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Henry Chadwick ‘Guest at Home’ EP

Currently based in California, indie artist Henry Chadwick has been making waves with his new EP, ‘Guest at Home’. A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, his self-produced EP showcases Chadwick’s skills, as he wrote, engineered and played most of the instruments on it. Chadwick’s music has charted on both the Hype Machine and Indie Shuffle Charts with #1 Spots and his single ‘Alright’ has just reached 100,000 streams on Spotify. Chadwick draws influences as much from music of the past (The Beatles, The kinks, T-Rex, Nirvana, David Bowie etc.,) as from  current artists who keep pushing forward stylistically and sonically. Henry makes catchy, thoughtful and usually energetic music with a unique perspective, edge and charm. Henry Chadwick was raised in a studio environment, his father being an engineer who worked out of Cherokee studios in Hollywood through the 1980’s and continued to record in his home studio in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
‘Guest at Home’ EP brings a sound that will transport you to back to the swinging 60s with flashes of current indie edge to pull you into a spiralling concoction of energetic charming delight. Title track ‘Guest At Home’ kicks things off with a ripe zealous guitar riff sugar coated in an infectious melody that swoons and floats with ecstasy. Peppy bouncy beat, clap along feature and smooth vocals make this track an instant hit. The witty lyrics and sweet shrill on guitar teamed with a slice of rock and roll Jerry Lee Lewis -esque piano this track will have you rocking around the clock. ‘Overtime’ slows the pace with strumming guitar and reverb psychedelic vocals. Its a prism of trippy sparkling hypnotic euphoria. Soft beats and spaced out vibes give the track a floating wispy daydream feel. ‘Alright’ is a hazy Californian driving track. Bursting with cool sun kissed vibes exuding effortless sleek swagger with a creamy fluid flow. Slick guitar adds a zest and a sensual smack of charm to the track. Its a groovy dexterous foxy strut of laid back smooth rock. ‘Something I Don’t Know’ showcases that superb rock with ear worm melody and infectious hair raising heart quickening guitar feature teamed with punchy drums that makes you dance around the room in a joyous frenzy. Its an uplifting radiant tune that appeals to every fibre of your being. Chadwick displays the high range in his vocals for the catchy lovable chorus. ‘The Two Of Us’ closes the EP with edgy guitar and eerie vocals. Perfect harmonies add a lush texture while the strong beat drives the track forward. Simple sway-like feel with darker undertones keeps the track fresh and makes it stand out from the others. With psychedelic twists towards the end Chadwick knows how to keep your attention throughout making you want to hear more.
Stream ‘Guest at Home’ EP below

Childcare ‘Film Club’

Londons alternative band Childcare released their new single ‘Film Club’ last month. Band members Ed Cares (singer/songwriter), Emma Topolski (bass), Rich Legate (guitar) and Glyn Daniels (drums) have created their own sound of alternative rock, enthused with the energy of punk and drenched in off-kilter pop. Childcare played some of their first shows at the Reading and Leeds festivals, and soon released their debut single ‘Omega Grey’. The song gained radio play from Annie Mac, Huw Stephens and Steve Lamacq, was named Track of the Day at Radio X and playlisted at Amazing Radio. Also paying close attention were Lost In The Manor Records, who, after witnessing Childcare at one of their vivid and visceral live shows, wasted no time in proffering a contract.
‘Film Club’ proves why Childcare are gaining so much attention. Blasting with a torpedo of killer hooks and a colossal wallop of intense energy, its a mind – blowing flash of Childcare’s talents. With a razor sharp jagged guitar riff and rapid wild global beat this track is the “crème de la crème” of edgy gritty alternative rock. It has everything and more, an anthemic vocal with bouncy sweet interjection on backing vocals, witty lyrics and sick instrumentation. Childcare hit right on the musical nerve and infects you with rich catchy melodies and weaving malleable bass lines, creating tightly compact layers of delicious textures and flavours to sink your teeth into. Exuding swagger and effortless cool charisma this track is a charming strut and prance that will have you moving in no time. Its a must listen. Looking forward to hearing more from Childcare.
Childcare are having an official ‘Film Club’ launch show on Monday 28 November at The Waiting Room, London N16 if your around make sure to check that out.
Stream ‘Film Club’ below

