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New Valley Wolves ‘GOSPEL’ EP Launch in The Workman’s Club Dublin With Support From Sub Motion and Scally

If you have a hankering for meaty, lusty rock dripping in more swagger than any one person can handle than, the Workman’s Club Dublin was the place to be last Saturday night. Dublin duo New Valley Wolves were launching their new EP ‘GOSPEL’ with support from Sub Motion and Scally.

Scally & The Dirty Rats set the night in motion with a little less on-stage antics compared to when we saw them last year. Scally is still suave on stage- jumping about as we watch him explode with an insane amount of energy while belting out tracks brimming with sock-it-to-me passion. They whack out ballsy, raw rock and roll with a relentless stamina that is one to be admired. Scally’s band – The Dirty Rats bring something magnificent to the table. Ben Mulligan on guitar continually hits the mark with slithery licks, thrilling spine-chilling shrills and such finesse that allows the nimble Eddie Reynolds on bass to bounce and rebound some funky groove filled rhythms off. “This next song is about laying around on a f**king Sunday morning and you f**king don’t know whether to ring a f**king takeaway or pull the f**king balls off yourself” Scally colourfully introduces the infectious, snappy ‘Filthy Animal’. With an attitude that screams egoistic rock and roll swagger Scally definitely grabs attention for sure, and the tunes back his persona up. They are catchy as hell and capture the beauty, brawn and panache that is punk rock in all its glory. The as of yet not quite named ‘Help’ “Well it was called help last night I can’t decide on the name” and new single ‘Get Ready For War’ demonstrate this perfectly with intricate licks, flicks and sing along ready chorus’. Scally raps and belts with enough chest-thumping pride and fiery attitude to keep you pumped and ready to join him in his Kiedis- esque dancing and limb flailing. They deal with technical difficulties like pros, and in true Kiedis manner the shirt comes off for the brazen ‘Lets Fuck’. It’s a fiery kinetic set with the blistering lead guitar leaving scorching burn marks through infectious bass grooves while Colin O’Brien literally breaks the drums with his pounding elastic beats, and to bring it all together is a charismatic, fearless frontman. The definition of swagger.

Sub Motion follow with an empowering set of catchy tunes and a sublime boisterous wall of sound. The punchy rhythm creates an easy foundation to get those body’s dancing and grooving while scuzzy guitars resonate through Rebecca Geary’s powerful vocals.  Geary is larger that life and takes on her front-woman role with a fierceness that is masterful. In fact, it was a stage brimming with charm and charisma as each member exuded their own brand of swagger. Though each track is riotous there is no shortage of fun on stage. These guys enjoy what they are doing, and boy does it show. The band are on top form all smiles and cheery. Banter is at a minimal as they waste no time whacking out their infectious tunes ‘Gun In Your Pocket’ in particular is one catchy song- you will have to prise that one out of your brain. It’s rumbling strident bassline runs along building in intensity before the track explodes with shrilling crashing guitars and mighty drums. When these guys are sleek and sultry it’s sublime ‘Headlights’ in particular comes across magnificently live. There is not doubt these guys are ones not to be missed live.


New Valley Wolves walk onstage and launch into a killer introduction to ‘Eyes on Me’. There is an air of professionalism with this duo that leaves you in awe. Singer/ guitarist Jonny Lucey’s gut-level riffs, and drummer Baz Joyce’s thunder-struck beats are incredible. Their bluesy tinged tunes are ball crushing and powerful and have the crowd moshing and dancing in no time. ‘Shake your bones’, ‘Silver Tongue’ and ‘Fire In The Blood’ are all well received as they keep the energy travelling at neck snapping speeds blasting out the monstrous tracks in their repertoire. There is no messing around, the tunes are heavy, crisp and robust. The lights go out between tracks – at times dimmed leaving just the duo’s silhouettes visible creating suspense for what’s to come. Their rip-roaring new single ‘Cut-Throat’ keeps up the constant barrage of top-quality riffs and with that sing along chorus has the crowd chanting along mindlessly. Lucy is fierce. He fist pumps the air with a stare that would curdle milk while savagely shredding through his gritty guitar riffs. Joyce pummels and batters the drums with bloodthirsty stamina which pounds through your entire body. Each track layers on another thick dollop of cool gritty intensity building the rooms energy to frenzied levels. The two spend most of their set going hell for leather and the rugged steamroller ‘Animal’ follows this vigorous trend, as members of the crowd howl and whoop. The never played live before  ‘Aloe Vera’ avalanches through with a shivering chorus while Joyce pelts out a mesmerising display of pulverizing perfection before the lean mean roar of ‘Trouble’ closes their set.

