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Tribal Dance ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ Video Premier

Dublin-based experimental/post-punk band Tribal Dance are set to release their video for ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ tomorrow December 5th. Tribal Dance consists of bassist and vocalist Adam Smyth, guitarist Stephen Dowling and percussionist Leo Clarke. Their debut single “Flongo” released in August 2017, sent out waves of excitement and received extremely positive reviews from music blogs and nationwide newspapers as well as national and international radio play, which contributed to a sold out single release show. The band have been showcased in Whelan’s Ones to Watch along with headlining a special Nialler9 showcase The Button Factory as well an unforgettable performance to a packed tent at KnockanStockan 2018.The band’s sophomore release ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ is set to be the first release on Bad Soup Records in December 2018, accompanied with an intense and dramatic music video, a limited edition physical release.

‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ is Tribal Dance’s fierce way of dissolving your mind in their thick murky concoction of math punk with sweet little bubbles of psychedelic rock gasping beneath this suffocating brew. The tense atmosphere builds right from the start as these guys unfold each segment gently with eerie soundscapes twinkling through distorted guitars and punchy drum attacks. This acid saturated gem lures and entices with soft lulling vocals, sweet little guitar injections and a meaty rhythmic foundation. Just as the track seeps into its dreamiest delusional state Tribal Dance electrocute you back to life with a pulverising heavy finale. The fluctuation between Math mania and soothing psychedelia is masterful as Adam Smyth switches from animated screams to soft coos seamlessly while wobbly desert guitar whines between a deep groove and laid back melody. Well crafted this track consumes you entirely in the dizzying world of Tribal Dance and with musicianship this refined and messy all at once – these guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Watch the video for ‘And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician And A Silhouette’ below

No Alarms ‘Find Me’ Video Premiere

No Alarms have released the video for their new single ‘Find Me’. No Alarms was born in Texas as the solo passion project of multi-instrumentalist Andrew Boles, and has since bloomed into a Detroit-based, fully-fledged, five-piece. No Alarms is blending the lines between modern indie pop and new wave revival, and building an engrossing live show from the ground up. Their debut single “Right is What’s Left” was featured in an episode of ABC’s “Kevin Probably Saves the World” originally airing on February 6th, 2018. ‘No Alarms’ EP was the 13th most added record on NACC college charts its debut week, and has since peaked at #132 on the NACC 200.

‘Find Me’ is an entrancing smooth indie pop track that swirls and floats elegantly upon No Alarms’ infectious melty melody. It’s a sleek glossy number as their rooted grooves set a fluctuant foundation for the flashing electronics to rebound and playfully ricochet off while velvety vocals coo and caress the tasty melody. With a sticky summer sun vibe this dance-filled song is uplifting and ethereal as it bounces along energetic drums and dazzling synths making for a wholly satisfying listening experience. With rich textures wrapped delicately in a multi coloured prism ‘Find Me’ showcases No Alarms ability to create  a full bodied delightful tune that tantalizes all the senses.

Watch the video for ‘Find Me’ below




Charles Cleyn ‘Decisions’

Charles Cleyn has released a video for his single ‘Decisions’. ‘Decisions’ is the title track off his debut EP. Cleyn was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. He grew up playing piano and singing songs around the supper table with the family. “Music was always playing in the house. I grew up learning how to sing harmony and how to hold a tune.” Over the years, he took what he learned in music growing up and started writing and playing his own music. Cleyn now lives in Berlin where he has recorded his debut EP, ‘Decisions’. A blend of soulful choir and majestic harmonies that perfectly match his style of combining acoustic instruments and 21st century pop rhythms.

‘Decisions’ is a charming warm little ditty that glides and bounces with golden heart warming bliss. Its sweet melody swoons upon a delicate guitar strummed backdrop before building into a singalong ready passionate chorus. Soft drums rebound off the luscious melody and delicate backing vocals creating a richly layered sublime texture.It’s a golden romantic gem that is so easy to listen to- exuding a bright sunlit radiance from every delightful note while Cleyn’s velvety vocals seep passion and honey drizzled tenderness. It’s Ed Sheeren- esque with a Tom Petty Free Fallin’ warm glow. The twinkling keys add a hint of graceful elegance and classy swirl into this sweet number.

Watch the video for ‘Decisions’ below


Sydney Wright ‘Seiche’ Video Premiere

Austin-based loop-pedal pop musician Sydney Wright has released the video for her new single ‘Seiche’. Wright has been penning songs for over a decade, and while her huge voice often gets her compared to Florence and the Machine and Sara Bareilles, there’s a darker, more experimental edge to her work. Drawing heavily from hip-hop rhythms, with loops of piano, guitar, beatbox and doo-wops, Wright creates a sonically complex, live-looping, one-woman show.

‘Seiche’ is an enchanting track filled with magical melodies wrapped in a dark cloak of haunting soundscapes. Wright’s vocals are crisp and captivating as she coats the luscious melody with sweet passion. Breezy soundscapes wisp around warm elegant piano creating an ethereal heart stopping atmosphere while strings flicker in between.  The track progresses building into an anthemic power crescendo. As the track lifts to this soaring fist pumping climax Wright injects a surge of adrenaline into the song filling you with positivity and energy. She slowly crafts this track taking time to layer it meticulously, having you held in a motionless suspense feeling every note and flicker in a gripping intense manner before the great mighty release. This is a track that captures emotion and feeling perfectly and holds it, slowly dispensing it. It’s a sublime piece of work.

