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The Only Ocean ‘CUL-DE-SAC’

Lompoc, California born four-piece, The Only Ocean, bring a fresh new edge to indie rock. Band members Wesley Hill (Vocals, Guitar), Dustin Whalen (Guitar), Alex Burdess (Bass) and Shae Kakos-(Drums) are childhood friends who have pulled together a wide range of sub-genres from Psych-Pop and Post-Punk to Acid Rock to create their unique sound.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is the first single off  their soon to be released EP, ‘TOO’ which was produced by Graham Ginsburg and Rick Mabery of The Barn Music Studio, and Jonathan DeBaun (The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes, Antemasque). The track begins with a dark aggressive tone blasting us with heavy flashing vigorous guitars and a psychedelic delirious vibe. The verse cools things down with light beats and cool sedated vocals. The track is drenched in reverb adding to the psychedelic vibe. With swirling melodies that hypnotise and pull you into the intensity of the track teamed with cynical snarky lyrics that adequately portray that this track is an “anthem for anyone who has ever tasted the sweet angst in desolation”. The churning surge of instrumentation is enticing and leads the listener into the acid trip explosive crescendo.
‘CUL-DE-SAC’ is a well written and crafted track full of dark tones and confusing mystery that is perfectly conveyed through a blend of Psych/Acid Rock.
Stream ‘CUL-DE-SAC’ below

Money For My Teeth ‘Komodo’

money for my teeth

Money For My Teeth is an alternative rock, indie pop British/American Songwriter. He released his debut track ‘Komodo’ this summer which introduces us to a blissful psychedelic indie trip glowing in sunny vibes and cool tones. ‘Komodo’ is a dreamy, summer-scented track with soft swooning melody and delicate harmony in backing vocals teamed with soft spongy beats and tightly marshalled bursts of guitar which adds a refreshing edge to the track. The vocals are dreamy and give a heat-filled haze to the song resulting in  a delirious heat-stroke feel that is disrupted by the refreshing drench of zesty guitar. ‘Komodo’ is a dazzling track soaked in psychedelic vibes. We are looking forward to hearing more from Money For My Teeth.
Stream ‘Komodo’ below

Lost Dawn ‘Rasputin’

Lost Dawn are three piece Stanley Duke, Benjamin Woods and Joel McConkey from Falmouth, UK. They released a mini album ‘Fever’ earlier this year which is packed full of hip swinging rock and roll teamed with psychedelia sprinkled with grunge.
‘Rasputin’ is our favourite track from the album. It is saturated in 70s funk influences and embroidered with psychedelia. Duke’s vocals are luring and coaxing for the sensual verse and become more swagger filled as the track progresses in to a funky strut worthy anthem. Exuding confidence and cool smooth tones this track moves with such grace and fluidity that is swoon worthy. The psychedelic guitar adds a trippy vibe that is intoxicating and exhilarating, as the rhythm and percussion give a dance- like shimmy to the track that is infectious.
Enjoy the trippy invigorating journey that Lost Dawn take you on and put ‘Rasputin’ on repeat.
Stream ‘Rasputin’ below

Endless Peaks ‘Staircase’

Endless Peaks

Endless Peaks are a 4-piece band that create Indie Rock music with a psychedelic twist.The band are based on the South Coast of England in Bournemouth and are here to make waves with their emphatic and uplifting music. Endless Peaks consists of 2 brothers Lloyd Allen (Vocals/Lead Guitar) and Luis Allen (Bass Guitar) from Buckinghamshire . Soon after the brothers moved south they teamed up with Chanelle Smith (drums) and Connor Dean (keyboard). Their debut single ‘Staircase’ is the first of 3 tracks to be released this year from the band.
‘Staircase’ is a track that will transport you to a world of exhilarating bright indie rock sprinkled with blissful psychedelia. It is bursting with a swoony dreamy vibe coated in energetic overtones. The keyboard gives us a smooth and uplifting atmosphere which adds an airy fresh tone while the zealous guitar riff is sharp and ripe giving a fantastic variety in texture to the song. The drums are steady and fluid adding strength and grounding depth to the track which is otherwise aerial and otherworldly. The vocals are confident adding swagger and attitude to the track.
A great debut track from Endless Peaks look forward to hearing more.

