Emma O’Reilly ‘FRACTURES’ EP

Songwriter Emma O’Reilly from Ballinasloe in Co. Galway, has released ‘FRACTURES’ her second independently produced studio EP, recorded by mixing live and multi-track processes in Arad Studios with Les Keye (Squarehead, Kevin “Herm” Connolly, My Sweet Beloved).
‘FRACTURES’ is a collection of Emma’s unique brand of peppy dramatic pop rock tightly bound in a beautifully polished bow. The snazzy ‘Shake’ kicks off the EP with a theatrical lively approach. Jazzy piano and stabbing beats dramatise the track. Complete with melodramatic vocals it seems like a tap number from a musical. ‘Count’ takes a sweet acoustically backed approach. Delicate vocals and warm sun kissed vibes teamed with “do do do” lyrics its simple, syrupy and joyful. With wistful tones this track bops along light and floaty coated in a toothache sugary dreamland. ‘Cervantes’ is a sorrow-filled emotional track cold and icy with sharp lull on vocals and rich twinkles on piano.The track flows with grace and elegance. Brush tap beats on drums create a soft silky texture to this delicate song. ‘Codladh Sámh’ is again a gentle little soulful track. Emma’s whisper like vocals are teamed with beautiful accompaniment and a fairy like vibe. Sung in Irish its intensely emotional. The track builds with a mighty punch and takes a darker turn. Once again this track displays Emma’s dramatic cinematic style. ‘Geneva’ closes the EP with Emma’s vocals taking the lime light to start. It sounds like a Sean-nós song. A superb piano feature takes over from the vocals leaving a peaceful tranquil atmosphere to just relax into as the track winds out.

‘FRACTURES’ is a  strong  EP displaying Emma O’Reilly’s unique diverse sound as she glides from dramatic to pop, folk  with rock flavours drizzled on top. It is proficient as Emma has clearly created a little niche for herself to create music that is beautiful and bursting with colourful fragments of wonderful art.

Emma will be celebrating the launch with an intimate gig in her hometown on May 25th and full band performance in The Grand Social in Dublin on July 20th. She’ll also be touring with the EP.
Stream the ‘FRACTURES’ EP below