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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes In The Form Of Áine Cahill’s ‘Black Dahlia’

Cavan singer-songwriter Áine Cahill has received fantastic exposure recently for having taken part in the 2fm/Oxfam ‘Play The Picnic’ competition. She managed to reach the top 10 for the national contest, which secured her a slot on the Oxjam Stage at this year’s Electric Picnic. Cahill has already released a 5-track EP called ‘Paper Crown,’ which came out shortly before Christmas 2014 and was named the #1 unsigned Irish EP of 2014 by Unsigned and Independent Magazine. She’s also hugely influenced by the jazz of the ’40s and ’50s, and has only recently started working with a band, made up of four musicians, Louise Johnston (piano), Paul McCann (double bass), Sam Geraghty (guitar) and Paul ‘Foxy’ Cox (drums).
‘Black Dahlia’ is the start of a new project Cahill is currently working on with producer Martin Quinn from Jam Studios. The song tells the tragic true story of an unsolved murder in 1940s Hollywood. Cahill portrays this theme to us perfectly, she creates an eerie mysterious atmosphere that calls you as a witness to  a tragic scene. With touching imagery conveyed through the lyrics teamed with crisp melancholy vocals that add to this nostalgic haunting tone. The track is narrated to us in a sway -like theatrical manner that touches your soul and pulls you in to this painful grievous tale. The light instrumentation to start adds a delicate quality to the track with the soft beats and gentle piano conveying the soft, innocent and hopeful young star. While the guitar seems to lament the death of this young woman the strings add a sense of danger lurking in the back ready to pounce. The backing vocals lull the listener as if trying to ease their mind of the harrowing scene and give comfort to a distressed soul.
A fantastic track from Áine Cahill look forward to hearing more.
You can catch Áine Cahill live at The Grand Social – Friday September 9th
Stream ‘Black Dahlia’ below

Lost Dawn ‘Rasputin’

Lost Dawn are three piece Stanley Duke, Benjamin Woods and Joel McConkey from Falmouth, UK. They released a mini album ‘Fever’ earlier this year which is packed full of hip swinging rock and roll teamed with psychedelia sprinkled with grunge.
‘Rasputin’ is our favourite track from the album. It is saturated in 70s funk influences and embroidered with psychedelia. Duke’s vocals are luring and coaxing for the sensual verse and become more swagger filled as the track progresses in to a funky strut worthy anthem. Exuding confidence and cool smooth tones this track moves with such grace and fluidity that is swoon worthy. The psychedelic guitar adds a trippy vibe that is intoxicating and exhilarating, as the rhythm and percussion give a dance- like shimmy to the track that is infectious.
Enjoy the trippy invigorating journey that Lost Dawn take you on and put ‘Rasputin’ on repeat.
Stream ‘Rasputin’ below

Blossoms ‘Honey Sweet’

Stockports five piece Blossoms have released their new single ‘Honey Sweet’ taken from their self titled debut album which is due for release next week. Blossoms are Tom Ogden (Voice/Guitar), Charlie Salt (Bass/BV’s.), Josh Dewhurst (Lead Guitar), Joe Donovan (Drums) and Myles Kellock (Keyboards/BV’s). The band have become one of the hottest live bands on the circuit, performing at festivals including SXSW, The Great Escape, T in the Park, Latitude, Reading & Leeds and are creating quite a hype around their highly anticipated album.
‘Honey Sweet’ is our first taste of what is to come from their album and as the name suggests its a sugar coated toothache-sweet track. Its soft spongy beats and syrupy shimmering synths keep the track light and creamy smooth. Ogden’s vocals remain tender and gentle with a lull-like tone that is easing to the mind. The guitar which is sharp and vibrant freshens things up and adds a bright and refreshing edge to the track. ‘Honey Sweet’ holds a nostalgic tone throughout, set to a beautiful melody that is catchy and comforting for the mind.
‘Honey Sweet’ is a candied track saturated in luscious synths and supple beats with velvety vocals, silky bass and zesty guitar. Its a great appetiser for the album, well maybe its the desert.

Stream ‘Honey Sweet’ below

Four ‘Take Something’


Four are Annabel Allum (vocals, guitar), Jake Edwards (lead guitar, backing vocals), Oli Edwards (bass, backing vocals) and Alex Andrews (drums) from Bristol. Two members of the band Jake and Oli Edwards, were previously with The Jacques and  they have used their experience with The Jacques to mould the musical relationship between Four. Their debut single ‘Take Something’ was released earlier this year and it without a doubt moves all others aside as it creates a pocket for their raw indie rock alt-pop sound.
‘Take Something’ is an edgy indie rock track that has all you want and more. It is bursting with vigorous driven guitars for the chorus and pounding drums which all ease for the verses where Allum’s luring and coaxing vocals take the limelight. The vocals become powerful and dynamic for the chorus as the track builds to an impressive mighty brief mosh effect. The added sharp guitar squeal after the chorus is thrilling and adds a distinctive edge to the track. ‘Take Something’ oozes energy while remaining cool, holding back for the intense verses and leaving you craving the full bodied chorus while you wait in anticipation for the explosive sound. Four know exactly how to reel you in and keep you wanting more.
Keep and eye out for these guys.
Stream ‘Take Something’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Dream Wife

