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All Hope Remains ‘Hindsight’ EP

Four-piece punk rock outfit All Hope Remains have released their newest 7-track EP ‘Hindsight’. All Hope Remains is a punk-rock band taking a contemporary approach to a scene that boomed in the mid 90’s.Forming a little over 2 years ago, All Hope Remains is an amalgamation of members from former Surf Coast bands, LostBoyFound and Driveby Epic. Spending the first chunk of their time together behind closed doors writing and creating their sound before moving on to gigging under the band name Kill The King, which was eventually changed upon finding the name didn’t truly reflect the project they’d worked to build. The EP itself consists of a variation of early songs written at the start of their formation, and songs written more recently, offering an insight into the growth of the band over the past few years whilst remaining consistently tight and mature throughout. Taking influence from bands such as No Use For A Name, Strung Out and Bodyjar, who lead the uprise of the punk-rock scene in the early 90’s, All Hope Remains present a modern interpretation of the music that inspired their development as musicians.

‘Hindsight’ is a fast paced, gritty, guitar driven collection of tracks that pound with the youthful adrenaline of early 90’s punk rock. It’s a brisk EP that flies by in the blink of an eye as some of the tracks are short and sweet. ‘Sorrow Sustained’ sets the EP in motion with accelerated guitars crashing against punchy drums creating a hyper wall of sound for the ethereal melody to rebound off. The track runs along at a snappy pace while jagged start stop injections shake things up a bit ready for that mosh pit mania.‘Tolerate’ and ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ are two short numbers, both coming in at just over 1 and a half minutes of brisk heavy guitars and crunching soundscapes.  The band flesh out their emotion pop punk melodies in tracks such as ‘Bleed Regret’ and ‘These Machines’ as these soft sweet melodies melt over a hefty instrumental bashing. All Hope Remains flood a decent amount of sun soaked vibes through their sound as well as the guitars scorch and shred throughout. The bustling, vivacious punk rock relentlessly ploughs through right to the last track ‘Worthless’. The stamina throughout this EP travels at bubbling, high intense speeds to create a familiar yet refreshing listen.

‘Hindsight’ showcases All Hope Remains’ ability to produce listenable tunes and hefty doses of punk rock with some pop thrown on top to create a distinct and respectable sound that is sure to be insane live.

Stream ‘Hindsight’ below

Sisteray ‘Algorithm Prison’

London’s Sisteray have released their new single ‘Algorithm Prison’ through Vallance Records, referencing the digital age that we live in as the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to swirl around us.With a string of thrilling live performances across the past year, including at Reading Festival, Camden Rocks, Tramlines Festival, shows for Dr Martens, their first European dates, and all culminating in a sold out show at London’s Dingwalls just last month, Sisteray have been quickly clicking through the gears and given us a new British band to truly get excited about.This new stinging belter is a precursor to their EP set for release in May.

‘Algorithm Prison’ is an intoxicating grimy anthem whacking against a blistering, surly wall of sound. Shrilling guitars crash and lacerate through bruising drums and rumbling blood pumping bass. It’s angsty fuelled enraged punk rock that can ignite a nation with its buzz infested, neck snapping sound that pummels into you. Niall Rowan howls and spews “We ain’t your target market” while riotous instrumentation sets the back drop. It’s feisty, gnarly and thrillingly electrifying.

Sisteray also have a series of live dates coming up, including Camden Rocks, The Great Escape Festival, and a headline show at London’s 100 Club later in the year.You can catch them live at

06 Apr – NORTHAMPTON – The Black Prince
28 Apr – SCUNTHORPE – Café INDIEpendent
01 May – DUBLIN – The Workman’s Club
03 May – GALWAY – The Black Gate Cultural Centre
18 May – BRIGHTON – The Great Escape Festival
19 May – SHEFFIELD – The Royal Standard (Royal Bedding Concert)
02 June – LONDON – Camden Rocks Festival
20 July – LONDON – Nambucca (NambuccaPalooza Festival)
14 + 15 Sept – HUELVA, SPAIN – AnfiRock Festival
17 Oct – LONDON – 100 Club

Stream ‘Algorithm Prison’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Serene

Serene are a four piece post-punk, garage rock band formed in London. The four piece are peeping through the keyhole and booting the doors open with their debut single ‘With You’. With its almighty defying vigorous riffs jaggedly sawing through the track it’s ballsy rough and powerful. This track is a thrilling assault of battering punk rock. Pummeling drums demolish all in sight while shrilling guitars penetrate through your skull with vicious ferocity.  Its fierce instrumentation and relentless blood thirsty rhythm section gash and slash spitting blistering acid while eerie vocals and chilled infectious melody cool the intensity a little. ‘With You’ is an exhilarating listen for sure.

