Electric Shore ‘Someone New’

Ratoath alternative band Electric Shore have released their new single ‘Someone New’. This aerial exhilarating track packs oodles of punch and adrenaline in the slinky form of ethereal breezy guitars over soaring climatic backing vocals and mighty drums. It’s a gripping display with emotion filled vocals over an invigorating backdrop as sweet toned guitars whine and lament with a glistening vibrancy that floods the track with melancholic tones. Powerful in its presentation this track is both chilled and dynamic with a luscious melody gliding upon the breathtaking instrumentation. The anthemic chorus evokes images of a large crowd sing along while that intoxicating guitar solo is stunning. ‘Someone New’ is well crafted for a wholly satisfying and enthralling listen. It is radio friendly with enough edge to add a nice kick, Electric Shore have created a goosebump inducing number that makes these guys ones to keep an eye on.


Stream ‘Someone New’ below