Stream ‘Staircase’ below

Mini Mansions ‘Fiona’

Los Angeles band Mini Mansions will be releasing a collection of B-Side tracks entitled ‘Flashbacks’ in September. The trio (vocals and drummer Michael Shuman, vocals and keyboardist Tyler Parkford, bassist and multi instrumentalist Zachary Dawes) released their critically acclaimed second album ‘The Great Pretenders’ in 2015. While eager fans await their return with their third album, Mini Mansions have decided to ease their withdrawal symptoms a little and let them indulge on some unreleased/unheard B-Sides.
‘Fiona’ is one of the tracks on the lineup for ‘Flashbacks’ and it gives us a nostalgic glimpse of the Mini Mansions we heard on their 2010 self titled debut. ‘Fiona’ has a dreamy swoon like tone, drenched in psychedelia with dark undertones. The diversity between Parkford’s sweet falsetto and Shuman’s warm deep vocals is refreshing. Their vocals intertwine and switch ranges all while harmonising, blending and swirling in a lush melody. Dawes’ elastic bass gives a smooth seductive tone to the track while the drums provide a staggering swagger. The track reels you in from the start and seems to coax you with its luxurious irresistible melody. It builds to a massive crescendo with distorted bass and climatic instrumentation before slowing the tone to a soft gentle echo finish.
‘Fiona’ is another fantastic example of Mini Mansions superior musicianship.Their music is a work of art, refined yet dynamic. Lyrically and instrumentally they are setting the bar high for other musicians. It is clear this trio are getting bigger and better.
You can pre-order ‘flashbacks’ here:

Watch ‘Fiona’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track this week comes from Ethan & The Reformation

Manchester’s Psychedelic Rock/Pop band Ethan & The Reformation have decided to release their track ‘Hollandia’ as it is going to be used on a TV advert. As I’m sure you know by now we at Indie Buddie are becoming big fans of Ethan & The Reformation as they have constantly impressed us with every tune they have been throwing at us. So naturally we decided to make ‘Hollandia’ our Worth A Listen Track this week.
‘Hollandia’ is a Psychedelic gritty blues rock track with a slick dirty bass riff that sticks in your head. The steady bendable beat gives a hypnotic effect that lures you into the track. While the zesty psychedelic guitar plays a light melody that swirls in your head giving an intoxicated effect. The vocals are raspy and gritty which adds a brawny quality to the verse. The chorus is lyrically simple and repetitive and sung in the higher range of vocals, this adds to the hypnotic effect and makes this track unforgettable.
Another fantastic track form Ethan & The Reformation you can buy ‘Hollandia’ now on iTunes via their own label, Bohemian Sex Club.
Stream ‘Hollandia’ below

They Called Him Zone ‘Sunset Beach’

Bradford’s Mik Davis has created an Atmospheric, Dark-wave, experimental psychedelic sound in his solo project They Called Him Zone. They Called Him Zone’s new EP ‘Miami’ gives you a glimpse at the underground music scene by Incorporating elements of Dark-Wave, Electronica and Goth Rock. The new video and final single from the ‘Miami’ EP is the eerie and sinister ‘Sunset Beach’. The track is a trippy psychedelic journey that is both twisted and claustrophobic. The video is produced and edited by They Called Him Zone creator Mik Davis’ with the dance performance accredited to UK poet/writer – Joolz Denby.
‘Sunset Beach’ is a dark mysterious track that is full of sinister tones that make your hair stand up and your skin crawl. With whisper like breathy vocals that fill you with fear and make you look around you in case you are being watched or followed like in a horror movie. Contrary to what you might expect from the title of this track it has no sunny vibes instead its consumed with a concoction of shadowy haze and chilling psychedelia. With is techno and hypnotic tones it has a trance effect and is almost bewitching. Its dark hypnotic electronic sounds seem to almost lure you down a dangerous road where horror awaits and their is no escaping. The steady beat adds to the entrapment as it is soft and gives a constant feature that your mind almost subconsciously holds on to.
This track is a psychedelic electro Pop/ Rock nightmare- like concoction that is dark and luring  yet a fantastic piece of musicianship and is perfect for the underground music scene.
Watch They Called Him Zone’s eerie and sinister ‘Sunset Beach’ video below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track Comes from Serene