Watch the video for ‘With You’ below

Public Access T.V. ‘Street Safari’ Album

Public Access T.V. are back to provide some infectious tunes to wrap your ears around with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Street Safari’. It’s an album that hones in on their sound, refines it, uncoils all the intricate details and arranges them in a neat matured compact production of finesse.

‘Safari (In My Head)’ brings on their chilled disco shift and introduces the album with a little touch of chicness. With its strut ready shuffle inducing rhythm and jungle like injection mixed with sharp jagged guitars subtly wailing and stinging behind the most mellow soundscapes this track introduces ‘Street Safari’ with class. Melodies are the secret ingredient in Public Access T.V.’s delicious brew and ‘Shell No. 2’ displays this perfectly. Luscious backing vocals coo the last word of each line while a catchy melody drifts upon vibrant guitars and an infectious buoyant rhythm. A fluttering keyboard feature hops along its merry way making this track instantly likeable and fun. With an intro that grabs you by the ears, fastens itself securely in your mind and entraps you, ‘Your God and Mine’ is the creme de le creme of the album. The intro alone has the aroma of Depeche Mode, New Order or INXS with a nice slap of Prince sass on top and that melty melody is just sublime. Their ability to surge swagger into a track without coming across over done is magnificent and they back this panache up with a healthy dose of slick laid back instrumentation which takes its time and glides with an unhurried sense of space. This album fleshes out the different groovy facets to this four piece. The funkadelic bravado of ‘MetroTech’, with its running elastic sensual bassline and rich jittery rhythm contrasts sharply to the brooding R&B- esque slow burner ‘Told You Too Much’ and displays the bands fine musicianship and rich musical depth.

From smooth melodies sliding and gliding on top of slicked back flaunty flamboyance to the exhilarating intensity and punchiness of ‘Rough Boy’, Public Access T.V. keep the album interesting. ‘Lost in the Game’ will lure you to the dancefloor for sure with its flaunty melody and buoyant rhythm. This shimmy ready number hits all the right spots. How can you refuse that funky guitar hook in ‘Wait it Out’? Each track whacks out another infectious melody, bass line or guitar hook for you to blissfully indulge in. ‘Meltdown’ has an 80’s power anthem feel to it while flooding you with youthful exuberance. With its thrilling driving bass line, breath-taking synth feature and golden guitar moments this is a powerful little gem. The band choose the dizzying electronic ‘The Quicksands’ which blinds with its hypnotic, revolving groove and spacy soundscapes to bring us to the end of the album and leave you craving more.

‘Street Safari’ is another smashing album from the four piece. The tracks are clearer, more crisp and confident. Public Access T.V. have defined their sound, its precise and is the soundtrack you need for strutting down the street.

Stream ‘Street Safari’ below


We had a chat with John Eatherly and Max Peebles about the ‘Street Safari’ album check out what they had to say below 


Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This week Comes from Vundabar

Boston duo Vundabar have announced a UK and EU tour throughout April and May and shared the official video for their addictive single ‘Acetone’. The sludge-indie band have built a massive following through non-stop touring and their signature brand of jittery, rambunctious post-punk, yet much of their music hints at something darker beneath the surface. Having just wrapped up a two month Autumn/Winter US tour with The Frights and Hockey Dad, Vundabar are about to embark on their Spring North American headline tour with support from Ratboys, which includes a stop through SXSW, before heading over to Europe and the UK. The duo are set to release their brand new album ‘Smell Smoke’ on February 23rd.

‘Acetone’ is a clenching intense grip of post punk. With jittery guitars swirling and crashing into punchy drums this track is filled with frustration and angst as the busy instrumentation rushes around at dizzying speeds. The catchy melody flickers around – doused in melancholic tones accompanied by an almost pizzicato jerky vocal bridge. These guys display a raw vulnerability with gripping lyrics and blistering shredding instrumentation that is thrilling and extremely emotive. It’s unique composure with stops and starts and agitated guitar shrills over choppy vocal lines is somewhat nerve wrecking yet ridiculously infectious and compelling.

