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Miles Kane ‘Cry On My Guitar’

Miles Kane has released another new track ‘Cry On My Guitar’ from his forthcoming new album, titled ‘Coup De Grace’ which is set for release on August 10. The release marks his third solo album, following predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ is a stomping dazzler that struts in loaded with intoxicating guitar whines, thumping drums and swagger laced vocals – Kane has channeled his inner Marc Bolan. This slick frenzy of rock n roll is overflowing in steamy panache as the exhilarating chorus blasts adrenaline pumping stamina into your veins while the cool shimmy ready verses chill the feverous atmosphere. ‘Cry On My Guitar’ sounds like it could have come from the seducing glam rock mania of the 70’s with a modern Kane twist. That clap along feature, vaporous guitar solo and constant groovy backdrop drive this electrifying spectacle. It’s a swanky outburst that is sure to have your blood pumping and live audiences in a crazed frenzy. Once again Kane produces a chic riveting number that will have you dancing, attempting air guitar and just feeling like a bad ass.

Stream ‘Cry On My Guitar’ below


The Skullers ‘I’m Your Man’

New Jersey’s The Skullers have returned with a jaunty new summer single, a cover of Richard Hell’s ‘I’m Your Man’. The band is donating the proceeds and raising awareness for a non-profit called Career Gear that helps men in need enter or re-renter the workforce. The band deliver a pristine and respectful cover of ‘I’m Your man’ which was an outtake from Richard Hell & the Voidoids’ 1977 debut album Blank Generation. It’s an undiluted rendition brimming with swagger and class. Jangly guitars stride and breeze through this exhilarating number with steamy effervescence while the smooth vocals caress the carefree irresistible melody with charisma and charm. The guitar solo is crisp and thrilling and the drums punch and pound throughout. It’s a magnificent track to cover filled with buoyancy and bright scintillation teamed with a catchy as hell melody and these guys did a superb job fleshing out the refined unadulterated stomping rock that fills you with good vibes.

The Skullers will perform at Johnny Thunders Birthday Bash on July 15 – a prestigious annual event that takes place at the Bowery Electric in New York.

Stream ‘I’m Your Man’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Miles Kane

Miles Kane has released the new single and title track of his anticipated third album ‘Coup De Grace’. It is the second taste of the album following the release of the Jamie T and Lana Del Rey collaboration ‘Loaded‘ earlier this year. The album which follows predecessor ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ from 2013 is set for release on August 10.

‘Coup De Grace’ is a snazzy, disco hued dazzling glam rock display from Kane that is sure to have you shaking and grooving mindlessly. The stomping beat slaps and rebounds off fluctuant jangly glitter-soaked guitars while Kane’s vocals glissade upon the infectious melody with swagger and charisma. It’s 70’s esque foot tapping frenzy as the verses cruise and slide with a luring quality right up to the bursting sing along ready chorus. Doused in funky vibes this track steam rolls in with all its flamboyant trance inducing glory to wrestle your mind with its swanky chicness sprawled on top of glam rock finesse. From the first vocal wail this track has you hooked and transported to a groovy timeless world of dance and fun and lets not forget the fluidity in the lyrics, they flow with such rapidity and molten smoothness – its captivating.  The deeply weaved elastic bass adds a thrilling rooted quivering foundation for this track to elevate off. The blending of slinky rock attitude driven guitars with disco soundscapes creates a crisp pristine little world of endless dancing and prancing. It’s very slick indeed.


Stream ‘Coup De Grace’ below


Van Bellman ‘I Hate To See You This Way’

Van Bellman has released his new single ‘I Hate To See You This Way’.Van Bellman is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Zac Taylor. You may have seen him playing guitar on TV with multi-platinum band American Authors, or perhaps carrying your luggage at the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue a few years back. Taylor has been cultivating this new project and has now presented his brand of bluesy rock and indie pop.

‘I Hate To See You This Way’ is a gritty, crawling blast of bluesy rock at its most exciting and electrifying. Rough guitars shred and lacerate through a thick muggy drum whack while Taylor’s chilled vocals cruise in luring and creepy for the verses becoming more passionate and emotional for the meteoric chorus. Exploding in a barrel of spinning emotion this track throbs, stomps and screams with rock and roll swagger and slick panache. It’s sharp and brawny with a sensual sliver of finesse embossed on top. The whisky soaked melody wriggles its way into your brain while rough spiky guitars steam and evaporate over the kinetic riveting rock drenched soundscape.With heart-gripping pop speckled moments between the lusty growls and eerie tension this track is a sublime stalking number that drips and oozes sophistication and fine musicianship.