London based musicians, Alice Go (guitar, vocals), Bella Podpadec (bass, vocals) and Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals) formed at art school in Brighton where the project began as a performance art piece. They formed Dream Wife (named after the 1953 romantic comedy) and began a musical journey of edgy pop and feminine empowering attitude.
Their track ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ taken from their self -titled EP is an infectious pop track that exudes girl power to the tune of razor sharp grunge. This track is ridiculously catchy with a 60’s swing like effect. The vocals seamlessly slide between a luscious smooth cooing with dreamy backing harmonies to a sharpened scream. Oozing attitude and swagger the track has a strutting confident effect and feminine strength. Its simple pop hook, bouncy beats and zealous guitar riff makes this track unforgettable. Dream Wife show their delicate femininity while giving us a fantastic slap in the face “dont mess with me” attitude. They manage to keep the playful atmosphere while showcasing their undoubted capability and skill.
Put it on repeat and let the girl pop/ grunge mayhem consume you.

Stream ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ below

Early Hours ‘Into the Wilderness’

early hours

South Africa’s Early Hours have just premiered their new single ‘Into the Wilderness’. The three 19-year-old musicians of Early Hours hail from Cape Town, South Africa. The band is made up of Jake Bennett (Vocals) born and bred in London, Adam Rothschild (Guitar) and Benson Joubert (Bass). They met in high school, and since forming in 2012 they have amassed a loyal worldwide following with vibrant music and energetic live shows. Their single ,’ Smells Like Summer’, put them on the international map after reaching #1 on the SoundCloud Indie Rock chart. The track’s viral success led to Early Hours becoming the first South African band ever to reach one million plays on a single track on the internet platform. Early Hours won the prestigious Converse ‘Get Out Of The Garage’ competition in 2014 and since then have gigged in Paris, the rest of France and around South Africa performing at some of the country’s premier venues and festivals.
‘Into the Wilderness’ is taken off the band’s soon to be released debut EP ‘First Light’ which is set for release this August. It is a slow, hip-hop influenced track that still manages to pull in Early Hours unique blend of Britpop and Afrorock. Its a smooth melodic track that swallows you up in gentle beats, soft velvety vocals and a dreamy airy atmosphere. The guitar is tender but manages to make its presents known by giving us a refreshing bite and zesty melody. The track is bursting with cool sunny vibes and bright tones teamed with a luscious melody. The lyrics hold the idea of heading into the unknown, whether that be a place, a relationship or any other form of extraordinary is in the listener’s hands this adds to the free aerial effect the track has.
Sit back listening to ‘Into the Wilderness’ and imagine the place you want to go and this track will take you there.
Stream ‘Into the Wilderness’ below

A Chat With : Tameca Jones

Photo by Dan Winters

We Caught up with the the “Queen of Austin Soul,”  Tameca Jones  to chat about  her highly anticipated debut EP and to get to know her a little better and see what makes her tick.

What was it like growing up in Austin, TX and how did Austin influence you in your pursuit of a music career?

Growing up in Austin made me a colorful and eccentric person who embraces all genres of music. I like country, rock, alternative, blues, etc. I can usually find the groove and goodness of most songs. There was so much music going on when I grew up that you couldn’t help becoming a sponge.

What inspired you to make music?
I always sang around the house and wrote quirky songs when I was young. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I had my twins. My twins inspired me to launch a career in music.

What can you tell me about the process of making your new EP?
The process was very frustrating and time consuming. It was my first solo project so I made a lot of mistakes that cost me time and money. It has to feel right for me to be able to sell it. If I can’t feel it, I damn sure can’t put my name on it.

Your single ‘Hot and Bothered’ is full of sass and swagger and is confidence building and fun for the listener was this your intention when you were writing the track and was this song fun to write?
Absolutely. I’m a very sassy and assertive person when it comes to getting what I want. I intimidate most men so I’m usually the one making the moves. This track was a blast to write because it came so quickly and easily.

 Your track ‘Head over Heals’ is a raw emotional track that has the ability to make the listener feel every word and emotion, you portray the heartbreak beautifully through your vocals, was that an effect you intended to have or did it come organically?