Serene is a three piece band from Cumbria consisting of Kieran Day (vocals, guitar, bass, synth), Ryan Patterson ( lead guitar and synth) and Matthew Southwell (drums and percussion). We did a feature on their track ‘Rainbow Mind’ earlier this year and once we heard their new track ‘Violet Lines’ we decided to choose it as our worth a listen track.
‘Violet Lines’ contrasts everything you expect from Serene it’s a groovy, funky track with hazy summer vibes. It gives us a sweet tickling guitar riff to start with light bouncy beats for the verse. The vocals for the verse are deep and mysterious while for the chorus they become more dynamic and raspy. The band still keep their psychedelic feel with “wah wah” guitars and a shredding yet smooth and sleek guitar solo. Its cool, airy tones give a light summer breeze to the track that is relaxing. From the intro this track has the power to relax you’re body and make you groove with the sensual bendable bass. Its bursting with swagger and has a strut quality while the guitar keeps it zesty and fresh. A fantastic summer song from a band that keeps you on your toes!
A must listen!
Stream ‘Violet Lines’ below


Ethan & The Reformation ‘Hummingbird’

Ethan & The Reformation are a Psychedelic Rock/Pop band from Manchester. The five piece Ethan Dundavan Davies (frontman/rhythm guitarist ), Mick Mac (lead guitarist), Samuel Parker (keyboard player and vocalist), James Cordeiro (bassist) and Thomas Oliver Gorton (Drumer) have created a retro pop/rock sound, that pays homage to the 1960’s / 1970’s psychedelic era while giving it a modern twist.
They have just released their new single ‘Hummingbird’ which is a smooth sensual track full of 70’s funky swag. The track features fantastic sleek seductive ” wah wah” guitar and an inviting smooth funky bass with a soft irresistible beat that creates a swaying effect and gives this track a seductive quality. With raspy, husky vocals that add grit and some brawn to this instrumentally steamy track, Hummingbird has dark undertones and a melancholy melody which contrasts to the captivating swag of the instrumentation. This track shows how diverse and talented Ethan & The Reformation are as they give us a refreshing luscious sound that is distinctive.
Looking forward to Ethan & The Reformation’s  EP which is set to be released later this year.
You can catch Ethan & The Reformation live at
08 Jul Soup Kitchen Manchester
09 Jul The Dublin Castle Camden
30 Jul Ashtonbury Northampton
19 Aug Glass Butter Beach Abersoch

Stream ‘Hummingbird’ below

Velvet Kills ‘Memory’ EP

Velvet Kills are an  electro punk, electro rock, post wave duo with Susana Santos on vocals/bass and Harris Iveson on guitar/synths. The group came to life in 2015, beginning with a chance encounter on a trance dance floor where Susana and Harris discovered their mutual love for rock, synths and beige Steinberger guitars. Velvet Kills has since gained a steady following, leading to their debut EP, ‘Memory’, being released in March this year. They are now planning a Europe Tour, followed by an album release this Autumn.
Their debut EP, ‘Memory’, is a striking, rhythmic , seductive EP that exudes a fantastic mix of sounds and textures that explodes the mind with a euphoric atmosphere of full rich sensual music. The EP begins with the track ‘Rain’ which is an electro rock track full of attitude and oozing cool lustful swagger. With trance dance beats and slick guitars this song lures you into a world of dark alluring psychedelia while Susanna’s deep seductive vocal is captivating and inviting.
‘Clog’ follows again with a confused psychedelic atmosphere. The sound is complex and abstract with the instrumentation taking the attention almost as if the vocals are accompanying the music. It gives the feeling that the room is spinning and you are in a haze surrounded by churning electronic sounds or hallucinating in a dessert with no water.
‘Red Shoes’ calms the tone slightly from the intensity of its predecessor. The track appears more cinematic and dramatic with strings playing a main feature. It has a dark “dooms day” feel with the strings and guitar playing in a call and response manner adding deep undertones to the song.
‘Memory’ finishes the EP in a shadowy tone with soft beats and dynamic synths. The vocals are again deep and luring grabbing the listeners attention. This track has a dark dance quality with light synths at times and lustrous guitar to add a refreshing contrast.
Velvet Kills ‘Memory’ EP is full of driving beats and bewitching textures that are tempting and enticing, with striking seductive vocals, gritty guitars and abstract sounds this EP is an experience and a really solid debut.
Look forward to hearing more from Velvet Kills

Stream ‘Memory’ below