The theme of ‘I Hate To See You This Way’ focuses on the pain of watching someone you love go down a dark road, witnessing them self-destruct. Anyone can relate to this heartbreaking and helpless feeling, whether they have played the role of the nurse or the patient. “It means a lot to me as both a lyrical and sonic story,” said Taylor, who also produced the track at the legendary Mission Sound Studios in Brooklyn through some serious vintage equipment.

Stream ‘I Hate To See You This Way’ below

Indie Buddie Introducing : The Masons

Manchester’s The Masons are set to release their new single ‘Bed’. Formed in October 2017, the band is made up of Aiden (guitar/vocals), Connor (drums), Kyle (guitar) and Mathew (bass). ‘Bed’ is a slick, compact display from this four piece. Sharp melodic guitar floods the track with a golden vibrancy while punchy drums and groove infested bass lines keep a movable sleek foundation. The melody is sublime as it cruises upon this glorious laid back backdrop with ease and a fluidity while the raspy vocals whack on a touch of grit and swagger. The guitar is just magnificent as it ventures from sweetly warm and euphoric to sharp, blistering and steamy all while maintaining a cool mellow dreaminess that is just superb. It’s a very proficient, tightly bound track with some slinky ornamentation embroidered within to add vivid flecks of colour. This is a cool swagger soaked number blending gritty edgy rock with a dash of smooth indie pop to make it infectious and delicious. These guys are ones to watch.

You can check out the track on their Facebook here

You can catch the band at their next live show at Jimmy’s 12 Newton Street, Manchester, United Kingdom on 24th June supporting The Capital.

Mackenzie James Cregan ‘We’ll Be Here’

Mackenzie James Cregan is a Liverpool based singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles. Mackenzie puts a modern spin on his music, giving him a unique sound that includes catchy pop choruses and melodies.He first picked up a guitar at two years old and started taking lessons from his father Jim Cregan at nine years old. Since then, Mackenzie has taught himself how to play bass, drums, and piano. After living in Los Angeles his whole life, at the age of 21, Mackenzie decided to move to Liverpool, UK in the fall of 2017 to kickstart his new solo career.He has now released his new single ‘We’ll Be Here’.

‘We’ll Be Here’ is a vibrant sing along little ditty that radiates good vibes and sunshine. This peppy gem hops and bops about with a swaggering spring in its step. The buoyant beat and jangly guitar sets the groove infested foundation for you to shimmy your night away. A melty melody glissades upon this delightful foundation with a silky finesse that oozes panache and strut quality. Mackenzie’s vocals smoothen the track with a velvety sweep of prancing confidence while a steamy guitar solo injects that final blow of swanky rock & roll suave. It’s a foot tapping infectious number that will brighten your day and have you dancing and singing along in no time.

You can catch Mackenzie James Cregan live at his single release show on Friday 11th May at 24 Kitchen street in Liverpool.

Watch the video for ‘We’ll Be Here’ below

Miles Kane ‘Loaded’

Miles Kane is back with a new solo album, his first in five years. ‘Coup De Grace’ follows 2013’s ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ and is set for release June 8th via Virgin EMI. He has now released the lead single, ‘Loaded’ as a mouth-watering appetizer. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by John Congelton (St. Vincent), the track was co-written with Lana Del Rey and Jamie T. ‘Loaded’ is a laid back melodic track dripping in flaunty swagger and slick coolness. A pop laced rock and roll sprinkled melody melts upon steamy T-REX-esque sultry guitar licks and spongy beat. The track becomes anthemic and ethereal as it builds to its passionate crescendo as Kane croons over breezy soundscapes. The verses slap a nice dose of punk-ish attitude while chiming keys twinkle between the steady beat. Lush backing vocals add a sweetness and celestial quality to this charming effortlessly cool number while the sizzling guitar drives the track with sharp stings and smothering scorching strides. ‘Loaded’ cruises, bops and blisters all while riding a mellow wave of infectious melodies, rich rhythms and swayable grooves. If this track is anything to go by ‘Coup De Grace’ is going to be one heck of an album.

