Gringoh ‘Rules And Relations’

Gringoh are a new band from Hounslow West London (but born and bred in Ireland) making Urban London music influenced by the beats of Latin America and sounds from all over the world. The band have now released their debut single ‘Rules And Relations’. Now, this song I love! It’s fresh and crisp with exotic smouldering guitar that starts like it’s from a Zorro movie- weaving its way through Latin American beats coaxing and luring you to shuffle your way to the dancefloor. The vocals are effortless as they glide upon the danceable delectable melody – teasing and enchanting with a glorious sweltering sense of mystery and jubilation all at once. The backing vocals evoke images of sombrero’s with a Mariachi- esque feel. This young band blend genres seamlessly to create a wholly immersing colourful and rich listening experience.

Stream ‘Rules And Relations’ below