Civil Villains Double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum


Civil Villains are London trio Mark Hudson (Bass), James King (Guitar & Vocals) and Toby Warren (Drums & Vocals). These long time friends have created a sound that is hard to pin down. Walking the tightrope between mathy alt-rock and desert riffage. Having played in all manner of London venues, Civil Villains have recently returned from a North American tour, where they performed headline shows in Toronto and Cambridge, played Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, and Mondo. NYC Festival in New York. Recently they were main support for Listener at The Borderline, played with Tides from Nebula and Polymath at The Boston Music Room (London), and Wild Throne at The Old Blue Last (London). They are now set to release their forthcoming double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum on December 2nd via Milky Bomb Records, which was recorded at Brighton Electric with Josh Harrison (Royal Blood, Tigercub, British Sea Power).
Civil Villains present us with two uniquely creative and complex tracks.

‘Heathens and Cream’ is a spine tingling hair raisingly chilling track coated in a darkened eerie atmosphere with thick slimy guitar licks and flexible sensual luring bass. Deep enthralling vocals give a haunting yet seductively captivating creepy quality to the verse. It tempts you and draws you into the track, while the howl like screech and growl for the chorus adds aggression and a frightening realisation of danger. Featuring atypical rhythmic structures ‘Heathens and Cream’ leaves you wondering what you have just experienced yet yearning to hear more.
‘Haunted Hokum’ is my favourite of the two its rapid slap bounce beat and Queens Of The Stone Age – esque vocals once again hook and lure you into the quicksand of infectiously sweet sensual entrapment of the melody. Steamy sultry desert hot guitars sting and burn with striking chords and scorching licks. The enticing driving bass lulls and coaxes its prey into a spellbinding comma fully submissive to this enchanting beguiling track.
Civil Villains display fantastic musicianship with their double A-side Heathens and Cream // Haunted Hokum. Its a bubbling concoction of moody erratic indie blended with gritty rock with a whole load of steamy sensual haunting confusion thrown in, add a dash of the sweet comfort of nectarous tones on guitar and your hooked.
Watch the video for  ‘Heathens and Cream’  below