2 2017. The track is lifted from their forth-coming and yet untitled third album due out towards the end of 2017. ‘The Afterglow’ is a sprinkle of bright shimmering indie pop. Radiating a state of bliss with immediately gratifying honeyed delicate melodies laced in twinkling guitars and vibrant tones its a sweet opulent slice of indie that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The soft beat teamed with delicate golden guitar features give the track a cushioned softness and elegance. The hushed production and gentle vocals make the track warm and subtle. Its authentic moving soul searchingly satisfying while glowing and adding glimmers of sun and brightness into a dull day.
Neon Atlas will be touring nationwide, kicking off in their home town of Cork on February 18 when they play the Crane Lane Theatre.
Stream ‘The Afterglow’ below

Misfires ‘Come On Over’

Misfires are an indie band from Swindon, South West, England. The band have been previously championed by BBC Introducing In The West labelled as ‘Phenomenal’ and described by Spilt Milk Magazine as the next “big thing”. The band celebrated their one year anniversary  on 10th Feb and have released their new single ‘Come On Over’. This track fleshes out sweet infectious indie melodies teamed with spirited arrangements. Vibrant guitar riffs blast the track into bursts of luminous intensity as it radiates dynamic energy and a raw edge. The punchy beat adds a brawny texture to the track while the dazy vocals add a daydream breezy cool feel. Sprinkled with funky reggae elements this track is slick and tight and leaves no doubt these guys are destined for big things. Misfires give us a snappy spirited insanely infectious indie track that will be playing in your head all day.
You can catch Misfires live at
15th February, Rough Trade Records, Nottingham
17th February, Thekla, Bristol, Sherlocks support (SOLD OUT)
21st February, Hope & Ruin, Brighton
24th February, The Horn, St Albans, Sherlocks support (SOLD OUT)
25th February, Sub89, Reading, Sherlocks support
11th March, Zanzibar, Liverpool
Watch the video for ‘Come On Over’ below

Flashes ‘The Upset’

Hailing from the deepest darkest Cornwall, UK band Flashes have released their new single ‘The Upset’. Consisting of members Jim (vocals/guitar), Peasy (guitar/laptop), Dan (guitar) and Graham (bass), Flashes have released 2 albums (Latency and Flashes) and a handful of one-off singles, receiving coverage from Consequence of Sound, Thought Catalog, Amazing Radio and BBC Radio 1.
New single ‘The Upset’ is a hypnotic psyched-out tale of perceived reality recorded in a run-down 19th century chapel where some of the band live. Its woozy dark pop at its best with a thick sticky beat the track oozes and glops surrounded by hazy dizzy psychedelia. Saturated in eerie shadowy tones teamed with haunting whispered vocals the track lures you into a wispy swirling dark abyss. The elastic luring bass adds a sensual quality to the trippy opaque track. The guitar glistens with sharp sparkles through the murky exterior of the track as it churns and sways around revealing light little melodic guitar glimmers. ‘The Upset’ is spine chilling and hair raisingly superb, a must listen.
Stream ‘The Upset’ below