Citylightz ‘Don’t Know Me’

Citylightz are a west Midlands based 5 piece with a 90s attitude blending indie and rap to create a unique take on modern music. The band comprised of members Matthew Barnett (Vocals), Luke Henry (Vocals/Guitar/Bass), Adam Bolger (Guitar), Tom churm (Drums) and James Skidmore (Bass) have released their debut single ‘Don’t Know Me’. It’s a shredding, slick debut that strides in on steamy sleek guitar lines, punchy drums and vibrant bass grooves to create a chilled effortlessly cool number that packs a serious amount of gusto. It’s a compact tune that takes its time gradually layering its structure before building to an anthemic belter. There are some golden guitar moments in this track with striking jagged guitar slashes forming the rumbly aggressive foundation while sweet little guitar jingles weave their way on top to warm and caress the melody with delicate sun kissed tones. Barnett raps over the blistering instrumental backdrop with attitude and swagger while the backing vocals coo through the infectious chorus. It’s a sharp bite of alternative indie that cruises with charm and likable charisma and some pretty shredding instrumental displays – that blistering guitar solo is raw, pure, air guitar worthy and sublime.

Stream ‘Don’t Know Me’ below