Liberty Lies Begin Celebrating Their 10th Birthday With Re-Release ‘Day In The Sun’

Alternative rock band Liberty Lies are celebrating their 10th birthday this year and to celebrate they’re reissuing a three track retrospective of previously released tunes and it all kicks off today with ‘Day in the Sun’. Liberty Lies have achieved so much on their own merit, without contacts, without money or any helping hands. Tours with the likes of Shinedown, Soil, Halestorm, Magnum, Heaven’s Basement have all come and gone so a nice trip down sweet nostalgic memory lane is well due. This year will see a follow up to the 2013 album ‘Reflections’. It promises to be the album that smashes the glass ceiling for the band and see them draw the attention they have worked for over the years. In preparation for the future, Liberty Lies are shining a light on the best of their past by re-releasing three tracks, from their three previous releases.

In 2010 Liberty Lies released their debut EP ‘New Addiction’ which was a low budget affair recorded in a studio near enough to be dropped off by their parents with money they saved from playing covers in local boozers. The jewel in the crown of this EP was its final track ‘Day In The Sun’. This power ballad displays oodles of passion, fire and potent musicianship. The lyrics tell the story of someone who has given everything they possibly can in a relationship. The character is holding their hands up saying I have tried my best and if that’s not enough, then I have nothing else to give. It’s hard hitting stuff with sweet melancholic sharp guitars lamenting over punchy drums and an emotional vocal display that pulls hard at the heart strings without becoming soppy. It’s raw true and pure rock and roll emotion. These guys put forward heart on your sleeve emotion but kick-ass doing it. Pretty impressive for a band starting off. With their mature sound sparkling through with anthemic power this track marked a band that had massive potential. Just listen to that guitar melody its pure warm mellow gold. The track was produced by Mark Stuart who has previously worked with the likes of Magnum and Phil Lynott. Like the rest of the EP, ‘Day In The Sun’ was never put forward to the press. It never gained any radio play or notable coverage at all. It merely exists as the beginning of Liberty Lies that was able to win them any support slots, garnering fans along the way.

During February, March and April, the band will be celebrating their releases by unveiling a whole host of content based around each specific track. Themed pod-casts, guitar play throughs, redux’s, new artwork, acoustic covers, and much more so keep an eye out for that.

Stream ‘Day In The Sun’ below