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Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Cassia

Macclesfield Indie band Cassia have recently released their new single ‘Get Up Tight’.The band comprised of members Rob Ellis (Guitar/vocals), Lou Cotterill  (Bass/ vocals) and Jake Leff (Drums/sings) are becoming known for their summer tunes and irresistible Calypso Afro-Rock and ‘Get Up Tight’ follows this glorious trend. The band are becoming more tight sonically as this effortless laid back number is enclosed in compactly weaving guitars knitting their way melodiously and sweetly through the glorious sun kissed melody and rich calypso beat.It’s an infectious ear worm that wiggles its way into your brain causing symptoms of uncontrollable shimmying and bopping. It’s a slick track that cruises in filled with tropical tones and warm zesty guitars lines adding a dash of vitality to the dreamy hazy soundscape. This trio have the balance perfect the track takes its time laying out each component part with a laid back attitude that makes for a juicy enthralling listen.The riffs subtly inject a vivid lush quality while the accented beats keep the song bouncing along. The vocals are unique and distinctively refreshing adding to the entire relaxed state of the track.. There is no rushing this little gem and why would you the pace and quality of this number is perfect. Pure refined indie goodness.


Stream ‘Get Up Tight’ below


Ben Browning ‘Even Though’

Australian producer and songwriter Ben Browning has released his sophomore album ‘Even Though’. A long-time member of the band Cut Copy, Browning’s solo project sees him defining his personal musical identity pulling melodic inspiration from Brian Wilson, XTC and Paul McCartney. Ben’s 12-track sophomore album ‘Even Though’ follows his debut 2015 full-length ‘Turns’ and is a retrospective of Browning’s journey as a musician; from playing in high school and college bands to Cut Copy, to moving to the States from Australia. The first glimpse we got of this album was the kaleidoscopic swirl of ‘Sunshine Baby’ but the track we are loving is one of the first songs he wrote for the upcoming album and also its title track, ‘Even Though’.

‘Even Though’ is a chilled shimmy soaked large guzzle of sweet tropical bliss. With shimmering electronics sparkling between peppy bright guitar jingles and buoyant rhythmic grooves this track is instantly refreshing and likeable. Browning’s vocals soothe with a laid back vibe over a delicious velvety melody and tranquilising tones while the swirling juicy soundscapes flicker and bounce about creating the perfect sun kissed glorious atmosphere. This track is one for sweltering hot summer days, cocktails and colourful shirts.

Stream ‘Even Though’ below



Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Courtship

Courtship have released their new single ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ taken from their soon to be released debut album ‘Denial in Paradise’. It’s a refreshing swig of juicy summer pop drenched in sparkling synths and vibrant jangly guitar. With a glorious melty melody immersed in lo-fi calming vocals and luminous instrumentation this track is delightful and vivacious. The production is tight and neat with slapping beats rebounding off the swirling breezy soundscapes creating a compact tropical number that is summer sun ready, light and euphoric. This track is melodic, stripped back and grandstanding at all the right moments to create a satisfying listen. The beat in particular pulses and adds a meaty yet fluctuant texture giving a joyous rush of adrenaline through the weaving beaming soundscapes and glistening guitar. It’s a feel good instantly likeable track that is sure to coax out the sun.

Courtship have also just released a video for the single which pays homage to Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and stars actor Jack Grazer from the film IT

Watch the video for ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ below

Cassia ‘Out of Her Mind’

Macclesfield trio Cassia have released their new single ‘Out of Her Mind’. Following on from their most recent single ‘Sink’, ‘Out of Her Mind’ is the second track to be taken from their forthcoming Movers and Shapers EP. The band which consists of members Rob Ellis (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Lou Cotterill (Bass, Vocals) and Jacob Leff (Drums, Vocals) have enjoyed a summer which saw the band play to crowds up and down the country and as far afield as Germany and the Netherlands while taking in festivals such as Y-Not, The Great Escape and Reading & Leeds.

‘Out of Her Mind’ is a tropical luscious burst of fine musicianship. There is no denying these are talented chaps. Laid back sunny vibes ooze through the track- so smooth and effortlessly it’s all sunshine and good times. With a sprightly fruity hop on bass, hazy zesty squirts of guitar and a rich textured shuffle and shaky rhythm it’s the perfect refreshing tropical cocktail. It is instantly catchy with a calypso- esque reggae hue melted on their irresistibly delicious indie pop melody. Cassia have their sound pinned down and boy is it sublime. Ellis’ vocals glide from a velvety coo to a cheery and catchy falsetto wail effortlessly while the intricate guitar lines weave a path of delight in your brain. It doesn’t matter if it’s dull and raining Cassia bring the sweltering sun and exotic tropical good times with every danceable tune. It’s well-crafted and so good. This trio are definitely one of my favourite bands at the moment.

