Cornerstone ‘Reflections’ Album

Austria’s rock band Cornerstone have released their new album ‘Reflections’. The band composed of Alina Peter (Vocals, Guitars), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Christoph Karas (Drums, Percussion), was signed by the US- label ATOM Records and is successfully representing Melodic-Rock: a US-tour, eight tours in the UK, a number of concerts at famous European festivals, airplay, TV-appearances on stations like BBC and much more. Additionally, they took part in the soundtrack of the film Little Alien, and in the beginning of 2012 their song “Right or Wrong” was awarded by the British ROCK REALMS Magazine as “Ballad of the Year 2011”. In 2013 the band released their version of the eighties-hit “Smalltown Boy” (by Bronski Beat), that appeared in the charts. All of the revenues from this success were donated to the “Room to Breathe”-campaign and to the charity organisation for the research and treatment of the immunodeficiency disease cystic fibrosis at the Nottingham City Hospital. In 2016, the bands third studio-album ‘Reflections’ was produced in Canada in cooperation with producer Harry Hess (Billy Talent, Muse, Harem Scare).
‘Reflection’ is an album with an interesting mix of sounds from the rock anthem tinged ‘Nothing To Loose’ with shredding riffs punchy drums and massive chorus to the slightly more pop-like nostalgic sweet melody of ‘Last Night’ which has a horn feature and ABBA influence. Big chorus’ seem to be a theme with these guys. ‘Heart On Fire’ gives an 80’s classic rock anthem vibe with brawny strides on guitar and melancholic sharp licks. Alina Peter’s vocals soar with a powerful emotion- filled range. These tracks are packed with dramatic explosions and slick guitar solos that are air guitar worthy and fist pump ready. ‘Whatever’ takes the croony ballad, it’s soft and wispy with an elegant piano feature and delicate beat. The funky bass driven ‘True Confessions’ gives us a Disco Stu vibe with glittering guitars – it’s disco balls and flashy dance floors oozing swanky swagger. The album continues the seamless blend of alternative rock with 80’s rock and pop creating a 10 track accumulation of classic anthems. Featuring some really intricate guitar work weaving in and out adding a nice refreshing zest and vibrancy to the album. ‘Believe In Me’ screams out a jazzy piano feature and perfect 80’s pop melody- you almost forget it’s a modern track.
‘Reflection’ takes you on a time travel journey with bitter sweet nostalgia while Cornorstone put their own spin slightly warping classic 80’s rock. Each track sounds familiar yet takes a unique turn as they take these genres and make them their own.

Stream ‘Reflection’ below