On Saturday night New Valley Wolves sounded brawny, focused and all powerful. Their raw grandeur filled with death ray fuzz and might leaves you reeling and craving for more. There is no stopping these guys. There are only two of them, but boy they sound like an army.


No Tie Friday ‘Long Drives and Sunsets’ EP

No Tie Friday is a four piece Indie Pop / Alternative band from Wicklow. The band consists of Keith Molloy (Vocals + Rhythm Guitar), Matt Morgan (Drums), Niall McGurk (Bass) and Barra MacMahon (Lead Guitar). With only a few gigs under their belt they have already started making an impression on the Irish music scene. The band have recently released their debut EP ‘Long Drives and Sunsets’. A five track collection of sweet tunes and intricate glistening instrumentation, this EP is pure wholesome honey drizzled indie pop. From the first crashing intro of ‘Seasons’ No Tie Friday have you firmly hooked. This bouncing little gem rumbles and rushes through with a driving rippling rhythm while glistening jangly guitars create the perfect glossy backdrop for the vibrant infectious melody. It’s anthemic and punchy wrapped up in a whirl of youthful adrenaline rushing instrumentation. They definitely kicked the EP off with the right track- it’s sun soaked and vibrantly dynamic. This little charmer has you eating out of the palm of their hands eager for more. ‘Forest’ continues the indie pop buoyancy, as thumping drums set a steady foundation for the shimmering golden guitars to sparkle between. There are plenty of blissful guitar moments in this EP and the quartet show off their knack for crisp sweet toned guitar lines throughout each track creating special little luscious twinkles that lift each tune and add glorious scintillation throughout. Title track ‘Long Drives And Sunsets’ marks the halfway point in the EP with a fluctuant rhythm and delicate instrumentation to start. Ethereal guitars lament behind a sombre tender melody while Molloy’s vocals reach their most emotional we have heard yet. It’s a passionate display as sharp guitars and punchy drums bring us to a powerful intense crescendo. If you are looking for the perfect hazy sunny day tune filled with mellow tones with some melancholic hues ‘Working Title’ is the one for you. Again it features some sublime guitar work and a smooth, silky melody while the vocals add a hint of soul, its soothing, chilled, breezy bliss. ‘Delay’ which fast became my favourite track, closes the EP much like ‘Seasons’ began it – with a surge of peppy jangly indie intricately weaved and tightly compact to create a satisfying listen. It is  filled with dazzling soundscapes, whirring guitars, an infectious chorus and a stomping singalong ready bridge that will have a live crowd bellowing out at the top of their lungs.

‘Long Drives and Sunsets’ is a wholly enjoyable, charming collection. This bands laid back, dreamy approach gives each track space to flourish and blossom and this really adds something special to the overall enjoyment of the EP. These guys have created something glorious. It’s perfect for summer days and youthfulness. Keep an eye out for No Tie Friday.

Stream ‘Long Drives and Sunsets’ below


Music News

Breakthrough act Elles Bailey is releasing a free live 4-track EP in support of the Little Rabbit Barn venue, in Ardleigh on the Essex/Suffolk border.

Small music venues have been closing down across the UK. According to Music Venue Trust, around a third of the nation’s small gig spaces have closed in the past decade. It’s a blight that leaves music fans poorer and denies artists prized opportunities to hone their craft and play intimate live gigs. Such closures also diminish local communities and arts scenes. Thankfully, indie venues, artists and music fans are all fighting the trend. Rising Blues and Country star Elles Bailey is determined to fight the good fight for grass roots, live music, so she’s releasing a free live 4-track EP in support of the Little Rabbit Barn venue, in Ardleigh on the Essex/Suffolk border, asking only for donations to support the venue and its grass roots cause.

Started in 2011, Little Rabbit Barn runs house concerts: an independent live music model that’s become familiar to American audiences, which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Although a house concert is a private gig, for which the audience are sent personal invitations, it’s open to all music fans. The model is non-profit-making, funded by guest donations and host’s subsidy.

Elles Bailey has played Little Rabbit Barn and speaks highly of it: “It’s tough out there on the road, but the hospitality that we received when we arrived at Little Rabbit Barn was some of the best we have ever had in the UK. We had covered well over 2000 miles in 8 days and as you can imagine, were rather travel-worn, but the show was a little haven of refuge for us! We even got to have a post-show cuddle with a rabbit! What more could you want?”

Jonathan Rabett of LRB responds, “It was a privilege for us at Little Rabbit Barn to host Elles at our end of year show and to record Elles Bailey and her band towards the end of their extensive Wildfire UK & European tour, 2017. They delivered a stunning performance without overpowering the intimacy of the space. A performance that is now etched into the very fabric of the Barn. I know you will enjoy listening to this recording which has been authentically mixed by Jay Stapley and closely overseen by Elles.”

