King Kartel ‘Brown Sugar’

King Kartel are an Indie Rock’n’roll band  from Newry Co. Down and are based in Manchester. The band have released their new single Brown Sugar’ from their upcoming EP ‘Fault By Design’. This stomping blistering number flexes, struts and sprawls in slick rock n roll bravado. Its driven by a catchy melody, jangly keys and a thumping punchy rhythm. This is one hell of a steamy belter filled with scorching sleek instrumentation and a hefty mosh ready chorus. It is one for the mania of a sticky mosh pit. The smooth melody glissades upon the brawny backdrop with elegance and class, ready for mass sing alongs while the fiery guitar strides take on a sultry persona of their own strutting, flamboyantly boasting and elegantly sweeping across the track with a red hot fearless demeanor while the rooted elastic bass and punchy drums add a beefy foundation for the guitars to flourish off. It’s catchy and melodically luscious with enough vaporous sleekness to grab attention and wrestle your ears into blissful submission.

Watch the video for  ‘Brown Sugar’ below