Chris Jewell ‘Rise and Fall’

London-based singer-songwriter Chris Jewell has released ‘Rise and Fall’, the lead single from his new EP of the same name. A songwriter since the age of 12, Jewell’s songs draw on influences from pop, rock and soul across the decades. After signing with independent label 84 Records his new EP and single was recorded with talented producer Andy Brook (Frank Turner, Status Quo, Hayseed Dixie), who brings a radio-friendly pop sheen to Jewell’s tale of heartbreak. The new track has already picked up support with BBC Introducing, and was recently chosen twice as a BBC Radio Surrey/Sussex Track Of The Day.
‘Rise and Fall’ is a slice of sweet bright folk pop pie. With soulful bright guitar and springy bounce beat this track is an uplifting , energetic “put a smile on your face” bliss. Illuminating and glowing from every note with simple chords and catchy clap along feature its a snappy encouraging track. Though the lyrics are somewhat sombre the track is presented with a positive atmosphere and sprightly energy.  Sprinkled with Jewell’s smooth soulful vocals and rapid almost rap -like lyrics and immediately infectious chorus Jewell showcases his skill for simple, blissful and timeless songwriting.
Stream ‘Rise and Fall’ below

I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness ‘There’s Always Another Summer’


I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness are a melodic, melancholy driven band from Blackpool formed in January 2015 by ex members of post-rock band Goonies Never Say Die. Band members Barry Parkinson, Dan Kerr, Warren Brown and Joel Winters have released their the first song ‘There’s Always Another Summer’ from their forthcoming album ‘élan vital’. The album is currently being mixed by James Routh of Sonic Boom Six and though there’s no release date yet, this first song is taken from a charity compilation CD album called ‘Streetlive’ for the Street Life charity, helping homeless youths in Blackpool.
‘There’s Always Another Summer’ is a refreshing track with a bright peppy guitar riff that seeps into your brain and rests in a chirpy bubble of fun. The track develops with moody raspy vocals and a melancholy tone. The interchanging between chirpy guitar and bubbly beat to sulky gloomy vocals adds a fresh and unique contrast that makes this track captivating. The guitar solo adds a twinkle of charm and charisma before the song rests finally on a heavier gritty rock almost mosh worthy crescendo. The drums become more hefty and the vocals more dynamic and rusty. A fantastic debut from I Drink Therefore There’s Darkness looking forward to hearing the album.
Stream ‘There’s Always Another Summer’

Scarlet ‘Your Control’


Scarlet are the cloaked dark horse who have been working relentlessly over the past few years to make a name for themselves. Since launching in 2014 the band have worked with producers Jon Withnall, (Coldplay’s Parachutes, A Rush Of Blood To The Head, and X&Y) Michael Johnson (Joy Division, Pink Floyd, New Order, Stone Roses). They have secured places supporting Neon Waltz, Pulled Apart By Horses, a set at Liverpools Concert For Gaza, and a slot supporting The Struts. In 2015 the four piece secured slots playing DIY’s ‘breaking out’ night at Liverpool music week festival, supported Swervedriver, Black Honey, Kagoule and released their debut single ‘Anyway’ and now are currently working with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, CAST) on their debut album ‘Effigy’ which is to be released in the UK and Japan in October.
The female fronted band have just released their new single ‘Your Control’. Its a juicy jangle pop anthem multi textured with sharp on-point guitars and a soft spongy beat. The syrupy vocals are delicate and silky. Its darkened tones and reverb give the track rich textures and a shadowy atmosphere while still remaining light and airy. This catchy power pop track exudes fighting spirit while remaining elegant until the massive mosh worthy crescendo. ‘Your Control’ shows Scarlet’s skilled musicianship as they have created a track that is dreamy and easy to listen to but maintains a rawness that adds an edge that keeps this band fresh and dynamic. Watch out for these guys.
Stream ‘Your Control’ below