You can catch Vundabar live at their  UK / EU tour here

25 April – Jena – Glashaus

26 April – Berlin – ACUD

27 April – Copenhagen – Loppen

28 April – Hamburg – Goldener Salon

30 April – Brighton – The Hope & Ruin

02 May – London – The Lexington

03 May – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge

04 May – Manchester – Castle Hotel

07 May – Glasgow – The Hug and Pint

08 May – Edinburgh – Sneaky Pete’s

09 May – Sheffield – Picture House Social

11 May – Cambridge – The Portland Arms

14 May – Barcelona – Meteoro

 For the North American tour dates go to their Facebook page here

Watch the video for ‘Acetone’ below


Cross Wires ‘Living In A Radio City’ Album

Cross Wires are an East London/Essex based four piece consisting of Jonathan Chapman (Vocals) Peter Muller (Guitar) Pete Letch (Bass) and Ian Clarke (Drums). The band have built up a great live reputation playing at some of the best venues across London including The Old Blue Last, BIRTHDAYS, The Victoria Dalston, Camden Barfly, Sebright Arms, The Garage, Islington Academy, Queen of Hoxton, 93 Feet East, The Dublin Castle, Notting Hill Arts Club, The George Tavern, The Half Moon Putney and Tooting Tram & Social. They have recently released their mini album ‘Living In A Radio City’ which was recorded at Lightship 95 in East London and produced by Rory Attwell (The Vaccines, Telegram, Palma Violets). Many of the tracks from the album have been given radio plays and gained support from the likes of Gary Crowley at BBC Introducing, Georgie Rodgers at Virgin Radio, Charlie Ashcroft and Shell Zenner at Amazing Radio and Tom Robinsons Fresh On The Net.

‘Living In A Radio City’ is an exhilarating album jam-packed with enough quick jabs of feisty ballsy punk to cause a riot. From the scrappy fierceness of opening track ‘We Call The Shots’ these guys demand attention and announce their raw punchy sound brimming with crashing guitars, pummelling drums and attitude driven vocals. The boisterous ‘Walking Wounded’ and the Kasabian- esque  ‘Machine 7’ displays their anarchy soaked melodies slapped on top of jagged razor sharp trigger-happy guitars and neck snapping bass lines. While  ‘I Want Radio’ shakes things up a bit disguised at the beginning  as a 60’s rock and roll tune with foot stomping drums and bright jangly guitars before exploding into a true raw punk rock anthem. This track was made for the sticky blood thirsty mosh pits. ‘Slow Waves’ features a slick bass line acting as the sublime rampant rhythmic backbone of the song while this snappy track shouts and punches with harsh edgy riotous punk rock. The album is a relentless assault of punk fury. The tracks are quick, snappy and rowdy yet completely consuming and energising. This four piece have compiled eight tracks that inject adrenaline into your veins boosting you with brawling stamina. So much energy surges from this album you will want to run around the room for hours just to burn it off. ‘Fanzines’ is the perfect example of their mania causing sound while ‘Modern Art’ cools the tone slightly giving a little breather to the madness. With funky guitars and a rich rhythm it’s shimmy ready and a glimpse at the cooler, swagger soaked side to Cross Wires. ‘Pink Dogs’ closes the album a little chilled with spacey guitars and an aerial tone scattered on top of a melancholic melody.

Cross Wires know how to write some intense tracks that pack a mighty punch while displaying raw energy and charisma through feisty instrumentation and sublime catchy melodies. They blend seamlessly between strong assertive soundscapes with meaty drums, crashing guitars and fiery vocals to lightly breezy soundscapes with some rock and roll hints. They don’t just make punk music they create the Cross Wires experience of kick ass frantic tunes and slick innovative musicianship.

Stream ‘Living In A Radio City’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Bad Lungs.

Bad Lungs are a garage/punk band from North London. The band comprised of members Tom Rowlett(vox/ Guitar), Frank Lada (Guitar), Dominic Sennet (Bass), Winfred Kent (Keys) and Chris Britain (Drums) have released their debut single ‘The DT’s’ which the five piece self released and pressed themselves.

‘DT’S’ is a vicious bombardment of garage punk, relentlessly wacked out at a neck breaking pace creating the ultimate dizzying hyper assault to the senses. With vocal howls that spit and snear, shrilling guitars that whine pierce screech and wail teamed with pummelling drums it’s a mammoth cyclone ready for those sticky blood thirsty mosh pits. Its fast-heavy garage rock played dexterously and ferociously by this quintet. Ghostly keyboards eerily creep while meaty guitars stride and stomp with raging hysteria. It’s a force to be reckoned with topped off with thrilling distortion bashed along with mighty powerful drumming. This beast of a track shoots you with such a high voltage it will take days to recover.