Stream ‘Out of Her Mind’ below


The Curious Incident ‘Got Ya’

The Curious Incident have released their new single . It is the second single from the duo’s upcoming EP “Conjugate” which is set for a January 2018 release. It follows the first single “Get What You Give” which has been nominated for Best Song at the Vocalzone Best of British Unsigned Music Awards. The band has had a busy year (both in the UK and abroad) and since playing their first show in The Netherlands in October 2016 the band have now been chosen as KX Radio’s ‘KX Talent’ in The Netherlands and have also been booked for 17 shows so far in the country’s largest travelling music festival – Popronde. “Honey Hunger”, another of the band’s singles has climbed passed the 100,000 streams mark on Spotify and their ‘Indie with a Caribbean Twist’ has been played on BBC2 and 3FM (NL), been featured on BBC Introducing and had spot plays on XFM, Absolute Radio, Wizard Radio and Amazing Radio. The boys have also gone the extra nautical mile to bring their summer vibes to the masses by teaming up with The Ice Cream Union to create the band’s very own ice cream flavour; It’s passionfruit & coconut.

‘Got Ya’ is a wiggle ready track oozing oodles of those good times and summer vibes this duo do so well. Starting simply with an acoustic guitar and smooth vocals the track unravels gently into their tropical kissed sound. The bouncy peppy beat rebounds off the sweet tender melody while the zesty sting of guitar adds a refreshing burst of vibrancy. The duo take their time with this track, with breezy soundscapes wisping into a sombre hued melody, it’s a slower deeper dose of heaven. Still remaining lively instrumentally it’s a bop and a half bursting with energy. The lush backing vocals and chilled bridge showcases their skill with adding emotion and depth to their tracks. They are blossoming nicely.

Stream ‘Got Ya’ below

Worth A Listen

Our Worth A Listen Track This Week Comes From Trooper Charlie

Dublin’s indie four piece Trooper Charlie have released their new single ‘Indigo’ which was self written and produced. The band consisting of members Adam Lunnon-Collery  (Lead Vocals), Luke O’Brien ( Lead Guitar),Victor Bell (Bass Guitar & Vocals) and Colin Jackson  (Drums & Percussion) have been playing together for the best part of almost 8 years since the age of 13 years old where they met in secondary school. They have played shows all over Dublin and Ireland from Cyprus Avenue in Cork to Whelan’s in Dublin.

‘Indigo’ is a lush laid back sun soaked track drenched in tropical tones and hazy vibes. Sharp zesty guitar and elegant twinkling keys add spurts  of fruity freshness while smooth bouncy  percussion and mellow vocals soothe creating a calm relaxed atmosphere. This catchy daydream laced track cruises with an effortless flow and infectious groove. It’s polished and breezy, well layered and richly textured. These guys have created a slick fluently smooth track that is just heavenly.

Watch the audio video for ‘Indigo’ below


Time For T ‘Wax’

Time For T have released their new single ‘Wax’. Having risen from the creative hotspot Brighton via Portugal, Switzerland and all corners of England, Time For T reflect their travels similarly to their sound that borders on multi-cultural genres including afropunk, indie, folk and rock & roll. The band have released three EPs to date, the latest EP release (self-titled) came out in 2015 via BBE Records. They have concluded the recording of their debut full-length album ‘Hoping Something Anything’ in London, which is set to be released in September 2017. Two singles from the upcoming album have been released independently thus far with ‘Tom Tom’ being played on BBC Radio 1 and ‘Rescue Plane’ reaching Number 1 in the Spotify UK Viral Charts as well as getting airplay across Portugal, England, USA and Germany, ‘Wax’ is the third single to be taken from their debut album.
‘Wax’ is a tropical sun soaked chilled back track that evokes images of sunshine cocktails and paradise. Smooth and cool this little charmer is easy breezy euphoria soaked in reverb laden zealous guitar licks and infectious bounce on percussion. Quirky organ elements give a vintage warmth and sweet tone while Tiago Saga’s casual creamy vocals and melty melody ponder through the track in the most care free creamy fashion. This infectious track will numb your busy mind and take you to a sweet calm euphoria.
You can catch Time For T live at
22nd July – Secret Garden Party, Cambridge
30th July – Kendal Calling, Lake District
5th August – Staycation, Guildford
19th August – Green Man, Brecon Beacons
27th August – Shambala, Northampton
Stream ‘Wax’ below