Recorded at Little Rabbit Barn, Elles Bailey’s 4-track EP is a free download, though Elles is appealing to downloaders to make a donation to support Little Rabbit Barn and the live, grass roots cause.

You can download the EP and make a donation here

Check out Time’s A Healer – Live at Little Rabbit Barn  here




Boom Child ‘I Want To Shift Your Sister’ Video

Boom Child have released a video for their single ‘I Want To Shift Your Sister’. Boom Child are Ross Shannon (Guitar/Vocals), David Flood (Bass/Vocals) and Tadhg Lipton (Drums/Vocals) a chaotic rock trio from Dublin. Their music is an irreverent mix of punk, funk, and power pop. They released their debut ‘The Super Edible EP’ in 2016 on the first 100% edible music format.

‘I Want To Shift Your Sister’ is an interesting wallop of punk rock. With shredding guitars slapping against pummeling drums and attitude driven vocals this trio produce a robust sound while whacking on top some comical lyrics. With mighty riffs, funky bass lines, dramatic stop starts and a catchy chorus the trio have written a cheeky little infectious tune. The video which was directed by Dr. Lippy brings their humorous side to the forefront and their ability to entertain. Featuring After Eight chocolates, fidget spinners and  Boom Child Mascot Boomer check it out below.

Bands disclaimer *All chocolate mints used in the video are vegan friendly

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! We would like to thank you all for your support, follows and likes this year. Thank the amazing artists we found and have featured on our blog, the dedicated and lovely PR Companies who we have had the pleasure of working with to promote the rich variety of music that surrounded us this year and the immensely kind donators who have bought us a coffee through our donate button keeping us all caffeinated and aiding to help keep the blog spreading the word about amazing artists. As we look forward to finding and featuring more exciting music in 2018 we would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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Sukh ‘Flight’

Following up with his first collection of material since 2015, songwriter Sukh has announced the release of his brand new single ‘Flight’, taken from the forthcoming album ‘Galactic Love Machine’. The new single follows his previous hit single’s ‘Kings’ and ‘Something Good’ which received critical acclaim from fans and media alike. On this single Sukh has teamed up with a list of notable names including John Simm (Cleft) and the Manchester String Quartet. ‘Flight’ is due for release July 7th and will be available on all major media providers with the album ‘Galactic Love Machine’ expected to drop later this year.
‘Flight’ is a stunning graceful track that exudes passion and emotion from every note. From the delicate piano intro to the twinkling zealous guitars this track glitters and sparkles delicate bright beauty. Feather-like and enchanting with elegant strings it flows with sweet lush finesse. The introduction of the spongy elastic beat helps build to the sublime crescendo. With a delightful creamy melody this track its velvety smooth and a heavenly treasure.
Sukh is scheduled to perform at this years Kendal Calling on July 28th with further gigs due to be announced. Further details can be found on Sukh’s official website here

Stream ‘Flight’ below

Indie Quick Picks


Genre: alt-rock

Bio: Veins is the new project of Stevie Rees, Scott Warner and Dan Appleyard, who have toured the UK, Europe and Japan in bands as diverse as The Junket, Defenestration and Acoda playing everywhere from pubs to major festivals and arenas. Veins brings together their combined experience and influences to create a band and sound that is greater than the sum of its parts.
For their debut release, the band have been in the studio with legendary producer Russ Russell (The Wildhearts, Napalm Death, New Model Army) who has added a stadium-ready gloss to their anthemic, yearning rock.

Track: Ambi

Why we Like It: its a captivating piece of epic alternative rock. Mighty and airy with ethereal guitar lines that sweep you up into their brooding breezy atmosphere. The absorbing gritty vocals pull you into this gripping emotionally deep track while the pounding drum patterns add brawn and a potent punch.

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Watch the video for Ambi below

 The Magic Es

Genre: rock n’ roll

Bio:  Since forming in 2014, The Magic Es, Pete Thompson (Vocals/Guitar), Jasper Stainthorpe (Bass), Stuart Catchpole (Drums/Vocals) and Phil Woods (Guitar) have been busy. All lifelong musicians with world tours, top 40 singles and a wealth of musical experience under their belts, the boys came together after a chance meeting at a wedding led to them finding common ground in the simple pleasures of classic records and punkish rock n’ roll.

Track: Running Scared,
When asked about the song frontman Pete Thomson said :
“It’s about the oldest topic in town – love & relationships. It’s about a relationship I was in that ended many years ago. I should be thankful, as it produced a few good tunes that have made it into Magic Es sets. For me it’s the bass and drum groove at the beginning that really set up the song and once we’d got that down it flowed quickly. Funnily, the “La, la, la” chorus was supposed to have words but the first time we gigged it I forget them so improvised – it seemed to work so we kept it in!”.