About the track Wright says, “The song is about hearing myself and following my own feelings and intuition, a cleansing sort of transcendence. We’re constantly bombarded with others’ projections, opinions and expectations of us. It’s easy to start believing and adopting these notions ourselves. ‘Seiche’ is about rejecting the influences that are reflections of others, and regaining freedom in our own choices and identity.”

Watch the video for ‘Seiche’ below

Harrison Rimmer ‘Veins’ Video Premier

Hailing from Blackpool, Harrison Rimmer has released his new video for the single ‘Veins’. His gruff, passionate sounds have resonated with many over the years and the passionate emotional hard hitting single ‘Veins’ follows this legacy. The track deals with personal themes and ideas that many can relate too, whatever their career, including depression and battling against self-doubt. This anthem-like track is coated in fiery gritty rock and motivating tones. Mighty punchy drums and blistering razor sharp guitar add electrifying energy and sizzling heat to this dynamic track. Soothing raspy vocals cool the track and add grit and texture.

The video displays Rimmer singing next to a frustrated artist while he tries to create his masterpiece growing increasingly frustrated with his attempts to achieve his desired painting. As he tears sheet after sheet of paper off he turns to Rimmer to shout about his dissatisfaction. Finally the artist looses it and begins to punch his canvas and throw it around in anger.

When asked about the track Rimmer said

“Following the release of my third EP, ‘C’ and the tour that followed, I found myself in a place I haven’t been before; the tour was so much fun and a great experience but I was burnt out from playing so many shows in a year and among other things going on I ended up getting writer’s block. It was my first battle with it and it nearly drove me to quit music because it wasn’t fun anymore.I felt that what I was doing with my music was hurting people I really loved and cared about. I kept battling through it and I ended up with this song, This song is for anyone who feels trapped, feels like they can’t do anything or keep getting put down.”

Watch the video for ‘Veins’ below

Dear Thieves ‘VIC ROADS’

Melbourne’s indie duo, Dear Thieves, have released the new music video for their single ‘VIC ROADS’. The two-piece, Joel Hansen and Jesse Jones, will also be releasing their 5-track “Bad Habits” EP. “VIC ROADS” is currently available on Triple J Unearthed and everywhere else on 31st March 2017. Having been likened to Black Keys and Royal Blood, Dear Thieves are making waves in their local circuit coming off the back of supports with Sydney-based Strangers and a 5 date east coast tour last year, building a reputation for prolifically fine tuning the two-piece sound with unique and beautifully melodic results.

‘VIC ROADS’ is robust ruckus causing mania that packs a mighty punch. Booming from the start with red blooded powerful drums and sensual gritty riffs its a beast to be reckoned with. Rugged shouted vocals teamed with frenzy causing instrumentation, its one for the sticky blood thirsty most pit . The track oozes lusty brawn with hints of sensual qualities. Its slick, boisterous rough and ready with razor sharp rawness. The video features Hansen and Jones standing at a wall, they drink, they smoke, they sing while all kinds of random items get thrown at them from liquids to papers and balls … so an average night out for some people. These guys are ones to watch.

The two-piece are thrilled to bring their ‘Bad Habits’ tour to east coast audiences throughout March and April you can catch them at

Friday 31st March, Cherry Bar, Melbourne

Sunday 2nd April , Frankies Pizza, Sydney

Friday 7th April || The Haunt, Brisbane
Watch the video for ‘VIC ROADS’ below

We-Are-Z ‘Goldigaz’ Video Premiere

We-Are-Z are a four-part French, one-part Anglo-Italian avant-garde rock group. Oozing with instrumental flair, they are the dream musical collaboration. Gabby, the vocal wizard behind the lyrical magic tells unconventional tales of modern day intrigue. The man with the hands – the bassist and keys master – Archie, is a seasoned session musician and producer, and has collaborated with, amongst others, Beyonce and Pharrell Williams. With Max on the strings, Guillaume on the drums and Clement on the keys to finish off this multi-cultural, multi-talented facet to the punk funk face of the music industry.  With several tours of Europe already under their belt, We-Are-Z are not afraid to rock the boat and cause an irresistible stir. The four piece are currently at work on their debut album, provisionally titled ‘Z Is Not X’, We-Are-Z are about to release their new single, ‘Goldigaz’, a song about the corrupting influence of money. Aided by the visual allure of their energetic video, we are drawn down another storyline of contemporary reflection with all the added quirks and frills of this exquisite combination.
‘Goldigaz’ is a catchy quirky entertaining track that sounds like it could be from a vaudeville stage show. The theatrical expressive vocals adds a wacky fun flair to the track while instrumentally this track is tight and well composed with its bounce effect and fantastic snappy percussion. The track drives forward energetically in a charming humorous and lively manner. It is snappy and witty and luring as it entices you into a swirling journey of manifesting ecstatic dizzy joy with darkened eerie and mysterious undertones.
The video to ‘Goldigaz’ portrays the song perfectly with its concoction of wild and wacky events as We-Are-Z stroll about the street in extravagant costumes with feather boas and fangs. Long yellow nails while singing on the toilet teamed with monkey masks and colourful wigs, its creepy and silly yet fantastic. The band are partying hard as they smoke and throw money around and of course what wonk funk video would be complete without a creepy dolls head thrown into the mix. It definitely got me into the Halloween mood. Check it out for yourselves below.

We-Are-Z will be hosting a showcase in London this September and will be on tour in the UK and Europe from November supporting Electric Six.
Tour Dates :
Goldigaz (Single Launch) 30th September 2016 Cargo Shoreditch, London
25 dates supporting Electric Six 6th November – 5th December 2016
Find out more from We-Are-Z here


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