Julian Fulton ‘Rosie’s Disposition’

Multi-talented and eclectic NJ-based songwriter Julian Fulton has released his new EP ‘Battered Receptions’. Mustering up the courage to first perform at age 17, Fulton has been making strides in and around the vibrant local scenes of the Garden State performing solo and with his band The Zombie Gospel. The EP follows another shift for Fulton as he took the opportunity to collect his thoughts, write, and demo material as members of The Zombie Gospel pursued school or job opportunities. This led to the release of two home-recorded EPs, ‘Reverie’ and ‘Noise’. The EP finds Fulton back in a more formal recording environment fleshing out the breadth of his sound. The ‘Battered Receptions’ EP is his latest genre-bending vision, and was released yesterday via self-release.
‘Rosie’s Disposition’ was the latest single release taken off the EP. This bubbly indie pop track is lushly indulged in buoyant indie afro-beats and beaming bright soundscapes. A rapid deluge of tongue twisting lyrics introduce us to this vibrant catchy track. A flood of rich tropical sounds sweep you up into a juicy heavenly chorus that is so catchy you will be hooked. With distorted elements and fruity music explosions it’s a succulent slushy of indie pop. Sharp guitar jabs adds a refreshing zest and sting to this sun soaked infectious mouthwatering track. It’s a must listen especially on a hot sunny day. Fulton displays some really impressive musicianship here, hes one to watch out for.
Stream ‘Rosie’s Disposition’ below

Holly Holden ‘Run’

Holly Holden has released the video for the lead track ‘Run’ off her brand new EP ‘Tropical Soul’ due for release in April. Aside from her solo project Holly is also a member of all female vocal group Deep Throat Choir who are signed to Bella Union and were recently featured and performed on BBC 4 Radio ‘Loose Ends’ with Clive Anderson, as well as a live session with Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music. Her sound has been shaped by many years of travel and collaboration in Latin America and the Caribbean – Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic. It fuses ‘tropical’ rhythms like reggae, rocksteady, salsa, bolero and cumbia with soulful, RnB, pop vocal melodies.
‘Run’ is beaming tropical soul that was made for laid back hazy days in the sun accompanied by the fruitiest chilled cocktail drink you can find. Smothered in exotic tones and driven with reggae beats and zesty guitar jabs it exudes warmth and luminosity. With a bitter sweet infectious soul pop melody and lyrical depth that holds upbeat yet melancholic vibes, its a richly textured lush escape to that tropical desert island in your mind. A balmy guitar solo sweetens the track soothing and delicious like a thick syrup while the beat bops along maintaining that sun kissed elasticity and vitality. Holly Holden gives us our tropical summer escape palm tress and all.
Watch the video for ‘Run’ below

BOKITO ‘Better At Getting Worse’

London-Irish ‘tropical indie’ sensations BOKITO have released their belting debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse’ on Lost In The Manor Records. Peddling an uproarious blend of rock, soca, funk and roots, London-based five-piece Bokito consisting of members Moses (vocals), Jody (bass), Joe (guitar), Tom (drums) and Sam (keys/percussion) have coined a phrase for their unique genre mashup: tropical indie. With edgy grooves and unforgettable hooks BOKITO radiate sun-baked carnival vibes.

‘Better At Getting Worse’ is an infectious glowing ball that increases in brightness and luminosity as the track progresses. Beginning with a quirky swirling organ-and-guitar refrain soaring across an angular calypso rhythm, its instantly likeable. This unusual fusion is fresh and immensely thrilling. The affluent percussion will summon up the inner dance goblin in even the most reluctant person.Building into an absolutely astral chorus this track bounces with intense spirit and explosive energy. Its tribal bridge sets your soul on fire with a sun soaked heatwave of delight. Moses brings a splash of rousing Celtic spirit with his extraordinary vibrant and charismatic vocals. Its the stuff dancing is made for.

The track was produced by Bradley Spencer and Alex Beitzke in London’s Fish Tank studios, and mastered by legendary Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Calbi. ‘Better At Getting Worse’ is something of a cautionary insight to the male psyche. Frontman Moses explains:

“The song is primarily aimed at men and their own handling of their emotions… and how useless most of them are at it. But we men are talented at one thing, which is suppressing everything and moulding it into a smile.”
You can catch BOKITO live at
11th February – The Stags Head, Hoxton, London
5th April – The Lock Tavern, Camden, London
28th April – Whelans, Dublin, Ireland
20th May – The Great Escape @ Queens Hotel, Brighton
Stream ‘Better At Getting Worse’ below