Ivory Wave ‘Paradise’

Ivory Wave are a 5 piece band hailing from Birmingham. This unique indie band caught our attention earlier this week. Their recent single ‘Paradise’ is a floaty track that creates a bubbling fizzing world of its own. With sprinkles of psychedelia in swirling synths and sweet lush backing vocals its a fluffy trippy cloud of narcotic ecstasy. Bliss and euphoria ooze from every pulse of the track. With perky indie beats adding a gritty sandy pull to the track and infectious groove its effortlessly cool and chic with a dreamland anaesthetic thrown in. Raspy attitude soaked vocals tie the track up nicely relaying authentic lyrics. These guys have a strong steady impressive sound creating their own little Utopian hypnotic pocket in the indie scene. Once you hear this track you will be addicted.

Stream ‘Paradise’ below