Flashes ‘The Upset’

Hailing from the deepest darkest Cornwall, UK band Flashes have released their new single ‘The Upset’. Consisting of members Jim (vocals/guitar), Peasy (guitar/laptop), Dan (guitar) and Graham (bass), Flashes have released 2 albums (Latency and Flashes) and a handful of one-off singles, receiving coverage from Consequence of Sound, Thought Catalog, Amazing Radio and BBC Radio 1.
New single ‘The Upset’ is a hypnotic psyched-out tale of perceived reality recorded in a run-down 19th century chapel where some of the band live. Its woozy dark pop at its best with a thick sticky beat the track oozes and glops surrounded by hazy dizzy psychedelia. Saturated in eerie shadowy tones teamed with haunting whispered vocals the track lures you into a wispy swirling dark abyss. The elastic luring bass adds a sensual quality to the trippy opaque track. The guitar glistens with sharp sparkles through the murky exterior of the track as it churns and sways around revealing light little melodic guitar glimmers. ‘The Upset’ is spine chilling and hair raisingly superb, a must listen.
Stream ‘The Upset’ below