Stream ‘Loaded’ below

Johnny Yuma ‘Rest In Peace’ EP

Minneapolis, Minnesota rock trio Johnny Yuma have recently released their EP ‘Rest In Peace’. The band comprised of members Elliot Heerman on Bass and Lead Vocals, Patrick Irwin on Guitar and Jane “Damage” Halldorson on Drums have created their own brand of Dusty, Dirty, Rock’n Roll that makes for an engaging electrifying listen. From the get-go these guys blast straight into their no-nonsense raw neck snapping bluesy rock. ‘Alabama Woman’ sets the brisk tempo as crashing guitars and punchy drums whirlwind through a stop start pace while raspy vocals expel swagger soaked fiery attitude. It’s one for dizzying confusion of the sweaty mosh pits. The riff driven ‘Knock Knock’ brings us further into their blistering rock and roll as guitars jaggedly saw through pummeling drums while an elastic rumble on bass keeps the track running along. A scorching guitar solo shreds with a shrilling desert hot western vibe while the punchy rhythm trudges along keeping the rapid tempo. These guys exude a don’t mess with me attitude with slick swagger thrown on top. ‘Cellophane’ continues the relentless stamina of its predecessors while smudging a catchy 60’s- esque melody over their rambunctiously ruffled frenzy inducing garage backdrop. Razor sharp guitars once again blister and pierce throughout the track however in this track they have a slinky liquidity to their acidic sting. ’Mother’s And Sailors’ gives us a much needed breather from the heavy assault. This light county twanged ditty gives us another glimpse at Johnny Yuma’s talents. Still energetic this number is more buoyant, sweetly toned and infectiously peppy. Who can resist a cheeky little whistle along feature especially when it’s this catchy. Barn dance anyone?… don’t mind if I do. ‘Whisper’ brings us to a scuzzy end to the EP. It’s fuzzed up, lean and mean, ready for bar brawl rock and roll. It’s grungy rough and tumble with gritty guitars pulverising drums and sneering vocals that will make your blood coil and boil forcing you to mosh and jump about. Fueled by bad ass adrenaline from the deep dark depths of Minnesota these guys whack out one heck of a tune that will slap you in the face at lightning speeds.

‘Rest In Peace’ is an EP for blasting into your ears at worrying volumes while you headbang, dance and attempt air guitar like a boss. It’s a solid, swagger drenched, meaty display from the trio that will rattle your bones.

Stream ‘Rest In Peace’ below

Carnival Club ‘Sin City’

Carnival Club have released a brand new EP ‘NOMADS & CROOKS’ its the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Magdalena’s Cape’ EP. The lead track, SIN CITY is produced and mixed by Joe Cross (The Courteeners, Hurts), with the other four tracks engineered and produced by long-time collaborator Kev Carroll. 2017 ended with Carnival Club supporting The Courteeners’ Liam Fray on his sell-out tour, strengthening their already-strong Manchester fanbase – their last three Manchester gigs have all sold out.

‘Sin City’ is a darkly coated blast of spiky indie rock that slaps, whacks and ripples all while seeping swagger from every note. Punchy drums and elastic bass hop and rebound creating a fluctuating foundation for the scorching twisted guitar riffs to ricochet off. The briery wobbly guitar distortion and brisk rhythm creates a shuffling groove that is irresistible while Kai Jon Roberts’ powerful vocals lure and ooze charisma over the catchy melody. This track hooks you from the start. It’s is a high-powered adrenaline shot of glorious panache-soaked rock and roll that is danceable and buzz filled. It’s a superb effort from this young band that is sure to make them very popular.

Watch the video for ‘Sin City’ below

The Hemingways ‘Want It All’

The Hemingways are a five piece indie / alternative rock band from London and Essex. Consisting of Louis Takooree, James Burrage, Ben Butler, Jack Ames and Noah Henry, the quintet cite influences such as John Mayer, Kings of Leon and Led Zeppelin. Despite mostly still being in their teens, some members have been playing together for close to 10 years resulting in a musical chemistry not expected from a band of their age.

‘Want It All’ is a gritty, fiery blast of rock. The Hemingways get right to it with a blunt force of shredding riffs jaggedly sawing through punchy drums and a mosh ready wall of sound. It’s slick, rough and ready with raspy swagger-soaked vocals flooding the track with strut ready attitude and panache. Sensual bass lines teamed with a steamy guitar solo create the perfect sweat and leather rock and roll charisma while jazzy keys add a head spinning Jerry Lee Lewis- esque pizzazz. Tightly bound and richly layered these guys have created a meaty number that grabs your attention with its scuzzed-up, sleazy bluesy-smacked rock.

Stream ‘Want It All’ below