Airport Impressions ‘Mariette’

Airport Impressions are a 4-piece band from Malta. The band consists of Errol Sammut (lead vocals, guitar), Johann Schembri (guitar), Chris Curmi (bass guitar), and Steve Farrugia (drums). Starting out as a duo in search of new musical experiences, Errol Sammut and Johann Schembri’s six-month stay in Ireland in 2005 proved to be an important step in their journey. Apart from consolidating their love of Irish music, it also ignited a new spark in the way they went about writing songs. Airport Impressions have clocked up countless radio hits along the way, among them ‘Borderline’, ‘Wake up’, ‘Walk with Me’ and, more recently ‘Hymns of June’ and ‘Berlin.’ The latter (Berlin) also won first place in the Unsigned Only 2014 edition for the Adult Album Alternative category. Airport Impressions are continuously raising their name and have already booked festivals for 2016 including Midstock and a UK Tour.
The latest album ‘Mariette’ perfectly captures the band’s musical journey to date, its twelve songs reflecting a versatility that has evolved over the years. On this record Airport Impressions show us their blend of pop and rock embroidered with country and indie folk. The country rock influence is evident from the first track ‘Wishing Well’. This track radiates bright vibes coated in country twang with Sammut’s husky vocals adding grit and depth to the track. The blazing guitar lifts the track and gives it a glow and luminosity.
‘Come Along’ has an Irish power ballad feel. Its a melodic track with a proud “hit your chest, call the clan together” and bellow the chorus at the top of your lungs feel. The uplifting positive atmosphere teamed with emotional lyrics pull at the heart strings and evoke joyful triumphant tears.
‘Berlin’ begins with a sweet heartening whistle. The track is bright and bubbly with a bouncy beat and lustrous guitar it will cheer up any glum chum. Try to get that whistling tune out of your head its near impossible.
Title track ‘Mariette’ caught my eye as it is a beautiful gentle track with tender tones to begin with. It starts with a country ballad vibe that builds and develops into a lavishly textured track with sprinkles of folk . Its lamenting tone is conveyed through a graceful and elegant guitar feature that twinkles throughout the track. It has a Bryan Adams feel and warmth that is comforting and charming.
‘Star Signs’ , ‘While You Wait’ , Hymns of June’ and ‘If You Abandon Me’ continue to flesh out Airport Impressions stunning melodies with country rock arrangements each track showing its own individuality while maintaining the bands upbeat positive style and showcasing their exquisite musicianship. ‘Ballymena Sun’ presents us with an almost tropical sun kissed sound, every note in this track is ablaze with golden rays of sunshine. With its sway- like beat and charming guitar feature you will loose yourself in its beach evening vibes.  ‘All We Got’, ‘Let It Shine’ and final track ‘Silhouettes’ shows the bands tender ballad skills as they wear their hearts on their sleeve with meticulous instrumentation and beautiful lyrics they serenade us with lamenting tone and sweet sombre vocals.

Airport Impressions  will be heading to Scotland on a UK Tour check out their website below for all the dates
Check out Airport Impressions video for ‘Mariette’ below


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Dream Wife

London based musicians, Alice Go (guitar, vocals), Bella Podpadec (bass, vocals) and Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals) formed at art school in Brighton where the project began as a performance art piece. They formed Dream Wife (named after the 1953 romantic comedy) and began a musical journey of edgy pop and feminine empowering attitude.
Their track ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ taken from their self -titled EP is an infectious pop track that exudes girl power to the tune of razor sharp grunge. This track is ridiculously catchy with a 60’s swing like effect. The vocals seamlessly slide between a luscious smooth cooing with dreamy backing harmonies to a sharpened scream. Oozing attitude and swagger the track has a strutting confident effect and feminine strength. Its simple pop hook, bouncy beats and zealous guitar riff makes this track unforgettable. Dream Wife show their delicate femininity while giving us a fantastic slap in the face “dont mess with me” attitude. They manage to keep the playful atmosphere while showcasing their undoubted capability and skill.
Put it on repeat and let the girl pop/ grunge mayhem consume you.