I usually want effects to come as organically as possible. I can’t fake anything. This song was written about my kids growing up and pulling away from me, which was a very sad time in my life. So every note I sang was organically sentimental.
 What has been your biggest challenge as an artist so far? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Biggest challenge has been trying to hold down the business side of music. My mind is not wired for wheels and deals. It just sucks to have to wear a million hats just because you don’t have the capital to have people helping you manage your career. I’ve overcome this challenge by seeking counsel of other successful artists and organizing my time better. The business side is like seeing a dirty sink full of dishes. You know you don’t want to do them, but eventually you have to or you aren’t going to eat.
 You have opened for stars such as Gary Clark Jr., Max Frost and Bob Schneider. You have also performed at the 2015 Austin Music Awards, but what do you feel has been your most defining moment as an artist so far ?
I had a show at a venue called The Parish once. I opened there for Max a few months before I headlined. It was just a great feeling to go from opener to headliner and have people come out to support my art.

You got the opportunity to work with Gary Clark Jr on one of his tracks how did this come about and what was it like?
Gary and I are old friends. We would go to each other’s shows around town before he got famous. We always planned to work together, but couldn’t ever connect. He came by my show one night and asked me if I could could record the hook on one of his new songs. I jumped at the invitation of course. I love me some Gare Bear.

Which of your songs are you most proud of and why?
I’m most proud of Head Over Heels because it is the best song I’ve written, melodically and lyrically.
Any Plans to come to Ireland in the future?
Boy that would be awesome. I haven’t toured very much, but I would love to see that beautiful luscious country. I LOVE Irish accents. Oh my goodness. I’d probably fall in love with someone with an accent and red hair and never return to America.

What advice do you have for people who want to pursue a career in music?
The business model has changed so much. My advice is to write with as many people as you can and make as much content as you can so you can sell your work to other artists, TV shows, and movies. You have to diversify your income stream to survive as an artist.
Whats next for Tameca Jones?
I plan on touring and collaborating with other writers so I can diversify MY income stream and take my own advice. ?

An Irish accent and red hair …… yeah that would be enough to keep anyone from returning to America.

Stream Tameca Jones new single ‘Sandman’ below

NGOD ‘Blue’

NGOD are an alternative indie band from Bradford. Band members Samuel Augustine (Lead Vocals & Guitar),Luke Fielding (Guitar),Lewis Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Bass) and Alex Dutton-Taylor (Backing Vocals & Drums) first made a name for themselves with their debut ‘Are You Satisfied’ followed by a bunch of live dates around the U.K.
Their new single ‘Blue’ is a slap in the face of feel good indie rock that is electrifying. It is upbeat and dynamic with ornate guitar that drives the track in a rush of buzz fuelled frenzy. The elastic bass adds a flexible texture to this energetic track while the punchy drums tops things off with a brawn and power giving us that supercharged bolt of alt-rock. The vocals are animated but simple making every word clear until the irresistible sing a long chorus kicks in. The track builds to a fantastic, dramatic sound blasting crescendo.
A must listen.
You can catch NGOD live at
JUL 30 Y Not Festival, Pikehall, Matlock
AUG 20 Glass Butter Beach , Abersoch Beach
SEP 1, Festival No.6 – Portmeirion
SEP 24 Underground Festival ,Gloucester
Watch the video for ‘Blue’ below


Marsicans ‘Far Away (Saudade)’

Leeds indie band Marsicans are James (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Oli (Guitar), Rob (Bass/Keys) and Cale (Drums) have released their new single ‘Far Away (Saudade)’ which is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘The Absence’ (to be released in September). The four piece regularly sell out gigs at home, tour up and down the UK and have graced bigger stages at festivals like Reading and Leeds and Live At Leeds. Along the way they’ve supported the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Pigeon Detectives and Embrace.
‘Far Away (Saudade)’ fleshes out Marsicans’ infectious soaring melodies with upbeat indie pop arrangements. The track is ablaze with striking addictive hooks and quirky lyrics all wrapped in sweet luxurious melodies, sprinkled with lush harmonies. The zealous slashing guitar riffs teamed with a strong spirited rhythm adds depth and a lively animated quality to the track.
‘Far Away (Saudade)’ is bright track bubbling with sunny vibes that will brighten your day, which is ironic as Saudade is the Portuguese word for ‘melancholy’.
Looking forward to hearing more from Marsicans.
You can catch Marsicans live at
Jul 30 Kendal Calling Penrith, United Kingdom
Oct 08 Multiple Venues Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Stream ‘Far Away (Saudade)’ below

James George ‘Make You Mine’

Yorkshire singer-songwriter James George has released his debut single ‘Make You Mine’. The track is a storming two minutes of classic indie rock n’roll showcasing brooding guitars, infectious melodies and shimmering synths. It has already picked up over 10,000 streams online and James George is developing a steady growing fan base.
‘Make You Mine’ is a short blast of garage rock that is sprinkled with enough inventiveness to make it a success. The production of this track is bang on as we are swallowed up in a concoction of shadowy misty synths, steady thumping beats and intoxicating psychedelic guitar. The song creates a dark daydream atmosphere with longing crooning vocals that remain cool and almost detached while the yearning tone on guitar almost wails in pain expressing his longing. ‘Make You Mine’ is full of mysterious tones with an eerie atmosphere. This is a track that will leave you craving for more.
Stream ‘Make You Mine’ below