Why we Like It: Its gritty punchy rock that blends out into a bright friendly anthem. Tight harmonies, blistering guitar and a melody that will have you singing along to that “La la la” in no time.

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Watch the video for ‘Running Scared’ below

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Indie Quick Picks

The Dangerhounds

Genre: Punk indie-pop

Bio: Since forming in 2015, The Dangerhounds, Brad Moorcroft (Bass) Tris Ellis (Drums) Adam Hume (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals) and Obi Davis (Lead Guitar) have been busy playing a series of riotous live shows and making a name for themselves on the fertile Leeds indie rock scene. Their debut EP and 2016 singles led to airplay with BBC Introducing, who were quick to spot their knack for Saturday night indie-disco melodies and energetic riffs. With celebrated local producer Ed Heaton at the controls, their new material builds on the punch and swagger of their earlier recordings and offers more examples of their high-octane, pop-punk thrills.

Track: Nobody Gets Hurt

Why we Like It: Its a snappy infectious slice of indie pop with punchy drums vigorous guitars and rapid tempo. The rhythm will have you dancing in no time its finger clicking good
Stream ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ below

 Useless Cities

Genre: Indie Rock

Bio: Since arriving fully formed in 2016, Useless Cities, Tom Argent (Vocals & Guitar) Conny Bent (Vocals & Keyboards) Clare Caldwell (Bass) and Sebastian Brebu (Drums) have been busy playing a string of live shows around London (including gigs at renowned venues The Sebright Arms, The Monarch, The Good Ship, O2 Islington Academy, The Black Heart and The Amersham Arms) and building a fanbase for their unique take on nineties and noughties-influenced indie rock. Their debut EP ‘Stay’ quickly turned heads at radio with Hoxton FM, Croydon Radio and Spark Sunderland playlisting tracks, while the band’s songwriting and intricate soundscapes were praised by Wolf In A Suit, Music Is My Radar and Independent Music UK in a series of glowing reviews.

Track: New Feelings
Why We Like It: Its a uniquely chilling piece of indie rock with icy guitar lines, alternating and weaving male/female vocals all bound together with relentless drum patterns. Its smooth and delicate with the right amount of raw edge and grit to keep it fresh and breezy.

Watch the video for ‘New Feelings’ Below

Cherry Head, Cherry Heart

Genre: alt-pop

Bio: Cherry Head, Cherry Heart, Andy Johnson (Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass) and Naomi Lowehave (Vocals ) picked up BBC Radio 2 and BBC Introducing airplay with the ultra-catchy Road To Rome, been selected as Track Of The Week on BBC Radio Tees and won over new fans all over the UK with their live performances. Following their lo-fi 2015 debut LP ‘Chihuahua Deluxe’, Tarred & Feathered leaps from richly-detailed indie-pop arrangements to Spaghetti Western inflections (and most places in between) without losing their core personality and gift for melody.’So Much More’ is taken from their recently released second album ‘Tarred & Feathered’.

Track: So Much More

When asked about the album co-frontman Andy Johnson said: “Tarred and Feathered” is held together by a loose narrative about a young couple travelling around Europe trying to escape something or someone unspecified. The songs talk about being an outsider, displacement and also the romance of the underdog as well as the inevitable desire for a home. Musically the album is a love-letter to pop music in its many forms. Influences include – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, Taylor Swift, The Shadows, Ennio Morricone and The Beautiful South.

Why we Like It: Its smothered in timeless Britpop songwriting. Its upbeat bopping fun with sweet sublime melodies, genre-hopping musicality and effortless charm.

Stream ‘So Much More’ below


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Atlanta Snow ‘Perfect Symphony’

Atlanta Snow (formerly Stefansson) are a new project, fronted by Singer / Songwriter / Producer; Matt Woodruff, who’s sound showcases a vibrant, contrasting and expressive approach to Electronic / Pop music. Atlanta Snow’s attitude is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and fat low end that makes the floor shake. Mixed by Dave Darlington in NYC (Avicii, Bob Sinclar, Sting), the new single ‘Perfect Symphony’ is full of catchy pop hooks with ambition flowing throughout. It is an uplifting anthem that features a sublime vocal performance by Woodruff. Its edgy pop synth-heavy alternative rock that is exhilarating. Breezy synths laced over soaring vocals and ethereal melodies make this track a sublime piece of musicianship. Heavy beats give this track a dance feel, its inspiriting and invigorating with enough rawness to create a razor sharp edge and bite.
‘Perfect Symphony’ is Atlanta Snow’s second single from their upcoming album and is the first track of what is to be an exciting year for the project.

Stream ‘Perfect Symphony’ below