Stream ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ below

White Crosses ‘Dead Souls’

White Crosses Band 1

Hailing from Warsaw (Poland) alternative punk band White Crosses, featuring the creative partnership of Konrad Sloka (Vocals/Guitar), Sebastian Prokop (Guitar), Stefan Banaszynski (Bass) and Marcin Plocha (Drums) have released a video for their single ‘Dead Souls’. The quartet produced big waves in their native country with their acclaimed EP release ‘Native Handshakes’ in 2015. They have recently joined forces with UK indie label Engineer Records and ‘Dead Souls’ is a taste of things to come from their forthcoming EP ‘Anchorless’.
‘Dead Souls’ is a hefty steady alternative pop punk track with strident guitars that drive the track forward. The punchy drums and exuberant bass give a strong foundation to the track. The heavy drum kicks for the verse giving the track a punch and weighty feel while the vocals are simple yet effective for the verse and become more animated for the chorus as they portray the honest lyrics with passion and emotion. I can imagine this song is massive live as it is set up for all the dramatic guitar poses and spins with dramatic breaks and attitude.
Watch ‘Dead Souls’ below

Scott Dean ‘Lucky Seven’

London-based singer-songwriter Scott Dean has released his new single ‘Lucky Seven’ from his recently released album ‘Neon’. The lyrics of ‘Lucky Seven’ were inspired by Dean’s experience working as a croupier, he explores the effects of obsession and addiction in society.
‘Lucky Seven’ is a melodic track with an airy atmosphere. The reverb used conveys this perfectly and teamed with soaring guitars which add an edge to the track you really get a feel of wanting to escape. The drums are light and keep a melancholy tone as they provide a soft steady beat. The instrumentation is light leaving the guitar and vocals to portray the message to us. Dean’s vocals are smooth and emotion filled and become slightly more animated for the anthem like chorus, while the guitars give an aerial feel like a sharp breeze that is refreshing.

‘Lucky Seven’ explores a  hard-hitting subject matter which Dean portrays through reverb-laden guitar riffs, atmospheric soundscapes and a soaring chorus that displays the range of Dean’s influences and abilities.
Stream ‘Lucky Seven’ below.


Originating from a combination of Stockport, Devon, Yorkshire and Liverpool, BARRON are Alex Barron on piano and lead vocals, Lewis Jones on guitar and backing vocals, Ryan Lee on Bass, synth and backing vocals and Aaron Haigh on drums. They have gathered a following from their energetic live performances and memorable feel good sound. Their most recent release ‘We Can Run’ is a polished uplifting track with a smooth ” free as a bird” vibe. The airy motivating chorus and smooth vocals make you want to drop everything and go on a road trip. With its light pop beats and running piano this song can make you believe you could fly.
‘Waiting For’ again is an uplifting anthem with piano riffs bouncing along behind and forming the backbone of the track. Its light pop beats and soft vocals make this track very catchy and atmospheric. With strong chorus and bridge which softens to make way for a piano solo until it kicks into the final intense emotional chorus.
‘All For You’ is a melodic sentimental track, with again beautiful piano and soft accompaniment. With a heartfelt chorus you can imagine the crowd at a gig swaying and pouring their hearts out as they belt out the chorus. The sweet vocal harmonies create a tender atmospheric vibe.
BARRON have recently finished their début EP and are set to release their First Single ‘Waiting For’ so keep your eyes out for that.
Stream ‘We Can Run’ and ‘All For You’ Below