Hollie Joyce ‘Poster Girl’

Hollie Joyce is a singer songwriter who is becoming known for her wild, unconventional and ruthlessly blunt style of music. Currently residing in Melbourne Joyce is a songwriter completely in control of her craft. Combining fervent lyrics with distorted and at times eerie tones, Joyce has established a compelling sound that doesn’t hold back. From 70’s horror flicks and spaghetti westerns Joyce has developed a dynamic cacophony that sometimes strays into raucous rock ’n’ roll freak outs, while at other times deviating to the more alluring and melodic. Joyce has released her first single ‘Poster Girl’ off her upcoming EP which is scheduled for release early next year.
‘Poster Girl’ is a fiery garage soul track exuding scalding blistery swagger blended with sizzling sultry soulful tones that coax and sensually lure into the burning gritty garage rock. Joyce sings with strong confident attitude and sass that builds into a howl and an expression-filled scream. Coated in sway-like elastic sensuality and driven with ruckus causing rock and roll the track boils with red hot steamy attitude that is sure to burn everything in its path as it flies past leaving smoke and debris behind. With a western desert saloon cabaret vibe followed by a drunken brawl with a sweltry sting on guitar and punchy drums that leaves you black and blue, Hollie Joyce is on fire.
Stream ‘Poster Girl’ below