Stream ‘DT’s’ below

Orange ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’

LA pop punk veterans Orange emerge from four years of complete silence with a new UK based line up which took a year of auditioning to find, a new single and a UK headlining tour this September. The long awaited come-back single ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ was recorded and produced entirely by Joe Dexter (vocals, bass) in his bedroom and paints a picture of what it’s like being on the road night after night, hangover after hangover. The band’s touring history consist of tours shared with Bowling For Soup, Zebrahead, Reel Big Fish, The Misfits, Agent Orange, Phenomenauts, Nekromantix, The Aditcts, UK Subs, US Bombs and many others.

‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ smashes with powerful punk rock punches. Guitars crash and crunch while deep vocals sneer over a nostalgic soaked melody. Whip-cracking punchy drums and elastic bass slaps give a fire fueled brawn and roughness to the track. It’s sharp, rapid and adrenaline pumping punk rock that hits hard and blasts out even harder.

You can catch Orange on their UK tour at

Sept 13 – Southampton, Talking Heads

Sept 14 – Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms

Sept 15 – Swindon, The Vic

Sept 16 – Birmingham, The End

Sept 17 – London, New Cross Inn


Stream ‘Late Nights and Early Mornings’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From The OBGMs

The OBGMs (The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores) are a Canadian punk rock quartet based out of Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2007, by Densil McFarlane (Lead Vocals and Guitar) and Colanthony Humphrey (Percussion), the band fully formed their unique sound with additions Jemuel Roberts (Keyboard, Vocals) and Joseph Brosnan (Bass, Vocals).The bands forthcoming self-titled debut album will be released in a few weeks and the band have revealed a third track from the record in the form of ‘Beat Up Kidz’, which has been released alongside an illustrative music video. The video is full of colour and goes some way to demonstrating the punk rock dance party that is a The OBGMs live show. It’s a party vibe that The OBGMs brought to London’s Afropunk last month and they were even able to translate the good times to a stripped-down set for Sofarsounds.

‘Beat Up Kidz’ is a bruising blistering track, razor sharp and fiery from the start it’s a slap in the face of OBGMs harsh punk rock. Blustery and brutal shrilling guitars cut through the track with ear bleeding distortion while punchy drums wildly pulverize. It’s head crushing ferocity but slick and cool. Elastic groove on bass drives the track into a sensual state of delusion while spitting sneering vocals howl and wail. With a wall of bloodthirsty heavy sounds these guys would drive a live crowd crazy. It’s mighty powerful and absolutely electrifying.

Watch the video for  ‘Beat Up Kidz’ below



Dead Naked Hippies ‘I Can’t Wait’

Leed’s  Post-Punk trio Dead Naked Hippies have released their new single ‘I Can’t Wait’. The band which consists of members Lucy Jowett  (Vocals), Jacob Marston (Drums) and Joe Clarke (Guitars) have stormed the Dork stage at this year’s Live At Leeds festival to a packed out crowd and have blown the minds of all in attendance at Hit The North Festival. The band have already garnered critical praise from the likes of Dork, DIY, Gigslutz and BBC Introducing. This is the first release from the upcoming Dead Naked Hippies EP #1.

‘I Can’t Wait’ is a blistering briery track loaded with heavy percussion and a mighty punch of rawness. It’s lean and mean while holding an air of slick sensuality. The  well-oiled groove driven foundation is layered with sharp stinging guitar lines that pierce through the track creating the most thrilling acute biting sound.  With a swagger soaked emotional vocal delivery pitted against shredding dead -cool guitar and punchy drums, it’s a savage spunky display. These guys deliver a slick sound oozing steamy tension, explosive scorching energy and powerful instrumentation.

Enigmatic frontwoman Lucy Jowett candidly explains, “I Can’t Wait is our gut reaction to those who are sucked so far into the system they’ve forgotten they’re alive. It’s an optimistic outlook on leaving them behind. We’re constantly being told to sell ourselves short to the point that we’re scared stiff to move. Creative outlets are deemed insignificant and unproductive because they serve no purpose to the system.”

You can catch Dead Naked Hippies live at

15th Sept – The Old Blue Last – London (Free Entry)

27th Sept – Hyde Park Book Club – Leeds

Stream I Can’t Wait’ below